Jim tripped over a toolbox, in what used to be his kitchen, as he stopped by the living room doorway. On the sofa, Pam reclined against a pillow, eyes closed as she softly hummed to Cece.

At his clumsy entrance, she looked up with a smile that made his heart stop. It was as though they were back on the booze cruise four years ago, talking by the life vests. Her head tilted just a bit to the right, hair looking almost golden in the soft light and a smile lit up with pure happiness and laughter.

A shiver went through Jim as he remembered the hope of that moment, followed a few minutes later by the misery of hearing her set a wedding date. A misery so numbing that it led him to confide in Michael Scott. Remembering Michael's advice, Jim was suddenly stopped in his trip down memory lane. What if he had given up completely that night? Given up the last bit of hope and avoided Pam for those next few weeks? Would he also have ignored the instinct to stay by her on Casino Night, to tell her about the transfer himself? How different would his life look right now?

Overwhelmed by the memories, Jim turned back into the kitchen, dodging a ladder as he pulled out his phone and dialed. Five longs rings later, Michael's voice sounded.

"This is the communication and contact number for Michael Scott, manager extraordinaire for Dunder Mifflin-Sabre. If you're looking for a pallet of paper, you'll need to call one of the sales people. I don't do that anymore, I am salaried now. But if you're looking for love..."

Michael's false baritone stopped suddenly, as Dwight's clear tones came through the speaker.

"Michael, that last line is ridiculous. Why would anyone call your personal cell number looking for love? We don't sell love, nor are we affiliated with anyone who does. Unless you have been running a dating service of some type, which would be highly unlikely given your inability to keep a girlfriend for yourself..."

Jim bit his lip to keep from laughing, as Michael's frustrated voice interrupted Dwights's lecture.

"You know what Dwight, just shut it, because now you've ruined another take and I have to meet my mom in half an hour, so it's gonna have to stay like this until…" BEEP

Startled, Jim blurted out "Hey Michael, it's Jim. Look, no need to call me back or anything, I just wanted to say…."

Mid-sentence, Jim glanced into the living room and saw Pam carefully shifting Cece on her shoulder. With a sigh, Cece snuggled deeper into Pam's shoulder, her eyes fluttering closed as sleep finally claimed her. Jim let out a shaky sigh, unable to speak around that lump in his throat.

Then remembering the phone, he added "You were right, engaged ain't married, so thanks...for everything."

Ending the call he moved silently through the darkened room, where Pam's humming had given way to quiet tandem breathing. Grabbing a throw off the back of the couch, Jim draped it over the girls, before settling down under the blanket as well, relaxing, than falling asleep, with his world in his arms.