Hey, watch it! You won already! Stop it!

…Oh, so it's some sort of shock that I can speak without saying 'KONK' in the middle of my sentences? Get real, that's just so people remember my name. Now leave me alone.

…You're not going to leave until I do? Too bad, Pretty-Pink, you're gonna have to wait for a little.

Does that bother you? Test your patience?


You think you've got it bad with all your chores, princess? Look at me—I've got it worse.

You don't believe me.


Oh well. I guess I'll try to defend myself anyway—if you'll hear me out. Stop interrupting me, that'll get you in trouble someday, kid. Where was I?

Oh yeah.

You don't believe me when I say I have it bad. Lemme tell you this: you don't know a thing about the real me. While you walk around Pufftop getting showered with love and adoration, I hide in the shadows, hated by everyone. Nobody cares about me.

What? You say that's because I'm cruel?

No, you're wrong, Miss Pretty-Pink. And I told you not to interrupt me. I hate being mean. I wish I didn't have to, but I do.

Huh? Why's that?

Stop interrupting me and I'll tell you. I'll tell you that if I didn't do things like invade the castle or kidnap Ruby that nobody would notice me. Nobody would pay me any mind or any respect.

Nobody respects me anyway? Well hear you me, people remember me and my name! That's better than being passed over like a common enemy! I want a purpose in life! I don't want to be forgotten and pushed off to the side…

'What's my purpose?' What's my purpose, you say?

I…I don't…know…I…

Well, at least I'm somewhat strong! That counts for something!

I'm contradicting myself?

Listen, here, Princess, you never cared before. Why can't you just leave me behind after you defeat me like your dear brother does?

…You want to know why I didn't call Starfy my rival?

Well…I-I just didn't feel like it, okay? Why are you asking me so many questions? Why can't you just leave me alone?!

I asked you to listen?

…Oh yeah, I guess I did.

But I don't want to anymore! This is getting too…weird for me…I…I need some time to think…

…You're still here?

You want answers.

…Fine, I guess I'll try to give you some…go ahead, ask.

Who I really am? What do you mean? I don't have a disguise…

Who I am…inside?

…I get it.

Hold on…I just…need to think for a moment…

I shouldn't have to?


Maybe you're right. Maybe.

Surprise? What's so surprising that I said?

Oh, you don't think I have any humility in my tiny body, eh? You don't have to be embarrassed, I guess I have…acted proud in the past…

The past…

My eyes are watering?

No, they're not! Oh, maybe they are…but…still!

…You know, Princess, you made me think today. (sniffle) I-I can't…I don't…

No, I'm not crying!

…Well, maybe I am.

Okay, okay, so I am! So what? It's not like anyone …cares or anything…

What's that?

You… do?


I'm sorry; I don't know what's wrong with me.

You don't think I knew who I was anyway?

…You're right. You're…actually right…

It's okay to be wrong sometimes? Well, I guess that makes sense. I'm not too proud to admit that I'm wrong…

Oh…yeah. The real me isn't too proud to admit that I'm wrong.


Thank you.

For what? For making me think. I hadn't really thought much about myself before…but…now I don't know who I am anymore…

…You'll help me…find out? But…

Well…okay. Since you won't change your mind…


I'm still a little sad, though.

What? You can make me feel better? How?

…Come out of my shell? But…but…

Okay. I trust you.

What? Do I look too much like a stuffed animal?

…I'm…good enough…for you?

I don't know what to say.

'Thank you would be a good start?'

Heh, I guess it would. Thank you.

Huh? I missed something in that?

Oh. Thank you Princess. There, ya happy?

One more thing? What would that be?

…Are you…hugging me?


…this does make me feel better…

You knew it would? How?

…It's hard to explain? I'll wait for you. Just like you waited on me…

Well, I guess I should be going.

You want me…to stay? But…but what will the others think?

…It doesn't matter?

Then yes. I'll stay. Who am I to refuse royalty?

…But seriously, Princess. Thank you. Thank you for helping me—the real me.

Konk appears in every Stafy game but gets no love and that saddened me so much that I schemed this up to remedy that.