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Chapter 2: Temptation

Friday; After School

"Man, I can't believe you've already got a project after just the first week," Mike complained shaking his head as he walked along side Bella.

The brunette among them nodded in agreement. She then turned to look at the blonde. "It's not that bad," she remarked.

Angela, who was to Bella's left sandwiching the Hale between them, chuckled. "It's a reality check to remind you that we are indeed, back in school and the summer vacation is over," she said earning a laugh from the slightly shorter girl.

The tallest of the trio pouted slightly. "But still! This puts a damper on your weekend!" he protested while waving his hands animatedly in the air.

"Mike, it's something that can be done in a day."

"What's the project anyway?" the ebony haired female asked curiously.

Bella adjusted the strap of her backpack on her arm before answering, "It's just a simple research paper for my English class, nothing too big. It's due next Friday which is enough time to get it done."

Not long after she said that did they make it to the end of the empty hallway, save for empty bottles and notebook paper on the floor, the trio exited the door leading to the school parking lot. They stood on the steps briefly and surveyed the area. A majority of the cars were gone, leaving the lot almost barren saw for the few cars that were still there.

"Hey, where are your siblings?"

"They decided to risk their lives and eat Emmett's cooking. You think he's dangerous physically, but it's his cooking you should watch out for," Bella said. "All those who ate it, were too sick to come to school today, chef included."

"But you're here," Angela pointed out, laughing at what she's been told.

Bella smirked. "I chose to stick with mom's cooking and save myself that torture," she quipped.

Both Mike and Angela nodded at that.

In all honestly, the reason her family wasn't at school was because it was sunny this morning. They couldn't risk leaving the house unless they wanted to shine like a disco ball in a night club; being the hybrid she was Bella didn't have to worry about shining with the intensity of the sun.

It had taken yearsfor the young Hale to perfect her lying skills.

"Would you like me to take you home?" Mike offered suddenly. He looked hopeful, perhaps excited to have a chance alone with her.

"One of them will be here to pick me up," the chestnut haired youth answered, politely shutting him down. "Thank you for the offer though," she added.

The blonde nodded, looking slightly dejected. A few moments of silence passed before Angela spoke. "Hey Bella?" she called, gaining her new friend's attention.

"Would you like to hang out with Mike and me this weekend? If you're not too busy with your project and if you don't already have plans?" she asked, looking down at the smaller girl.

The only male among them beamed at this suggestion. It was amazing how he could go from deflated to inflated in two seconds flat. "Yeah, that'd be awesome!" he exclaimed. "We could go to go catch a movie at Port Angeles or something?" He suggested.

"Or, we could go to Seattle and hang out there, way more to do there than both Forks and Port Angeles combined." Angela offered up.

The hybrid thought over the offer for a few moments. "That sounds like a plan," Bella confirmed. "I just have to clear it with the parents and take care of a few things before we end up hanging out," she told them.

The trio started walking again. Mike flashed a megawatt smile. "Great! I can—"

His sentence was cut off when he mis-stepped and fell; he went tumbling down the stairs and onto the asphalt, landing roughly on his knees. The people around were too busy leaving the premises than to actually stop and see if he was okay or simply laugh.

Which the cobalt eyed teen was extremely thankful for. Both girls moved down the remaining few steps and hovered around their friend, who groaned deeply.

"Are you okay?"

Sitting up and shaking his head to clear to cob webs, he nodded at the question. "I'm okay," he confirmed, running a hand through his hair. "Just wasn't paying attention I guess."

Mike then focused on Bella, and remarked with a smirk, "I guess hanging around is turning me into a klutz too," he teased playfully, flashing a smile.

Bella was set to counter, until the wind blew, and her breath hitched suddenly. It smelled of rust and salt; it was so sweet…mouth watering. It was a scent that she was all too familiar with.

"You're…you're bleeding," the youngest member of the Cullen/Hale family choked out. From the second the smell wafted to her noise, Bella's throat tightened up immediately and began to burn painfully so.

She knew it ached, for one reason and one reason only: to have that warm liquid sliding down her throat.

"Hmm…well, what do you know," Mike responded, as his eyes focused on the blood stain, that was slowly growing. "I am."

Landing on his knees, especially as hard as he did, caused a tear to form in his jeans; it also caused a cut to form on his right knee. The hole was medium sized and you could easily the injury.

Brown eyes watched as the warm crimson liquid, was being pumped out. They watched as it exited the opening in streams and slid down his leg being absorbed into the denim material of his pants.

The longer Bella watched the more the burning sensation in her throat increased. She could feel the venom rushing into her mouth. She swallowed heavily to get rid of it—more came in its place.

Slowly, Mike got to his feet. He dusted himself off, knocking small pebbles off his person, and then shook his injured leg. Bella watched as a few drops of the precious liquid went flying, landing on the ground.

"I don't suppose you'll be going to the school nurse?" Angela questioned, though it was really more of a statement.

Mike just grinned. "Of course not," he replied. "It's nothing serious. Just a scratch," he told her. "It's not like I'm in any danger of dying," he added, as he started walking again in the direction they had originally be going in before his fall; which happened to be him and Angela's cars.

If only he knew how wrong he was. He was very much in danger of being killed.

Angela simply shook her head at his stubbornness before walking after him. "Bella, you coming?" she called over her shoulder, when she noticed the other girl simply standing there.

The shortest among them didn't say a word. Instead she simply started walking, trailing behind them—watching.

She watched as he limped slightly as he walked. To the untrained eye, it wouldn't be noticeable but to Bella, she could easily identify it. She studied him as a predator would—because she wasone.

Because of his injury, he would be the one that she'd pick out and go after.

Upon making it to their cars, Mike and Angela immediately went about sliding the book bags from their shoulders and tossing them instead their respective vehicles.

However, unlike the blue eyed male who shut his door, and leaned against his ride Angela slipped into the driver's seat of hers. She placed the key in the ignition and started the car. She shut her door, before letting the window down.

"I wish I could stay longer but my parents want me home ASAP," she informed her friends over the roar of her engine. "Text or call me later Bella so I can know if we can hang out this weekend," she requested, though it was really an order.

Upon receiving a nod from the brunette, Angela put her car in reverse and backed out of her parking space.

"Cya!" she yelled before driving away.

Mike watched her go, while Bella watched him. When Angela's car was out of sight, he turned his head and faced Bella once again.

The pale female noticed how Mike was making no move leave. That both thrilled and scared her.

"Aren't you leaving?" Bella questioned, hoarsely, struggling to speak through her inflamed throat.

He shook his head. "It wouldn't be right to leave you here by yourself," he commented, as he stuffed his hands in his pockets.

The shorter of the two glanced around. By now, the entire parking lot was empty, save for them. Everyone else was long gone.

It was the perfect setting.

"You…you don't have to wait here," she responded. Turning her head to the side sharply as the wind blew once more. Teasing her with the scent of blood it carried with it. "My siblings will be here soon."

His blood…it called to her. Everyone's blood did really, but she could manage because it was beneath the skin. However with his open wound—another wave of venom to fill her mouth, just thinking about it.

Mike just shrugged. "Then I'll wait here until they get here," he stated. "I wouldn't feel right if I just left you here by yourself. I mean, yeah Forks is small, but that doesn't mean something couldn't happen to you."

She was having an internal battle within herself. Part of her wanted to run away; simply take off and not look back. Then, there was part of her that wanted to go right for his throat and growl in joy as that delicious liquid coated her tongue.

Hoping that he would change his mind and leave she insisted, "But you don't have to." He needed to get away from her. She wantedhim to leave.

She needed to hunt now more than ever, but to do that required him to leave.

"I want to," he answered simply, as he pushed away from his car and stood on his own. "Look Bella I—"

She couldn't take it anymore; she lunged at him. Her action caught him off guard, having no time to brace himself, Mike ended up being pinned between the car and Bella's soft, warm body. Needless to say, he offered no resistance. In fact, he wrapped his arms around her lower back to keep her there.

If only he'd known he should be doing the opposite and doing everything in his power to get her away from him.

Her hands gripped his shoulders desperately and she buried her face in his neck. Bella inhaled deeply, basking in his heavenly scent, before moaning in pleasure as she exhaled. She listened as the blood rushed within his veins; separated from her from such a fragile layer of skin.

"B-Bella…" Mike stammered out, unsure of what to say.

A pleased sound escaped her as she heard Mike's heartbeat increase tenfold; no doubt from having her so close to him, with her lips practically brushing against his neck and the sound she just made.

Suddenly, her tongued darted out, lapping across his pulse point. She groaned in utter pleasure as she felt it thudding against her tongue, causing her to nip at the skin lightly.

Not enough to puncture it…yet, but, just enough to bring out the predator within her.

Mike gasped, and his entire body shivered at the sensation. He gripped her even tighter if possible. Not that his hold could do any damage to her.

Slowly, her hands began moving up and down his arms. "Hmm…Michael," she hummed out his full name.

Hearing how his name rolled easily off her tongue, caused a tremor of pleasure to shoot through him. In response to this, his hands lowered, and gripped her ass in a possessive hold; this only served to bring their bodies even closer together.

He groaned deeply, when he felt her breasts pressed more firmly up against his chest; the soft curves of her body easily fitting against his form. That sound only increased in volume when he felt her pelvis come into contact with his own.

"We fit perfectly together," he commented in a daze, as he kissed the top of her head, seeing as how her face was still in his neck.

This was practically a dream come true for him. He had fallen for Bella the moment he had laid eyes on her; in fact, there wasn't a person in the school—male or female—that hadn't fallen for the Cullen/Hale siblings because of their looks. Yet, for Mike, there was something that made Bella stand out amongst her family.

Yes, she was beautiful and she knew it too, but she still blushed in embarrassment whenever anyone praised her on her looks, but there was more to her than that.

Maybe it was how she was more social than her siblings, opting to sit with other students as opposed to her family. Or, maybe it was how easy she was to talk too about anything. Or, maybe it was her chocolate brown eyes that made her stand out even more from her siblings. Hell, maybe it was the fact that unlike her siblings, and their unnatural poise and grace, Bella was clumsy.

Mike wasn't sure. What he was sure of though, was that he was absolutely into this girl—even after only a week of knowing her—and that he would do everything in his power to show her that.

Though, giving the current situation, he wasn't the only one with feelings so it wouldn't take much.

The sapphire eyed male chuckled. "You know, I imagined this scene a bit more…romantic," he informed her. "Not that I'm complaining," he quickly added, giving her ass a gentle squeeze.

Somewhere within her chest, Bella purred as the potency of his blood increased.

She could feel his body continuing to heat up, which meant he was both blushing and growing increasingly aroused. If that wasn't a clue, then his cock poking firmly into her crotch was a dead giveaway. What she was feeling right now, was nothing short of high.

The young hybrid felt her fangs drop as she took in another lung full of air.

Her mind was in a haze of complete bliss. All she was aware of was that it was due to the blonde before her. She couldn't recall his name, or the color of his eyes, or his friendly personality, or that they were friends.

In her mind, he was simply easy prey.

Bella had no doubt that her eyes were, utterly pitch black right now. If Mike had seen her eyes, he would have undoubtedly snapped out of the haze his own mind was in—namely having a hot girl pressed up against him—to realize that something was very wrong here; and, that he was in mortal danger.

There was no one around. There would be no witnesses. No one would ever know what happened.

With that thought in mind, Bella opened her mouth over the junction where his neck and shoulder met. Sure, his erection was actually containing over half the blood in his body right now, but she wasn't about to go down there to get it. Fuck that!

Her fangs hovering mere millimeters above his pulse point; it would soon be pumping blood furiously into her hungry mouth.

Yet, as close as she was, Bella couldn't bring herself to bite down…despite how badly she wanted to. For whatever reason, she fought against her natural instincts; she wasn't sure how long she would be able to.

"Bella!" a cry echoed throughout the parking lot.

The next thing the pale girl knew Mike was no longer in her grasp; she was several feet away from him. She also noticed how there was a hand placed softly, but firmly around her throat.

She struggled, trying to get out of the hold and back towards her meal.

"Angel," the word was whispered gently into her ear. Immediately, it cut through the haze her mind was in, allowing Bella to snap out of it.

Turning her head slightly, her ink colored eyes locked on her restrainer. She was met with darkened, butterscotch, eyes that conveyed within the worry the owner felt.

"M-mommy," Bella choked out as her entire body trembled. She only used 'Mommy' or 'Daddy' when she was extremelydistressed or if something was wrong. This situation was one of those times.

Rosalie brought her free hand up and ran it through her daughter's dark brown hair, in an attempt to sooth the younger female. Suddenly, Bella's face contorted into a shocked expression, as her mind cleared slightly and she realized what she had been doing. The shorter of the two let out a pained whimper and leaned into the touch.

After a few moments, Bella took the time to look around. Alice was standing next to the jeep, with Jasper by her side as always. Their eyes had faded to a rich butterscotch color as well. Her uncle sent her a wave of calmness, which she was truly grateful for.

Looking in Mike's direction, she saw Emmett was standing in front of her friend; more so in case she got out of her mother's hold than anything else. Did she even deserve to call him after what she came veryclose to executing?

The blonde looked like his mind was catching up with him too. He seemed very surprised that Bella's eldest "brother" was all but towering over him. The sapphire eyed teen's heart rate increased and he flushed in embarrassment, thinking that he had been caught in a very interestingposition with their "sister".

Another whimper escaped the young Hale's lips, this one of wanting, as the scent of Mike's blood hit her once more. Subconsciously, Bella made a move towards him but was unable to due to her mother's strong hold on her.

Rosalie whispered soothingly into her daughter's ear, "Easy," when she felt her child attempt to move towards the Newton boy.

"Thanks for staying here with our sister until we got here," Alice spoke up from where she was. Mike nodded from the praise.

Emmett nodded. "Yeah, it was nice of you," he added, his voice strained. And Bella, for the life of her, couldn't tell if it was due to Mike's blood or the fact that her father had more than likely seen Mike's hands gripping her backside.

"No…no problem," the blonde teen struggled to get out. Scratching the back of his head, he started shifting from foot to foot, feeling uncomfortable all of a sudden. "Well, uh…I'd better be going. Things to do and everything," he rushed out.

The massive Cullen took a few steps back to allow the smaller male to get into his car.

"Call me Bella," Mike said, as he climbed into his car, and shut the door behind him. Within seconds he had started the engine and had driven off.

Five sets of eyes watched him leave. It was only after Mike was completely out of sight did Rosalie release her hold on her offspring; she remained standing at her daughter's side though.

Emmett approached his daughter and placed a massive hand on her shoulder. "I'm proud of you TroubleBug," he started. "You could have sucked him dry, and I don't mean in THATway either, but you didn't." He pointed out.

Despite herself, Bella chuckled at the irony of his words, which caused her father to grin. The brunette then found herself enveloped by an overzealous hug.

"Ohhh…me too Spicy Dorito," Alice squealed as she attempted to hug the life out of her niece. "I saw that Mike had cut himself and that you were tempted by his blood. I couldn't see the outcome because you hadn't made a decision at the time."

When the shorter female finally released Bella from her grasp, the teen took in gulps of air. Jasper wasn't over emotional and simply tilted his head towards her; a method she preferred as opposed to being smothered to death.

"You need to hunt," Rosalie stated, taking into account her daughter's eyes as well as the now diffused situation. "We all do," she amended as she noticed the others darkened eyes.

Everyone nodded, moving at a human speed they all made their way to Emmett's monster jeep and climbed in. Seeing as how it was his ride, Emmett drove them home.

Cullen Residence

Within minutes, they were pulling up to their massive home buried in the forest, located off a few back roads. They all exited the vehicle and were greeted to the sight of Esme; Bella's grandmother, everyone else's mother.

"How did everything go?" the caramel haired woman asked in a tone filled with concern; her eyes also helped to drive home the message.

"Nothing happened," Alice supplied, as she leaned against her mate. "We arrived just in time, though Bella was doing quite well on her own resisting the urge to bite him," The black haired female added.

Rosalie spoke up. "Though, I'm not sure how much longer she would have lasted," she said, recalling just how alluring the boy's blood had been.

From that knowledge Esme nodded. She looked at her onlygrandchild and smiled, which Bella returned meekly.

"Should I make dinner tonight?" the lead female of the coven inquired. She needed to know in advance if Bella planned on sating her hunger through blood alone, or would she be eating human food later that evening.

The hybrid nodded. "Yes please," she answered.

"What would you like?"

"Chicken Alfredo."

Esme nodded before disappearing, more than likely to get the ingredients needed to prepare said meal.

It was only after her grandmother was gone did Bella notice that the other members of her family had disappeared. Only her mother remained.

"They went hunting together," Rosalie remarked, before her child even had a chance to ask. Bella nodded. "We should do the same," she added before taking off towards the forest, her daughter following behind.