Sam just leaves the third family, when his cell phone is ringing. It's Dean's number and he hurries to answer it. "Dean? You're okay?" He's waiting for the usual 'm fine' crap, but all he hears is a weak whisper that he hardly understands, but he can hear his name and that his brother needs help without knowing the words.

"Dean? What happened?" No answer. "Dean?!" He runs to the Impala and screams in his phone. "Dean, I'm on my way, please hold on."

He doesn't hear anything and is sure that his brother has passed out. "Fuck!" He keeps the call, while driving. He's driving as fast as possible, but it still feels like eternity. He keeps calling his brothers name all the way, in hope to get any response from him. The panic is overwhelming and he wishes for a moan or any other sign of pain. Because that would let him know Dean's alive.

When he hears noises through the cell phone he thinks they are statics. But he can make out a male voice. "Time to wake up, boy."

Dean groans, pain runs through his whole body. "S'my?"

"Sammy, isn't here, but I'm sure he'll be back soon."

Suddenly the voice is very near and Sam realizes that the man picked up his brothers phone. "Listen, son, your brother has been beaten as far as I can tell. You should hurry to come here. I'm not sure what's going on with him."

"Who are you? If you hurt him, I'm go-"

"Save your breath 'n' energy for your brother, son. I didn't hurt him, I came here to talk to you about the dead people and the door was slightly open and I found him here. So just hurry up."

Sam wants to say something, but the man hangs up. He drives faster and it doesn't take him two minutes to reach the motel's parking lot. The closer he comes to their door, the more nervous and anxious he gets.

Sam pulls his gun from his back and runs inside the room. Dean's lying on the bed. His jeans back on him, what Sam doesn't notice, because he has no idea what happened here earlier. The man that was on the phone with him sat on a chair not too close to the bed. So Sam takes it easier and puts the gun down. "Who are you?" he asks while stepping to his brothers side.

"You called me. We wanted to meet here."

"So, you're Fowler. I was going to call you today for an appointment, why are you here now? And how did you know where we are?" He starts examining Dean.

"It's Lawrence, not New York. I know a lot of people around. Wasn't exactly hard to find out where you guys stay." He watches the young man as he helps his barely conscious brother out of the shirt and soothes him with a soft voice. "How's he?"

Sam turns around. "I don't know, yet." He keeps moving his hands over Dean's torso, along his shoulders and arms and his neck. There are already signs of new bruises. Seems like one wrist is sprained. He's also sure that there is at least one broken rib. "Dean? You're with me?"

"S'my?" It's barely a whisper.

"Yes, listen bro, I need you to turn on your stomach for me. Want to check your back." He helps him to turn around. Dean tries to do it on his own, but he has problems to keep his eyes open, not to mention to find any strength to move at all.

His brothers back looks even worse. The bruises around his kidneys concern him. There are two back ribs broken and a small swelling on the middle of the spine. There's a wound on the back of Dean's head that is still bleeding. "What happened, Dean? Were it those guys again?"

No answer. "Dean? Come on man, talk to me."

No answer and he turns him on his back again. His brother is unconscious. "Fuck! Dean! Dean, I need you to wake up for me."

But Dean doesn't wake up and Sam hears for the first time that there isn't any breathing at all. "No, no, no!" He lays his ear on Dean's chest, then on Deans face. There is a breathing, but it's too slowly. He feels for the pulse.

"We need an ambulance to the 'Get go' motel. A man was beaten and his barely breathing. I think he has broken ribs and a head wound."

Sam looks up to the strange reporter. "Thank you, man."

"What about him?"

"He's barely breathing and his pulse is weak. Did you see what happened to him or who did it?" Sam lays his brothers head on his chest.

"No, whoever it was had already left, when I came here. But looking around here and seeing him, I don't doubt that it was a very unfair attack."

"Yes, I guess you're right." Sam is afraid for his brother. He hopes the ambulance will be here soon. "Please, hold on, Dean. Help is on the way."

"They have good doctors here, I'm sure he'll be okay."

"Yeah, he always is." He just has to. I can't lose him. Sam' eyes burn. He can't help the tears that fill them.

"You two are pretty close."

"He's all I have." All I need.

The ambulance arrives and the journalist calls the paramedics inside. He touches Sam on his shoulders and leads him away from the bed. The young man tries to fight him. "Relax, son, give them room to help Dean."

Sam nods. He knows Fowler is right. So they step back together, but he doesn't take his eyes from his unconscious brother, not for a single moment. There is nothing else for him. It's just Dean and himself. He doesn't hear the paramedics talking. There in this bed is the only person he loves unconditionally. The one that has always stood by his side, no matter what he had done.

The paramedics put him on a gurney after they set an IV into his arm. They're heading out of the room and that brings Sam out of his thoughts. He's by his brother in an instant. "Will he be okay?"

One of the two men carrying his brother looks at him. "I think he looks worse than he is. But I'm a bit worried about the broken ribs and his shallow breathing. His kidneys got a lot of the beating, we have to see what the doctors say."

"I come with him."

"Sorry, there's no room for you."

"Listen, he's my brother, he's all family I have. I won't let you -"

"We do not have room for you in the ambulance. Just follow us. The hospital isn't far. We'll be there in a few minutes."

Sam wants to disagree, but the reporter holds him back. "I'll drive you to the hospital. That way we can talk about the reason I came here."

The young hunter nods, touches his brothers chest for a moment "You're gonna be okay, bro. I'm with you in no time." He follows the other man to his Toyota. "Thanks for driving me and for calling 911, Mr. Fowler."

"Hey, that's no problem. Don't worry about your brother, son, I'm sure he'll make it through. Seems like a fighter."

Sam smiles in a mix of sadness and pride. "Yeah, he sure is. The strongest guy I know." Sam fights new tears and changes the subject fast. "So what do you know about the weird deaths? Is there any connection?"

"They all have only one child and they were born within three years. The only other real connection is this guy, Aden."

"Do you know who he is?"

"Yeah, I know a bit about him. But we are here now." His finger pointing at the hospital that comes in sight now.

Sam gets out of the car as soon as it stops and runs to the entrance. "My name is Sam Whitaker. My brother Dean was brought here by an ambulance."

"Just a second... yes, please sit down in the waiting room. The doctor 'll come soon."

The two men sit down. "So what about this Aden?"

"Well, he was obviously a boy that lived here and at the other places where people died. But that was when he was just a kid. It's only a rumor though. Nobody actually knew him or his family."

"My brother told me about a friend he had, when he was just a kid. The boys name was Aden, too."

"Oh, I'm sure that it's probably the same boy, now a man. And your brother is the only person so far that seemed to know him."

"Dean said the boy was part of a circus, so that isn't really surprising."

"A circus?" The reporter seems surprised. "I see. Possible, because there really was one around those times."

"Were there more rumors about Aden or why his name was on notes in the hands of dead people?" Sam tries to stay calm, but he's extremely worried about his brother.

"There were rumors that said the victims were known as pedophiles. The police has investigated around the time, when Aden and the circus had been here. But there wasn't any proof ever."

"Do you think that Aden was one of their victims?"

"I'm sure. There are also a few tests that prove that at least some of the victims children were not their own. Well, the wives are the mothers, but at least 7 of them have an other father."

"Wow, that's weird."

"Did your brother tell you more about Aden?"

"Not much, just that he was a nice boy and a friend."

The reporter wanted to say something more, but a nurse came over to them. "Mr. Whitaker?"

"Yes, that's me." Sam ignores the look of the man beside him. He can't even remember which name he used, when he had called the man a few days before. But right now, he couldn't care less. "How's my brother?"

"He will be back from a few tests in about five minutes. If you just give the doctor a few minutes more, you can go see him in ten minutes. It's the third examine room around the corner. But I want you to stay here until someone lets you know."

"Okay, but what tests?"

"There might be some damage to his kidney, but you have to talk to the doctor about it. I'm sure he will tell you everything."

Sam sighs and sits down. His face buried in his hands. You can't do this to me, Dean.

"My suggestion is that Aden was sexually abused by several of the victims, if not all. They were, and that is the last connection, in some sort of secret club, when they were younger. The same club, different members in different places."

"Oh God! The poor kid. It makes sense then that he wants those people dead."

"It surely would. But I'm not sure he did it. Guess your brother was right with this." The man gets up. "I have a file about Aden in my bag. Just need the restroom and will be back with you in a few. Show it to you then."

Sam doesn't even know how long he waited. He's already wondering, where the man is, when someone tells him his brother and the doctor are waiting for him now. He runs to the third door and freezes. His brother isn't there. But the doctor and a nurse stare at him like they have just seen a ghost.

"What's wrong?" His voice almost breaks.

"Someone has taken the patient. He was just waking up and this man came inside and told him he couldn't escape them. The patient, Mr. Whitaker, wanted to scream, but this guy just pulled him up and threw him to the wall. The patient was unconscious again and the man just pulled him up and... I wanted to stop him, but his eyes... they were black... really black... and I couldn't move..."

Sam sees the shock in the doctors eyes, but he can't think about that right now. "How did this man look like?"

It's the nurse that answers nervously. "It's the man that was waiting with you. They left the room and ran to the back door. He was too fast. And he was holding your brother like a doll, as if your brother weight nothing."

Sam doesn't wait any longer, he spins around and heads to the back door. Then changes his mind and runs to the front door looking for the Toyota, but the car is gone. His brother is gone. "Fuck! Dean!" Sam cries out and falls down on his knees.

All the things the journalist said and couldn't know, like that Dean was right about Aden's innocence... that was something they talked about, when they were alone. Sorry, Dean, it's my fault. But I get you back.

"Sorry, Sir?" The nurse is behind him.

He gets up on his feet again and looks at her. "Yes?"

"Please, come inside. We can call the police and-"

"No, don't. I know where he is." I so do not know!

"Well, Mr. Whitaker, I don't know..." But the nurse sees something in Sam' eyes that makes her believe in him. "Okay, but here. The man forgot this bag in the waiting room. I hope it will help you."

Not far away are two cabs waiting. Sam gets in the first one and tells the driver the motel and the address.

Back there he grabs their weapons bag and brings it to the Impala. He then gets back to pack their other stuff and his laptop. He leaves those things in the room. His hands are shaking, when he opens the journalists bag. There is only one file in there.

Sam reads about the hell Aden had to go through. There is a list with the hundreds of times he had been sexually abused by those men. So the reporter had known about it all along. There is a picture at the end of the file. A boy, maybe six years old, naked and with bruises around his legs. His wearing a mask that covers the upper side of his face. The lips are thin. Sam can see the sadness and pain the kid on this picture is feeling. The boy seems familiar, but it's hard to tell without seeing the eyes.

He takes the victims list and compares it to the names on the list in the file. There is one name that isn't on the victims list. Walter Reid. Sam doesn't really feel like saving a molesters life, but he somehow knows that the journalist will bring his brother there and Aden will be there as well. So he has no choice. He gets up with the file and runs to the car. Ready to fight everyone and everything that keeps him from his big brother.