Incarnate nudged Asante as Kopa walked onto the set. The two writers whispered to each other and laughed under their breaths as he stormed over, not looking pleased at all.

"You both suck!" Kopa yelled, not caring about the stares he drew. This only caused Incarnate and Asante to burst out into hysterical laughter. "Plastic surgery? You had me thinking I was going into plastic surgery?!"

"Come on, Kopa, it was a joke," said Asante, the first to get his laughter under control.

"It's not funny!" Kopa roared. "You two had me freaking out!"

"That was kind of the point," said Incarnate, grinning. When Kopa didn't respond, he said, "We have all the makeup you need for both our sets. We wouldn't put you through plastic surgery, you know that."

"I wouldn't have gone anyway," the lion muttered. "I don't care how much you pay me. What are you doing here anyway, Asante?"

"Oh, just thought I'd drop in and see how the production comes along here," said Asante.

"It's not pretty," Incarnate said. "But it is a lot of fun to watch."

"Yeah, that's if your set is actually safe to use now," Kopa muttered. "I nearly died shooting the first story."

"Nearly," Incarnate pointed out. "Where's the fun without a little danger? Now come on, chin up, we've got a lot of work to do."

"At least you'll stop messing with me," grunted Kopa as he walked off into the makeup department to get ready. "Your story is going to be too depressing, I'm calling it now."

Asante stared after him, shaking his head and smiling. "This is going to be interesting."

[Blooper Reel]

Since book 1's blooper reel was so well-received, I've decided to continue making them for the sequels. And since this is my hard-earned opportunity to put in humour, I decided to make the best of it. So I figured I might as well give some references or even cameos to other writers I'm in touch with. Gotta have fun, right?

By the way, see Asante's "Distractions" meta-fiction if you're wondering what the plastic surgery joke is all about.

"Prologue" Scene 2, Take 1

"Be gentle," said Kivuli as Taya and Kupinga put Janga on her back. "She's in very bad—" She stopped talking as Janga started to slip, pawing at empty air. She grabbed the side of Kupinga's face but still fell off and landed on the ground, leaving long red stains trailing off Kivuli's back.

Janga started laughing and Kupinga tried to wipe the fake blood off his face. "Oh come on," said Incarnate. "Is it that hard to stay on someone's back?"

"Well, this is very slippery," Janga said. "Not my fault your makeup artists smeared it all over me."

Incarnate gave an exasperated sigh and said, "Kivuli. Go get cleaned up. We're redoing the shoot when you're ready."

"This is disgusting," Kivuli grumbled as she walked by.

"Well, what do you have in mind?" Incarnate asked rhetorically.

"Can't I, you know, drag her back to the camp?"

This only made Janga laugh harder. But Incarnate shook his head. "It's a short scene, Kivuli. Let's just get it over with."

"I hate your scripts," Kivuli muttered as she stalked off to get washed.

"The Runaway Heir" Scene 1, Take 1

"After your father died, I gave up my position as queen immediately," said Sarabi. "The title meant nothing to me without Mufasa. And I would rather have been a common lioness than be Scar's queen."

"So why did—" Simba began.

"Simba, wait. Let me finish." She opened her mouth and paused. Then she frowned, clearly having forgotten her line.

"Go on," said Simba, trying to salvage the scene. Sarabi decided to roll with it.

"So I...I, uh...made it very clear that I...didn't want his company. So I...started sleeping with another lion and made sure he knew about it—"

"What?" said Asante, sitting up from his chair and grabbing the script from the table side.

"It doesn't say that," Incarnate protested from beside him, shooting Sarabi a dirty look.

"Sleeping with another lion, huh?" said Simba. "And how is that any better than getting intimate with Scar?"

"And doesn't that mean you have another kid running around somewhere?" Nala asked pointedly.

"Oh, forget this," grumbled Sarabi. "Let's just start again."

"The Runaway Heir" Scene 4, Take 1

"I don't like heights," Kopa said in a small voice.

"It's safe, come on," Siri reassured him.

"What if you jump and miss it?"

"Then you fall to a horrible death," she said brightly. "We've only had it happen twice before, so it's not a big deal."

Kopa seemed genuinely afraid now. "Seriously?"

"Siri!" shouted Incarnate.

"What?" she said. "That's what it says in the script!"

"It does not," he said, snatching up the script. But when he flipped to the page, he saw that it was indeed the very words she had said. "Alright, who's been messing with my script?"

From off-set, Tumaini tried to contain his giggling.

"Of Cowards and Fools" Scene 1, Take 1

"Tumaini!" called Afua, dashing up to him. "Tumaini, where are you going?"

Tumaini winced and swiped out a paw to shut him up. He accidentally caught Afua right in the face and sent him flying. Tumaini put one paw to his mouth. "Oh, shi—!"

"Nice one," said adult Afua, helping his younger counterpart get up. "You alright, kid?"

Cub Afua rubbed his face ruefully. "Do me a favour and hit him for me."

"Sure thing." Adult Afua bound over to the older Tumaini, who was pouring a cup of coffee from off-set, and dealt him a hard smack on the back of the head.

"Ow!" said adult Tumaini angrily. "What did I do?"

"Well, only you exist in the same time as me," adult Afua said. "So I thought it'd be fair."

Adult Tumaini glared at his adolescent self, who shrugged apologetically. "Hey, better you than me."

"Of Cowards and Fools" Scene 1, Take 2

"Okay, so you two are going to be arguing right here," Incarnate explained. "Tumaini and Afua will sneak by and I'll give you the signal to stop shouting."

"Okay," said Kumi, a little uncertainly. "What are we arguing about?"

"I don't know, you come up with something. What do I pay you for?"

"To dramatically recite a script and pretend it's interesting."

Asante laughed. Incarnate nudged him in the ribs. "Okay, ready? One, two, three, action!"

Kumi turned to look at Malka, unsure of what to say. "Uh...I'm angry at you!"

"I'm angry at you too!" he shouted back.

"Well, I was angry at you first!"

"Oh yeah, well I can yell louder than you! So, um...bite me!"

Tumaini and Afua, who were sneaking by, stopped as a roar of pain was heard from behind them. They turned to see Kumi, who had done as Malka said and bit him on the shoulder. She let go sheepishly. "Oh, sorry. Was I not supposed to take that literally?"

Asante was still laughing. Incarnate grabbed a pen and a notepad and shoved it at him. "Here, you think this is so funny, you can write their script. And make it real specific, since these two obviously suck at ad-libbing."

"Okay," said Asante. "I've got a few ideas already."

"And no swearing," said Incarnate.

"Oh. But what about—"

"Not even 'crap'."

"Aww," said Asante. "You're no fun."

"Of Cowards and Fools" Scene 2, Take 1

"Let's play hide-and-seek," said Kafiri.

"All right!" said Afua.

"Hide-and-seek?" said Fuada. "Don't be such an overgrown cub—"

She shot him a glare, then her eyes flicked to Afua briefly. The meaning was clear: the game would be a distraction for the cub, and give everyone else the chance to give him the slip.

"—alright, hide-and-seek it is," Fuada said, as if that settled the matter.

"Not it," said the adolescents in unison, sounding indeed like a bunch of overgrown cubs.

"Not...oh, come on," grumbled Afua, just a bit slower than everyone else.

"Whoa, whoa, wait a minute," interrupted Asante, standing up.

"What?" asked Incarnate.

"Are you stealing lines from my stories?" Asante asked indignantly.

"Wha—no! When did I—"

"I used this exact same line in The Lion King IV: The Rogue Pride, you know."

"You did? Oh right, you did...huh." Incarnate scratched his head. "I didn't even read that until after I've finished this script, honest."

"Well, can you take it out?"

"Do I have to? This is one of my rare moments of humour in the story."

Asante sighed. "I guess you do need more humour. But don't blame me if my distributors send their lawyers after you. They're all a bunch of blood-sucking leeches."

"I'll give you twenty bucks if you make them look the other way," offered Incarnate.

"Deal," Asante said immediately.

"Of Cowards and Fools" Scene 3, Take 1

There was a loud crack as the rock lodged between a crevice in a sloped part of the cliff. The force of the impact dislodged more, and it cracked open half the cliff face, sending a hail of rocks pouring rapidly down into the gorge. Tumaini froze.

The others were staring down into the gorge, frozen and unsure of what to do. The calamity eventually died down and everything was silent once more.

Kafiri gave a start, realizing that it was her line. She struggled to remember, and said the first thing that came to her mind. "Uh...well, that sucks."

"A Change in the Plans" Scene 2, Voice-over

"So this is the scene where you introduce some of the Six New Adventures characters," said Simba, reading over the script.

"It is," said Incarnate. "Now all these lines are going to be in your head. So just speak into the mic for the voice over."

He left Simba in the sound-proof podium to the audio control room, where a few others were standing and reading the script as well.

"Every writer puts me and Tojo together," grumbled Tama.

"That's because you guys look cute together," Incarnate pointed out. "Not to mention his caring nature is a good contrast to your..." he trailed off.

"My what?" Tama said challengingly, with a rather intimidating glare.

"Nothing," Incarnate squeaked, taking a step away from those claws. She bared her teeth.

"Those birds are annoying," she said. "They keep trying to peck me in the eye."

"Well, you'll just have to put up with it," said Incarnate. "They're going to act like they love you, so you have to do the same."

"You know, I'm pretty sure we're both supposed to be gold," Babu said, approaching with Boga. "But you've coloured me brown..."

"And I look like a walking brick," said Boga.

"Hey!" Chumvi said from off to the side.

Incarnate shrugged. "That's because you had to look like Kula and Chumvi. And no one confirmed that you two were those two cubs in the Vulture Shock pictures."

"This colouring powder makes me itchy," Babu muttered.

"Look on the bright side," Incarnate said pointedly. "At least you don't look generic—" He broke off and turned to look at Simba, who was still reading his lines on the other side of the glass. Incarnate pressed the microphone button and spoke into it. "Wait, Simba, could you read over your last three lines again?"

"She did just fine after Scar died and took over the Pridelands," recited Simba, reading the script word for word. He paused. "'Died and took over the Pridelands'? That makes no sense."

"Keep reading," said Incarnate.

"Even though he tried to get intimate with her," read Simba, looking more confused by the second. "That would have been weird, if I came back and she had cubs with him. I mean, then this whole story wouldn't exist because Kopa would never have been born..."

"Right," said Incarnate, walking out of the booth. "I'm going to find out who keeps messing with my script. And then I'm going to kill them."

"Rogues in the Pridelands" Scene 1, Take 1

"So, what is it?" Kiara asked.

Kovu's expression became serious. "Just wondering...about that night a couple weeks ago. I never got to ask, what did you think?"

"Well, if you must know, you looked like you were having a bit of trouble," she said. "Guess it was a new thing for both of us. But you seemed patient, so I took my time too. It was fun though."

"I'm glad you liked it. I had no idea what I was doing, but I think it was worth it since we both got better at it . Truth be told, I don't normally like getting wet—"

"Wait, wait, stop," said Incarnate. "Guys, are you really going to do it like that?"

"What?" Kovu asked blankly.

"For one thing, no one's supposed to know about that yet. The script says to lead the conversation to talking about Kopa, and this is just inappropriate."

Kiara looked confused. "Inappropriate? We were talking about the time we practiced swimming in the river. Since I nearly drowned in The Lion King II..."

"Oh," said Incarnate, suddenly looking very embarrassed.

"Why, what were you thinking of?" Kovu asked curiously.


"Rogues in the Pridelands" Scene 4, Take 1

"Afua," Kopa called. Afua turned around.

"Hi, Kopa."

"Where's Bieber—Beba, sorry. Lemme try again." Kopa wriggled his tongue and hurried back to his starting spot.

"Everyone keeps calling me that ever since he became famous," complained adult Beba from off-set.

Incarnate gave a start and turned around. "Beba, what are you doing here?"

"You contacted me and asked if I wanted to be in your story," the cheetah said, raising an eyebrow.

"Yes, but that's not until book 5—"

"Aha!" said Asante, taking out his phone. "Story leaks! Time to update my blog..."

"No, no, no, no!" said Incarnate frantically, running over and trying to take the phone. Asante held it out of his reach, grinning mischievously. "Asante, no one's supposed to know about that just yet."

"Too late," said Asante, showing him the uploaded content on the phone screen. "And his character gets a lot of fangirls, I know from personal experience when I had Beba in my story. So enjoy the flood of letters you'll be getting soon."

"You suck," muttered Incarnate, sitting down rather crossly.

"Rogues in the Pridelands" Scene 4, Take 2

Kopa awoke from his dream, leaping to his feet suddenly—

—and hit the back of his head on the low ceiling. "Ow, f—!"

"Whose bright idea was it to put us under here anyway?" asked Siri, opening her eyes and staring up at the stone ceiling right above them. Kopa clutched his head, swearing.

"On the Move" Scene 1, Take 1

"Janga, you can't be serial," said Kivuli.

"Oh, I'm perfectly serial," replied Janga with a straight face. "In fact, I'm so cereal that I could probably bunch it all up and eat it for breakfast. With milk, of course."

"Janga, try to be serious," said Incarnate, as Kivuli burst out laughing. "And Kivuli, try to say 'serious'. Seriously."

"On the Move" Scene 1, Take 2

"I know my limits, Kavuli," said Janga. "No, that's not right, is it..."

"On the Move" Scene 1, Take 3

"I know my limits, Kuvali," said Janga. "Kuva—Kavu—is it Kavuli?"

"Kivuli," Incarnate corrected.

"On the Move" Scene 1, Take 4

"I know my limits, Kovu—did I just call you Kovu? I'm sorry, let's do this again. I'll get it right this time, I promise."

"On the Move" Scene 1, Take 5

"I know my limits, Kevu—aagh. Sorry, what was your name again?"

"Her name is Kivuli," said Incarnate. "And she's supposed to be one of your closest friends."

"Well excuse me if you only gave me two scenes in the previous story," said Janga.

"Janga, you got hired by to play Binti in Heart of the Shadowlands," Incarnate said exasperatedly. "There's a character named Kivuli in that story too."

"Yes, but it's not the same thing. I didn't really have a lot of practice saying Kovali—"



"On the Move" Scene 2, Take 1

"Kiara, I was wondering why you looked familiar," Sabini said. "You were still a newborn when I last saw you. She looks exactly like Janga, doesn't she, Ni?"

"God, I should hope not," Ni said. "I mean, Janga's not bad of a looker, but this whole franchise has tread close enough to incest already. Let's try to avoid that bridge if we don't have to cross it."

Sabini looked confused. Then she realized what she said. "Oh, pfft. Sorry, I don't know why I said Janga. Nala, I meant Nala."

"On the Move" Scene 2, Take 2

"Kiara, I was wondering why you looked familiar," Sabini said. "You were still a newborn when I last saw you. She looks exactly like Nala, doesn't she, Ni?"

"God, I should hope not," Ni said, still thinking of the previous take. "I mean, uh, that's not what I meant." He fumbled with this for a few moments, while Sabini and Kiara stared at him awkwardly. He finally composed himself, and tried to salvage his line. "Yes, yes I do hope so. Um...your mother was very pretty Kiara, even as a cub. At least I thought so...not in a weird way, of course, but..."

"Just stop," said Incarnate. "And try to stick with your line, please."

"On the Move" Scene 3, Take 1

Rafiki took a leafy plant tied to his staff. "I have here a herb that will comfort you. If you take it, the cub will die from the effects, but the pains will no longer bother you."

Kiara shook her head. "Isn't there another way?"

"I could always hit you on the head with this," said Rafiki, gesturing to his staff.

Kiara laughed. "Uh, no thanks."

"Do it and you die," said Kovu.

Rafiki looked rather disappointed.

"On the Move" Scene 6, Take 1

"About time," Fujo said. "I've been waiting for hours."

"You really do expect too much, Fujo," growled Jeraha, climbing out of the bush. "And I'm not very pleased with you right now."

Fujo smirked. "Well, I'm sorry. But I don't think it's ever been my job to pleasure you—that sounded wrong."

"On the Move" Scene 6, Take 2

"You really do expect too much, Fujo," growled Jeraha, climbing out of the bush. "And there are a lot of things I'm tempted to do to you right now."

Fujo smirked. "Threaten me all you like, Jeraha. But Janga needs me, so if you're not afraid of what she might think, go ahead and do your things to me—" Jeraha started laughing, and Fujo glared at him in mock irritation. "Oh come on, you set me up for that one. Don't even lie."

"On the Move" Scene 6, Take 3

Jeraha stepped out of the bush and opened his mouth to say his line, but before he could do so, Fujo said, "Is that Pride Rock you're stepping over or are you just happy to see me?"

Every lion on set doubled over, roaring with laughter.

"That one was your fault," snickered Jeraha, smacking Fujo on the shoulder.

"Reunited in Passing" Scene 4, Take 1

Fujo lunged at Sarabi, who leaped up and locked claws with him. The two lions fought brutally, hacking and swiping and putting on a very convincing show.

Sarabi's paw shot out, tripping Fujo and knocking him onto his stomach. She leaped on him and put her paws around the back of his neck, pressing down hard. He winced. "Owowow, hey, stop! Leggo!"

Janga and her lions burst onto the scene, surprised. "Mother! Are you—what the..." She quickly leaped forward and pulled Sarabi off Fujo. "Um, you were supposed to lose that fight."

"Sarabi, what is this about?" Incarnate asked.

"I am sick and tired of having my character getting killed off in these damn stories!" she growled. "What do you all have against me, huh?"

Fujo lay whimpering on the ground.

"Sarabi, cool down and go get some water," said Incarnate. "Come back when you don't feel like strangling my actors."

Sarabi stormed off, muttering, "First Asante...then Bookworm you..."

"Reunited in Passing" Scene 4, Take 2

"Err, sorry about earlier," Sarabi said, shuffling her paws. "I kinda lost it and it wasn't even your fault."

Fujo rubbed his neck. "Remind me never to piss you off."

The two lions took their positions. "Action!" Incarnate said. Fujo dove out of the bushes, lunging at Sarabi. They started to fight.

Kopa, who was running towards them, tripped over a rock and started rolling down the hill instead. "SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII..." He burst through the bushes and knocked into Fujo, and they both fell flat.

Janga and her lions appeared on the other side. "Mother! Are—oh, come on." She turned around promptly and walked out of sight again with her lions.

"Reunited in Passing" Scene 5, Take 1

Sarabi smiled gently up at Janga. "Look at you...all grown up...I never thought I'd see you again..."

"I was coming to find you," Janga whispered. "I've missed—"

And then Kopa sneezed from behind the bush. He poked his head out, smiling sheepishly at the two lionesses glaring at him. "Sorry, I tried to hold it."

"Way to ruin the moment, Kopa," said Janga exasperatedly.

"Captured" Scene 3, Take 1

Kivuli swiped a claw at Simba, but he ducked the blow, and headbutted her in the ribs. She slammed into a tree, breaking it and causing it to topple.

"Crap!" yelled Incarnate and Asante at the same time, diving to either side as the tree smashed onto their table and cracked it in half.

"Captured" Scene 3, Take 2

Afua punched Simba hard under the chin. His other paw came down but missed, grazing the side of Simba's face.

"Cut, let's do it again," said Incarnate.

"Captured" Scene 3, Take 3

Afua punched Simba hard under the chin. He brought back his other paw to bring it down on Simba's head, but accidentally hit a nearby lion instead.

Afua turned around. "Oh, sorry."

"Do it again," said Incarnate.

"This is starting to hurt," said Simba, massaging his face. "Could you get it right already, Afua?"

"Captured" Scene 3, Take 4

Afua punched Simba under the chin. Then his other paw came down, smashing the older lion hard over the head and knocking him out.

Afua slid himself under Simba and tried to run—and then collapsed.

"Oh geez, you're so heavy, Simba," he wheezed, unable to breathe. As Simba got off him, Afua gasped for breath. "How am I going to do this?"

"Stunt double it is," said Incarnate, beckoning for Afua's much stronger stunt double to come over.

"I told you to lose weight before we started shooting," called Nala from off-set. Kovu and Kiara, standing next to her, laughed as Simba gave them a dirty look.

"Captured" Scene 6, Take 1

Kiara lay curled up on the stony hollow floor, with Kovu beside her and murmuring in her ear. Her eyes opened as Rafiki approached, and she whispered, "Rafiki, can we do the rest of this scene in a minute? I have to pee."

"True Intentions" Scene 1, Take 1

Fujo, who was running as quickly as he could, reached Malka and his team. Between gasping breaths, he panted, "Malka—Kopa's—somewhere—Tumaini—somewhere else—can't remember—line—gonna try again—"

"True Intentions" Scene 2, Take 1

Kopa lunged at Fujo and tackled him to the ground. Fujo yelled and covered his face, struggling to free himself. "Ahh, no! Don't do it, don't..." Then he opened his eyes and saw that it was Kopa, who was staring down at him in confusion.

"You okay?" Kopa asked.

"Yeah, sorry," said Fujo. "I just...panicked."

Sarabi, who was standing off-set getting the fake blood cleaned off her fur, chuckled quietly. "I think I've scarred him for life."

"Forgotten Friends and Forsworn Family" Scene 2, Take 1

"They've unblocked the tunnels," Siri murmured.

"What?" Tumaini asked.

"When I saw Janga's pride here, they were having trouble unblo—"

There was an explosion of sound above them as the boulder blocking the water tunnel burst out. Kopa ducked as it flew past where his face was a moment ago. He turned to stare at the boulder as it crashed into the wall behind him. "That nearly decapitated me! Incarnate, you said your props were safe—"

Kopa was hit by a jet of water, and was thrown head over tail down the tunnel. "Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh..." his voice trailed off as he rolled away from the chamber.

Tumaini looked back at Siri, who wasn't sure what to say now. "Looks more like she's having trouble keeping them blocked," he remarked.

"Forgotten Friends and Forsworn Family" Scenes 3—5, Take 1

Kopa ran towards the edge of the tunnel overlooking the chamber and stepped into a puddle. He slipped just as he leaped off the edge. "Aw, son of a..."

Tumaini saw his blur coming down towards them. "Kopa!"

Kopa's trajectory was way off due to his slip, and he was flying not towards a guard, but the wall instead. Seeing this, the guard deliberately tried to position him in Kopa's way, but wasn't fast enough.

Everyone on-set and off it winced at the sound made from Kopa's head-first collision with the solid stone wall. "That's going to leave a mark," said Asante.

Incarnate was looking over the footage of Kopa's clumsy fall, as well as the guard actually trying to get attacked. "And now I've got some really awkward footage."

"Kopa's Decision" Scene 1, Take 1

"So I just ask a bunch of random questions?" Tumaini asked, reading over the script.

"That's right," said Incarnate. "You want to know every little thing there is to know about him."

"Okay, I'm ready."


Tumaini walked down the corridor with the others, and asked Mateka. "What's his favourite type of flower?"

"Kopa's Decision" Scene 1, Take 2

"Is he better-looking than me?"

"Kopa's Decision" Scene 1, Take 3

"Can he eat grubs? I know Kopa is actually very partial to them."

"Kopa's Decision" Scene 1, Take 4

"Has he gotten a girlfriend yet?"

"Kopa's Decision" Scene 1, Take 5

"Does he like the Buzzard Boyz? I like the Buzzard Boyz..."

"Kopa's Decision" Scene 1, Take 47

", I don't know how I'm even supposed to answer that," said Mateka after countless takes.

"Forget this," groaned Incarnate. "I'm going to write you an actual script here."

"Should've done that in the first place, don't you think?" asked Tumaini.

"Shut up."

"Kopa's Decision" Scene 3, Take 2

Siri's paw grabbed onto Kopa's, and she put her other paw on the rocks. Straining, he managed to pull her up.

Tumaini was standing below them, staring up awkwardly. "Um...why aren't the rocks falling on me?"

Siri kicked and shoved at a rock with her hind paw, trying to get it loose. "'s stuck..." As she pushed it hard, it tumbled free, causing her to lose her footing. "Aagh!" She was still holding onto Kopa, and they both fell back into the chamber, right on top of Tumaini.

"What is it with me and rocks and falling," Kopa grumbled, getting to his paws.

"At least I didn't have to catch you on a mattress this time," Janga pointed out from off-set.

"Kopa's Decision" Scene 3, Take 2

"Collapse the tunnel," Kopa said quietly to Siri.

"What am I supposed to tell your father?" she said, crying.

"Tell him..." Tumaini paused. "...I forgot my line. Tell him I forgot my line."

"Epilogue" Scene 1, Take 1

"I believe they've both been captured by Janga," said Siri.

"Then we're not done here yet," said Simba. "I'm going to Mount Tempest. Those who are willing to come with me are welcome to. If you don't want to come, something else...I guess..."

"Real smooth, Simba," said Nala, as the entire cast began laughing.

[Author's Note]

And there you have it. It was getting late, but I decided to get this done already while I still can. I didn't want it to be a repeat of book 1's blooper reel, but some of the scenes I just had to re-use (such as the mispronouncing of names). I hope you liked these, I'll be working on book 3's reel...eventually. I have to take breaks between each one though, since I only have a limited reserve of funniness and even then I don't know how much you would laugh at these. Anyway, I have to recharge my ideas before I start writing book 3's bloopers, so in the meantime...go do something else...I guess...