Alright guys, I really need your help. Last night, after thinking about the latest episode of Merlin, I thought of a new fanfic idea. I wrote down the idea and was going to leave it on the back burner-I have enough to do with homework and my current fanfic-but then I had an idea. This could possibly work as a piece for my writing studio, if I make it a little less obvious that it's based on a TV show. Then I could publish it on here too. But. I would really appreciate some opinions first. If you think I should continue with it, please review! If I don't get any I probably won't update it honestly. Please let me know if you think it's interesting! P.S. chapter updates won't be this short usually, and if you think it's a good idea it will be a quickly updated story, as I'll be writing it on a school deadline :)


Sire, you look perfect. Stop fretting." Looking behind him, Arthur saw Merlin grinning at Arthur's nervous pacing.

"Not like a dollop head, or a big-headed prat?" Arthur and Merlin laughed; they both knew Merlin was the only one who could ever get away with calling him names.

"Not even a dollop head, Arthur. Guinevere is a lucky lady." Merlin scratched his head. "Although, there is one thing missing. " His eyes flashed gold and with a flourish he produced a set of rings—one more masculine with a dragon etched into the gold and the other a smaller gold band and a small diamond instead of the dragon. "Consider these my wedding present. Look on the inside," Merlin urged him as he handed the rings to Arthur, and when he looked he saw an insignia of his and Guenivere's initials inscribed.

"The insignia will leave a print on your finger—no cheating for you two," Merlin teased.

"Merlin…they're perfect. Thank you." Merlin's displays of magic still caught him off guard, but odder still was their growing friendship, which Arthur relied on almost as much as his relationship with Guinevere.

Sir Gwaine stepped in the room, breaking the moment. "Sire—it's time."

The wait for her to appear seemed an eternity to Arthur. When she finally did begin her approach, her brother's arm through hers, Arthur forgot for a moment that he was King, and she was to be Queen. He was just a man, marrying the woman he loved.

Her eyes found his and she smiled happily, Arthur returning the smile eagerly.

"It's Mr. Pendleton, sir, I—I think he's waking up!" Arthur tore his eyes from his fiancée to look for the source of the commotion, ready to imprison the man who dared interrupt the happiest day of his life.

But no one else seemed to have heard; Merlin was still grinning like a buffoon by his side, the crowd is still turned towards Guinevere. Arthur thought he must have imagined the noise, especially since it made no sense—who's Mr. Pendleton?—and turned his eyes back to his bride.

But when he did Arthur realized she was shimmering, along with the entire throne room, and Arthur felt his knees buckle before everything went black.

A sharp gasp was the next thing he knew. The intake of air felt heavenly, Arthur couldn't get enough of it. He opened his eyes, ready to laugh away the collapse, blame it on the nerves.

Instead he saw that he was lying on a strange bed, with blindingly white walls and some…tubes? hooked up to his arm.

"What the bloody—" Attempting to pull out the tubes and sit up, Arthur panicked as several men and women dressed in the same blinding white held him back. Another white-clad man walked up and grimaced at him.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Pendleton, you need to keep those in. How do you feel?"

Arthur looked at him furiously. Who was Mr. Pendleton? What was he doing here? Where was Guinevere?

"What did you do to Guinevere? I command you to release me!" They look at him in surprise.

"Who?" The doctor looks surprised and confused, but Arthur doesn't take his scam for a minute.

"Where. Is. My. Queen." He enunciated with a terrible fury that seemed to settle onto the man's very bones; he took a very careful step back.

"Sir," the man looked at the others worriedly. "Sir, my name is Dr. Vance Kerrington, and you have been my patient here for two years…Your name is Adam Pendleton and you were in a coma."

Arthur looked at him in shock. What kind of magic could this be? Who did this to him?

Arthur hardened his gaze more, if that was even possible, and his muscles rippled as two more of these 'doctors' rushed in to help hold him down.

"Is this Morgana's doing? If she is your Master, tell her to stop being a stranger and come see her beloved brother." Arthur's voice is dark, and Dr. Kerrington looks at him for a long two minutes before stepping away and murmuring something in another man's ear. Arthur looks satisfied, believing he will finally confront Morgana and find Guinevere. Instead, the man walks forward towards him.

"I'm sorry, sir." Arthur doesn't have time to wonder what he means before a needle is forced into his neck and he instantly slumps, his eyes fluttering closed.