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A Heart Worth Fifty ShadesChapter One

Christian relived the moment he truly lost his heart.

The night that Stephen had somehow broken into his Escala apartment, hid and shocked them all, was still a haunting dream. Everyone had vowed to protect Ana, when the threat was already in the house, stalking his prey.

He had spent the entire first night without Ana watching the CCTV footage, escaping sleep. He watched intently the moments from watching Stephen getting in, to Ryan's attack, all the way through to when Stephen stepped out from the large closet and stood watching both Elena and Ana sleep before he exacted his plan.

Of course, Christian had gone fifty shades of psycho on his security team for their incompetence, but then he had just broken down. After all, if Stephen wanted to get in, Stephen would have gotten in. He had an aim and it involved eliminating both Ana and Elena.

Speaking of Elena, she had taken a vacation to recoup and who could blame her? She had been beaten and raped herself, put on death's door before being saved. Christian understood her reason to get away, to recover, to find herself.

Wasn't that what Ana was just doing?

Were both seeking help outside of Seattle to soothe their emotional wounds because all of their personal imps were still in town? Stephen Davis might have died in the bedroom of Escala, but his memory was more than imprinted upon everyone let alone those two women.

Christian had to understand that the ghost left behind was always going to haunt them to different extents.

Christian wished he had the power to exorcise Ana's demons for her, but he lacked that ability.

Looking up suddenly, Christian was confronted with a photo of Ana that sat on his desk. There she was, boxed in an expensive silver frame, smiling up at him mischievously back at a happier time. She was now a shadow of her former self and he hated to know that her demons had stopped her from loving herself. And the worse thing was that he couldn't save her. Hell, even his money couldn't save her from herself.

What worth was his money if he couldn't keep Ana?

He slammed the photo down and only now did he realise he was sitting in his office in the dark. Looking to the clock he noticed it was way passed working hours and suddenly he realise he hadn't done a single piece of work for nearly two hours. Getting up he rang Taylor to tell him he was ready to leave and then made the journey down to his car.

"Mr. Grey," Taylor acknowledged as his boss came into sight.

Christian took one look at Taylor and spoke with a harsh tone, "I'm driving."

Taylor bit his tongue and handed the keys over. For the past twenty eight days, Christian had become more and more reckless with his behaviour. His mood swings had heightened, his level of sleep was down to barely three hours – if that, his intake of food was enough to survive and his grey eyes lost all life.

The drive, like every single one for the past month, was spent in tense silence and Taylor was soon going to break his resolve and speak up more than he had. The few times he had tried his own interference in the matter; Christian had closed him off, shut down and ignored him.

It was the same routine – go to work, do their jobs, go home. Taylor fretted even more as he followed his boss upstairs and he realised that the life of a broken man was finally taking its toll.

Christian Grey was morphing back into the man he was before Ana even existed in his life and there was nothing that no one could do – But Ana.

Going into his apartment, Christian was reminded that he hated this place. He hated it for the memories, for the life that had been stolen from its walls and he hated living here without Ana. Maybe it was time to break the memorial bond that kept him here. After all, he only stayed here for the memories of Ana but, he never went back into that bedroom, he lived in one of the other rooms. He couldn't even touch a room that Stephen Davis had been in. It wasn't right. This place wasn't right. It had only been a month, but without his Ana, it felt like a lifetime had passed by.

He didn't know when she would be back; all he knew was that if he trusted her word and she never came back, he would die.

Christian knew he needed a strong drink, some whiskey or scotch to drown his sorrows. Maybe if he drunk enough he'd drink himself into such a drunken state he'd sleep all night.

He rounded the corner and became confronted with his parents, his brother and Kate. He stopped and felt an angry growl occur in his chest. "Oh great, a fucking intervention," Christian spoke with a gruff tone and shook his head. "You can all leave, I'm still breathing!"

"Son, that's not why we're here," Carrick said approaching his son slowly. Treading carefully so not to get his head bitten off, knowing that would likely happen. "We're worried for you."

"There's no reason to worry about me," Christian told him back, his tone sharp and hurtful. "I can look after myself."

"We all miss her," Kate spoke up, her hand tightly linked with Elliot's. "We all worry about how she's really doing now she's not in plain view, Christian. We all saw the mess she became. You're not the only one that lost Ana that day."

"Babe, calm down," Elliot said and put his arm around her. He looked up to his brother, prepared to tear into him if necessary. "We're worried about you now, Christian."

"I can't be doing this," He said pinching the bridge of his nose between his thumb and finger. "She's fucking gone and life goes on. I am fine so you can all go."

"Christian you've lapsed," Grace fretted as she stepped forward, worrying for her son's well-being. "We just think maybe you need to speak to someone outside of Flynn's capabilities. Sort your head out." Grace watched Christian and sighed, "I know she left, we all feel that void, but you need to get over this so she can come back to you. You need to speak to someone."

Christian bit into the hard truth and snapped.

"Why the fuck should I? She fucking left when she promised she never would, and let's face it," Christian shouted as he picked up his keys readying to leave all over again, "She's never coming back."