Close-Knit Relationship- Bonus Chapter

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"So, Tasha, how well do you think this is going to work?"

"I have no idea, Captain. But it would probably go smoother if you would kindly get off my foot!" Tasha whispered to him, her words laced with sarcasm and a bit of irritation. The culprit of her pain breathed a quick and sincere apology, and a second later her foot was free.

The man thought back to how they got into their current situation. He, Steve Rodgers, and his best friend Natasha Romanoff were hiding in Tony Stark's closet, currently waiting for the most opportune moment to pull of what was to be the dumbest prank in history.

They were going to replace Iron Man's suit with a knitted copy.

The two had been in his closet for only about thirty minutes. They were waiting for Tony to go to bed, before "borrowing" his special key that he has for his Iron Man suit. Shortly after that, the prank would be complete and Tony wouldn't know what hit him!

Steve giggled silently, thinking about what Tony's face will look like. Tasha smirked a bit although Steve couldn't really see it in the dark. It had taken the pair months to complete the knitted replica of the suit. It was perfect- Natasha used nothing but the best yarn available (some was even imported from different countries!). Steve has worked hard at what Tasha called "Stealth Mood" in order to get up close photos of the suit. Everything about their replica was perfect.

The two spent about another twenty minutes in the dark closet before their wait was over. Both of them watched as Bruce half-walked, half-carried a sleepy Tony to his bed. Bruce looked tired and was mumbling lightly.

"….stupid Tony, falling asleep working….."

The hidden avengers silently snickered at the scene before them. Bruce quickly tucked the now dead asleep Tony into his bed and left, but not before giving Tony a fond but exasperated glance. The two "ninjas" in the closet waited exactly five minutes before entering the billionaire's bedroom. Steve was in charge of making sure Tony stayed sleeping ("Tasha, remind me why I need a frying pan? "In case Tony wakes up." "But won't that knock him unconscious?" "That's the point, Steve!") Natasha was in charge of retrieving the key. No time seemed to pass before she had the key- stored in Tony's bedside table. Steve couldn't help but feel proud of his assassin friend- then again, she was a master assassin and spy, so something like this was sure to be a breeze.

After she secured the key, she motioned to Steve to exit. Slowly and quietly the two Avengers made their way out of the room, making sure that they left the room without a trace that they were there.

The two flashed each other mischievous grins- well, more like Natasha did. Steve looked like a little kid who got everything they wanted on Christmas. The two began their journey to Tony's workshop. The walk itself was relatively uneventful. The only thing that happened was that when they passed by Thor's room, he was serenading a Pop Tart. They came to the conclusion that Thor was drunken out-of-his-mind. The clue they found that made this true was a ton of beer bottles in the trash can in his room. They left quickly after that.

Our ninjas finally made it to Tony's workshop. Natasha brought out the key- which looked like a little card?

"Natasha!" Steve whispered, "That's not a key!"

The woman rolled her eyes. Despite being in the 21st century for almost two years, he wasn't quite used to things being different. Tony Stark's inventions were some of those things.

"Steve, this is a key. It just looks like this because it's Tony's invention- honestly it works better than a key. More secure. Now are you coming in or not?"

While Natasha had been talking, she had opened the door to the workshop. Inside were various prototypes of the Iron Man suit that Tony was working on. But in the center of it all was the complete suit- the one Tony relied on for everything.

Now for the prank.

Natasha began to remove the suit with the help of JARVIS (who was in on the little prank) while Steve stood watch at the door with his trusty dusty frying pan. Once the suit was removed, Natasha used one of Tony's robot helpers to get the suit into a secured box. After that was done, the robot went on his mission to take the box to another part of the house- Tony's unused office. The man never did his paperwork, so the office was unoccupied by anything. The perfect place to hide the suit.

As soon as the robot was out of sight, Steve gave his frying pan to Natasha and made a dash to his bedroom where the knitted copy was stashed. It took less time than he anticipated, thanks to the adrenaline and his super-human abilities. He was back in the workshop in no time, the copy secure in his arms.

The copy was a thing of beauty. Made of the finest material, the red and gold shone like the suit it was created after. Even the arc reactor was there- it was created with a thin yarn that naturally glowed a bit in the dark. But after some careful dyeing, it now glowed like Tony's. On the inside was a tiny flashlight, too, just in case. The entire suit was created over a model, and it took a long time to get it to be exactly like Tony's. But now the fruit of their labor was about to be paid off. Tony wouldn't know what hit him.

The copy was carefully placed where the real suit used to be. Once JARVIS confirmed that it was perfect, the two cleaned up around the workshop and left leaving it precisely the way it was before they got there.

The pair laughed all the way up to their floor. After Natasha's injury months earlier, Steve had requested to have a room on the same floor as her until she could recuperate. Natasha was a fit as a fiddle now, but neither one brought up the subject of Steve moving back to his room. So he didn't.

Before they walked into their rooms, Steve stopped Natasha when he thought of something.

"Hey, Tasha?" He asked.

She turned to look at him. "Yeah, Steve?"

"Did you request that JARVIS record Tony finding the suit?"

Natasha smirked at him. "Who do you take me for, Steve? Of course I did!"

The two laughed, imagining the various reactions to their prank. Of course they would have to wait until the "morning" to see it.

That said neither of them sleep at all.

"Good morning, everyone." Steve greeted the team, sans Tony, that morning. He received greets back, though Thor's sounded more like a grunt because of all the Pop Tarts stuffed in his mouth. As he went to make his coffee, Steve winked at Natasha, who winked back.

It was a Saturday, a pretty normal day of the week for the Avengers. Oddly enough, they hardly were assigned anything on Saturdays, unless it was a dire emergency. They all figured it was because Fury didn't want to deal with them on one of the few days off.

They were all almost done with breakfast by the time Tony walked in. Steve and Natasha made sure to keep straight faces the entire time so as to not alert Tony that something was up. On the inside, however, both were cracking up laughing. Their amusement was unnoticed by the other Avengers, especially Tony. The billionaire was only focused on eating his donuts.

The rest of the morning was uneventful. Clint convinced everyone to watch Brave with him in the giant living room. All of the Avengers were present, although Natasha and Steve had trouble paying attention. They were eager for Tony to retreat into his workshop, anxious to see his reaction. They had thought that the movie would have bored Tony to tears, but it turned out to do just the opposite. Who knew the genius had a soft spot for Pixar movies?

As soon as the movie ended, Clint requested that they watch it a second time. Bruce declined, saying it was time for his daily yoga session. While yoga wasn't the key to his Hulk-repressing success, he enjoyed it immensely. Thor wanted to see it again, for it was "valiant and worthy of Asgardian praise!" Steve and Natasha waited to see what Tony was going to say. If he said yes, they would retreat to another room to plan to on how to get Stark to go to his workshop. If not, they would hide as close to the room as possible to see Tony's reaction.

"What say you, Iron Pants?" Clint asked him. Tony seemed to think for a while before he shook his head.

"Nah, I got to do some work down in the shop. Tonight we'll watch Finding Nemo." After that, Tony wandered off to his shop. Clint turned to the last two Avengers. "What about you guys? Gonna stay and watch it again?"

They pretended to think about it a bit before declining. Using the excuse of wanting to go and train, both pranksters headed for the elevator. They didn't even make it there before they heard a loud scream.


All of the Avengers in the room turned to look at each other, two of them genuinely confused, the other two only acting. "What in Odin's beard was that?" Thor asked, holding Mjolnir. The actors quickly decided to jump on the chance to "investigate."

"Sounded like Tony. Tasha and I will check it out, you guys stay here." Steve said in his Captain voice. Before anyone could argue, the two were in the elevator and were going down to Tony's workshop. They giggled the entire time, imagining the various ways Tony's face could have looked that very moment.

The elevator ride was painstakingly slow for the two pranksters, but finally it came to a stop. They had debated whether or not to ask JARVIS how he was but came to the conclusion that finding out for themselves would be sweeter. They walked up to Tony's workshop door and banged it with their fists, trying to get his attention.

"Tony! Are you okay? What happened?" they both asked, their questions overlapping each other. Suddenly the door to room opened and they barged in to see Tony-

Smiling like a maniac?

He turned to them with a giant smile on his face, light tears in his eyes that seemed to be from the laughter that Tony seemed to be suppressing. One glance at their confused faces and Tony was laughing like crazy.

"Do you see this? Someone left me a present! Oh, it's a thing of beauty, let me tell you. I didn't even think it was possible! You see, the yarn knitted together is so solid, so perfect, just absolutely great. It's like a Christmas present, but with more me," Tony rambled.

Understanding dawned on the two. Tony didn't think this was a prank.

He thought it was a gift!

They both stared at Tony for a while, who was still smiling. He pointed to the copy with enthusiasm. "What do you guys think? Isn't it great?"

Natasha was the first to compose herself. "Um… Tony, I don't think that's a gift. I mean, who would sneak into your workshop just to leave you this?"

Steve quickly joined in. "Yeah, Tony. The question is why?"

Tony turned to them, smirking. "Oh, I don't know. How about two extremely bored Avengers with way too much time on their hands?"

Both Steve and Natasha froze. They had been caught. Their proof lay right in front of them- Tony was smirking cockily. He had known it was them from the get-go.

"Okay, Tony, you caught us," Natasha sighed in defeat. Meanwhile Steve was trying to figure out how the billionaire had figured them out. They left everything in perfect place, no clues, no anything. So what went wrong?

"Oh yes, I caught you. But don't worry, I'm not mad or anything. Just the opposite. How long did it take you guys to knit this?" he asked.

"A couple of months. We had to get the best material possible, as well as study the way you created your Iron Man suit. Why do you want to know?" Steve answered.

Tony smiled. "For entertainment, of course! Wouldn't it be just grand if Fury was to find on these in his office? Or something else important to him, replaced with a cute knitted copy?"

Natasha and Steve stared at Tony for a few seconds before starting to laugh. Leave it up to tony to create such a crazy scheme.

Of course, they were the first to think of it, so perhaps they were the crazy ones. One thing was for sure as they nodded their approval to Tony.

They would not be bored for months.

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