New town… New school... New life... Castiel thought to himself as he woke up after a horrible night's sleep due to nightmares about his new school. He was so nervous he almost threw up. Castiel got out of bed and dressed in his favourite slim-fit, blue jeans and plain grey t-shirt. His stomach churned as he headed downstairs, smelling what his mother was cooking him for breakfast. He knew he couldn't eat a bite of it as he would just throw it back up again.

"I'm just going to head off. I'll see you tonight" He called out, opened the front door and left not hearing the reply. He knew she would be disappointed he didn't eat but he didn't care. He just wanted to get to school so he could get the first day over and done with.

Castiel took his time walking to school countless disastrous scenarios running through his mind of how the day would pan out. Once he arrived he headed straight to the office to pick up his timetable. He told the receptionist who he was and took a seat waiting for his timetable to be printed out.

"Castiel, you're common room is 108. I can show you where it is if you like?"

He nodded and she pointed it out on the map that was in the office. Once he knew where he was heading he thanked her and left. The halls were almost deserted now as the bell had rung while he was in the office. He made his way down the hallway taking the exact path he was shown. He found his class easy enough and headed inside.

"Ah, Castiel I presume?" He was greeted by his teacher, Mr Singer. Castiel nodded and produced a shy smile. "Come up here Castiel and introduce yourself"

Castiel wandered up to the front. He hated talking in front of the class. Let alone about himself, he had nothing interesting to say.

"Uhm… I'm Castiel…" He turned and looked to his teacher.

"Is that all?"

Castiel just stared back

"Alright then take a seat. Dean, you are responsible for showing Castiel to his classes. You take just about all the same ones except a couple. Keep an eye on him."

A husky voice down the back piped up "Oh Sir, are you serious? I don't want to look after him"

Great, making friends already and I've only said 3 fucking words to these people.

"Can't you get someone else to?"

"Dean, you will do as I say or you will spend the week in detention and miss the game this weekend."

"Fine, I'll do it" Dean replied with a huff.

"Good, you can leave early and show him to his locker on the way. Off you go"

Castiel heard the chair scrape along the floor as Dean stood up. Dean's footsteps echoing from the timber floorboards "Let's go then, dude. Hurry up" Castiel glanced up at Dean looking into his eyes. He had dark green eyes and short brown hair that was spiked up. Castiel stood up without saying a word and followed Dean out the door.

They walked down the hall without saying a word to one another. They hadn't walked long when Dean stopped and turned to face Castiel.

"Listen dude, I don't want to be friends with you. I'm only doing this because I don't want to miss the game this weekend. Don't talk to me unless I speak to you. Don't hang around me during breaks. I'm only going to help you out today and then you're on your own. Got it?"

Well this guy's an asshole "Yeah, sure whatever" Castiel replied. He didn't want to be friends with a guy that acted like this anyway.

"Good." Dean turned on his heel and continued walking.

Finally he stopped outside a locker and turned his head to Castiel

"This is your locker. Guessing you know the combination?"

Castiel nodded.

The lady at the office had given it to him at the same time as his timetable. As Castiel entered the code, the bell rang and students flooded the corridor. Dean distanced himself from Castiel. Castiel guessed he has 'an image' to keep up and hanging round the new guy wasn't exactly 'cool'. He'd finished putting his stuff in his locker and shut the door, locking it in place. He turned to face Dean who was talking to some brunette girl now. Castiel didn't want to interrupt so stood where he was trying not to stare.

He analysed Dean, he'd never seen another guy like him. He was wearing a big leather jacket with the collar turned up, over a green shirt with the buttons undone to reveal a navy blue t-shirt. His jeans were baggy and ripped showing his skin at the knees, complete with brown boots that had splatters of dried mud across the top. His face was flawless and his jawline was unlike any other.

I'd fuck him senseless. Caress that jawline with my tongue, nibble on his ears.

Castiel's thoughts were interrupted by the school bell. The girl Dean had been talking to kissed him on the cheek and left for her class. Dean turned to face Castiel who quickly looked away so not to look like he'd been staring at Dean. He didn't want to make him angry. He seemed like the wrong person to make mad.

"Dude, let's go." Castiel shuffled forward and followed Dean. "We got English first with Ms Harvelle. She's a real ball grinder"

Castiel looked at Dean with a puzzled look on his face. This guy says I can't talk to him yet he's giving me tips on our teachers? Dean didn't take any notice of Castiel and suddenly turned and entered the next door.

"Hey Miss, this is… uhm dude what's your name again?"

"Castiel" he replied

"Yeah that's right, this is Castiel. He's new"

"Uh yes, welcome Castiel. Please take a seat."

Castiel found a free seat and put his books on the desk while Dean took his usual spot down the back of the class.

"Hi, I'm Anna"

Castiel heard from his left. He turned his head in her direction.

"Oh hi, nice to meet you" Castiel replied smiling. Anna smiled back and turned her attention back to Ms Harvelle.

"Today class we will begin reading Macbeth." As she spoke she wandered around the room handing out the play. "I want you to have read the first act and written a summary by next class so we can discuss and begin act II."

Castiel opened it as soon as she placed it on his desk and began reading. He had always been great at literature. His love of books was out of this world.

The bell finally rang and he headed for the door. "Catch ya round Castiel" Anna called out as he walked passed her.

"Yeah, cya"

Castiel waited outside the door for Dean to take him to their next class. He had art next. Castiel loved art; it was his escape from the world. He would sit up at night sketching into the early hours of the morning anything that came into his mind. Dean finally emerged from the doorway and took him to his class

"This is our art class. Afterwards you have Chemistry which I definitely don't take but it's just down the hall so I'm sure you can manage that on your own. At the end of lunch I'll meet you at your locker and take you to our afternoon class."

"Alright, thank you, Dean."

"Whatever, dude."

Castiel watched Dean as he walked inside the class. His broad shoulders, strong muscular arms and a tight, perky ass were quite a sight. Castiel shook his head he's not fucking interested you idiot. He's straight. Still it doesn't hurt to have a fantasy or two… Castiel followed inside just as the bell rang again.

Castiel got out his sketch pad and placed it on the desk just as the teacher began "Today, you are going to sketch a person. It can be anyone you like as long as it's not yourself. Heck you can even draw me if you felt inclined."

The glass giggled and Mr Crowley continued "Male or female, mother, father, brother, sister, friend…. lover"

Everyone giggled more.

"You'd think just 4 months from graduation you'd be a little more mature about me saying 'lover' we aren't dumb, us teachers, you know. We were in high school too once. Right as I was saying, draw anyone you like. The best ones will be displayed on the art board in the hall. Now get cracking"

Quiet whispers spread around the class. Castiel had never had art displayed to the rest of the school before. This was his chance to show how good he was although he'd never admit it. Castiel didn't hesitate. He flicked to the next blank page and knew immediately who he was going to draw – Dean. He glanced around the room to see where he was sitting. Of course he found him sitting down the back in deep conversation with some guy. Luckily, he was sitting in the right spot so Castiel could stare and draw him without being seen and put pencil to paper and began to sketch.

Whenever Dean looked up Castiel quickly looked back down at his sketch pad as not to be seen. The sketch at the moment could be anyone so it wasn't too obvious if Crowley saw the sketch or even Dean for that matter.

Art seemed to be over far too quickly and Castiel headed down the hall as Dean had told him and went to Chemistry. He entered the room with a sigh knowing Dean wouldn't be in there. What's wrong with me? I've only known the guy for half a day and I'm already feeling down because he isn't in my class? Get it together Castiel.

Suddenly the bell rang signally lunch had finally arrived and Castiel headed outside to find somewhere to eat. He was starving after having missed breakfast. His nerves had definitely calmed down during art and chemistry. A big shady tree grew on a grass patch on the far side of the quad. Castiel headed over and sat down leaning his back against the tree, unzipped his bag and pulled out his lunch his mother had packed for him that morning.

He was about to take a bite out of his crispy red apple when Anna came wandering over "Hey Castiel, mind if I sit with you?"

"Not at all, please" Castiel moved across slightly so Anna could sit down next to him and lean against the trunk too.

"So you like the school?"

"Yeah, I guess. Nothing to complain about yet"

Anna laughed "Don't worry you will soon. I see Dean has been assigned to show you round. Doing a great job isn't he?"

"Oh yeah, great job" Castiel replied sarcastically "Does he play football or something?"

"Baseball. He's the captain. Really great player but his Dad's the coach so he gets ridden pretty badly if they lose. His Dad's got a bit of a temper."

"Oh…" Castiel replied with a sense of sadness in his voice

"Yeah but he won't show that it tears him up inside. He's got a tough guy image to uphold." Anna continued, "We used to be good friends up until we started here and then he became, well, an asshole"

"What happened? Why'd he change?"

"Popularity got to his head. He made it on the team as a sophomore and then his Dad became the coach so he never lost his place and then became captain. I think there was a bit of stuff going on at home as well between his parents which made him change"

Just as Anna finished, Dean walked passed not even noticing the two. Castiel watched him pass focussing on his face and then that tight ass of his again.

"Ahem" Anna cleared her throat causing Castiel to startle. He'd completely forgotten Anna was even there. "You like him don't you?"

Castiel turned and stared at Anna "What? Of course not!" Castiel replied trying to cover up his feelings "Like you said, he's an asshole."

"Well you were just staring at his ass so I'd say you at least find him attractive" Castiel blushed. He'd never told anyone he was gay, not even his mother and here he was sitting under a tree with a girl he'd only just met about to reveal his biggest secret.

"It's ok. I won't say anything. I promise."

Anna stood up and picked up her bag. She leaned down and whispered into Castiel's ear "Just between you and me, Dean isn't as straight as he appears to be" Castiel looked at Anna confused but Anna just turned and walked off.

What does she mean he's not as straight as he appears to be? He seemed pretty straight this morning when he was talking to that brunette. She'd even kissed him on the cheek. Well she kissed him and not the other way around but he didn't seem to be protesting and seemed to enjoy it so maybe Anna is right. Castiel shook the thoughts from his head as he was walking to his locker after the bell rang to meet Dean. Dean was already waiting for him when Castiel arrived

"Dude, we can't be late for this class. The teacher is a complete fucking dick. First day or not he'll give you a detention. I can't miss the game this week so hurry the fuck up."

Dean walked briskly down the hall and headed up the stairs taking two at a time. Castiel struggled to keep up. Dean was fit and took the stairs easy causing Castiel to fall behind but it gave him a chance to see that tight ass better so he kept up with Dean. They reached the third floor and walked across the hall to the classroom.

Dean took his seat near the back of the class and Castiel found a spare desk near the window. The teacher was at the front of the room reading a newspaper when the second bell rang. He folded the paper on his desk and stood up.

"Right, open your books to chapter 3 and start working on the problems. New kid, come up here please."

Everyone in the class looked round to see who he was referring to. All eyes laid on Castiel as the class figured it out. He slid out from his seat and headed toward the front. The teacher had returned to his seat eyes fixed on Castiel as he approached the desk.

"Alright, my name is Mr Zachariah. You will call me Mr Zachariah, not sir, not dude or anything else you students call people these days. You will never be late for my class or else you will receive a detention. I have a spare book for you here."

Mr Zachariah reached behind him and grabbed a book handing it to Castiel. 12th Grade Mathematics was the title.

"Return to your seat and start working"

"Yes, Mr Zachariah" Castiel turned and went back to his seat.

The next hour seemed to drag on forever. Castiel hated maths. He wasn't bad at it, he just really didn't like the subject. He snuck glances over his shoulder towards Dean every so often. It seemed Dean hated maths as much as he did as most of the lesson he had his head on his desk having a nap. Just as Castiel looked over his shoulder, Dean looked up towards the window. Castiel flashed his head back down to his desk. Shit I've been caught. He could feel the blood rushing to his ears and could swear Dean was still staring over in his direction but too scared to look again. Finally the final bell rang and it was time to head home.

Castiel headed for the door passing Dean, "Thanks for today Dean." He coughed out trying to pass it as a casual thank you.

Dean lifted his head and stared back at him, stood up and left.

Oh so I can't even thank you? Ugh what an asshole but a fine as fuck asshole.

Walking home, all Castiel could think of was what Anna had said to him about Dean. Did she mean that he's been with a guy before? Was he a closet gay and when they were friends he'd confided in her?

He couldn't shake it. He needed to find out more tomorrow. If Castiel had any chance to get to know Dean, it was through Anna.