The first thing Johnny did was laughing.
»Hahaha. Just look at these chicken Peter. Chicken just like you. Cheep, cheep cheep… «

Peter tried to smile. Just remember: Always make Psychopaths feel comfortable. He didn't want Johnny to have one more of his "exaggerated" tempers. In addition, Johnny wasn't just a psychopath (Peter realized that a long time ago. Everybody did); no, he was far more. He was a psychopath with a gun.

After Johnny had feigned his "suicide" in front of Lisa and Mark, he had decided to find Peter. Johnny had the perception that Peter was the source for all the bad things that had happened. After alll, Peter mysteriously vanished when things with Lisa got worse. When Johnny needed Peter the most, he wasn't there. The consequence was that Johnny had no friends in the world and got fed up with this world.

Peter was about to leave San Fransisco when Johnny grabbed him at the station:

» Why Peter, why? «

»Johnny listen,… I just… I can explain everything.«

That was the moment when Johnny revealed the gun »In a few minutes bitch.«

With his limited vocabulary, Johnny explained his plan right away: He would seize Peter to be a hostage. The hideout would be a farm with a lot of chicken. He never explained why.

He was now pushing the gun into Peters back »You are just a chicken Peter, cheep cheep cheep… «

»Listen Johnny. I don't know why you're doing this. You will just get into a lot of trouble, I mean, who do you want to blackmail?«



»You are my future wife, Lisa.«

»Is this all about Lisa?«

Johnny showed his melting smile »That's the idea.«

»I don't get it. Why do you still care for her? She cheated on you!«

They entered a barn »Anything for my princess. Hahaha.«

»Then,… What do you need me for? I mean, isn't this hostage sort of… pointless?«

»DO YOU UNDERSTAND LIFE?« Johnny suddenly shouted, »DO YOU?!«

What am I supposed to answer? Peter thought and kept quiet. The whole barn was full of hay. Johnny shoved Peter on a bale of hay. For some reason Peter put his hand on his bellybutton, feeling threatened. Just calm down Peter.

But Peter could no longer stay calm when Johnny suddenly grinned funny. »I'm gonna take a nap.«

Peter watched in horror, when Johnny started to undress.