"You're so stupid, Amelia Pond!"

Amelia hates that voice. She has, ever since the first time she heard it. She turns and glares at the source of the voice. "No, I'm not," Amelia says, "you are, Myrtle." Her voice was thick with the sound of Scotland.

The other little girl glared back at Amelia, hands on her hips. "You believe in space aliens and time machines and rubbish like that! My big sister told me so!" The plump girl smiled in triumph, the ultimate clincher delivered. She tossed her thick brown hair back and sneered at Amelia.

Amelia felt her cheeks burn red. It was not the belief in those things that embarrassed her; it was that Myrtle and her friends treated the belief like a joke. She stomped up to the other girl, her fists clenched. A look of alarm crossed Myrtle's face and she backed away. Amelia had been known to bite people.

"You listen to me," Amelia told her. "You don't know anything, and neither does your sister! You're both stupid." She drew the word out so it was "stooopid." She poked Myrtle in the belly. "You're going to grow up and be a stupid, boring adult. You're going to marry some stupid, boring man and have stupid, boring kids and do a stupid, boring job." Amelia drew herself up to her full height. She was tall for her age, though still with a softness about her.

"I'm not," she said. "I'm going to travel through time and space. I'm going to see things you'll never even dream about. I'm going to fight pirates, and fall in love with a man who will wait 2,000 years to keep me safe, and…" What else had he told her? Yes: "…and give hope to the greatest painter who ever lived. And I'm going to save a whale. In space.

"All I have to do is have patience. The Raggedy Doctor told me. Nothing you do will make your life less boring and stupid, Myrtle."

Myrtle stared wide-eyed. It might have been the tirade, or perhaps the fact that Mels stood right behind Amelia, glaring at Myrtle. She swallowed and said, weak, "Oh, yeah? Well…" and trailed off.

Amelia turned and stalked away. "Come on, Rory," she snapped.

"Okay," Rory answered in a sing-song. He trailed after her, shoulders slumped. "What man?" he asked.

"I don't know," Amelia said, "but he'll be braver than you, Rory Williams." She glanced back. "You coming, Mels?"

"Yeah, just got to do something," Mels called back to her.

As soon as Amelia's back was turned, Mels punched Myrtle in the stomach. The dark-skinned girl pointed a finger at the gasping Myrtle and walked off after Amelia.

When she caught up with the other two, Mels asked, "Amelia, is all that true? The Doctor told you all that?"

Amelia nodded. Her cheeks were wet, but she held her head up. "He said, he said…" She swallowed. "He said those days are coming," she said, "and they were the story of Amelia Pond."