One week after the events that Captain Jack Harkness unsuccessfully attempted to dub The Great Change, things seemed to settle for the Torshwood team.

The Mayweathers safely made the journey to London.

They are currently staying with one Mrs. Hudson, and are indeed finding her new tenants very interesting.

Owen, after some subtle hing from Tosh, has begun the process of selling his flat.

After all, why would a dead man want to live alone?

Glib and Fall are restlessly awaiting transfer to their new place of residence.

They are both very eager to start their new lies as citizens of Earth.

John Hart is still gallivanting about space and time, thieving and shagging and causing mayhem.

But he stopped to help in little ways, as well as completely upgrading his wardrobe.

All thanks to his eye-candy.

Martha resigned from UNIT, being then instantly instated as liaison councilor for Torchwood.

Sense then several people have resigned from the highest echelons of power within UNIT.

And what of our Welshman and his captain?

Well, they're currently packing for a trip to the Mediterranean, for business of course.