I apologize for making you all wait, especially making you wait for something that wasn't even promised to happen. I really enjoyed writing RL and keeping it going as long as it had, and I greatly appreciate all the wonderful comments people left. I do have bad news, and it's that I won't continue to write RL any longer. I had to make the decision for a variety of reasons (which include my old computer crashing and losing my files, a change in style, and a lack of motivation and time to commit to the project) I wish I could have finished the story and not have disappointed everyone, but I'm afraid that I chose to leave it and move on. I'm sorry for the lack of a conclusion to the romance, but I do have previous ideas that I'm going to share. I've also included explanations for certain things like Mikau and Kafei's tense relationship and what major plot points I was planning to write. I hope you enjoy it with my best regards.


The play

At the last minute before the performance (where Din was expecting a huge critic to attend) Ruto goes super diva and decides she wasn't going through with it. In a twist much like the Phantom of the Opera, Zelda gets pulled in to performing the lead because she's the only one who knows the music and can reach the soprano notes. Her understudy takes over the role of sorceress, and the performance begins.

There is a kissing scene near the beginning between the male lead (Mikau) and Zelda. In this scene, Zelda is lying on the bed onstage with her eyes closed. She can only hear what's going on around her and hears Mikau's voice as he recites his lines and approaches her. He bends down and kisses her, and for some reason Zelda feels that the kiss reminded her of the dream she had when she was in the hospital. When he finishes and it is her cue to open her eyes, Zelda is astonished to find that it wasn't Mikau, but Link standing there.

Apparently Link was the lead role (pulled into the play by Din's persuasiveness) and Mikau had only been the understudy. The play goes on smoothly to the end, and during the after party Zelda chats with Link about the performance. Link acts awkwardly around her and cuts the conversation short by bailing the party, explaining that it "wasn't his crowd" and he felt "surrounded by drama freaks". Zelda is both hurt and frustrated at him, and spends the rest of her night with her friends who tell her that she shouldn't waste her time on an idiot.

Family weekend

Every year the school devotes a family weekend for all the students and their family. Various events are planned throughout the day and everybody's family or relative pay a visit. Malon is walking on her own when she sees Sheik with his family and notices something startling. Sheik's family all have dark hair, skin and eyes, and it is immediately apparent that he is not blood related to them. When Sheik was a young boy, his parents were killed by a drunk driver. He was taken in by a Gerudo family and raised with three other siblings. The family's funds were not sufficient enough to send him to school, but because of Sheik's close relationship with Link his parents were given a very generous loan from Link's family to help send Sheik to school.

Malon observes how gentle and loving Sheik is towards his family and realizes how his bad boy reputation was only a face he keeps up towards his peers. She later finds him alone and sits to talk to them. The two of them talked for long hours about family and dreams, when Malon kisses him and Sheik is stunned. She smiles and leaves him while he replays the scene in his head with shocked surprise and joy.

Mikau and the graveyard

Mikau visits the grave of a girl named Romani, who was once Kafei's girlfriend and had died several months ago. Mikau jumps back to his memories of how she was heartbroken when Kafei left her. She went into a deep depression that no one could shake her out of, and eventually took her own life with sleeping pills. Mikau, her older brother, found out from a doctor that she had been pregnant when she died.

He wondered if it had been Kafei's child, but Kafei denied it and said that it could have been another boy that Romani was with. Mikau initially believes him, but over the past months he investigated further into the situation until he found evidence that the baby was indeed Kafei's. Mikau confronted Kafei earlier that week and made him confess everything. They end up fighting and both are badly beaten, and for this the two of them were temporarily suspended from school. Despite the consequences, Mikau feels that he can put his memory of his sister at peace. He spends time talking to Romani by her grave and leaving her flowers.

at the beginning of Chapter 10, Mikau and Kafei get into a verbal fight where they both decided to not be friends. They eventually become friendly again throughout the story and go back to the way things were. Mikau hadn't been sure whether or not to believe that Kafei was the father of his sister's baby, and as a result his behavior around Kafei is double sided – being both a good friend and a cautious enemy. The event at the graveyard and their eventual fistfight occurs much later, with details that led up to Mikau's doubts about Kafei and his investigation into his sister's death

Spring dance/Link's question

Spring formal comes around and Link spends the entire week fumbling and messing up his plans to ask Zelda out. He either fails at taking the chance to talk to her or makes her mad when he inadvertently insults her. Zelda eventually gets asked by Mikau to the dance and accepts, and becomes flustered afterwards at Link's unusual behavior towards her. He is both jealous and hurt, and alternates between lashing out at her randomly and being kind.

At the dance, Malon and Sheik are together as a couple and Mikau had to leave the dance early. Zelda is left without a date or anyone to hang out with when she notices Link is alone. He makes his way towards her and with a smile asks her to dance with him. Zelda's response is a cold and angry rejection, and she tells Link to grow up before he tries to make a move on her. She leaves the dance and goes outside, and Link runs out after her.

They stand yelling at each other – Link wants to know why she hates him and Zelda demands an explanation for why she shouldn't hate him. She attacks his immature behavior and criticizes his nerve to even dare talk to her after being nothing more than an abusive jerk. Link is bewildered and angrily storms off, cursing Zelda and unable to bring himself to clarity.

Zelda runs off in tears and frustration and takes a walk to calm her nerves. She doesn't realize she's being followed by one of Ganon's henchmen, who drugs her and carries her off. They bring her deeper into the woods where Ganon and his gang are hanging out, and Ganon recognizes Zelda as the "New Girl" that Link had bought the expensive necklace for. He forms a plan to lure Link into a trap using Zelda as bait, who lies drugged and unconscious.

Back at the dance, Link is confronted by Saria and Malon as to where Zelda had been. He realizes that she hadn't returned and starts to worry about her. Just as a mini search party begins to look for her, Sakon approaches Link and slides a note to him. The note tells Link where to find Zelda and to come alone, otherwise they will "make her disappear". He knows it's a trap, but goes alone anyway. On his way he sends a text message to Sheik to let him know what he's doing and tells Sheik to not call him back.

In the woods, Zelda is laid on the ground. Link arrives and is immediately surrounded by Ganon and his gang. He cannot wake Zelda or free her, and sees someone take out a knife. He anticipates a fight, but is instead gagged and drugged. Ganon taunts Link as he lies helpless, watching the gang surround Zelda and making leery comments. Link's tries to crawl over to her but his vision starts to fade, and he blacks out.

Next morning

Link wakes up in the woods early in the morning with a headache. He feels his clothes had been partly removed, and notices that he was holding the knife that someone had last night. Zelda was lying next to him, still unconscious. His mind is still blurry as he sits up to try and understand the situation when a search party of students and professors finds him and Zelda together. It is then that Link starts to realize what had happened.

Zelda's dress had been pulled up, her legs spread open and various cuts were made on her limbs and face. Link's disheveled clothes and the bloodied knife on his hand immediately frames him as the culprit. The professors drag him off as he tries to explain what had happened, and Zelda gets sent to the hospital. Link is put into the police station, where they start to interrogate him for answers.

He tells them what he remembers, and swears that Ganon and his friends had set him up. The officers send for Ganon and each of his cronies and ask them some questions. Each of them deny any involvement with the incident and Link's alibi doesn't hold.

When Zelda wakes up, she hears an explanation from her friends as to what happened. She is unconvinced by the story that Link had threatened her with a knife and raped her until she had passed out. She tries to explain what had really happened, but she doesn't remember anything and everyone else is convinced that Link had done it. It was later that the doctors inform Zelda that she had not been raped, but that they do know what she had been drugged with. Zelda becomes more certain that Link had not raped her, but still did not have enough evidence to help him get out of jail.

Sheik finds Zelda and tells her about the text message Link had sent the previous night, and how he had gone after her to save her from Ganon. Zelda believes him and they rush down to the police station to plead for Link's case. They mention the drug that had been used on Zelda, in which traces of it was found in Link's blood. Later on, the investigators find the drug under the backseat of a car that belonged to Ganon's friend, and the entire group is sentenced under multiple charges for their possession and use of the drug, conspiracy, and criminal conduct.

Link is freed and Zelda is the first to greet him. He apologizes for everything – being an asshole, getting her into danger, hurting her feelings – and is stopped by Zelda who puts a finger to his lips. She takes his hands and kisses them, and the two of them hug and hold each other. Their moment ends abruptly by Sheik, who throws his arms around the two and starts to tease them for taking so long.

The three of them return to school, where they were surrounded by people who wanted to know what had really happened. Link and Zelda escape the crowd and run off on Link's motorcycle, and the two of them spend the day together. They spent the time talking about the first time they met, the things they hoped to do together, and how blind they both were to each other's feelings. Link is joking about Zelda's first day at school when she surprises him with a kiss.

Link starts to move in too fast, but he stops himself before he pushed Zelda too far. He makes a promise to himself to make the moment last and not treat Zelda the way he treated other girls. Zelda, who already knew that Link respected and cared about her, swears to make him forget that she was the "New Girl".

The conclusion?

(1) in which Sheik dies saving Link/Malon from Ganon

(2) in which Ganon takes the school hostage/has a mental condition

(3) in which Zelda and Link split? Hmmmm

(4) in which link and ganon go to jail together

(5) in which the school gets burned down…

(6) in which Malon, Saria, and Zelda go off on a trip (without the boys)

(7) in which a new year begins