A blinding flash of light woke him in a dizzy trance. "Huh? Wha?" Link moaned and rubbed his eyes. Someone had pulled the shutters wide apart, allowing the bright sun to shine right over the couch. "Rise and shine, Linky," a certain voice taunted. Link turned his head wearily and glared at Steve, his dorm roommate. The young man stood with one hand stuffed in his slacks and the other holding Link's black shirt. "Here," he said as he tossed it to his bare chest, "You kind of dropped this last night."

With a knowing smirk, Steve left the living room with his tie slung around his neck and headed towards their kitchen to make some coffee. Link sat up and swung his legs over the couch. Scanning at the room, he saw a large bra lying tossed in the corner. 'Oh yeah,' he thought as he held it and fingered the lace and smiled, 'Vicky's.' He placed it on the cushions and tossed his shirt over his head, finding some tears where obviously sharp nails had clawed to make their way under.

Link stretched as he stood up, buckling the belt around his pants that had made it loose the other night. He yawned and staggered to the full-length mirror and observed himself. Running a hand smoothly over his laxly arranged blond hair; he stared through startling light blue eyes that were underlined with weariness. "Come on," Steve said through a piece of toast as he fumbled with his tie, "We're gonna' be late for class." He shoved the rest of the toast into his mouth and brushed the crumbs from his white, collared shirt.

Standing next to Link, he tugged and straightened his tie and ran a comb daintily through his dark hair. Link chuckled at Steve's painstaking care with a single strand, and looked at his own hair that was left untidy and yet naturally fell to the sides of his face. The two in the mirror could not have become any more different. Steve was obsessive with a business appearance, and he for one wouldn't give a hell. The ladies get under it all sometime or later, so what was the bother in a tie and buttons? Then it struck him dimly that Steve was a virgin to a fault, and he could also be called somewhat of a nerd.

'The guy's missing on a lot of parts,' he thought humorously in a twisted view. His roommate strode over the room with the faint clicking of the heels on his shoes to a briefcase, smartly snapped and prepared on the desk for him to go. God damnit, he had a freaking briefcase. "Well? You're gonna' return that anytime soon?" Steve asked and pointedly motioned to Vicky's bra. "Yeah, yeah," Link replied and stuffed it in his pocket, then followed Steve out the door.

A few other guys from the dorm were strolling towards the stairs to the main campus. Link came up to a young man with white blond hair and slapped his shoulder from behind. "Yo, man," he said and ruffled the guy's hair, "Who d'you fuck last night?" The boy turned around and pointed a finger against Link's chest. "It ain't 'who'," he said with a reckless grin, "It's 'whom'. And for your info, I would've liked Vicky better." "Aw, Sheik," Link said mockingly and wrapped a comforting arm around Sheik's shoulder, "You know that Vicky's only got it for me. Marin wasn't good enough for your Sir Cock?"

Sheik pulled away from Link with a scoff and answered, "Dude, but Vicky's got those huge.Man I nearly jack every time I think about 'em. Do me a favor and get her drunk or something, then I'd get a chance to lance her with Sir Cock before she's sober." Link sniggered as they made their way to the stairs. On the steps was a thin boy with brown hair who was desperately trying to carry an amassed number of textbooks. Sheik spied him and nudged towards Link with a sneer.

They walked nonchalantly towards him, then approached the boy from each side. "Whoops," Link said lightly as he rammed against the boy's arm. He fell towards Sheik, who shoved him harshly with a, "Yo, back off!" The boy stumbled on the steps and tumbled to the bottom, his books scattered around him and torn pages cluttering the steps. Link and Sheik laughed raucously as he tried to sit up and collect his books.

Link picked up a textbook for him, and the boy grinned sheepishly and reached for it. Link grabbed a few pages and tore it out. "Ooh," he said slowly as he tore out handfuls of pages, "You're just gonna have to pay for that!" He chuckled and threw the damaged book against the boy's chest, then left with Sheik in a ring of laughter.


The school was a private school, having very educated professors in many fields and was mainly based like any other high school. The boys were separated from the girls in different dormitories, and the school grounds are the largest to house both dorms for classes. Only students with rich parents or with very impressive past records in academics could enter Deku Academy. But the crowds were the same.

Link and Sheik met up with a few other boys in the cafeteria. They motioned towards each other, and exchanged fives. "How come you two bastards were late?" one of them asked. Sheik sat on a chair backward with his legs out on the side and said sourly, "I was up with Marin and Link had playfights undercover with Vicky." The rest of the group "ooh"ed and slowly turned to the blond with enthusiastic stares. "You lucky son of a bitch," another one joked, and the others looked on to him admiringly. Link sat on the table with one arm slung across his knee and grinned towards them when a large breasted girl caught his eye.

The girl spotted Link and excused herself from her friends. "Hey man," said the first boy, "Here she comes." Vicky smiled at Link and strolled over, shaking her hips provocatively while the guys whistled and stared lustily at her breasts. "Hey," Link said softly and dangled her bra in the air by the end of a strap. "I kept it for ya." Vicky smiled through her red lips as she stood in front of him; her chest stuck right under his nose. "Thanks," she said and took it with one hand, then draped the bra over Link's neck and pulled him in for a kiss.

The group hooted and hollered as Link hoisted her legs around him, and the two of them were making out in the middle of breakfast. A couple of classmen looked on with disgust at the scene as the two of them created a couple of light moans. Link massaged her thighs, and after a while they broke away. "Mm," the young man murmured as she stood up and walked away with a smile, "I'll see you after class."

She giggled and winked at him flirtatiously. The guys whooped after her, and a few girls cast evil glares towards Link's direction. Sheik turned to Link when the commotion died down and said with a humorous tone, "Shit. That means I'm fucking with Marin again." A couple of them laughed, and Link answered, "You can have her when I'm done." "Dude," one of the guys jumped in, "Can I get her after?" Link scoffed at him and replied harshly, "Go wait in line."

Just then, the bell rang in a harmonious peal, and the group scattered towards their classes. Link waved towards the rest of the guys while he and Sheik walked slowly out of the cafeteria together. They stopped past a few girls, making gestures and stalling their time to enter their room. A cross- looking man with aging hair and a round potbelly called towards the two of them. "Sheik! Link! Get into class or I'll see to it that you both get detention!!" The two boys waved to the giggling group of girls and strolled over lazily. "Hey, Mr. Rauru," Sheik said good mannerly and extended a hand, "How are you today? Feeling good?" The teacher looked at the young man skeptically over the rims of his small glasses.

"I'd feel better," he answered strictly, "If you two would come in, and you in particular would not disrupt the class with wild fanatics." "Professor," Sheik said with a dramatic air of placing his extended hand towards his chest, and feigned a look of shock and pain, "You know me better than that." Link looked at the two of them with interest. Professor Rauru raised an eyebrow and answered, "Unfortunately, that is something I wish never to accomplish. Come in so I may begin class."

Sheik sighed and slapped the teacher's back hard. "All right," he said as he rubbed his hand around Rauru's back soothingly, "You da' man." Rauru rolled his eyes and motioned them into the classroom. Link stifled a laugh when he caught sight of a paper taped to Rauru's back before he sat down. He looked at Sheik, who wiggled his eyebrows mischievously.

"Class," the professor began and turned to the blackboard, "Before we begin- " He was interrupted by a loud eruption of laughter. The teacher turned towards them and saw that many of the students were sniggering and coughing down chuckles. He frowned and continued to the blackboard, "As I was saying, before we begin I'd like to-" Again the laughter exploded. This time Rauru searched the plane of his back and yanked the sheet of paper off. "Got pussy?" it read.

He tore it into pieces, his face very red, and threw the remnants in the trash bin. Sheik sat in his desk with a particular look on his face as Link leaned over and slammed a high five on his hand. Rauru stood in front of the blackboard in a defiant pose and waited for the class to quell its hilarity. "If there are any further interruptions," he said flatly, "Please hold until after class." He eyed Sheik coldly, who returned in an innocent, blank look.

Rauru frowned and continued, "I wanted to announce that we have a new student with us today. Ms. Harkinian, would you please come up?" Link's eye caught the motion of a tall girl from the back of the room who stood and walked up towards the teacher. She had wavy blonde hair that noticed the light every time it curled, and reached down below her back. Half of it was tied up with a rather expensive looking hair decorator, and a few light tendrils fell at the side of her high forehead. She made her way rather confidently, but no doubt she was a bit nervous.

"Class," the teacher introduced, "Please welcome Ms. Zelda Harkinian." A few people said a greeting, some waving towards her. Zelda nodded towards them, her long, full lashes blinked over those large blue-violet eyes. Link looked at her over with amusement, the outfit she wore was bright and quite concealing. With her hair, it made her look like a modern day princess. "Zelda," Rauru said encouragingly, "Is there anything you'd like to tell us about yourself?"

She looked at him brightly and smiled. "No, professor," she answered respectfully, "There's no need to take time into introducing me any further." The teacher nodded in approval and slight admiration as he motioned her to be seated. She was headed towards her little corner when a red head motioned for her to sit in the chair closest to her and right next to Link. Zelda obliged with a grin towards the girl and sat down.

Link leaned over to her and whispered under Rauru's voice, "So, your name's Zelda?" She looked at him from the board and nodded quietly, then retrieved her fresh science notebook for the class. The young man waited for a response, then scowled and slumped back into his seat. The girl was no point in trying to take, not like the sexy ones he had a stock of every so often.

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