A/N: So... here's the rewrite of All I Need. I just hope it's better than my previous story. And for those who actually read AIN, if you have something from the story you'd like me to preserve, all you have to do is ask. PS, feedback is always welcome.

"Elena Gilbert?" A voice just above her shoulder asked. Elena turned; her eyes bloodshot and puffy as they searched for the source of the voice. Two men, wearing cheap, black, rental suits stood behind her.

"I'm Agent Perry. He's Agent Tyler." The taller one announced in gentle tones, he gestured to the one beside him as he spoke. Elena shifted slightly on the porch swing before nodding in acknowledgement.

"And the FBI is here, why?" "We just wanted to make sure we have our facts straight." "Agent Perry" asked. "Facts straight about... what?" "Well, when your car crashed, you were in it, right?" "Yes…" Elena replied, nodding as she tried to put the memories of the accident out of her mind.

"And when you awoke, you said the doctors said you were out of the car when the paramedics showed?" "Yes. I did. And you want to know what else happened in the accident?" She stood, her voice rising, "I lost my parents. That's what happened. Is getting your facts straight going to do something about that?"

"Well…" The shorter man started. "Are your precious facts going to bring them back?" Both men lowered their eyes. "I didn't think so." With that, Elena turned and walked into her house, slamming the door behind her.

They didn't leave. The two drifters stayed for weeks after that. But they didn't bother Elena again. And soon after they left, the tension that had arose when they arrived seemed to vanish. Not unlike a balloon suddenly deflating.

A bright streak of light streamed into the window, giving the room an aura of mysticism. Elena's amber eyes opened and peered around the room groggily before she rolled off the edge of the bed and stumbled to her feet.

She stretched, emitting a soft yawn before she wandered downstairs. Elena raked her fingers through her tousled auburn locks. She blinked blearily before shuffling to the coffeemaker and turning it on.

"Morning," A disheveled Aunt Jenna said as she shambled into the kitchen sleepily. "Is there coffee?" A disgruntled Jeremy grunted. Elena sighed as she began pouring steaming, fresh, coffee into three small mugs. "Je –" She started as a mug was snatched up.

Jeremy vanished around the corner. "He's still taking it hard." Jenna whispered softly. "Yeah. I know." Elena picked up her cup of coffee, lowering her gaze as she set it down again. "I keep expecting to hear them. You know? Mom and Dad. I keep thinking that they're gonna walk into the kitchen any minute. But, they won't."

Elena pushed away from the counter and hurried upstairs. She grabbed her diary and flopped onto the window seat just as the creaking of a car door being shut reached her ears. Her chocolate orbs flickered to the window before they sprang open wide.

It was them. The guys before. The taller one grabbed the other's forearm, his expression tense. Elena flung her diary aside before bolting from the room, shoving her feet into her shoes and grabbing her jacket.

She burst out the backdoor of the house before creeping along the fence line, stopping once she reached the edge, listening closely. "Are you sure?" The taller one asked.

"Yeah. I'm sure. All the signs are…" "I know about the signs, Dean." The tall one sounded… not-happy. Elena shivered, tightening her jacket around herself. "Well, then you know that that girl in there is in danger. And we have to stop it." Dean said matter-of-factly.

Elena gulped, her eyes widening as she heard the rustle of fabric as the other guy released Dean. "Thank you." Dean said lightly. "Now, how about we save us a damsel?" "Yeah, Dean, I dunno. What if Elena isn't in danger like we thought?"

They're not… they don't mean… Elena thought, dazed. "Then we go. Simple as that." She heard footsteps and a soft knock. There was a soft click and her aunt said pleasantly, "Hello, how can I…?" Elena's heart pounded as she broke into a run.

She slipped through the backdoor, breathing heavily as she rushed upstairs before her aunt called for her, "Elena?" Looking in the mirror, Elena nodded at her reflection, plastering a look of polite inquiry on her face before she wandered downstairs. "Hello, Ms. Gilbert. I'm Agent –"

"I know who you are." Elena cut him off. The tall one frowned, his brow crinkling in confusion. "Perry. And.. Tyler. Correct?" She said with a falsely polite smile. "Like Aerosmith." Her aunt said with a laugh. "Exactly." Dean said, nodding with a tight smile. "We just had a few more questions…"

Elena Gilbert's eyes opened as a frosty autumn light shone into her room. That had been two, maybe three years ago now. But their voices still rang, clear as a bell, in her ears.

"My name is Dean Winchester. This is my brother Sam. And we're hunters." "Hunters of what?" "Of… things you don't even want to know. You don't want to know what they are. And you don't want to know they even exist. Period. Trust me on that." Dean had said.

That was right after they saved her. From a werewolf, of all things. The memory was still there. The terror. The pulse-pounding terror. She remembered how pure the fear was. And the weakening relief that came afterward.

Crash! Elena darted through the forest. Faster! Faster! Faster! Her mind screamed as the pumped her arms. Her lungs felt like they were on fire. Elena's legs yelled out in protest as she sped up.

Part of her wanted to glance back. To see how close the werewolf was. The other part was too afraid. She kept running. The jagged rocks tearing through the soles of her shoes. Elena panted.

Her body started slowing, growing tired and weary. She felt tempted to stop running. A low rumble of a growl sent a jolt of adrenaline into her veins. The wolf smelled her. Nonononononononono! Her mind chanted.

Elena ran fast as possible, trying to find a way out. Something heavy slammed into her back. Knocking the wind out of her. Claws ripped through her shirt and jacket. Elena cried out as she landed on her stomach.

Rocks dug into her stomach. Elena gasped softly as warm breath ghosted across her neck. A low rumble resounded into her ear, sending chills down her spine. She shuddered, a low sound of disgust tumbling past her lips as she felt something hot and sticky drip onto her neck.

This is it. Elena thought helplessly, The end… A loud crack echoed through the forest. A thud shook the ground beside her. Elena pushed herself into a sitting position. The wolf lay beside her, smoking wound in its chest.

"What the….?" She mumbled to herself, confusion clouding her ochre globes. "You're welcome." A voice above her head rumbled. She stood, brushing dirt and assorted forest debris off her clothes before turning to face Dean, her eyes wide.

"That, by the way, was a werewolf. One who seems –" He paused, an ironic laugh falling from his lips. "- Well, seemed, to be obsessed with you." "Me?" Elena asked, puzzled. "Why me…?" She turned and gasped, a wave of sickening realization washing over her.

"That's… Bobby O'Brien. He was…" "A friend of yours?" Dean finished for her, slipping his gun back into his jacket. "No. I wouldn't say, 'friend', but we did know each other…" "Well, he was killing people. People connected to you. To be correct."

"Like, who?" Elena whispered, horrified. Dean shook his head. "Who are you?" Elena asked, her voice rising. The older man sighed heavily before meeting her gaze.

Sighing softly, Elena sat up, brushing her hair back as Stefan stepped into her room. "Morning." He said softly, a faint smile on his lips as he dipped his head to kiss her lightly. Elena smiled back, returning his kiss before standing.

"Morning." She replied, her thoughts returning to Dean. Worry lacing her every thought. Taking a deep breath, she pretended that she didn't feel as empty as she did. "I have to…" She gestured to the bathroom.

Stefan nodded. "I'll wait downstairs." "Okay." Elena flashed him a small smile. Once he was downstairs, she grabbed her cellphone and slipped into the bathroom. Turning on the taps in the sink she perched on the edge of the bathtub, dialing Dean's cell number.

It rang for what felt like an eternity before it went to voicemail with a click. "This is Dean Winchester. If this is an emergency, leave a message. If this is about 11-2-83, text me with your coordinates." Elena paused as a beep sounded on the other end of the phone.

Her mind whirling before she licked her lips, whispering, "Hey… Dean. It's… um – well, it's been a while. And I know, we both said a lot of things the last time you visited. A lot of things we don't mean. Well, things I don't mean. I hope you didn't mean – well, anyway… I don't know how to say this… but, I miss you. And I'm kind of worried. I had this terrible, terrible dream about you. And I just…"

Elena sighed softly before whispering, "I just wish I heard your voice. So –" she cleared her throat as her eyes stung with unshed tears, "Call me back when you get this. Goodbye, Dean. I –" Elena blinked, biting her lip as she hung up.

Standing, she sniffled softly as she dampened a washcloth before turning off the sink. After she washed her face, she scrutinized her own appearance. Deciding that she looked presentable and not at all like she was about to cry, she exited the bathroom and walked downstairs to meet Stefan.

I love you. She'd almost said it. Almost admitted it. And to Dean's voicemail, of all things. I can't. I can't admit it. I can't say it. I just… can't. Elena thought desperately as she smiled and nodded at Stefan, Jeremy and Jenna.

"Goodbye, Dean. I –" His breath caught in his throat before the mechanical voice on the other end of the phone chimed, "To delete this message press 7. To replay this message press 9. To –" He pressed 9 before bringing the phone to his ear again to listen to her message once more.

"Hey… Dean. It's… um – well, it's been a while. And I know, we both said a lot of things the last time you visited…" "How many times are you going to listen to that voicemail?" Sam chastised his brother, his expression disapproving.

Dean raised his eyes to Sam before he deleted the voicemail. "Sorry." Sam shook his head, a low laugh falling from his lips before he said, "Just call her. Get it over with." "I can't, Sam." Dean said tightly. "If I do –" "Just do it already. Okay?"

Sam stood from his seat beside the window of the motel room and grabbed his jacket, slipping it on before he walked out. Dean looked back to his phone before he dialed Elena's number. His thumb hovered over the Call button before he looked up, sighing as he pinched the bridge of his nose.

Dean paused, thinking. He thought back to 'Lena's message. "I don't know how to say this… but, I miss you." Closing his eyes, he shook his head, standing. Dean turned and begun to pack.

The door opened and Sam's voice said, "Dean, what are you doing?" "We're going back, Sammy." Dean replied gruffly. "Okay…" Sam said softly, nodding, his eyes wide. He walked over to the kitchenette set and shut his laptop off and closed it, sliding it into his bag.

Dean glanced at his phone as he carried his bag out to the car. Once more, he was tempted to call her. But, what was he supposed to say? "I'm sorry for breaking your heart? I'm sorry for –" No. He wasn't going to think about it. What happened; happened.

But, now, she missed him. And, damn it, he missed her. Possibly more than she missed him. "You know, I'd never have believed it." "Believed what, Sam?" Dean said brusquely. "That Elena called and you came running." Sam said, lifting a brow, leaning against the car.

"I mean, when have you ever done that? For anyone? Aside from me or Dad?" Dean shot Sam a warning glance before sliding behind the steering wheel of his beloved Impala. "Come on, Sam." Sam uttered a soft sigh before climbing into the passenger seat.

Dean's jaw was taut. The way it always was when he and Sam visited Mystic Falls. It was and probably always will be just as their father's journal described it. "A magnet for paranormal activity.."