Author's Note: I intended to take a long hiatus after finishing my last story, but I got the idea for this story and seriously have not stopped thinking about it so I decided to just write it. It'll be pretty short, just 3-4 chapters. I do promise to publish this fairly fast, just so I can go back to my little hiatus (which I have enjoyed because I can read a lot more stories that before!) Anyways, go ahead and read & ENJOY!

Hyde is sitting by a circular table, just a few feet from the stage. As he sits drinking a beer, he glances around the club. Everywhere he turns he sees sketchy old men trying to cop a feel of the half naked girls parading around hoping to earn more money that the night before. He sees his friends not too far off. Kelso and Fez are gaping at a blonde wearing sequin underwear and knee-high boots. Eric is over by the bar trying to get the bartender's attention.

Hyde sighs and looks down at his watch. It's a few minutes after midnight and all he wants to do is go home and get some rest. He scoffs at the realization that just two years ago, he would be ecstatic to be here, hanging out with his friends and getting drunk. Now, at only twenty-five, he feels worn out and out of place. Must be from all the partying these past few years he thinks to himself. He takes another sip of his drink, hoping to make the time go faster.

By 12:30, Eric, Kelso and Fez have made their way back to the table, all three almost drunk. Hyde sits in annoyance as his friends continue to gape at the girl on stage as she flips and twirls around the pole.

"Oh my goodness, check out her boobs" squeaks Fez, his eyes nearly popping out of their sockets. Kelso nods along enthusiastically.

"Man, she is so hot" joins Eric as he fans himself with his hand.

Hyde rolls his eyes and sees that his friends are nowhere near ready to leave. He motions the bartender over and orders another round of beers. If he is going to have to sit here and endure this crap, he better have some damn alcohol in him.

Within a few minutes the bartender returns with four bottles of beer and hands them over to the guys. As Hyde is about to start working on his new, frothy drink, Eric stops him.

"Hold on a minute man, this is a special occasion that requires a toast" he begins and shoots a smirk towards Hyde.

Hyde sighs and rolls his eyes once again. "This isn't the place for that Forman" he says flatly, hoping to convince his friend against a speech.

"Dude, this is the perfect place. Besides, it isn't everyday that we can celebrate the end of an era" Eric responds.

"End of an era? Really Forman?" says Hyde. Somehow he is now more annoyed than before.

"It's true my angry American friend," Fez chimes in, "this is the last time you get a bachelor party/"

"Unless he gets divorced, and then gets married again" says Kelso, oblivious to the negativity of his comment.

Hyde furrows his brows and flips Kelso off. "Just get on with it so we can get out of here already" says Hyde in frustration.

"Relax Curly. This one, my friends, is for our man Hyde who, despite his best efforts, is actually the first one among us to bite the dust. To the end of an era" says Eric as he raises his beer bottle.

"To the end of an era" chime in Kelso and Fez in unison.

Hyde raises his bottle to meet his friend's and takes a sip of his beer. As he does so, he can't help but think about his upcoming wedding. In just five days, he will be someone's husband. How fucking crazy is that? Never in his wildest dreams did he think he would get married, especially after the sham marriage he had with Samantha.

Also, he couldn't believe he is the first in the group to get married. He always figured that privilege would go to Eric and Donna. Hell, even Kelso could have beaten him to this commitment. Yet, here he is, tying the knot, and he can't help but laugh at the weird twist his life has taken in just two years.

"Hyde, you're lucky man. First you married a hot stripper and now you're marrying a hot teacher. I mean, Jenna is hot, right Fez?"says Kelso.

Fez nods his head in agreement, "she is smoking indeed" he replies and chugs back the remainder of his beer.

Hyde's body tenses at his friend's comments about his fiance, and it surprises him how affected he gets. It's been a really long time since he's felt this protective over a girl, though he prefers to forget about that part of his life. Things with Jenna are much different than his previous relationships. There is no drama, no games and no complications between them. Their relationship is organic. That's what made it so easy for him to propose to her. Frankly, this is the happiest he has been in years.

"Alright, alright" starts the announcer taking his place on stage. The girl who just finished dancing is walking around collecting the last few bills on the stage as the old men continue to cheer her on. "Lets give another round of applause to the lovely Chasity" the announcer continues. The cheers grow louder as she bows before walking off the stage. Fez and Kelso proudly join in and even begin barking excitedly.

"Now, this is the moment you have all been waiting for. I want you all to give it up to the amazing...SERENITY" the announcer says before walking off the stage.

The lights around the club start to dim and a bright red spotlight shines center stage. A slow instrumental comes from the speakers and the clicking of heels can be heard. Slowly, a sensuous woman appears, moving to the beat of the music. The men begin to cheer loudly as she begins sliding her body down the pole.

The four boys watch intently at the girl on stage.

"Holy shit" Eric says, his eyes wider than they have ever been.

"That's..." starts Fez before trailing off.

The continue watching in silence as the girl gyrates and twirls around the pole. She slowly drops her silky robe revealing black, sparkly lingerie. Body shimmer shines under the bright lights and for the time being, she is the only person in motion.

Hyde's pulse beats along with the music, his breathing becomes shallow and his eyes never leave the stage.

"Hyde, are you okay?" asks Eric, who has noticed his friend's expressionless face.

It takes Hyde a few seconds to shake his head from side to side. He glances over at Fez and Kelso who are staring with their mouths hanging wide opened as the girl starts to unclasp her bra. The other men around the club are howling and throwing bills on stage, fighting to get their attention.

The performance goes on for another seven minutes, perhaps more, Hyde isn't really sure. The skeezy old men erupt in cheers and applause as she bows and collects the money on the stage. Gracefully, she turns and vanishes behind the black curtains. The slow instrumental stops and is eventually replaced by an upbeat tempo.

"I think I'm too drunk, I could have sworn-" starts Kelso before he is interrupted by Eric.

"Kelso, shut up" he says.

Hyde looks down at his watch and sees it is just past one o'clock. Usually by this time he is already in bed. Instead, here he is, officially having the worst night he has had in years.

For a few minutes, all four of them sit in silence, finishing the small amount of alcohol left at their table. Suddenly, they see the girl on the other side of the club laughing and acting coquettishly with one of the old skeezers. They stare as she tilts her head in laughter and flips her honey blond hair back.

"Hyde, let's go man" says Eric, urging his friend to call it a night. Hyde puts his hand up in an effort to shut him up, takes the last swig of his beer and stands up.

"I'll be right back" he announces and starts walking to the other side of the club.

"That's not a good idea Hyde" he can hear Eric calling out, but decides to ignore him and march on. As he gets closer to where the girl is, he can overhear the girl's conversation with the older man.

"So fifty right? Let me make sure I have it" the man says and starts digging through his pocket for what Hyde can assume is money for a private dance. He watches as the girl stands idly by, watching the man rummaging through his belongings. She stands with her back to Hyde, shifting her weight from one foot to the other, her heels obviously hurting her feet.

"How about I give you one-hundred" Hyde interrupts, which causes the older man to look up at him and the girl to turn around. Hyde witnesses her smile falter as she makes eye contact with him. Her face stiffens and he hears her breath hitch.

"Hyde" she says, her voice almost a whisper.

"Hello Jackie."