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Chapter 1: First Day Once Again


"Why," Isabella stressed the word. "Do we have to attend school anyway?" She asked, as she exited the car with her backpack slung onto a shoulder, shutting the door once she was out.

An amused chuckle resounded from the driver's side of the car, as the door opened and closed.

"To keep suspicions down, you know that," Edward answered as he approached her. "People will start to wonder why the 'Cullen children' aren't attending school."

The shorter of the two simply heaved a sigh. Not seconds after she had done that did the vehicle carrying the rest of the group arrive and park in the empty space next to them.

As the others filed out of the jeep, the brunette teen took time to survey the place that would take up the next one hundred and eighty days of her life.

Forks High School, located in Forks, Washington…the greyest part of the state from what she could tell. Which was perfect for her family, more so than herself. The sky was overcast with heavy, light grey clouds; it was drizzling slightly.

Practically the entire student body congregated outside; none of the students wanting to enter into the building until it was time for class to start and not a moment before. The parking lot was filled with old, beat up vehicles.

Well, with the exception of the vehicles that she and her family arrived in of course. Not that she had anything against older model vehicles; in fact, she was a sucker for the classics.

Jasper turned to face her, picking up on her emotions. He smiled in amusement, before shifting his eyes to his brother. "Had the 'why do we have to attend school' chat with Bella did we?" he inquired, though he already knew the answer.

The bronze haired male simply nodded, giving a crooked grin. "Always," was his answer. The others among them chuckled.

Bella simply pouted. "We could just lie and say we're home schooled," she countered. It made a hell of a lot more sense

How many times had she been through the school system now? Twenty times now? …And attending school, especially the first day, still never got any easier.

Alice danced her way over to the taller female, and locked arms with her. "Because, if we didn't attend school, what would the students have to talk about for months on end, if not the entire school year," she pointed out with a smile.

The pixie then tilted her head in the direction of the other students. Bella's gaze followed. Sure enough, all eyes were focused on them. She could hear and see students murmuring already about them.

Great, just what she needed to be the talk of the town for months on end…again. Seriously, how did the others handle it?

"I don't know," Edward began, trailing off slightly. "I could do without their thoughts about what they wish to do with us," he commented, with a grimace.

A mind-reader wasn't needed to know that, a group of hormonally charged teenagers, when faced with a stunning group of people, would be having the nastiest thoughts they could think of running through their heads.

"Hmm…I'd say this would fall under a pro for home schooling, no sexually explicit thoughts, but then I remembered who we live with," Bella said, causing Edward to visibly shiver though it was unseen by the human eye.

At the time youngest among them spoke, the ebony haired female's eyes lost focus for a few moments. When she snapped to, she said, "The bells about to ring soon. We should get our schedules then head to class."

At the mention of class Bella groaned, before she and her family made their way towards the office to grab their schedules.


Finally making it to her destination, Bella entered into the room. It was more than half full already. Avoiding the stares that she was receiving, the student made her way to the back of the room and, sliding her backpack from her shoulder, took a seat in an empty desk near the corner.

A few people still stared at her, but she ignored them. She chose to occupy her time by fiddling with the strings on her bag.

The bell rang a few minutes later, signaling that school was now officially underway. She saw a couple of students enter into the room after the bell had rung, followed by the teacher.

The man looked fairly young, no older than mid-twenties at best. He entered into the room with a cup of coffee in his hand and made his way to his desk, opting to walk in front of it as opposed to behind it.

"For starters, my name is Lance Fritz, and I have the pleasure of being you're homeroom teacher for this year as well as actually being a teacher to some of you depending on your schedules," he spoke to the entire class.

A fair share of girls, along with a few guys, let out dreamy sighs. Bella scrunched up her nose; her classmates' arousal hit her like a bag o' bricks to the face.

"I would also like to welcome you all to another year here at Forks High School," Mr. Fritz began again. "I know three years seems like a long time, but you'll all be walking across that stage before you know it."

It was after that sentence that Bella trailed off. Her eyes focused out the window and she allowed her mind to wander; he wasn't saying anything of importance right now.

This was another thing she disliked about being forced, in every sense of the word, to attend school. She always ended up having to start out in 10th grade.

Oh, 9th circle of hell, thou art 10th grade,she thought dramatically to herself.

Her "siblings", looking older than her—even though they didn't age!—took on the tag of juniors and seniors. Even though she could see the logic there, she still disliked having to attend school for three years.

"Though I suppose it could be worse," she muttered to herself, as he teacher began telling them just how important their actions as sophomores would affect them when they became seniors.

"I could always look like a middle school student." She finished with a shudder.

Thankfully, kids now developed so quickly, due to what they were putting in food that she didn't look like she didn't belong in 10th grade or had been held back a few years. If anything, she almost looked underdevelopedas she looked at the other girls in her homeroom.

When the teacher was finished speaking, he handed out note cards so that they could all put personal, contact information down in case the school or himself needed to contact a family member.

Bella was done with the card seconds after he gave it to her, but she didn't take hers up there right away; once again, all a part of the illusion that she along with her "siblings" were normal teenagers…well, as normal as one could be as a sex crazed, acceptance seeking teenager.

When a few students stood, and began turning in their note cards, Bella took this as her cue to do the same.

She made it to the front of the class without incident; however, walking back to her seat was a different story. Half way there, her foot ended up getting caught on someone's backpack. She tripped and, unable to regain her footing, ended up crashing to the floor.

Another difference between herself and a full vampire—when she fell, it didn't cause a crater in the ground. Questions would have been raised long ago if that were the case.

Not seconds after she landed on the ground did laughter erupt, causing Bella to blush furiously, adding to her list of differences between herself and full vampires.

"Bella, are you okay?" Mr. Fritz question curiously. He called her by the foreshortened version of her name because he had read her note card.

She nodded, her hair swaying in the process. "I'm fine sir. Just wasn't watching where I was going," she admitted, as she climbed to her feet and walked the rest of the distance to her seat.

Re-taking her seat, she angled her head to where she hid behind her dark brown mane.

This was going to be a long week, and an even longer school year.


Bella sighed in defeat; it was something she had been doing for the better part of the day. She currently carried a lunch tray, which contained an apple and a slice of pepperoni pizza.

The reason for her loud sigh, though the sound was drowned out by the noise inside the cafeteria, was because of her current company: Mike Newton, a fellow sophomore and classmate.

Earlier in the day, he had suggested that she should sit with him and his friends at lunch. The shorter of the two had said she'd think about it; in truth, she wanted to sit with her family, but the look Mike sported when he asked her, kept Bella was giving a solid no and shutting him down.

Now, here she was, walking with Mike toward the table his friends occupied. Upon approaching, said table, she noticed one girl talking a mile a minute and glancing over at the table that the other members of her family occupied.

How she longed to sit with them right now. She was anxious about meeting new people; it was a habit of hers that she had yet to conquer. Coming to a stop in front of the table, suddenly a feeling of calmness washed over her, causing an amused half smile to appear on her face.

"Hey guys," Mike greeted his friends, as all heads turned to face him and the newcomer with him.

The girl who wore glasses flashed a genuine smile. "Hey," she greeted warmly, which made eased Bella even more so. "My name is Angela Weber," she informed Bella.

Unlike Angela, who was warm and friendly, the other female—seated across from her—looked at the new arrival critically. Blue eyes narrowed as they assessed the pale youth.

"Who's she?" the nameless female demanded, tilting her head sharply in Bella's direction, so that there would be no misunderstandings as to who she was referring to with her question.

"Jessica!" Angela hissed in reprimand and her friend. "Do you have to be so rude?" she interrogated, glaring at her blue eyed friend.

The teen named Jessica turned her nose up in response. Angela breathed out an annoyed sigh, before she focused on Bella. She gave her an apologetic smile.

"Sorry, don't mind Jessica. She has a problem meeting new people," she said, earning a snort from the talked about female.

Her comment earned a hearty laugh from Mike, which caused the faintest of blushes to rise on Jessica's cheeks. The blonde male then quickly snaked an arm around Bella's waist, and pulled her into the side of his body. His actions caught the shorter of the two off guard and she yelped in surprise.

"Yeah, that's Jess alright. Always shutting out the unknown," he told Bella, giving her a smile. "She'll warm up to you though. Just give it time," he added, arm still around the pale girl's waist, his hand very low on her lower back.

From behind her, Bella could hear several distinct growls; the sound was too low for human ears. However, she had no doubt that the noise would grow to epic proportions if she didn't get out of Mike's hold soon.

Thankfully, Angela spoke up when she did.

"So, what's your name?" she asked, while pulling out a chair next to her, silently signaling that she wanted the new girl to sit next to her.

Bella eagerly accepted the offer, and removed herself from Mike, and took a seat. She then turned her attention towards the friendly female.

"My name's Isabella, though I prefer to just be called Bella," the pale teen said, with a small smile.

The taller girl nodded. "Well, you already know Mike and I," she started. "The grouchy chick across from me is Jessica Stanley," she introduced her friend, which earned a light chuckle from Bella. "Our group is actually bigger than this, but the others aren't on the same lunch."

Silence descended among the group. It wasn't uncomfortable by any means. Angela was simply unsure of what to say, as well as Bella despite how old she was; Jessica seemed to be on a silent strike, while Mike was busy stuffing his face, giving glances to Bella in between bites.

"Bella's new here in Forks," Mike finally said, through a mouth full of food, as he looked up from his tray to look at the two girls.

Light brown eyes focused back on Bella, shining with excitement. "Oh, so you're new here?" she inquired. Bella nodded silently, as she bit into her pizza. "So, where are you from?"

The newcomer swallowed her food before swallowing. "My family and I moved here from Alaska," she responded.

"How are you enjoying it here so far?"

"I haven't really had time to explore the town," Bella confessed. "Been busy helping move into the house and unpack my things."

Miss Weber nodded. "Well, if you want, I could show you our town?" she offered. Mike nodded eagerly, supporting Angela's offer.

With a smile, Bella replied, "I'd like that."

"Do you have any siblings?" The blonde of their group inquired curiously.

"Yes, five of them. I'm the youngest."

"Do they attend school too?"

Bella nodded. "Yeah," she confirmed. "They're right over there," she added as she pointed towards the table her "siblings" were occupying.

"You're a Cullen sibling?!"

The suddenness of the question startled the "Cullen sibling" and caused her to jump roughly in her seat. Well, that was one factor. The other factor came from how quickly Jessica had turned around in her seat and that the girl was leaning halfway across the table to stare intently at Bella.

Sensing that Jessica wanted an answer, Bella gave the younger woman one. "Yesss…" she drew out slowly.

Mike simply stared in shock. The only word he was able to say after a moment of silence was a whispered, "Whoa."

Angela glanced in the direction of Bella's "siblings" before ducking her head, and looking down shyly. "They…they seem nice," she said, though it sounded like more of a question, unsure of what to really say.

Bella simply shrugged, working on her apple now. "Eh…I'll keep my thoughts to myself. The last thing they need is an ego boost," she remarked with an amused grin.

The smaller female glared at her. "I don't believe you," she stated after a long moment of silence. "You don't look anythinglike them."

"Jessica!" both Mike and Angela yelled in reprimand. The hostile female ignored them and continued to focus on Bella.

"We were all adopted by our parents, so obviously we wouldn't share physical similarities. Well, accept for the twins."

"Actually," Angela spoke up, entering into the conversation. "I see a few similarities between you and your siblings," she pointed out. "Especially between you and the blonde one, Rosalie I think her name is."

From the comparison, Bella felt the heat rise to her cheeks in embarrassment. She did nod, to confirm that Angela had been right with the name.

Her words earned her a glare from Jessica, which the glasses wearing young woman easily ignored; apparently, she'd dealt with Jessica a lot.

"You're not pretty enough to be in their family," Jessica stated matter of factly, turning to face the "Cullen" once more.

At that comment, the pale "Cullen" growled softly within her throat. She wasn't the only one to do so. A growl came from the table her "siblings" occupied. Bella didn't even have to look to know who it belonged to.

Jessica snorted. "I mean, just look at you. Not only are you not pretty enough but you're fashion sense is atrocious!"

"Hey! These are designer clothes!" Bella defended her state of dress. True, it was simply jeans, a t-shirt, and hoodie…but this was top of the line material! Her aunt simply refused to allow her to wear anything less that designer material.

Bella had learned very early on in life, that it was futile to try and talk her "sister" out of doing so. It still bothered her, though that her entire family spent ridiculous sums of money on her.

"Only to an untrained eye they are," the fuming teenager scoffed. "Where do you get your clothes…Goodwill?"

Not only did the comment earn a very pissed off snarl, but it also caused someone to push away from the table and stand up. The action was so sudden that silence immediately fell upon the cafeteria.

Jessica made the mistake of looking to see what had caused the commotion, and immediately all color drained from her face. Glancing over her shoulder, Bella saw that it was her middle "sister" that was all but burning holes through Jessica.

A blanket of tension settled over the entire cafeteria, practically choking everyone in its grasp.

The bell rang, signaling the end of lunch and the moving on to the second to last class of the day. No one move a muscle; eyes focused on the irate Cullen who was eyeing Jessica as if she were prey.

Suddenly, the tension lifted as if it had never been there. Students grabbed their things and emptied their trays, before exiting the cafeteria. When others began to move, that's when Jessica broke eye contact and began gathering up her things.

She didn't say anything and simply marched out of the cafeteria.

"I'm so sorry about her Bella," Angela sincerely apologized for her friend's behavior, as the group of three made their way out of the cafeteria. "I have no idea what her problem is. She's normally not this bitchy right off the bat," she added with a laugh.

"Maybe it's her 'time of the month'?" Mike offered.

"Oh I doubt that," Bella murmured under her breath.

"So, what's your next class?"


Angela beamed at this while, Mike seemed put out. "Ohhh…we have the same class together. We can get to know each other better," she exclaimed.

"I've got gym," Mike muttered in bummed tone, that he wouldn't be with the two girls, namely Bella.

"What's your last class Bella?" he asked, with a small ounce of hope in his voice that they'd share their final class of the day together.

"Home Ec."

If possible, Mike deflated even more from her answer.

"Well, we'd better hurry up if we want to make it on time to class," Angela said. "Don't wanna be late on the first day after all."

"Cya after school!" Mike called to them.

"Bye!" both girls shouted together.

After School

"So, besides the whole Jessica fiasco, how'd you enjoy your first day?" Mike asked, as he walked along side Bella, out of the school building.

Seriously, how'd that boy manage to be waiting on Bella every time her classes ended she would never know.

"It was good," she answered honestly. "Where's Angie?" she asked, calling her new friend by a nickname the other girl insisted upon.

The blonde shrugged. "Probably off, chiding Jessica," he offered. "Who knows with that girl."

With that they both continued walking in silence. Upon arriving at the school's parking lot, Bella immediately located her family gathered around their cars; they were waiting on her.

"Well, I'd better be going before my siblings decide to leave me here," she joked with a light laugh. As she prepared to head in their direction Mike's voice stopped her.

"Bella," he called her name, nervously. She could hear his increased heartbeat thudding in his chest. She turned to look at him. "I…I was wondering. I mean, I know we've just met but…I was just thinking…" he rambled off.

"Would you…would you like to hang out with me? …At my house?" he requested, stepping closer to her. He was practically within range to lean his head down and kiss her fully on the lips.

Bella's breath caught in her throat at his question and her heart increased its pace one hundred fold. She had no idea how to reject his offer without hurting his feelings.


"Come on Cast Bound, pick up the pace or we really will leave you!"

The new addition to the group was unexpected for Mike, and it caused him to take several steps back, successfully placing a fair amount of distance between himself and Bella.

Behind Bella towered a massive man; he stood well over six feet tall. He was filled out, not enough to be considered overweight, but muscular. Because of his height, the newcomer could be very intimidating.

"Mike, this is my eldest brother Emmett," Bella informed her fellow friend and classmate. "Emmett, this is my friend Mike Newton."

The giant of a man stepped around his "sister" and stood in front of her. Mike, whether consciously or subconsciously took several more steps backwards.

"Nice to meet you Mike," the dark haired male spoke with his arms across his chest, as he looked down at the sapphire eyed teen.

It didn't take long for pale boy to start to feel uncomfortable underneath Emmett's gaze. "Um…well…I'll see you tomorrow in Spanish Bella," he rushed out before walking away briskly.

Emmett smirked as he watched the boy go.

"Dad," Bella whined when Mike was long gone. "Was that really necessary?" she questioned.

The taller of the two, turned around to face her. "Yes," he nodded firmly. "Edward heard his thoughts." He finished with a growl.

Bella simply smirked. It was funny to watch how vulgar Emmett could be with everything else, but then so reserved when it came to her. No matter how old she was, she would always be a child to her parents.

"Well, he is a teenage boy. It's only natural his mind goes there," she teased. Then she added with a shrug, "And who knows, maybe I would have taken him up on his offer."

In response, Emmett blanched. "Isabella Lillian McCarty Hale!" he cried out her full name in shock.

Bella smirked. "I mean, he iskinda cute," she continued. "And he looks like he's packing a huge…" she trailed off. Even though she didn't say the last word, she still blushed just thinking about it.

"I'm not listening! Lalalalalalala…." Emmett sang as he covered his ears to block out what she was saying. The rest of the family laughed as they both watched and heard the father daughter interaction.

"Rosalie you're daughter is out of control!" he cried. Despite how loud his was, the humans around them weren't even aware that they were talking; their lips were moving too fast and they were speaking on a different wavelength.

A chuckle came from his mate. "Bella, let's not tease your father," she said, though there wasn't any force or seriousness behind her words. "Even though it is funny to watch him squirm," she added with an amused smirk.

"Ohhh…I'll bet," the brown eyed female muttered. If Rosalie had been capable of blushing, she would have done so.

Emmett pouted while the others burst out in laughter once again. "Okay dad, I'm done for the moment," Bella said with a smile, showing off the dimple in her left cheek that she inherited from him.

The taller of the two, removed his hands from his ears. He let out a sigh before ruffling her hair. "His mind can go there, so long as it doesn't involve you," he responded. "But I swear, if he touches you like he did in the cafeteria I'm breaking his arm," he added with absolute seriousness.

Bella simply giggled, even though she knew he was completely serious. "Now, come on, let's go. I'm sure Esme's got something cooked up for you."

With that, they headed towards the rest of their family, loaded into the cars, and headed for home.

Bella had to admit, this was different. Maybe because of her new friends, or because what happened in the cafeteria, or maybe it was this small town of Forks, Washington…she wasn't sure; she did know that it was a nice change of pace.

And, for the first time in a long time, she found herself looking forward to another three years of school.