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Chapter One

.:Once was found, Now lost:.

Once upon a time, in a faraway kingdom, lived a beautiful little girl and her widowed father.

"It's beautiful..." said a little blonde-haired girl, awestruck at the magical kingdom inside the snow globe. Her father held up the sparkly object in his ruff hands, chuckling at the sight of his eight year-old daughter's reaction. Up above on the ledge of a rocky mountain side, father and daughter overlooked the beautiful sight...

Okay, it wasn't that long ago, and it wasn't really a faraway kingdom.

...of the city.

It was the Magnolian Valley and it only looked faraway because you could barely see it through all the smog. But, to me, growing up, the valley was my kingdom.

I was my dad's best friend and he was mine.

Standing in the batter's box, a blonde girl, adorned with an way-too-big blue cap, a tee-shirt, overalls, topped with a pair of worn-out black converse, was holding her bat, waiting for the pitcher to throw the baseball. The pitcher looked at the girl, chuckling at his daughter, then tossed the ball to her.

CRACK! went the bat, the baseball now rolling over to the right side of the outfield. Jude looked at his daughter and with a smile, he ran up to her and tried to give his daughter a hug. Lucy, instead, ran away from her father's grasp, laughing. Seeing this, Jude grabbed his daughter from behind and placed her on his knee, smiling and grinning at Lucy's big accomplishment, Lucy smiling the entire time.

Although being raised by a man put me behind in the making of fashion departments, I never felt like I missed out on anything. I was the luckiest girl in the world.

Driving down to his restaurant, Jude and Lucy sat in his blue mustang, driving and singing along to songs they didn't know on the radio. They didn't care of people were giving them weird looks, they were in their own world.

My dad owned the coolest diner in the whole valley, I loved hanging out there. It was the kind of place where diet was a four letter word and grease came at no additional charge. At Hearts, everyone felt like family.

"Make a wish, princess!" exclaimed one of the waitresses, Cana, holding out a delicious birthday cake with nine candles aflame and sticking out like sore thumbs. Lucy's eyes widened at the sight, the feelings of happiness and glee flickering in her brown orbs.

What did I need a wish for? I had amazing friends and the coolest dad.

Lucy closed her eyes and thought of a wish, her body jittering with excitement. She opened her eyes and started to blow out the candles. A lady, wearing a dress that was covered over by a cardigan, was walking past the table, where Lucy's friends and the diner's employees were sitting, when she had suddenly slipped, Jude catching her in the process. The lady's head picked up, looked at Lucy's father and didn't draw her eyes away from his. Jude was also caught up in the process as well. Lucy finished blowing out the small flames, taking a look at the sight of what was standing in front of her. The old saying "love at first sight" ringing through the little girl's mind like an alarm clock that would go on for eternity, if you let it ring.

But I guess my dad thought I needed one more thing. Annabelle.

A wedding had sprung, pastel colors flying all over the place. An endless amount of rice and red flower petals were thrown out in the air, wishing the newly-wedded couple safe and promising years to come. The couple barely reached the end of the red carpeting that was rolled on the steps of the cathedral. Behind them, were the addition to the family, two twin girls, dressed in pastel, both pushing each other out of their way, while a lone little blonde was trailing behind, holding the bouquet of flowers needed for the bride.

Along with my new stepmother, came her twin daughters, Karen and Angel, my out-of-step sisters.

The cameraman wanted a family shot of the entire family, the newly-weds placed in the back while the three girls stood in the front. The cameraman started counting.

"One!" The bride pushed the bouquet of flowers out of the small blonde's hands.

"Two!" The blonde realized the bouquet was laying on the floor; the girl wondered when did she drop the flowers.

"Three!" She bent over to grab the flowers.

"Cheese!" exclaimed the family, the flash of the camera going off. The blonde picked up the flowers and stood back up, waiting for the picture that never came. The cameraman noticed the blonde wasn't in the shot.

But as long as my dad was happy, so was I. We were going to be one big happy family.

"One's enough" said the stepmother, Annabelle, smiling a smile, covered with makeup.

Unfortunately, this was no fairytale.

A year later...

The same father and daughter were now laying side to side on her small bed, reading a fairy tale book, one of the girl's favorites.

"He took her hand and he kissed it. Then he swooped her up onto his horse and the beautiful princess and the handsome prince rode off to his castle, where they lived happily", tickling his daughter, said girl chuckling at the tickles "ever after."

"Do fairy tales come true dad?" asked Lucy.

"Well, no. But dreams come true."

"Do you have a dream?" she questioned.

"Well, yeah. My dream is that you'll grow up and go to college and then maybe someday you'll build your own castle."

The girl put on a thoughtful face, then asked "Where do princesses go to college?"

"Uhh," Jude scrunched his face, "they go, umm, where the princes go. They go to Princeton. But Lucy, ya know, fairy tales aren't just about finding handsome princes. They're about fulfilling your dreams and about standing up for what you believe in. Just like I always say, never let the fear of striking out-" "keep you from playing the game.", interrupted Lucy, smiling at her father's quote.

"That's right!"

Lucy giggled at her father's reaction.

"And just remember, if you look carefully, this book contains important things that you may need to know later in life." Jude closed the book resting upon his lap. He then kissed his daughter's forehead, Lucy smiling all the while.

The sudden sound of everything shaking in Lucy's bedroom stopped both of them. "Earthquake!" shouted Jude, jumping off the bed in a hurry, helping his daughter up.

My kingdom came crumbling down the day the Magnolian earthquake struck the valley.

"Help! Help!" yelled Annabelle from downstairs.

Jude sprinted from his spot, reaching the doorway, "Don't go!" yelled Lucy, afraid for her dad, her hand reaching out to grab his.

"I'll be right back!" he exclaimed, trying to reassure his daughter. He then vanished from her sight, her eyes filled with a sea of worries. She then turned her head to her bedroom, which was crumbling and shaking from the 'quake. The glittery snow globe vibrated off the table, where it soon came tumbling down from the bedside table to the hardwood floors, crashing and cracking each piece of glass, shattering into a million pieces.

A girl stood on a baseball field, standing on the pitcher's mound and watching the black birds fly high up in the air. Kicking the dirt, she sighed.

I lost my best friend that day. And from then on, the only fairy tales in my life were the ones I read about in books.

Lucy kicked the dirt some more, sadly looking up to find a father and daughter pass the field, laughing and talking like they were the best of friends. Lucy couldn't stand the sight and walked away, far away from the sight that didn't fit her mood at all.

Since my father didn't leave a will, my stepmother got everything. The house, the diner.

And, to her dismay, me.

Later, when Lucy arrived home, Annabelle patiently waited for the girl, saw her depressed face, and immediately ordered her to pack all of her belongings and bring them up in the attic, her new bedroom for life. Lucy quietly agreed, Karen and Angel following the depressed girl, who trudged up the stairway. They giggled at her, Lucy ignored them, they usually did this. Wasn't much of a big deal, though. She had finally reached her room, full of precious memories that soon haunted her of dad. Karen left after the "fun" had ended, Sue looked at Lucy, giggled a not-so-sweet giggle, then ran back down the stairs, happily.

Lucy opened her bedroom door, a small gust of wind blew in her face, her hair drifting through the air. She glanced at her room; there was the bed, covers messily kept the same way she woke up out of them, the dresser, the bedside table; her fairy tale book on top, and her broken castle snow globe, looking less exquisite when all of the sparkles were gone. Her closet was open a bit, some things sticking out of the door. It looked the exact same way she kept it when HE kicked the bucket. Even the old, musky smell of the room was there. Yet it still was a reminder.

Lucy, on one hand, was glad her stepmother made her move rooms; she would probably not cry herself to sleep anymore, that was one thing. But she also regretted this decision she made upon herself. She would desperately miss her father; she was the one who leaned on him and he let her. He helped her through all the good and bad times they shared, but now circumstances changed. Why did fate toy with her life, out of all the people of the world?

She tiredly shook out of her thoughts and started to pack. Grabbing the closest thing near her, which happened to be the fairy tale book, she grudgingly placed it inside a cardboard box that was already in the room. 'Must've been Annabelle', she thought, 'after all, she hates me.'

After a half hour of cleaning the room and packing all of her belongings, she grabbed the last box, filled with her most important treasures. She slowly walked out of the room, looking back at it for a moment, then began her way back up the stairs to the attic for the final time. Karen and Angel, once again, followed her, like hawks stalking their prey, up to the stairway. They watched her go up the dark stairs, stop, then look back at them. Longing brown orbs stared at the twins, desperate for the love of her deceased father. The twins giggled, smiling evilly at Lucy and then ran off down the hallway to reach the stairway to the first floor.

Lucy watched her stepsisters run off, probably to tell their mother that Lucy's moved into the attic. The twins would probably argue on who would get Lucy's old room, only to be stopped by their mother, saying that they'll both share the room. That was usually what would happen, every night it was the same thing.

The frail blonde turned her head, craning it upwards to look at the amount of stairs left to be climbed. The nine year-old climbed up the stairs, reaching the top and looked at the doorway. She walked inside the attic. 'Just as expected' she thought. It was like any average attic; there were cobwebs filled in the occasional corner of the room, one light bulb was lighting the entire room, boxes of random objects placed, dust covering the room from the window to the floor.

What made the attic even more eerie was that it was raining hard outside, so you could hear the pitter-patter of the drops of aqua pound on the rooftop. 'Great, now I'm never gonna sleep at night.' she thought.

Lucy placed the box near the bed, then sat on the squeaky mattress. She looked through the dusty glass window, the rain going at a never-ending pace. Since it was at a late hour at night, Lucy decided to go to sleep and un-pack tomorrow, rest was what she needed to get out of this nightmare. She turned out the light, pulling the covers over her head.

"Dreams, huh?" Lucy said, turning her body to face the window, "Do they really come true, dad?"

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