The pungent stench of public school hit Sebastian's nostrils like a glass of milk that had been out in the sun too long. Rotten, foul and nauseating. He had no idea why his parents wanted him to go to a public school when there was a perfectly good private school in the state. It was even a boarding school and he wouldn't have to try to find a vacant parking spot the way he was now.

Being new was never easy, but Sebastian imagined that being new at a public school was a hundred times worse. This would be the first time he set foot in a school like this and he was already looking forward to pumping the speed pedal with his foot on the way home again. But how hard could it be, right? All he had to do was to get in, go to class, find someone to sit with at lunch and then go back home. If all these hundred people could do that, so could he.

"Hey, new kid!"

Oh god, why were they talking to him? How could they know that he was new? Weren't there hundreds of other at the school? Oh right. He had the misfortune of starting two entire weeks after everyone else.

"You are from Paris, right? That is so tres fag," he heard from behind and for a moment he wanted to just stop and pretend to not exist. How was it possible that they could just single him out in a crowd and know things about him? Sebastian was sure that their parents weren't rich enough to hire private detectives and even if they did, why would he be on their list? That was insane.

He pushed away the random thought and tried to ignore the taunting laughter behind him as he made way to the office.

The thing about starting at a new school after everyone else was knowing that the other kids had made friends and no matter how hard you tried, you would still be the outsider. The kid that no one wants to talk to. But the really pressing matter was the map he was holding in his hand. It couldn't be that hard; getting from one place to the other. But he had no idea how to read the map that was only half visible due to the school's printer running on low ink. Public school really sucked.

"Excuse me? Could you-.." The person Sebastian tried to stop just walked past him as though he didn't exist. How rude. He was a tall boy and there was no way that they hadn't seen him. He was starting to understand that this year was going to be so much harder than he thought it would be.

That was when Sebastian saw him.

He stood out like a shining beacon and for a second it seemed as though the crowd just swirled around him, like a leaves in a whirlwind. Sebastian forgot that he was supposed to get to class. He forgot that he was supposed to navigate in the foreign building. All he could think about was this boy, slightly shorter than him, but not by much. His dark hair was pulled up in a swirly coif and Sebastian could clearly see the pink streaks that decorated his dark brown hair. For a moment, he thought he saw a flash of light, but it was just the reflection from the simple, silver stud on the right side of his nose. The boy's attire was so unlike his own, but the contrast didn't shock him. He was too mesmerised by the sight of him. Where Sebastian was wearing a pair of boring blue jeans, the boy wore tight black pants that were slightly ripped, exposing his beautifully fair skin. Where Sebastian was wearing a dark green polo, the boy was wearing a simple, soft cotton shirt with a black leather jacket thrown over his shoulders. The boy was talking to a girl with shocking blue hair and Sebastian noticed the flicker of silver from the piercing on his tongue.

That was when he felt it.

Sebastian had heard about it one too many times. He heard how it was different for everybody, but they all described the same scratching feeling on your wrist. The same tingling sensation in the pit of your stomach – not unlike the one you have right before an orgasm. The instantaneous longing, as though he had to get to him that very moment or something bad would happen.

But that exact moment, the bell rang and the corridor was yet again a chaotic mess of students trying to find their way to their first class of the day. The boy was gone. Sebastian stood there alone, with a map and his registration slip in his hand as he slowly rolled up the sleeve of his polo.

Kurt Hummel

During the entire class, he couldn't stop rubbing his thumb over his clothed wrist. He felt closer to Kurt in a way when he did that, as though the name on his wrist was a direct link to the mysterious boy himself.

"Mr. Smythe! Do you want detention on your first day here?" a shrill voice broke his line of thought. Sebastian heard snickers behind him and his cheeks flushed involuntarily. "No ma'am.."

"Then you better open your book and start reading like everyone else!"

Sebastian had hoped that he would see the mysterious boy at class, but he had no such luck. Kurt, his mind told him. Kurt Hummel, that's his name. And it was such a beautiful name too, wasn't it? A name fit for the gorgeous boy.

Kurt. He wished he could shout the name out to the word, he wanted to taste it on his tongue, he wanted to hear the words roll off his tongue effortlessly. He wanted to at least whisper it to himself to make it feel real. To make sure that it wasn't just a dream.

With his face to the book, he whispered the name softly, like it was a magical spell that could save him from the darkness that was the horror of public schools.

"Mr. Smythe! Do you really want that detention?"

Sebastian's eyes shot up in fear as he looked at the English teacher and shook his head. He had never had a single detention in his life before. "I was.. I was just reading," he murmured timidly, trying to block out the taunting sound of snickers.

"Well, in this class, we read silently!" the teacher snapped.

He hung his head in shame and tried to make the least of himself until lunch.

Sebastian learned something new about public schools during lunch. They weren't just vile and tasteless. They were also the closest he had been to a jungle. He was used to people queuing politely, but here it seemed as though the person with the sharpest elbows got served first. And all the animals – cough, students – had their own groups of species. He tried to categorise them all in his mind, but he stopped somewhere between the Jamaican group that looked stoned and the cheerleaders with their scandalous outfits. Where those skirts even long enough to fulfil school regulation?

At the end he spotted a table with a few kids who had their noses in their respective books. From afar he noticed that one of the girls was reading The Iliad by Homer. Sebastian had read that book. Maybe he could sit there. It didn't look like they were interested in a conversation and that suited him perfectly. He just wanted a table to sit at.

But apparently he wasn't cool enough to sit with the bookworms judging by the way they shot hostile glances at him when he tried to come near their table. With a resigned sigh, he took his tray with him to sit on the grass outside.

That was when he saw him again. The beautiful boy with the pink streaked hair that made him look more attractive than normal guys, ethereal in a way. A faint blush tainted the tanned skin on his cheeks and he looked away quickly. From the corner of his eyes, he registered the swirling smoke that Kurt blew from his deliciously pink lips and wrinkled his nose. He had never been a fan of cigarettes and found them foul, but there was something about the way Kurt sucked on them with that bored, but yet content look on his face. He caught himself in staring again, but there was something so incredibly mesmerizing about the boy and he couldn't look away.

"Are your eyes glued to my face or are you just mentally handicapped?" a delicate voice asked him and Sebastian almost couldn't believe it when he realised that it was Kurt who was talking to him. Kurt, his soulmate. The boy he would spend the rest of his life with if he were lucky. But from the way Kurt looked at him, it was clear that he was unaware of their bond. It tugged on Sebastian's heart to know that the other boy didn't feel the attraction that he felt.

"N-No," he muttered, averting his gaze again, all though he just wanted to stare at him all day long. And god, wasn't that a cheesy thought? He was certain that he was above that.

And with that it seemed as though Kurt was done with the conversation. He peered up carefully only to find the boy looking at another direction. From this angle he saw that there was a thin line of eyeliner framing his intensely blue eyes. But it was all the more obvious that they boy didn't feel the bond between them. Sebastian had read about cases like these and it wasn't so unusual for one of the bonded parts to be bound before the other. Somewhere in the back of his mind he knew the reason for that, that some people didn't accept the notion of love as quickly as others, but he was calmed by the thought that sooner or later it would always worked out. He had never heard about a bonding that had gone wrong. There were whispered rumours, of course, but nothing that was written in a book or an article. In retrospect maybe there was a reason why he hadn't read about cases like that.

"Excuse me?" Sebastian asked boldly, looking at Kurt who hadn't registered that he was talking to him. "Kurt?"

That certainly caught his attention, making Kurt turn his head slowly for the emphasis. "How do you know my name?"

Oh no. He hadn't planned this. He hadn't thought it through enough. He should have made a detailed plan first, preferably with diagrams and information boxes. He would definitely have to buy a new bulletin board for his room to dedicate to Kurt. And telling Kurt that he was his soulmate didn't seem like a good idea for some reason. He didn't want to scare the boy away. Besides, what was he supposed to say? Hi, I'm Sebastian and I want to marry you and have beautiful blue eyes babies with you? Yeah, no. "I uh… I heard some of the other kids say it," he fumbled, piercing a straw in his juice box.

"What do you want?" Kurt sighed, taking a deep drag from the cigarette before flicking it to the ground. Sebastian stared at the way Kurt's boots stumped it out, the action sexier than he was willing to admit. "Do you want a cigarette?" Kurt asked with a suspicious stare. "But I warn you, they are not for free."

The timid boy shook his head. "No, no.. I don't smoke," he explained, but the explanation must have fallen short as Kurt just looked at him as though he was bored and wanted him to get to the point.

"I don't need anything.. I'm new here," Sebastian smiled nervously. "I'm Sebastian, Sebastian Smythe."

"..Did I ask you for your name?" Kurt drawled, lighting another cigarette while Sebastian just shook his head.

"It only seemed fair that you know mine now that I know yours."

"Listen, new kid. I don't care about your name and I don't care about your preppy little ass. I'm not looking for friends and if you knew what was best for you, you wouldn't try to be my friend either. Your filthy rich daddy wouldn't approve," he sneered, taking a step forward as he puffed smoke towards Sebastian.

Despite the fact that Sebastian was sitting on the floor, the sharp smell of pollution made him cough. Suddenly Kurt's standing frame seemed so much more intimidating than it was. "I don't care what my father thinks," he exclaimed, trying to ignore the way his eyes were burning from coughing. Putting the tray on the ground next to him, he removed his glasses to wipe them, mostly just for something to do while trying not to stare at Kurt.

"You think making friends with me will make you look cool? Are you dead bored of your perfect life and want to rebel? You think tattoos and piercings will impress your southern belle girlfriends?"

The statement hung in the air for a moment or two before he shook his head slowly. "I.. I'm not into girls," Sebastian blurted out. He had no idea what drove him to admit that out loud when he was so far into the closet as he could be. Ever since elementary school he had known that he liked boys, but he had never plucked up the nerves to tell anyone, let alone his parents. Instead he had hidden behind his glasses and books, using that as an excuse to why he had never had a girlfriend. Not that people asked him. One look at him and they filed him under the lowlife nerd category. And surprisingly enough, it didn't bother him at all.

But apparently his recent coming out made Kurt quirk an eyebrow, which was the best reaction he had gotten from him this far. "So you want a quickie? Is that why you are pestering me with your presence?"

Sebastian's face turned a blistering shade of red and he shook his head furiously. "Oh my god.. No, no! That was.. I'm not.." he sputtered, and to his surprise, Kurt started laughing.

"You should look at your face. God, you are such a virgin, aren't you?" Sebastian couldn't even get annoyed at the condescending voice he had because Kurt was actually laughing. He was laughing and he was sure that if angels existed, that was what their song would sound like.

"I'm not some floozy," he said offhandishly, huffing up his chest in pride. In all honesty, how many juniors had sex? He was sure that at least half of them were just making it up. The statistics just didn't match with what people said.

The laugh on Kurt's lips died away and his jaw tightened. "I don't care what you call me," he said curtly.

"No! Oh my god.. That was not what I meant.." Sebastian muttered. "I just.. What I meant was that I'm not looking for some.. uh.. quickie. I'm.. trying to be your.. friend?" he added the last part as a question, a hopeful look filling his eyes as he looked up at Kurt.

Kurt took a new drag from his cigarette and Sebastian was absolutely certain that he did it just to torture him. Just to keep him hanging on his thin, thin thread of hope. "Why?" he finally asked after blowing out the grey smoke, this time away from the taller boy.

Sebastian's lunch lay forgotten on the grass beside him as he stood up, towering slightly over Kurt as he shrugged awkwardly. "You seem.. interesting," he said, before realising that it wasn't enough. If he was to win Kurt over, he needed more. He needed something that would make Kurt feel good about himself. Flattery was the best way into someone's heart, or so he had read somewhere. He would never admit it out loud, but he had actually read self-help books on how to come in contact with people. "You are not like the others here. You don't just follow a flock leader and you look so… unique. I like that," he added with a grin as he straightened his glasses.

Kurt scrutinised him for a moment, but there had to be something in Sebastian's words that sparked his curiosity. "The skanks meet up under the bleachers during last period," he said, as though he was regretting it already. "I don't usually hang out with them, but they are good people. Crazy, but good. Be there and we'll see if you are worth wasting time on or not," he said with a soft shrug before aiming his cigarette butt towards the garbage bin this time. Sebastian almost expected it to catch fire, but was mildly disappointed when it didn't. He had hoped that it would match the fireworks in his heart from Kurt's words. He wanted so badly to be there and even though it wasn't exactly a candlelit dinner or even a date, he couldn't wait to spend more time with Kurt. There was only one problem.

"But during last period? Don't you have class? I do. Can't I come after class?"

Kurt rolled his eyes and slung his messenger bag over his shoulder. "That's the whole point, dumbass. We ditch last period because no one likes last period." And with that he didn't even throw Sebastian a second glance before walking away.

Sebastian felt his heart race in his chest, almost as though it was trying to defy the laws of physics. He felt lightheaded just from this little conversation with Kurt, but he was still left starving for more. It was as though Kurt was oxygen and he needed him to life, as stupid as that sounded. He was well aware that oxygen was in the air around him, along with other gases. He knew that he technically didn't need Kurt to live as long as he had a fully functioning heart and body. He knew that the slight tugging he felt to the beautiful, but yet intimidating boy was the chemicals being released in his body because of the bond. But at the same time it was as though he didn't care about logic or reason. He, Sebastian Smythe, was going to skip his first class today.

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