Beck walked Tori up to her door.

"That was great!" yelled Beck "I must bow to the Hambone Queen."

Beck bowed.

"Stop it Beck." Tori blushed pushing his shoulder.

"Ok, sorry, are you still upset about Gerald?"

"No." said Tori "I was seven when that happened,"

Beck smiled, and threw her over his shoulder.

"Beck!" squealed Tori

"So Miss. Hambone Queen. Do you have feelings for the ex-hambone king?"

"No!" She squealed "I have feeling for someone else!"

Beck was spinning, but stopped when she said that. Tori felt him tense up. Beck set her down.

"What?" asked Beck

"I have a crush on someone. I thought you knew that." Said Tori

"No, no I didn't. I'm your best friend Tori!" screamed Beck "I should this kind of stuff!"

"Beck! That's the kind of things I discus with my girlfriends! Not my…."

"What am I to you Tori! Someone you gives you rides!"

"NO!" said Tori, taken aback.

Tori ran inside. Beck hit the door really loud.

"GOD!" he screamed

Inside, Tori picked up a pillow and screamed into it. When she was done screaming into it, she remember just a couple a weeks ago, more like a month, her and Beck was sitting right on her couch, Beck somewhat telling her that he likes her. Tori's eyes widen.

"Beck!" she screamed running to the door, she threw the door open and he wasn't there.

Tori started to run, and then it rain.

"Really!" she screamed to the heavens.

Tori started to run,

"Beck!" she screamed when she got to his RV, Mrs. Oliver walked out of the house.

"Mrs. Oliver, where's Beck?" asked Tori

"I don't know, I thought he was with you!"

"Damn it," Tori whispered "I have to go." Tori started to ran again

She went to all the spots that he might be, but then remembered one that she didn't go. Tori ran to a path that lead to a forest that Beck and Her go to all the time.

"Beck!" Tori wiped some rain from her eyes, her hand was full of makeup, but she kept running, "Beck!" Tori was on the edge of crying, "Beck," she whispered, stopping running. Tori sat on the cold, wet, ground and started to cry. She heard someone walk through the forest.

"Go ahead, rape me, kill me! I don't care!" she screamed

"I'm not going to hurt you." Said the voice

"Beck?" Tori looked up and saw him.

Beck held out his hand,

"Need help?" Tori took his hand

When she was standing she slapped him

"That's for making me run around Hollywood looking for you."

Tori pulled him in and kissed him

"That's for everything else." Said Tori pushing him off of her.

"You slapped me!" said Beck

"Yeah." I said "You made me run in the rain, go ALL over Hollywood, and you made me feel bad!"

"How did I make you feel bad?"

"By making me relies I should've kissed you." Tori smiled

"Good, now you are going to take three steps to me," Beck said quoting Tori's favorite movie How To Deal. And Tori took three steps to Beck "and you're going to lean in." Beck and Tori lean in "and you're going to kiss me, and like it." They kissed again.

"I love you." Beck whispered

"I love you to." Tori whispered leaning her forehead on his.

This is my first story, so try and be nice. I hope you like it.