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Chapter 2: In The Host Club

The morning after the party, Haruhi got up and did her chores and the grocery shopping. She also did her homework and worked ahead in her classes. Thanks to the host club, she didn't have has much time for studying as she would have liked to have. It was frustrating at times, but at the same time, she started to have a fondness for the club. Although, she would never admit it. Just like she will not admit to thinking about the club's vice president as more than a passing thought. She kept thinking throughout the day, "Why did he ask about Tamaki?" She also wondered if he remembered rescuing her from the fountain. When it came to the Shadow King, you never knew.

That same day Kyoya was also working ahead on his assignments and studying for a test him and Tamaki would have on that Monday. He already knew the material backwards and forwards and would have no problems surpassing all others in his class on the test. He was first in his class for a reason. After he was done studying, he reviewed the budget and plans for the host club for the following week. He wondered about his best friend (although he would not likely admit it to anyone that he felt that way) and the slip of a girl that seemed to affect the king so much. Surely Tamaki really didn't believe that he thought of Haruhi as a daughter. Now what could he do to help Tamaki along? More importantly, what was it going to take for Haruhi to stop thinking of Tamaki has the moron she proclaimed him to be the night before? As with any business dealing, it is best to know who the players were, to observe as much as you could, and gather as much intel as was available. That is what the next few weeks would be about. Then he would devise a plan that would help that idiot in the love department. This activity may prove very interesting in the long run. If nothing else, it provided a diversion from the day to day life he was dealing with at home. His father always dangled the carrot of being the family heir, but he could never seem to get it in his possession. He was only a 3rd son after all.

The next week Haruhi found herself in the gardens at Ouran Academy under the cherry blossom trees for a host club event. As a host, her presence was required. She knew hosting would help her pay off her debt to the host club for breaking that stupid vase (who puts a vase in the middle of the room with nothing around it?), but that didn't mean that she wanted to have to pretend to be a boy and flirt with girls. She was a girl. So she looked like a boy with her short hair and wearing the boy's uniform, but she was still a girl and as such had the same feelings any girl would have. At least she thought she did. Hmmm.

The host club was sponsoring a tea service to commemorate the start of spring. She went from group to group to help serve tea and to talk to the girls that were flocking to the club to hang out with the most handsome men in the school. She just didn't understand why the girls went crazy for the over the top acts that the boys in the club put on. The twins, Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin, had their twincest act: they acted like there was more than just a brother love between them, although not sure if it was real or not, could have been. The king of the host club, Tamaki Suoh: was over the top with his flirting and acting like the prince of everything, he acted like every girl that came to the host club was his dream girl which made all of the girls feel like he was theirs. Then there were the cousins, Takashi Morinozuka (aka Mori-Senpai) and Mitsukuni Haninozuka (Hunni-Senpai): Mori-Senpai was quiet, stoic, and watched everything while acting as his cousin's protector and care-giver; while Hunni-Senpai was outgoing, energetic, and loved his sweets. They were opposites, but complimented each other; and both were 3rd years, which meant they were seniors. Finally there was Kyoya-Senpai: he hardly ever hosted and seemed more excited about making a profit than he was about the club in general; almost like he didn't really care about the customers that came to the club as long as the club made money. Sometimes Haruhi wondered if there was a better way to pay back her debt.

Tamaki was going on and on with one of his rants about Haruhi needing to act like a girl again and about how since he is her daddy, she should listen to him. She calmly (not how she managed that one) reminded him that he was not her father and she did not have to listen to him. He immediately went into his corner of woe. It was at this time that the twins decided to remind everyone that Haruhi would be found out as a girl soon because of the school physicals that were to take place in a couple of days. The host club started to panic and scrambled to try to think of a way to save her secret and keep her in the annoying club, including but not limited to bribing her with fancy tuna (something she has always wanted to try, but never has). She thought it was because they were afraid that she would not be able to pay off her debt, but it was so much more than that, they wanted her to be theirs and theirs alone. Tamaki declared her as his and said that everyone else in the club was just "homosexual supporting cast". Needless to say, the rest of the club did not like this and decided to get back at their king for his outlandish comment. A spectacle was about to be witnessed.

A couple of days later the dreaded day arrived… it was time for the physical exams. Haruhi, Kaoru, and Hikaru made their way to the area of the high school where the first year physical exams were taking place. She was curious as to what the exam was going to be like.

"What are physical exams like at Ouran?" She asked the twins.

Kaoru responded, "It's just like a physical exam you get anywhere else."

Hikaru added, "Yah, why would it be any different for us than it is for others just because we have money?"

"I guess you are right. Why would it be different?" Haruhi accepted, but she was in for a surprise, because it was very different. When the three walked into the room where the physical exams were taking place, there were at least 100 nurses and 50 doctors to perform the exams on the students. She was not expecting this. As she walked ahead, she heard nurses and doctors giving nothing but positive feedback to all of the students, almost like they were trying to get into the students good graces. All she could think to herself was, "What is up with this school?"

She turned to the side and saw Hunni-Senpai and Mori-Senpai dressed as doctors and asked quietly, "Why are they dressed like that? What is going on?" All of the students around them were questioning what they were doing. It was obvious who they were and it didn't make sense to her or anyone else it appeared.

"They are my backup plan, Haruhi." Kyoya stated as he appeared next to her, "Dressing up in costume, gives our operation a more covert feel. An espionage mission if you will."

"Ok, if you say so," Haruhi deadpanned. She just didn't understand this school sometimes. As she was walking past another curtain, a student was being given nothing but more positive news and she still couldn't understand how it seemed more like trying to sweet talk the students than it did a real physical.

Mind reader that he was, Kyoya stated, "The doctors are chosen by the school's chairman. Just because this is a school, does not mean that it is not a business. Most of the families here have their own doctors to see to the physicals and overall health of that family, so he needs to make sure to keep the students happy. This is more of a formality than it is anything else." She had no response to that, but in her mind she thought, "Damn rich bastards."

About that time, the twins were asked go behind a curtain to remove their shirts in order to have their chest measured. They decided to strip in front of the student population. Apparently exam day was very popular with the ladies, i.e. their customers. All Haruhi could do was shake her head and wonder again, what was wrong with these girls. Of course it also popped into her mind, albeit briefly, "Well maybe if it was Kyoya-Senpai…" She shook herself out of that train of thought fast.

She went to the curtained off area that the nurse showed her. She wasn't sure how she was going to be able to keep her secret, no one told her what the plan was. If she didn't know what the plan was, how was she supposed to handle her part in said plan? The curtain closed behind her so that she could take off her shirt. She was wondering if she should peak her head out and look for Kyoya, but just as she was about to turn around to do that, Tamaki put his hand on her shoulder. He had been waiting in the dark corner for her. His shirt was unbuttoned and he was wearing a brown wig. All she could think was, "What the hell is he doing?"

"Don't worry Haruhi, I will pretend to be you and we will be able to keep your secret." Tamaki explained before he stepped out of the curtain announcing himself as Haruhi Fujioka. All of the girls surrounding the curtain deadpanned and asked why Tamaki was pretending to be Haruhi. They were confused because there was no mistaking who it was in that wig. In the background you could hear the twins laughing hysterically that they knew it wouldn't work. "Why are you laughing you even doppelgangers? You told me that it would work and no one would be able to guess it was me."

Hikaru and Kaoru said at the same time while they were still laughing and Tamaki was trying to choke them, "We lied! We are not your homosexual supporting cast. We had to get our revenge. Hahaha."

Tamaki walked back into the curtain area looking down and said, "I'm sorry Haruhi, my daughter, but they figured it out." Haruhi turned around and gave him the look of death causing Tamaki to wither away.

As Tamaki disappeared, Kyoya came into the curtain area and asked Haruhi to follow him. He had set up a special clinic for her with a doctor that was sworn to secrecy standing by to perform the physical.

"Turns out all of the doctors here today are on staff at Kyoya-Senpai family's many hospitals. This would have been good to know while we were coming up with our plan, not after the fact." Hikaru said.

"Sorry, but I wanted to get revenge also. I am just not supporting cast, regardless if it is homosexual or anything else," Kyoya responded. "Now Haruhi, if you will follow me, I will take you to the room for your physical."

Haruhi followed him to the room, where the group left her to get her physical done and they were headed back to the club room. Unfortunately they didn't make it very far because a girl started screaming saying that someone tried to attack her. The boys figured security could handle it, until they heard that the assailant was headed towards the special clinic that was set up for Haruhi. Kyoya got Tamaki and decided this was the perfect time for him to play hero and change her opinion of him. It made sense; a girl was likely to fall for someone they were rescued by. Right?

Tamaki rushed into the room and kicked the so called assailant away from his precious Haruhi. The rest of the club followed him into the area to protect her if needed. The man begged them not to hurt him. He was just looking for his daughter and when he tried to ask someone, she started to scream. He was frightened and just ran. After telling the group his story, Kyoya figured out that he had the wrong school. He wanted Ouran Public High School, not Ouran Academy. Tamaki was so moved by the man's story and trying to reconnect with his daughter, he asked Kyoya to get a map of the area with all of the schools on it to give to him. Then they let him go through the window so that he could make his way to the correct school to hopefully make amends to his daughter.

"Hmmm, maybe Tamaki-Senpai isn't so much of a moron after all," Haruhi thought to herself. She thought it was commendable that he wanted to help the poor man reconnect with his daughter. "Now, if you will all please get out of the room?" Haruhi said to all of the club members.

"Haruhi, are you still mad at me for what I tried to do earlier?" Tamaki whined.

"Nope, still a moron." She thought to herself, while out loud she said, "No, but I need to finish my exam and I cannot do that with you here, that is if you still plan on me keeping my secret and staying in the host club." After she said that, Tamaki picked her up in his arms and started swinging her around the room and yelling about how cute his daughter was. "Put me down Senpai right now!" She yelled. Once she was put down, the club pulled their king out of the door so that she could get the exam over with. 20 minutes later she emerged from the room proclaiming exam done and her secret was safe.

"I wonder what she thinks of Tamaki now that he saved her from a pervert that turned out to not be a pervert, and he helped someone that was in need. Surely her opinion of him has changed at least a little bit." Kyoya wondered to himself as the club made their way back to music room 3.