Chances and Changes

Ch 1- awake

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this! I've had the idea to make kind of a sequel to this book for a very long time now, and finally got around to it. J I hope you like it!

My name is repeated. "Samantha.. Sam…" Over and over, and then over again. The face behind the voice doesn't come to me, not that it should, but I know it. It's still dark. I'm still floating and falling, but I'm going nowhere. 'And this is where it happens', I think. I know that within a few moments, I won't be falling, or floating. I'll be living, and later that night? Dead. Again. If that's what dead is. And so the cycle will repeat, just as it has for seven days before this. I will wake up in my bedroom by the alarm clock. Izzy will jump on the bed, and yell at my mom because I won't wake up. Lindsay will honk her horn, and my mom will go out and yell at her. For now, though, it's still dark.

The only problem that comes to me is that the moments have now passed, and nothing happens. No alarm clock. No Izzy. I'm still here in this darkness that surrounds me. The previous voice grows clearer; more precise. "You bitch.. Wake up." The voice sounded weak, but familiar. I have heard this voice before, but in a dream, maybe? I can't tell. I move to open my eyes, but the light blinds me. After a few moments, I slowly begin to open them again. Better, much better. Many shapes come into focus. The long faded blue room, hospital beds lining the walls. Lindsay is next to me, her eyes bloodshot, and her arm and cast, her entire body covered in cuts and bruises. My mom and dad both sleep on the maroon hospital chairs, Izzy curled up next to them under a cheap cotton blanket. Then I begin to recognize new faces. Kent, Elody, and Rob. That's it. Something's wrong. Completely wrong, but I didn't know what it was. I move my mouth to speak. But it hurts. It hurts to move, it hurts to see, and while I'm thinking about it, right now, it hurts to breathe.

"Lindz," I begin to say in a hushed tone. My voice sounds weak too, worse than hers somehow. Her eyes widen, as if caught by complete surprise. I try to sit up, but can't.

"You're.. Oh my god," she says, shocked, quickly turning to my parents, keeping one eye so she can see me, as if I will disappear at any second. "Mr and Mrs. Kingston! Wake up!" My parents begin to move, drowsily, then run over to me immediately as they see that I am awake. This new commotion catches the nearby nurse's attention. And she rushes over, talking to my parents a few feet from my bed quietly before moving to the monitor next to my bed. I look around. My family is here. My friends, though at the moment, just the thought of Kent and Rob in the same room together makes me want to shiver. Everything is different… I feel a new dose of drugs begin to pull me under, at least, I think that's what it is. I begin to doze, fighting against the darkness that begins to surround me once again with the one remaining thought I have to give for the moment. 'I might have a second chance. Maybe.'

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