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A Heart Worth Fifty ShadesChapter Eight

"God damnit!" Ana cursed as she made a clumsy attempt at picking up every single paper, now she had to put them into chronological order before getting back to the office or she would be in the shit.

She was new and although she showed high levels of promise, she was still trying to prove herself.

Now, however, it seemed that asshole who didn't know where he was he going had ruined that.

There she was, minding her own business, checking through paperwork and now here she was, on her hands and knees, paperwork strewn out of order. She had been taking in the new day by walking down the street on her break, tucking pieces of hair behind her ear as she tried to read, even with the wintery breeze blowing in, the manuscript she was given.

This was a new day, a new dawn and Ana was going to shine brightly.

However now she was on her knees – like she had been when she first met Christian – trying to reclaim some dignity and fast.

She paused her motion for a moment. Here she was in Seattle, starting fresh and new and every time she got a few moments to herself she realised she was only ever thinking about him.

You're not ready, her subconscious goaded lovingly as Ana set to work getting her paperwork, shegot to her feet and faced the person she had walked into. Remember fate, Ana, just wait.

Christian dropped to his knees; it was a mix of things for its causation. One was he wanted to help the brunette on the floor, the other was because Ana was before him; the last was he went weak kneed. The moment he was there, he grabbed her.

Her massive blue eyes looked at him, shocked that this stranger was now grabbing her and her heart stalled in her chest. It ceased its beating and all she could do was stare. She dropped the papers to the floor and continued staring.

Fate's great intervention.

The next thing that happened was of natural progression, it was almost instinctive. Christian pulled her close to him, kissing her greedily now that she was finally back in front of him. It had felt like a lifetime of eternal hell that had now ceased in its existence and he could barely believe she was back.

Pushing back, Ana didn't want to spoil the moment, but she had to take a look at him. She had to get another visual to make sure this was really happening and wasn't just yet another cruel dream."Christian," Ana spoke softly, her hand going to his face, her eyes watering.

"You're back in Seattle?" He asked her meekly, trying to take her in wholly.

"You're walking around in Seattle?" Ana asked back with a small smirk and stood up, "Seems time's changed you, Mr. Grey."

This was his Ana! Christian's heart ballooned as he watched, he stood with her, Taylor picking up the papers to allow them this moment. He looked her over and although she looked a little different, the look in her eyes was not that of what Stephen had left her with.

Ana giggled and watched his shock. "Lost for words?"

"You're back," He gasped at her and for once he smiled brightly, the icy grips on his body melting. "W-When?"

Giving a small smile, Ana cleared her throat, "A week." She gave him an uneasy look at that comment, "I'm sorry I haven't called, but I'm still working on some things and getting settled and-"

"You don't need to explain right now," Christian responded to her comment, he didn't hate her for sorting her own stuff out. "Let me take you for lunch, Ana," Christian suddenly told her, he wanted her with him, he didn't want to change.

"Lunch?" Ana asked and looked to her watch quickly. "I've only got like thirty minutes left of my break."

"That's fine. We can do that and I'll even make sure I see you back to work with time to spare," He told her and put his hand out for her to take, "We can talk about whatever you like."

Ana just took his hand and offered a innocent smile and allowed him to walk her to a nearby restaurant whilst allowing Taylor to take himself off somewhere else. He needed something private, intimate, he needed some alone time with Ana whilst they were on limited period.

It didn't take long for Ana and Christian to resume a natural rhythm as though they had never been apart. They responded to the other, they completed the other and for once both felt some sort of peace connect with their souls.

Ana looked up over her lashes to him as their main course was placed down and she tucked a piece of hair behind her ear and just watched him from her side of the table. When the waiter left she broke the silence, "So," She started and gained his attention, "How have you been doing?"

"I think I should ask you that one," He told her in response, avoiding the question.

"I asked first," She replied and gave him that angelic expression.

"I'm alive aren't I?" He asked her devilishly, and as he saw Ana smile he knew he had answered correctly.

Watching her, Christian realised one thing – his Ana was sitting before him, shy and beguiling, innocent and perfect. She was back and he knew that she would have demons and obstacles to overcome but he would wait with baited breath to help her through.

Getting seated, Ana was well aware how close they were to her work and that satisfied her with her limited time. She felt her heart skip a beat as she watched him order them a bottle of wine and it was almost as if nothing had changed. Bar the darker circles under his eyes and the longer hair. If she closed her eyes, hearing his breathing, and feeling his presence, even smelling his cologne, she could be cast back as far as before the helicopter crash– in her dreams.

"So I'm guessing Kate and my brother know you're back," He started the conversation, cutting her short of all of her thoughts.

Ana shook her head at him, "Only my mom and Ray actually. Oh and of course Bob."

"Only them?" He asked her confused, "Why wouldn't you let everyone know?" He then started to look saddened by the thought that crossed his mind – she didn't want him to know.

"I wanted to come back and find my bearings. I was going to get in contact, but I chickened out every time," She looked down, bashful at the admittance. "I just couldn't do it."

"Why not?" Christian quizzed her lightly allowing her to take a mouthful of food.

Ana knew she owed him everything. Every single reasoning he deserved. She reached over and took his hand in hers, "I thought that maybe because I had taken so long you would have moved on. I mean, I'm not the only brunette in Seattle and you travel. I just imagined you would have found someone to replace me because I took too long."

"I would have given you until the end of the world to be ready to come back," Christian told her, not caring for his own food, but seeing her eat – even just mouthfuls – was placating that Ana was fairly nearly back to her.

Ana's eyes watered, "This is the first time since coming back here fully that I feel better about everything. I now feel like I did the right thing." She looked at him as a tear fell, "God, I thought for months that I had made the worse decision of my life but right now I don't think that. I don't know if you agree with me, Christian, but I feel more like me sitting here with you than I have in the last five months."

Christian took her words and the sentiment behind them personally and watched her.

"Thank you so much for not following me," Ana appreciated him, "Thank you for not chasing me down and begging me to come back. I don't know how you did it, but I will be forever grateful that you allowed me this time."

"I did contemplate coming after you," Christian murmured at her. "In the beginning I lay awake thinking about how long it would take me to drive to you and then beg you to come back. But someone told me if we were meant to be then we were meant to be."

"Fate," Ana spoke, her tone feather light. "I hated leaving you, Christian. That you have to believe but, I had to believe that if we were meant to be then we would find our way back together. We just needed to live without one another." She looked at him, "I know it hasn't been easy for you and that's my fault, but I hope you've been able to do something good."

Christian gave her a smirk, "I've done plenty good, but running into you was the best."

Feeling herself melt at his sincerity, at his love, Ana wanted to get lost in him right now. She never thought she would get back to this place and even though she knew she had a long way to go to being perfectly healed; Ana now saw a finishing line. Just as she went to speak again, Ana's phone rang, "Crap," She didn't realise she was so late. "I need to get back," Ana spoke regretfully

Christian just nodded, pulled out his wallet and paid before taking her back to work.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- A Heart Worth Fifty Shades -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Grabbing her hand, Christian stopped her from rushing back to work. This was a new beginning and he didn't want to let her go again, "I'm so happy you're back, Ana. You don't know how much I've missed you."

Ana blushed, "As much as I've missed you probably." She gave him a meek smile, "So where do we go from here?"

Christian thought for a moment, "Start over?"

"Can we?" She asked with a dubiously note lacing her voice.

"The only way to find out is to try," Christian told her, gave her a heart stopping kiss before releasing her. "I'll call you later, Miss. Steele." He said closing the piece of paper with her new cell number in his palm. She had scribbled it down in the restaurant but he hadn't been able to put it away.

"Until then, Mr. Grey," Ana retorted in a low husky tone, her lips feeling bruised from his fierce kisses.

Going back into the building, paper work back in order, Ana finally felt the pieces of her heart beginning to align.