Tsukune Aono; Japanese Assassin

"Nothing is true; everything is permitted

." –The Creed of the Assassins


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Chapter 1: First Mission – Youkai Academy

Tsukune was five years old when it happened.

He didn't remember the details, but that was probably for the best.

Back then, his family was a part of the Assassin Brotherhood Faction stationed in Japan. However, according to the man who saved his life, the faction they were in, as well as the faction Tsukune belonged to now, was a group of Assassins specially trained to defend the freedom of humanity from Youkai.


When Tsukune was five years old, his family was killed in front of him. The traumatic incident was blocked out by the young boy, and the Brotherhood didn't need to find out the details from him, so they let it be. The details stayed buried.

The man who found him, and saved him, was a Master Assassin by the name of Akira Shiyuu.

Akira brought him in to the Brotherhood Headquarters in Tokyo, and even now, Tsukune remembers the day. It was the day he found out about the Brotherhood.


"Akira! What the hell just happened over there!?" A man yelled, running over to the young Tsukune and his savior. Tsukune was still in a state of shock at what had recently happened, and he refused to speak to anyone, he wouldn't even talk to Akira, who had saved him from death at the hands of… those things…

"Be quiet! Tsukune needs rest, and I will explain it all to you and the others later." Akira said, obviously sounding annoyed. Young Tsukune looked up at Akira, and when Akira noticed he smiled at the boy. "It's all right, Tsukune. You're safe now."

When Tsukune nodded in response, Akira took him to a cozy room and laid him down onto a bed. It was soft and comforting, and Tsukune found himself dozing off right then and there.

"Good night, Tsukune." Akira said, before the boy fell into the peace of sleep.


Tsukune was awoken from his slumber by Akira.

"Come on, Tsukune, we need to go and talk to the others in the Brotherhood." Akira said. Tsukune tilted his head in curiosity.

"A-Akira-sama… What are you talking about? What Brotherhood?" Tsukune managed to ask.

Akira raised an eyebrow in surprise, "So you can talk." He slightly teased. But after processing what Tsukune had asked, he frowned. "So they never told you, eh Tsukune? Well don't worry about it, you'll find out soon enough."

Tsukune had no idea as to what he was talking about, but he followed the man anyway.

After all, Akira Shiyuu saved his life, and the least he could do was trust him.


That was when he found out about it all; that his family was a part of the Assassin Brotherhood, the very same Brotherhood that now feels like family. Not much later, Tsukune was assigned to be the apprentice of Akira Shiyuu, which was requested by Akira himself. Tsukune's ten years of training began after that, and boy oh boy; it was hell, and Tsukune didn't think it was an exaggeration.

Seriously, he had to master Parkour, (The French martial art of maneuvering over things to get from point A to point B quickly; AKA free-running), and a few types of martial arts that focused on weaponry over the course of ten years. And by weaponry, he meant learning how to effectively use swords, daggers, and the Assassin's Trademark Hidden Blade against opponents.

He was also trained in using… creativity. Apparently, nearly all Youkai have the same weakness, and it is Holy Water, as well as Silver Weaponry. He was also taught how to improvise and exploit the other weaknesses of the different monsters to his advantage.

Well, that was another part of his training. He also had to spend time reading up on the various strengths and weaknesses of the many Youkai that the Assassins have been able to discover and note.

This was all part myth, and part fact. Tsukune always found himself wondering how the 'fact' parts were discovered, but truthfully, he didn't want to know.

The daily schedule went somewhat like this after reaching the age of 8:

6:00-6:15 – Waking up and preparations for the day.

6:15-7:30 – Parkour Training.

7:30-8:30 – Breakfast break, break included not only eating but showering if desired (relaxing optional)

8:30-12:00 – Studying up on the Youkai, 'Know thy enemy' if you will.

12:00-13:00 – Lunch Break (relaxation optional, but highly recommended)

13:00-16:00 – Combat Training (Hidden Blade, Fist Fighting, Daggers & Swords… mostly)

16:00-17:00 – Snack Break & Showers

17:00-21:00 – Schooling of needed subjects (Uh, Language Arts of some sort, Math, Science, and a History/Logic type of class. Usually an hour spent on each.)

21:00-22:00 – Dinner Break and Shower

22:00-6:00 – Sleep

(A/N: Yes, I know the schedule is probably ridiculously unrealistic, but that's why it's hell!)

Before Tsukune was 8, he was mostly taught like he was in a sort of pre-school, but more importantly, he was being trained in the animus, to give him an idea of what it was like to be an Assassin.

Despite all of the tutoring and 'pre-schooling' he went through, Tsukune Aono still managed to be only slightly above average. They supposed that it was just a talent.

Speaking of talents…

The Aono family also possessed a unique ability that some Assassins could make use of. It was dubbed 'Eagle Vision' by the Brotherhood, and through some means, one could identify allies and enemies in a crowd.

Akira had once explained it like this…


A seven-year-old Tsukune looked up at his Master, Akira Shiyuu. His normally brown eyes were glowing, and they were blue.

From what Tsukune saw, Akira was shrouded in a blue aura.

"Akira-sama, why are you covered in blue?" Tsukune asked.

Akira frowned in confusion. "What are you talking about, Tsukune?" He checked himself and looked at the boy. Akira did a double take at the sight of Tsukune's eyes and he busted out laughing.

"What's so funny, Akira-sama?" Tsukune asked, pouting slightly.

"Oh it's nothing much, Tsukune. You should be proud of yourself. You have inherited your family gift." Akira explained.

"What family gift?"

"We like to call it 'Eagle Vision'. We're not quite sure as to how it works, but from what we know about Youkai, I like to explain it like this: Eagle Vision allows you to read emotions and what Youkai call 'Killing Intent' in a being. A being with little to no killing intent directed towards you is usually disregarded, unless you see them as an ally. At that point, they will glow blue." Akira explained. When Tsukune nodded, he continued on.

"Regardless of how you view a person, whether it be an ally or nobody special, if they emit a decent size of killing intent, and it is directed towards you, then they will glow red. Now I'm not 100% sure about the colors, because I don't have Eagle Vision, but your family did explain it to us for the most part, and that was what I could draw from it." Akira finished.

Tsukune grinned. "Cool."

Akira started laughing again. "Indeed it is, Tsukune."

*Flashback Mode: End*

After 10 long years of harsh training, mediocre schooling, and making progress with the mastering of his Eagle Vision, Tsukune Aono was ready for his first mission against the Youkai.

Naturally, it came as quite the shock when he was told what he was doing.

"Akira-sama!" A 15-year-old Tsukune Aono called. "So what is my mission going to be?"

Akira smirked and shook his head. "You're going to high school."

Tsukune stared at him in disbelief. "But I thought I was starting my first mission."

"And that's exactly what you're doing." Akira nodded. "Just do yourself a favor and avoid drawing attention to what you are."

"Akira-sama!" Tsukune groaned in annoyance. "How is going to high school an important mission?"

"Because it's a high school that is exclusively for Youkai." Akira told him.

"I don't care if it… Wait what?" Tsukune frowned in confusion and thought for a second on what he was just told. "You mean I'm going to a school for monsters!?" He exclaimed in shock.

"Indeed." Akira smirked. "This school, appropriately named Youkai Academy, seeks to coexist with humans. We're sending you to find out if they are able to pull it off."

"Why me?" Tsukune asked. "I haven't even done any real missions yet."

"You're 15 years old and would easily pass for an average high school student." Akira said simply.

"Aren't you worried about this? I could easily get killed there!" Tsukune said, slightly freaking out.

"Don't worry about it!" Akira said nonchalantly. "You have a decade of training on your side, as well as knowledge on most of the Youkai. Which reminds me…"

Akira reached into his pocket and pulled out a small device. It was kind of like a PDA, or maybe a tablet. He handed it to Tsukune, who took it with a confused look on his face.

"Uh… Akira-sama…" Tsukune said with plain confusion in his voice.

"That right there contains the entire archive of Youkai information. A database on all the information the Brotherhood has on the many races of Youkai we've encountered." Akira explained.

"Why do I need this? I have it all memorized." Tsukune said incredulously.

"Because even the greatest minds slip, Tsukune. It's better to have the information, and never need it, than to not have it, and then need it later." Akira told him.

"Okay, that makes sense. Is there anything else I need to know before I head out?" Tsukune asked.

"No, no…" Akira said grinning. Tsukune knew that look, and it meant that there was more. "Well, there is one small thing you have to do to be there."

"Why am I not surprised?" Tsukune muttered.

"Oh we were only able to get you there by bartering your passage and… protection, in a way. The chairman of the school would only allow you to go to school on one condition." Akira explained.

"And that is?" Tsukune asked.

"You must protect a young vampire by the name of Moka Akashiya." Akira told him.

Tsukune gaped. "B-but… vampires are like the most powerful of all monsters! They don't need protection!"

"Normally you'd be right, but she has a special seal on her that keeps her weak and with her kindness and naivety, well… she'll stick out like a sore thumb. So you have to protect her, and that is a mission order from the Brotherhood, so no slacking." Akira explained to him. "Oh, but just in case you meet her, remember that she isn't supposed to know about it, so don't go blabbing!"

Tsukune nodded, resigned to his fate. "Alright, I'm going now. See ya, Akira-sama."

"Good luck Tsukune! Try not to get killed out there!" Akira shouted cheerily as Tsukune walked off.

'You know, sometimes Akira-sama is really crazy.' Tsukune muttered to himself, as he left the Brotherhood HQ and got onto a mysterious bus waiting out front.

[Fast forwarding memory to more recent and important event…]

Tsukune Aono stepped off the bus and whistled at his surroundings.

'Wow, they really like the Halloween look.' Tsukune mused to himself as he looked around.

Next to him was a sign that read 'Youkai Academy' and it was like a scarecrow with a jack-o-lantern for a head. Tsukune was standing on a cliff, and there was a blood red sea far below him. Despite the sun being up, the area was a bit too dark to be normal. There were dead trees scattered all over the place, and crows and bats flew about the forest of dead trees.

Tsukune looked at his wrists. The only weapons he was allowed to take were his dual hidden blades, and that was for obvious reasons. He wore the normal school uniform, and the long sleeved blazer hid the blades from plain sight. They weren't his usual blades; these were just silver-based hidden blades, but were also blank of the other attachments. He kind of missed his crossbow attachment to his left blade, and he thought the loss of his hookblade kind of sucked, but he knew that they would be too obvious to wear. There was no poison in these blades, and they did not have the usual vambraces for armor, so he was left with just offense when using these weapons. With the blades being made out of silver, he was able to deal more damage to Youkai, as many Youkai were weak against silver… that or silver could overcome their natural defenses.

But being restricted to hidden blades was fine with Tsukune. He knew how to fight with hidden blades, and he preferred them to normal weapons, which were far too obvious to carry around.

To any observer, Tsukune Aono was just a normal, albeit fit, teenage boy. His mediocre grades would probably help that observation, and he really needed to avoid fighting. Else he might draw too much attention.

Luckily, the way the hidden blades were set up would lead people to believe he was just a hybrid Youkai, with the ability to cause blades to spring from his wrists.

Tsukune glanced around, seeing that he was completely alone now. The bus had left without much noise, strangely, and Tsukune picked his stuff up and began to walk towards the school building.

It wasn't very long until he heard someone call out to him though. "Aah! Watch out!"

Tsukune spun around and saw a bike heading his way, he had plenty of time to dodge it, but before he could, it managed to hit him in the face.

As Tsukune flew backwards, along with the rider, all he could think of was… 'I can dodge strikes from most Assassins, and I am even fit enough to dodge throwing knives given enough time… but that bike…' Tsukune hit the ground in disbelief that a simple bike managed to beat his reflexes.

"Ow…" Tsukune muttered as he rubbed his head. He tried to get up and felt his hand on something warm and soft. His eyes flew open and saw the rider.

She was so… cute! She had really long pink hair, and a heart shaped face, her eyes were big and she was just so… cute! He couldn't even come up with a better description of her!

Then he realized where his hand was. Tsukune blushed, moving his hand away from her thigh!

'Oh god I touched her thigh.' Tsukune thought with a slight nosebleed.

"Oh no, are you okay?" She asked, and when her eyes opened Tsukune was just ready to melt. They were the color of emeralds, and she was so damn cute! Tsukune figured that this girl must've been a succubus or something, she was so good looking!

She sniffed the air and Tsukune's eyes widened, 'Can she tell if I'm human?'

"You're bleeding…" She muttered, she reached into her pocket and pulled out a tissue of some sort, when she wiped the blood away she sniffed it and her eyes glazed over.

'Uh oh…' Tsukune thought, noticing the way her eyes glazed over, 'That doesn't look good…'

"Gomenasai…" She whispered as she leaned into him.

'What is she doing!?' Tsukune thought, slightly freaking out.

"I can't help myself, the smell of your blood." She said as she got closer to his face.

'Smell of my blood? Oh no…' Tsukune thought, realizing what this girl might have been.

"Because I'm a vampire." She said simply, before biting into his neck. The bite pinched, kind of like a needle, but the feeling of his blood being drawn by her felt kind of… nice.

He willed his Eagle Vision out before he did anything drastic to this girl. From what he saw, she harbored no killing intent towards him, as her outer aura was white, yet on the inside was a swirl of yellow, a color he referred to as happiness or contentment.

So she was sucking his blood, but she didn't mean any harm by it.

This didn't make him feel that much better.

"Get off me please…" Tsukune muttered and through Eagle Vision he saw fear course through her, she jumped off him.

"G-gomenasai!" She yelled, bowing her head down. Tsukune rubbed the area she bit, but there wasn't a mark. This was a bit of a relief, but he was not sure of what to do now.

'Am I supposed to run from her or what…?' Tsukune mused to himself as the girl continued to apologize. 'Wait, what if she's the one, the uh… Moka Akashiya girl?'

"Uh, could you please tell me your name?" Tsukune asked the girl. She looked into his eyes and tilted her head.

"Oh, my name's Moka Akashiya!" She said, Tsukune sighed in relief knowing that he didn't have to take action against her, and he felt happy that he got to protect such a cute girl.

"Why are your eyes glowing?" Moka asked curiously. Tsukune blinked and his Eagle Vision turned off. She frowned slightly in confusion. "Never mind, I must be seeing things."

Tsukune stood up and offered his hand. "Hello Akashiya-san, my name is Tsukune Aono." She looked at his hand, almost like she was wondering if it was real, and then took it smiling.

"Hello, Aono-san. You don't have to call me by my last name, by the way." Moka explained.

"Alright, if we're playing like that you can call me by my first name too, Moka-san." Tsukune smiled. 'This is actually kind of nice, who knew that there could be such a sweet girl out here in the monster world, and she's a vampire no less.'

Moka smiled. "Alright, Tsukune-san." She looked down at the ground. "I have to ask… what do you think about vampires?"

"Well, I think vampires are interesting. And you seem like such a nice girl too." Tsukune said honestly. Vampires were always a matter of intrigue to the young Assassin, but that was partly because of his family heritage. Then again, vampires were always a pretty awesome subject to the young boy.

Moka visibly brightened when he told her that she was a nice girl, and essentially saying that he didn't hate her for being a vampire. "Then, could you be my friend, Tsukune-san? I'm kind of… alone here." She admitted.

"Sure Moka-san, I'd love to be your friend!" Tsukune said cheerily.

"Yay!" Moka yelled, glomping the young Assassin. Tsukune chuckled nervously, as he was now under a very happy, and very cute, vampire.

The pair got up and began to walk towards the school together. Moka picked up her bike and she was wheeling it along with her, happily chatting with Tsukune.

"So after the ceremony, can we meet up and talk some more?" Moka asked hopefully.

"Sure, Moka-san. I'd love to!" Tsukune said happily, not realizing that he might sound like a broken record at this rate.

Moka smiled and waved goodbye, "Then I'll see you later Tsukune-san!" She ran off to go put her bike up and then head to the entrance ceremony.

As Tsukune walked towards the ceremony, he couldn't help but smirk a little bit. 'Well, if she's like that then I suppose it makes complete sense to protect her, although I do have to wonder why the chairman would care enough to request my protection while I went here. Oh well, I suppose I'll either find out, or not.' Tsukune thought while he walked on towards the gymnasium, which was where the ceremony was being held.

The ceremony was kind of boring, although it did give Tsukune a chance to check out the number of Youkai around here. Boy, there was a lot of Youkai here, Tsukune figured that there would be a few hundred, but it seemed to be closer to 1000 Youkai altogether, and these could just be the freshman!

'There is plenty of danger around here, with this many different Youkai hanging around. I better keep a close eye on Moka-san, no telling how many of these guys are going to make a move on her when they see her.' Tsukune thought to himself as he the ceremony ended. He quietly left and walked to his class, which was class 1-3.

He walked into the classroom and quietly sat down. He was thankful to his teacher for tutoring him in the basic subjects, so he should, at the very least be able to understand the work. Tsukune was also thankful in his bilingual skills.

Akira-sama always told him that while it was important to know your native language, the one Tsukune spoke most often was English, because it was the 'universal' language of the Brotherhood.

It was how the Assassins knew they would always be able to talk to each other. It's a good idea, isn't it?

Class began and the teacher began to explain the school rules.

"The first rule is that you must always stay in your 'human forms' while on campus, after all we are about coexistence class, and therefore you must work at perfecting and maintaining your human forms for the human world." The teacher, Nekonome-sensei explained.

Tsukune grinned at that, 'Well they certainly seem to want to coexist… maybe I'll be able to tell the Brotherhood that this school is alright.'

"Rule number two!" Nekonome sensei chirped. "You cannot reveal your monster identities to other students! I hope the reasoning behind it is obvious!"

Tsukune figured that that rule was a double edged sword for him. 'Well, I don't have to tell people what I am, but I don't get to learn from gossip as to what everyone else is. Meh.'

"Hey teacher, why don't we just eat the humans?" A big student asked. "And we can molest the pretty girls while we're at it." He added with a smirk.

Tsukune looked at him in disgust. 'Okay, maybe this school needs some work done.' Before Tsukune could point out that doing something that stupid would get him killed by humans, the teacher answered first.

"Hmm… Saizou Komiya, am I right?" Nekonome-sensei asked. The guy nodded. "Well you can't do that, because there are no genuine humans on campus here!" The teacher chirped.

Saizou sniffed and looked at Tsukune, who was trying his best to not glare at the monster. "Say what you want, I've been smelling a human here the whole time." Saizou muttered, although everyone could hear it.

'…This guy could be a problem.' Tsukune thought to himself.

"Well, it shouldn't be possible. No humans are able to get passed the barrier here, and even if one did we'd bring death on them… or something." Nekonome-sensei said cheerfully.

Tsukune's left eye twitched at that. 'WHAT!? The contradictions of this place!' He thought, slightly disturbed. 'They want peace and harmony, yet they'll kill any human who shows up here!?'

'This place isn't keeping up with its goal very well…' Tsukune thought exasperatedly.

"I'm sorry I'm late!" A familiar female voice called as the door opened. Tsukune, as well as the entire class, looked up to see Moka walk in, her pink hair flowing behind her as she spoke with the teacher.

"Oh, that's okay." Nekonome-sensei said cheerily. "Just take a seat."

Moka complied and tried to move to the only open seat in the room, which happened to be right behind Tsukune.

"SUCH BIG EYES!" A boy called out loudly.

"Look at her hair!" Another guy yelled.

"I think I'm in love!" A third boy exclaimed.

"I WANT!" A… girl… announced.

"SO BEAUTIFUL!" The rest of the class shouted.

Tsukune wanted to laugh, it was entertaining how she got those reactions, but she acted like she was blissfully unaware of the attention.

As she walked past Tsukune, she looked at him for a second before a big grin came onto her face.

"Yay! Tsukune! We're in the same class!" Moka yelled as she glomped the Assassin. Normally, Tsukune would have loved this kind of attention from such a cute girl like her, but while he was blushing on the outside, on the inside he was a bit annoyed.

'So much for low profile…' He thought, although not blaming Moka one bit.

While all of this little chaos happened, Tsukune managed to miss the one glare that wasn't aimed at him. Saizou licked his lips as he watched Moka with the young Assassin.

While Tsukune didn't know where the glare was coming from, he had a chill run up his spine.

'I've got a bad feeling about this…' Tsukune thought to himself as he and Moka took their seats.

[Fast forwarding to more recent and important event…]

Tsukune was being dragged around by an overzealous vampire girl, and while he didn't mind it that much, he certainly wasn't deaf to the mutterings of the others.

"Wow, who is that?"

"I don't know, but she's so hot!"

"Who's that with her?"

"I don't know, but if he gets in my way then he's dead!"

Tsukune chuckled nervously, 'I am so screwed.' He lamented.

It was at that moment when they ran into him.

"Oh hey, you're Moka Akashiya right?" The guy asked, Tsukune recognized him as the human eater, Saizou Komiya. "I am your classmate, Saizou Komiya; it's nice to meet you." Saizou smirked arrogantly.

Moka smiled at first, apparently thinking that this guy was friendly, but Saizou kind of ruined it. He walked up and grabbed Tsukune by the collar and hoisted him up. Tsukune felt his breath leave his lungs when he was forcefully smashed against the wall. "By the way, what's a smokin' hot babe like you doing with a guy like this?"

Despite himself, Tsukune looked at the guy in disbelief. 'Monsters don't think do they? What if I was something way stronger than him? He could end up dead!' But Tsukune wasn't something stronger than him. Well, not until he figured out what Saizou was that is.

"Hey isn't that Saizou Komiya?"

"I heard that he got thrown in here after molesting all those human girls, and causing general trouble in the human world."

'This guy did what!?' Tsukune thought, rage flowing through his body. He remembered how his family was murdered by Youkai, and he realized that this thing might have done the same to another poor child, not to mention the human girls!

Tsukune let instinct take over, he flicked his wrists suddenly, and the dual hidden blades popped out for everyone to see. There were gasps coming from everyone, and Tsukune positioned the blades in an X in front of Saizou's throat.

"Let me go." Tsukune ordered. Moka looked at him in what seemed to be awe. Saizou quickly took note of the fact that his blades looked like they were made of silver and he backed away even faster.

As much as Tsukune wanted to show this monster his place, and the reason why you don't mess with humans, Moka's safety still came first. Moka chose the perfect time to grab his arm and drag him off. "Sorry, but I'm having fun with Tsukune-san right now!"

Tsukune sighed in relief at her actions, and let the blades retract quickly. Using his Eagle Vision, he took note of Saizou's red aura and knew that he would have to deal with him another time. The crowd muttered about his eyes, and Tsukune remembered the part where his eyes would glow blue while using Eagle Vision. He blinked and willed it to go dormant again.

Moka and Tsukune ended up on the roof, and they were both panting slightly, although Moka was really the only one who was tired here, Tsukune was just trying to calm his emotions.

"That… was… a close one." Moka said while trying to catch her breath.

"Yeah, thanks Moka-san, I really didn't want to fight that guy." Tsukune admitted to her.

"No problem Tsukune-san, but why did you do that?" Moka asked.

"I have to keep you safe, and I didn't like the way he was looking at you during class." Tsukune admitted.

"Why do you have to keep me safe?" Moka asked perplexed.

Tsukune froze for a second, realizing that he might've blown it, but thanks to Akira, he came up with an alternative to the truth that wasn't a lie.

"It's what friends do, Moka-san." Tsukune said simply.

Moka seemed to buy it, and she smiled. They stood together for a moment, with an awkward silence between them, and then Moka just smiled and blushed.

"Y-you know Tsukune-san… that was my first time…" She said just barely above a whisper, but Tsukune heard it. He blushed at the implications and then she continued. "I've never actually drank from a person directly before… that feeling, I'll never forget it."

While Tsukune was still thoroughly disturbed by the hidden meanings thrown about in the conversation, he couldn't help but smile. She was just so damn cute! "Moka-san…" Tsukune muttered smiling.

Moka pushed Tsukune playfully, "Oh, I'm so embarrassed." Unfortunately for the young Assassin, the 'playful push' was still way too powerful, and he was promptly sent into a wall.

Moka seemed to disregard this though, "Come on, Tsukune-san! Let's go check out the Academy together!"

Tsukune pulled himself out of the crater in the wall and rubbed the back of his head.

"Ow." He muttered as he followed Moka.

[Fast forwarding to more recent and important event…]

After hours of running around with Moka, which was very enjoyable, Tsukune and the vampiress ended up outside the dorms. The reaction to their creepy appearances was a bit different however…

"Wow, the dorms are so cool." Moka muttered.

Tsukune sweatdropped. 'Must be monster culture or something…' He thought weakly.

"Oh, hey Tsukune-san, I forgot to ask earlier, but what kind of monster are you anyway? I saw how you had the two blades spring out from your wrists, so are you some kind of hybrid Youkai?" Moka asked curiously.

"Moka-san, you know I can't reveal my monster identity to you…" Tsukune said weakly. 'I'm not sure if I could actually lie to someone so cute and innocent…' He thought nervously.

"Oh! Gomenasai, I forgot." Moka smiled, blushing in embarrassment.

Tsukune smiled. "It's alright, Moka-san. You know, now that you mention it you don't really look like a vampire." He pointed out. It was true, and it had been bothering him for a while.

"Well, that's because of this." Moka said, she slightly opened her shirt, revealing a bit more cleavage. Tsukune gaped and blushed heavily.

"What am I looking at, Moka-san?" Tsukune asked, trying not to have another nosebleed.

"My rosary of course!" Moka chirped cheerily. "If I were to take this off, I'd become the real thing, a very scary vampire."

Tsukune chuckled nervously. 'Oh so that's the seal she has on her. I thought it might be a bit less… physical.'

"Well, you can't be that scary as a vampire, I mean you're so nice right now!" Tsukune replied, meaning every word of it.

Moka smiled and glomped the Assassin in joy. "But there is one thing that the rosary can't cure…" She said shyly.

When Moka began to lean into Tsukune, the realization of what was going to happen next rushed in too late.

"The need for blood, my weakness." Moka whispered before biting his neck.

"Ow!" Tsukune blurted out.

Moka separated from him and apologized again, after Tsukune accepted her apology, she ran off to find her dorm room.

Tsukune walked into his and he laid down on his bed. "I'm ready to go to sleep." He muttered to himself before getting back up and finishing some last minute things, like eating dinner, before he went to sleep.

[Fast forwarding to more recent and important event…]

Tsukune had gotten up and gotten his preparations for the day done, and he left his dorm room.

While he had originally planned to track Moka down and keep a watchful eye on her, that idea was slightly delayed when he ran into…

"Hey, loverboy!" A deep and annoyingly familiar voice called. Tsukune was lifted up into the air by an irate Saizou.

"Not only did you pull that little stunt with blades earlier, but I hear that you spent the rest of the day with Moka Akashiya. So it's time to pay for your actions." Saizou growled. "What's your monster form!?"

Students gathered around the pair and began placing bets on who'd win.

Tsukune chuckled, knowing that he had the upper hand right now. "You forget easily, don't you Saizou?"

Saizou growled, but it turned into a scream when his arm was pierced by Tsukune's left hidden blade. Saizou stumbled back, muttering curses and lamenting the terrible pain in his arm. Tsukune looked down at the weakened form of this… monster among monsters and briefly considered just putting him out of his misery. Maybe he'd save a few girls later on for the act.

Once more though, he knew it would draw far too much attention to himself, and by extension Moka. So he just ran off, leaving Saizou to curse and lick his wounds.

[Fast forwarding to more recent and important event…]

Tsukune was still unable to track Moka down, and he was beginning to wonder if she was sleeping in today. He stood alone in the forest, pondering that idea. That thought was ended when he heard her familiar angelic voice.

"Hey Tsukune-san! Good morning!" She yelled, once again glomping the Assassin.

"Hey, Moka-san." Tsukune said, smiling slightly. "How did you find me out here?"

"I could smell your delicious blood." She said simply, before biting in again.

"Yow!" Tsukune winced at the sudden prick of pain.

"Oh, gomen Tsukune-san." Moka apologized quickly, although the Assassin knew she didn't regret her actions at all.

"Aww, how cute." A very pissed off voice called. "Necking out in the woods, I never knew you had it in you, Aono."

Saizou, who was probably beyond the point of murderous rage, stepped out into the clearing and glared at the Assassin.

"Moka-san, run away right now." Tsukune said calmly, eyeing his opponent.

"What, why? What's going on!?" Moka asked in a panicky fashion.

"Just go!" Tsukune commanded, flicking his wrists. The twin silver blades sprung from their sheaths, and Tsukune eyed Saizou warily. He had no idea as to what Saizou was, and for all Tsukune knew, the guy could've been a vampire, or a demon or something.

He doubted it, but it was still possible.

Saizou shifted into his true form, and Tsukune had to hold back a sigh of relief. Saizou became much larger than he was, and was unidentifiable…

Meaning that Saizou was a hybrid, or as they like to call them, an Outcast Ayashi.


Searching database for keywords; Outcast Ayashi…

1 entry found…

Opening entry 'Outcasts of the Youkai World'…

Outcast Ayashi are Youkai that do not have a distinct heritage. They are usually mixed-breeds, the result of completely different, and possibly incompatible, Youkai mating together, producing a mutant of sorts.

Outcast Ayashi can have multiple abilities, and their danger levels vary depending upon their 'heritage'. An Outcast from a powerful heritage could potentially match a vampire in terms of power, though most Outcasts are not able to ever reach that height. For the most part, the abilities they have can either be linked to said heritage, or just be something similar to changing their bodies into weapons… hence the 'mutant' status they carry.

Outcast Ayashi all have one common weakness: Silver.

The bane of most Youkai races, such as vampires, werewolves, and many of the most powerful races, silver weapons can inflict far more injury, and in some cases can be like poison, to the Youkai races that are weakened towards it. Not much is known as to why silver is so deadly to the many races of Youkai, but one theory is that silver carries a sort of natural 'Youki' cancelling element based in it, another theory is that silver was blessed by members of the First Civilization long ago, and it was used against the Youkai back in the old times as it was now. (Youki is the word for the supernatural energy the Youkai make use of.)

Outcast Ayashi are rumored to be territorial and hold grudges, but all of them are different… much like humans. When fighting one, make sure to exploit their personalities and personal flaws against them, such as a low intellect or reckless personality, as well as any phobias you may have discovered during contact with them.

Entry completed…

Closing entry…

Database closing, please wait…


Tsukune kept that information in mind, and figured that Saizou's 'personal flaw' was definitely his easily-raged personality. Tsukune also had a feeling that low intelligence was a weakness, but that was not necessarily true.

After all, Saizou might be smart, yet completely reckless…

Tsukune almost laughed at his thought, almost.

At the moment, he was dealing with a very pissed of Outcast.

Saizou charged towards the young Assassin with a surprising amount of speed, and Tsukune was able to roll out of the way just in time to avoid getting hit. Before Tsukune could react further, he was lifted up into the air by Saizou, who was apparently faster than his size seemed to show.

"Moka will become my woman, when I'm done with you…" Saizou growled.

Tsukune tried to stab his with his left hidden blade, but his arm was held in place by Saizou's other hand. Taking advantage of both of his arms being used to hold him up, Tsukune thrust his other hidden blade at Saizou's chest.

Saizou was also smarter than he seemed, because his eyes widened as he remembered the second blade, and he threw the Assassin away from him, and towards Moka.

Moka had been watching the whole time with fear for her friend, and that fear grew as he was thrown right at her.

Tsukune relaxed his arms, letting the blades retract so he didn't accidently hurt Moka with them, and he flew right into her. Moka surprised him, because she was also stronger than she looked, and she managed to catch him without losing her balance.

"Tsukune-san!" Moka yelled, while feeling worried for her friend.

"It's okay; I'm all right, and I'm not going to let him hurt you…" Tsukune managed to mutter, before trying to get up. His hand caught something as he tried to stand up, and he heard a sharp *clink*. Looking at his hand, he saw that he now held Moka's rosary. He gulped.

'This… could be bad…' He thought as he looked up to his vampire friend.

She was changing before their eyes, his and Saizou's. Her hair darkened from pink to dark silver, and her figure changed as well (Tsukune tried to not pay attention to that bit though). When the transformation finished, she looked much… older, than before.

Moka (was it the same Moka?) looked down at him, in her arms. "So… you have awakened me…" Moka sniffed the air, recognizing a familiar scent. It was delicious, and so utterly… so utterly… human.

It didn't take long to realize where that scent was coming from, or more specifically, who it was coming from. She glared at Tsukune, and he gulped. His eyes brightened to blue as he scanned her with Eagle Vision.

Tsukune saw anger in this Moka, and at that point he figured that they must have been two different Mokas. After all, the other one wouldn't be so angry for no reason, right?

"You and I shall be having a little talk when I'm done." Inner Moka growled. Tsukune nodded apprehensively.

Moka got up and looked at Saizou disdainfully. "And you, you not only attacked us, but you planned to force me into becoming yours while I was sealed. How pathetic of you, to only attack those you are guaranteed to defeat."

Saizou growled at being insulted, and charged Moka. This tactic was fine with Tsukune, who was still just human, but it didn't work too well with a vampire. His punch was caught with ease, and Moka smirked for a second, before her face twisted into a deadly scowl.

"Know your place!" She yelled, as she kicked Saizou in the head.

Saizou was promptly sent flying into the forest, and crashed through multiple trees. He groaned weakly, and if one was close enough, they would have heard his faint mutter, "Yes ma'am, I know my place…"

Inner Moka turned to regard the young Assassin coldly. "Human…" She growled dangerously.

'Crap! She can smell it! Of all the people to find out, why did it have to be her!?' Tsukune panicked.

"I do not know why a human is at this school, but from what I've seen, you are a danger to many Youkai, including myself while I sleep." Moka said coldly, as she slowly walked towards Tsukune. Tsukune gulped, and let her continue. "Do you know what I'm going to do to you now?"

"… Kill me?" Tsukune asked in a voice that was barely above a whisper.

"No, not today. From what I have seen of you, you are still the only trustworthy one in this school." She looked as though she didn't like that fact. "For now, I shall leave you with a warning… If you hurt either of us at all, I will…"

"Kill me?" Tsukune asked again.

Inner Moka grinned darkly. "No… I will make you my servant."

"You'd…" Tsukune's eyes widened when he remembered one of the abilities that vampires possessed, and it was the ability to turn humans into…

"You'd make me your familiar?" Tsukune asked in disbelief.

Inner Moka's grin stayed on her beautiful, yet dark, face. "So you know more than I thought… Yes, that's exactly what I'll do, and don't think that you can just keep me sealed forever. Even if you kept the seal on me at all times, I will one day be freed, and then…" She let the thought hang in the air.

Tsukune nodded. "Fine, I accept the terms of our little… truce." Inner Moka's eyes flickered with a bit of emotion, but it was gone before Tsukune could understand it, let alone use Eagle Vision to see it.

Inner Moka took the rosary seal from Tsukune's hands and regarded him once more, although this time it was with a bit of interest instead of contempt. "Take care of my other self, Tsukune." Tsukune nodded, and she clipped the seal back on.

Inner Moka shifted back into the pink haired Moka, who then fell into Tsukune's arms, asleep.

"Well, this is going to be an awkward thing to explain to her…" Tsukune muttered weakly. He was mostly referring to the fact that he never told her that he was human, although he suspected that she might understand it, and possibly even forgive him for it.

At least, that was what he had hoped.


Searching database for key words; Vampire…

3 entries found with relevant data…

Opening entry 'Vampires: Youkai Legends'

Vampires are hailed to be the most powerful and most feared of all Youkai in this age. Long ago, that title belonged to the Dragons (See 'Dragons: Endangered Myth' for more information on Dragons). However, as the vampire population continued to stay stable, whereas the dragon populace could not due to medieval knights, the vampires took the role of 'head honcho' of a sort. Vampires possess many potent abilities, but also many debilitating weaknesses.

The easiest way to identify a vampire is while in their true form. For the most part, vampires will have either red eyes, or silver hair. If they possess both, then they are of the 'Noble' stock, and are far more dangerous than your average vampire. The problem with relying solely on appearance is that the human born condition of 'Albinism' leads normal people to possess the same conditions. (Truthfully, Assassins are currently doing research to see if Albinism, which an 'Albino human' has red eyes, silver hair, and skin that is easily burned by the sun, is actually related to the vampire in some way. Perhaps these individuals possess a measure of vampire blood in their system?) With the potential of accidently killing an innocent person with a genetic disorder, attacking based on appearance is not allowed.

Other signs that can identify vampires, outside of the obvious drinking of blood and throwing cars, are that many will take to drinking tomato juice as a supplicant. Within their 'sealed forms', they will still require blood, but will appear as a normal human being.

With all of those factors mentioned previously, vampires are exceedingly difficult to locate if they do not want to be found.

Among abilities, there are the obvious ones that allow them to be such powerful combatants, like extremely fast healing rate and the ability to channel Youki into physical strength… There are also two abilities that can be proven to be quite useful as well as quite dangerous to their own kind, as well as others.

The first of which is the natural ability to inject their own blood into another being, this does not turn them into a vampire (Subject 4 is living proof of that). But it does allow anyone, including a human, the chance to recover from fatal damages, as well as temporarily gaining the power of a vampire. There is however, one terrible flaw in this process… (See 'Ghoul: Walking Nightmares' for more info.)

The other is the ability to turn a human into their familiar. Familiarization gives the human in question an increased rate of healing, sometimes on par with their vampiric masters, as well as some of the power of said master. This can allow a human familiar to fight off Youkai, although they would stand no chance against any creatures higher than a 'C class monster'. But there is always a price for that power… (For more information, see 'Familiar: Servants of the Legendary Ones'.)

Their weaknesses are many, making them one of the easiest and yet most dangerous opponents to battle against. Water can practically kill them if they are in it for too long, and Holy Water does even more damage than that. The sun does not cause them to disintegrate though, it gives them sunburns easily, but that's not much of a weakness. Garlic is another potential weakness, and from what we've heard it works more as a poison that a repellant.

The most profound and easily exploitable weakness is Silver. As stated in many other entries, silver weapons can go beyond physical damage and actually damage Youki. Vampires in particular depend upon Youki, so without much of it they become nothing more than Albino Humans with an actual thirst for blood.

Rumors hold that vampires are an extremely prideful race, and that one could use that against them… provided they do it correctly.

When combating a vampire, give up on any hope of a 'fair fight', and do not bother to try and spare your opponent (unless you really want to, then go right ahead and die on us). Vampires will not hesitate to kill you, so you should react the same way.

Currently, the estimated population for vampires is about 10,000. This is a stark drop since the beginning of the Aono family, who have single-handedly brought the numbers to 10,000 from about 20,000. (They were of course, using stealth assassination techniques as much as possible… but even so they have contributed more than any other family of Assassins when it comes to the vampire menace.)

Entry completed…

Closing entry…

Database closing, please wait…


Tsukune was carrying Moka back to the school when she began to wake up.

'Uh oh, better put her down before she realizes what I'm doing right now… I don't need any more misunderstandings on my plate today…' Tsukune thought, and he set down his vampire friend.

Tsukune leaned over his friend and waited for her eyes to open. When they did, he smiled softly, although hesitantly. "Hey, Moka-san…"

"Tsukune-san…" She said weakly, and her eyes widened. "Why didn't you tell me what you were?" She asked, although it was more like a demand.

Tsukune could have told her some BS lie, and it would have probably worked, but he liked Moka too much, and as he said before, he wasn't sure he could lie to someone so innocent and cute. "I didn't tell you because I was kind of… afraid." He said. It was the truth, but not the whole truth.

"And the blades, the fighting? If you were only human, then why…?" Her eyes widened. "Are you a… a monster hunter?" She asked, terrified.

Tsukune gulped. 'Damn, she's actually a bit smarter than I might give her credit for.'

"Well, not quite… I came here knowing what the place was, and there was a good reason for it. I please ask that you trust me when I say that I'm not here to kill anyone, and especially not you of all people, Moka-san."

"Why should I trust your word?" Moka asked hesitantly.

"Because I'm your friend, and I would trust yours without question." Tsukune answered honestly.

Moka looked at him, and her gaze softened. "All right… I'll trust your word Tsukune-kun, because you're my first friend."

Tsukune blushed at the newest honorific. "Thank you, Moka-san." He managed to say.

Moka smiled and got up. "Let's go back, Tsukune-kun." She chirped cheerily, as though the incident was completely forgotten.

"Okay, Moka-san." Tsukune said happily.

Together, the two friends walked back to school.


A/N: All right, there it is. This was an idea I've been kicking around for a while, and it was mostly based off of this little tidbit that all the monsters in this franchise seems to forget about.

Humans were not always more populace and widespread than monsters, and I doubt that the monsters back then wanted peace, they probably wanted dinner. So using logic, one can assume that someone, or maybe a group of beings, kept the prehistoric humans alive long enough to get where we are today.

So what better force to fight for humanity, than the Assassins, who have been around since the dawn of humanity?

More information for the audience out there…

Moka… well Inner Moka… reacted like that for a few reasons. The main reason that she didn't threaten/familiarize/kill Canon Tsukune was because she already knew he was human before she came out, and that regardless of the risk he defended her outer self. With this Tsukune, he never told her he was human, as he was afraid for what would happen if she found out. Inner Moka was also a bit pissed at the fact that a human could be so dangerous to her, and yet do nothing.

Outer Moka still liked Tsukune regardless of him being a human, and he was still her first friend. So Omote being Omote, I think she'll forgive him for it eventually.

I'm going to try and stick to the Manga, at the very least for the character introductions. The plot is definitely going to get altered, and the Assassin's Creed universe will be an important part of this story, despite the setting of the story.

Okay, I think I've… wait a minute there is another thing.

Tsukune's little training schedule. Yeah, I know it's completely impossible for them to put an 8-year-old child through it, but that's kind of the point. It's supposed to be rigorous and hellish! They have to fight Youkai, not Templars!

Eagle Vision, just as a bit of clarification, is Tsukune's only nonhuman ability. I am going to try my ass off to make sure he avoids the 'terrible fate of Gary Stu', but I tend to accidently make characters that way.

One last thing before I leave you to scratch your head and back out of the screen or something: Tsukune's personality is a bit different, although the only noticeable difference I've added is that he's not quite afraid of all the Youkai. He can fight them, and he has the potential to beat some of the weaker ones (like Saizou) in a fair fight. Tsukune and killing is… another matter that will likely be talked about in a later chapter.

Anyway, sorry for taking up so much space with the concluding Author's Note, and please.

Have a nice day.