Deliver Us...

*I DO NOT own anything from Dream Works! I just love this story*

The drums that echoed though the silent slave camp pounded in my ears. I looked out the small window at the deserted camp . It was early, no one had to be awake for at least an hour. Then, why were the drums pounding into our pitiful streets? I looked away from the window at my childeren, my three dreamers, still asleep not bothered by the banging. I almost dismissed the drums, when I heard the first scream. That bloodcurdling scream made me run out my door toward the source of the murderous sound. By the time I had gotten there another scream pierced the silence. I slowly walked toward the entrance of the camp. As I neared my destination I saw them, the palace guards running in and out of our homes carrying our babies with them. They tore them from the women trying to get away. I stood frozen to my spot in the rode watching the guards run though the camp and force their way into homes. I saw one of my friends begging with a guard to not take her baby. The guard shoved her out of the way and entered her home and then left again carrying her baby by his leg. That scene made me jump as if I too had been stung by the whip.

I ran for my house where my three childeren were. As I ran, I prayed I would get there before the guards I thanked God that my baby was safe for now. I opened my door to find my daughter, Miriam, holding her brother wrapped in a red blanket. I took him into my arms and told Miriam to get the wicker basket. My eldest son, Aaron, went to the window and pointed to the guards rounding the corner down from our house. I hide my baby close to my chest, under my vail. We ran from the house, down the allies off the main street. We only stopped to hide from the guards running past. finally we reached the reeds that lead to the Nile. I weaved quickly in and out of the reeds, my childeren running to keep up. I kneeled down on the bank of the river. Miriam put the basket in front of me. I told my childeren to go hide in the reeds, in case the guards found us. They obeyed and left me alone with my baby and the river. I looked over my shoulder to see if anyone was coming. No one appeared but I could still hear the screams of the women I had left behind.

I brought my son out from under my vail and looked into his eyes. I placed him in the basket, gave him one last kiss, sang one last lullaby and closed the lid. I stood and picked up the basket that held my son and waded into the water. As I waded deeper into the river I prayed that God would deliver him somewhere safe so that he could then come back and deliver us out of this hell. Before I thought twice I pushed the basket out of my grasp and let the river take him from me. I walked back to the bank and fell to the muddy earth. I watched as my son floated away. I let out a cry of pain, not caring if I was found. I dug my nails into the mud and thorns only to earn dirt and blood all over my hands. Then I stood and went to go find my other two children. As I walked away from the bank I took one last look and let the tears pour from my eyes.

That night Miriam told me that my baby was found by the Queen of Egypt and that he was safe. I thanked God for saving my son. My pain grew as I heard the endless cries of the mothers who had lost their sons and daughters. "God, deliver promised to deliver us" I whispered to the night.