She was gone.

Lee rested his head, rolling his eyes towards the ceiling. He knew she didn't have the heart to kill him; he honestly couldn't blame her. If the situation was reversed, hell, he had no idea what he would do. It would be terrible for her to become a walker… but could he ever forgive himself for killing her?

Guess it really doesn't matter, he thought bitterly. She had given him the metal shard he had asked for; when it came time, he would do it himself. Fear shot up and down his spine as he thought of it, but he refused to back down. It may be a bit tricky, with his only arm cuffed, but he would make do. There was no way he would become one of the things Clem feared.

He closed his eyes, the burning ever growing behind them. Everything was a shade of red now; wouldn't be much longer. He was gonna savor these last few moments, remembering what he could. So much pain rushed through his memories, he almost wept.

Once again, Carley's face appeared in his memories. Her memory had been appearing less and less, to the point that he had almost forgotten the sound of her voice. Beside it, Clementine was smiling at him. He could almost hear them laughing…

Footsteps jerked him back to consciousness, and Lee forced his eyes open. A lone figure stood in the room, staring at him. The jacket and medical mask looked so familiar, as well as the yellow ice-pick but his fading mind refused to place it. Something told him it was important, but he couldn't figure out what. It wasn't until the scent hit his nostrils that his jumbled thoughts began to register. Food, glorious food to fill his empty stomach. He leaned forward to get his meal, but felt himself pulled back. He could no longer comprehend that his arm was handcuffed; only acknowledging the resistance with a feral growl and harder pulling. The food smelled so good…

"Damn, Lee. I figured you would have been one of the last to go." The foods words bounced around Lee's skull for a few moments, unintelligible, before being forgotten as he pulled and reached once more. It moved closer, kneeling down close to a foot in front of him.

"I found Kenny. He was still stumbling around by Ben's body. I had always wondered if there's any recognition once you guys turned; you and he pretty much showed me that there isn't. The other two were crawling down one of the halls higher in the hotel." The food's voice faltered a moment before it continued. "She was pregnant. I wish we could have saved the baby."

Lee strained forward more, the smell of food urging him on, not comprehending anything else. It chuckled, resting its arm on a knee. "Knowing you, Clem is probably heading out of the city. Don't worry; I'll find her and look after her. I'm not like those Crawford bastards. Maybe we can still find her parents, yeah? You would have wanted that."

It stood, and Lee let out an enraged growl when it appeared his food was getting away. The ice-pick was taken off of the backpack and raised about his meal's head.

"I don't believe in God, Lee. But if I'm wrong, I really hope he doesn't condemn you for changing. You're a good guy, and I'm gonna miss you."

There was a sudden movement, and Lee's world went black. Just before all existence faded, he heard Molly's voice one more time.

"Goodbye, Lee Everett."