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"What, you can't be serious?" Oliver Wood protested. "There's no way the Harpies will beat Puddlemere. They don't have the speed and teamwork necessary."

Angelina raised an eyebrow. "The Harpies are on of the top teams in the league. And while I'll admit that their teamwork and coordination isn't as good as Puddlemere's, you're forgetting one very important fact. The Harpies have greater endurance."

Oliver gave his chaser a surprised look. "Oh. How so?"

Angelina grinned. "You a keeper Oliver, and a good one to, the best at Hogwarts. So why is it that you always want Harry to catch the snitch as soon as possible, unless we need a certain amount of points to stay in first?"

Oliver growled, "You bloody know why. You try sitting...on...a ...Oh crap."

Angelina's smirk was positively evil as she said, "Since the Harpies are an all girl team, they don't have to deal with how sore their balls get, when they're repeatedly hit against a broomstick all day."


Just a little humorous one shot pointing out the fatal flaw in Quidditch. Granted, I doubt long term play is comfortable for anyone, I mean you're sitting on a narrow stick of wood, but the sharp turns and high speeds cannot be comfortable, especially with the *ahem* 'wrong equipment.'

There's a reason Witch's are the ones associated with brooms in popular culture.

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