Kuroko no Basket



"yelling"/"great emphasis on a certain portion of the speech"

"minor emphasis of a certain portion of the speech"

"normal speech"

memories (except in huge flashback scenes)/ "past conversations"

"Not Again!"

Kagami let out a big sigh and looked into his sheets again.

"Why does this keep happening?"

He checked if anyone was around his room and got up. He started to search for clean underwear.

"Damn it!"

Finally he found a clean pair and changed into it in a hurry, almost falling down.

"I'm gonna be late for school!" He changed in his uniform.

"Taiga? Are you awake?"

Still with his dirty underwear in his hands, he yelled out. "Y-yes! I'm going to school now!"

He dashed to bathroom and washed his underwear quickly. "Seriously, I can't keep up with this anymore!" he said when he tossed it in the laundry.

He ran downstairs. "I'm going now!"

"Wait! Taiga your breakfas-" and the front door closed.


"AAH... I couldn't eat breakfast again..." he mumbled, distracted.

"What happened?" a voice suddenly asked, seemingly from nowhere.

On his way to school, when he was trying to not to be late, Kuroko "appeared" next to him.

"AAH! Damn it, don't do that, you bastard!"

"Do what?" He was walking and talking slowly and carefree like as always.

Kagami frowned. "Don't be an airhead. We're late for school!"

He slowly turned his head to Kagami. "Eeh, I didn't know that you love school so much that you don't want to be late."

"IDIOT! Not that!" He coughed. "Today we have practice early."

Kagami thought he saw Kuroko smiling for an instant.

"Then we should hurry." He started to run.

"That's what I'm saying!"

The weather was good. While they were running next to each other with, a nice fall season wind breezing away, Kagami thought that his life really changed in this year. This kid promised to him that he would make him the best player in Japan. At first he thought that it's impossible, for this thin and plain guy, who can only play basket in such an average level. But after that, he realized that he actually had a secret playing style that no one could keep up with it.

Only Kagami.

And the Kiseki no Sedai.

"Che!" He remembered those games, with Kise, with Midorima…

With Aomine.

Indeed. They were really great players. So powerful, all of them one-man team players.

He glanced at Kuroko. This guy actually played with them. Even though he was unheard of, he was acknowledged by all players of that team.

And he had to admit, it would be a little hard to win without Kuroko.

"We're here."

Without realizing, they were already in school.

"There's one lesson before practice."

"Yeah" said Kagami around a big yawn.

During lesson, as always, Kuroko slept and nobody cared at all. But as for Kagami, he had to stay awake as long as he possibly could, because he was already on high alert for his previous mistakes.

Even so, his attention was not in the lesson, he was in deep thought.

"Kuroko is a really interesting guy. He actually doesn't care about himself at all, he cares for friendship and trust in games. But in that last game with Aomine, we really had a bad time. Kuroko lost himself in his thoughts. Same for me. I'm happy that we found our way after all the trouble we had. I'll work hard. I'll show him that I am what he is searching for."

When the bell rang, Kagami found himself with clenched hands. And his eyes were on Kuroko.

"It's weird when you looking at me like that, actually."

Kagami started. "Shut up, it was just a blank stare!"

Kuroko turned his gaze away. "I thought so."

Kagami frowned. "Huh?! What's that mea-Oi!"

Kuroko was already walking ahead.

'Really,' he thought. 'nobody truly sees me. Nobody can feel my presence at first.'

He sighed. 'But I know that your gaze is not like that. You look at me like that person...well, the way he did.'

Kuroko smiled. 'It's interesting.'

"Seriously, don't suddenly disappear when I'm talking with you." Kagami reached Kuroko easily.

"But we're gonna be late otherwise."

Kagami murmured. "I know that, damn it."

For a minute they walked in silence. While both of them were lost in their thoughts, Kagami peeked at Kuroko's face.

'After that match with Aomine, Kuroko really changed. Or does he just want to make us think like that?'

And he broke the silence. "What is it Kuroko? Are you feeling down?"

Kuroko started "No, I'm just..."

Kagami leaned to him "Hmmm? What?"

"You guys there!"

"Senpai! Sorry we are late."

Hyuuga Junpei waved his hand. "It's okay, we've just started."

"Oh, s'that so, then I'm going!" Kagami smiled and ran to the changing room.

Kuroko scratched his head. "Hyuuga-senpai, can I talk with you?"

Hyuuga was kinda shocked because it was so rare for Kuroko to want to speak with him. Not just him... anyone actually. "Oh? Ye-yes of course, what is it?"


Kagami was kind of happy. Because it had been too long since he practiced with everyone. So his mood was good. He changed quickly and stretched his body.

"Yosh! Let's go Kuro...Huh?"

He searched the room but Kuroko wasn't there.

Izuki Shun said "No." while putting on his basket shoes. "He wasn't here."

Because of his Eagle eye, he was the only person in the team that was always aware of Kuroko. Kagami had no choice but to trust him.

"Where is he?" He dashed out door. "He was here when I last saw him. With...Oh! Hyuuga!"

"What? Oh, Kuroko! He said he had an urgent business to attend or something? So he can't come to practice for today. " Said Hyuuga distractedly, while practicing with Teppei.

"Huh? Something happened, Kagami?"

Kagami, looking confused, waved his hand. "No, nothing, I just got curious."

Teppei smiled and passed the ball to Kagami. "Of course, he's your precious partner."

Kagami shivered for no apparent reason. And went for a dunk.

"Partner huh..."

"Ah! Rebound! Mitobe!"

"Such an impossible partner...really."


'The season has really changed.' thought Kuroko while buttoning his jacket. 'Time sure flies.'

Even so, he was glad that he got permission. He didn't think that they would have let him go.

'But, it's really urgent so...' He waved his hand as hello. 'I have to do it.'

"Tetsu-kuun!" Momoi stood up with a happy face, running to Kuroko. "You're here!"

Kuroko nodded "You've waited long?"

"No! Not at all!" Said Momoi, even if she were to wait for hours, she would still be happy.

"But I was really surprised when you called me!" Momoi was looking at Kuroko carefully like he would disappear if she turned her gaze away for a second.

Kuroko, kinda embarrassed, scratched his neck "Well..."

Momoi stopped suddenly. "What happened?"

Kuroko was startled for second, then sighed. "I have to see Him."

He looked directly at Momoi's eyes. "No matter what."

Momoi couldn't say anything to that, so she started to walk again. "Let's go then!"

Kuroko nodded and chased after her.

'That's the one…' Momoi thought. 'Because of that look of yours, I fell in love with you.'

She stopped when she saw that person, bouncing a ball while lying on the ground.

'And because of it, He fell in love with you as well.'

Kuroko walked ahead of Momoi and stopped in front of Him.

"It's been a while." he said to Kuroko.

"Yeah." Said Kuroko while watching the ball bouncing.

Kuroko's gaze was chasing after the ball, so he made the ball go left and right, while Kuroko's eyes rested on it. He looked like a desperate cat.

"Haha, really you are so..." He laughed. And the ball stopped practically on his face, making Kuroko finally look at him in the eyes.

His bluish black hair right now looked almost indistinguishable from his tanned skin color, but it couldn't hide his fierce gaze. In game, it makes his opponent prone to feel in danger, that didn't change in life outside basket, though.

"You are alone like always."

He smirked. "You're with me."

Momoi thought she would never forget the look Kuroko gave Aomine.

"We already became strangers for a while now."

Aomine raised his eyebrows. "Who left who?" and he pulled Kuroko to him in an instant and kissed him.

Momoi started and clenched her hands. When she saw it for first time a year ago, she thought her heart broke into a thousand pieces.

She licked away the teardrop that touched her smiling lips.'And I thought I already got used to this.'

Kuroko pushed himself away from Aomine.

"You are still delicious." Aomine licked his lips. "There was no way that I'd have left you" he frowned. "If you weren't so dull"

'Really' Momoi smiled. 'That still hasn't changed.'

A year ago, Aomine first kissed Kuroko. A cute kiss only touching lips at first, and after became so intense that Momoi turned her head around. Even though their lips were wet and they were panting heavily, their expressions were totally different from each other. Aomine's tense stare was competing with Kuroko's totally emotionless one. His cheeks were red, but his expression was no different from normal.

"I wouldn't have left you, if you were still the same." said Kuroko, leaning over Aomine's face and caressing his cheek. "If you still had the same gentle eyes."

Aomine gulped and turned his face. "I had my reasons."

Kuroko stood up. "Yes. I would guess so."

Aomine got pissed and threw the ball roughly away. "Why did you come here?!"

Kuroko's eyes followed the ball. "I wanted to say this is last time for me to be yours."

Aomine stood up. "What does that mean?"

His eyes meet with Aomine's passionate eyes. "I will beat you."

It had been a very long time since Momoi saw Aomine so startled by someone's gaze. But he recovered immediately. "You think you can do it alone?"

"Who said I'm alone?"

Aomine smirked."With who? That kid Kagami? Do you seriously think that you can beat me with-"

"We will. No matter what." After a minute of silence, Kuroko turned his back to Aomine. "Farewell."

Aomine followed his back until he met with Momoi. "As you wish, you bitch! I'll show you that you will never be able to beat me!"

Momoi was too scared to say anything but couldn't hold herself back anymore.

"Why do you want to win against him that much?..."

Kuroko clenched his hands. His lips were still aware of Aomine's kiss, trembling. Making him remember their first kiss. After winning another game with their teamwork, he pulled Kuroko in a dark changing room, caressed his cheek and kissed his lips so gently...

"'Arigatou', he said." (1)

Momoi turned to him. "Huh? What did you say?"

He raised his head. "I want to hear his 'Arigatou' again."

Kuroko remembered, Aomine released his lips , smiled at him and said "Arigatou. If you weren't here, I wouldn't be able to do it."

"Even thought I knew it was a lie, his gentle expression was so beautiful, I believed him."


"I want him back." Kuroko said with determine face and smiled at Momoi "I want my lover back. Even if it means to destroy him in the process. I will never give up."


"Concentrate! Kagami!"

"Yes!" He jumped for the rebound, but couldn't steal the ball back from Koganei. "Che! Damn it!"

"It's troubling me...That guy..."


– "Thank you"