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Mission 5 – Bound by Blood

[Initializing, please wait…]

Tsukune was in major pain right now. He felt as though his insides were on fire, and that his body was being torn apart. He wanted to cry out, scream for help or relief, but no sound could escape his throat.

He saw a vision of the one who did this to him. Moka, both of them funnily enough, stared at him as he writhed in agony in his mind's eye. The pink haired Moka looked like she was going to cry, and Tsukune felt badly for making her so sad… though the agony he was feeling made it a lot more difficult to feel guilty over others right now. Inner Moka watched him with interest, and there was a measure of hope in her eyes. Tsukune didn't want to blame her… though he kind of did. For some reason, he knew that this was going to happen eventually… he was just hoping he'd have more time.

Outer Moka, the pink haired Moka, looked like she was ready to pounce on him and hold him close to her for comfort. Her Inner Self on the other hand held her back, shaking her head sadly. Outer Moka looked to Tsukune's writhing form with guilt and regret, and as much as he wanted her to leave and not witness this… Tsukune couldn't do anything but feel pain right now. He couldn't beg her to run away and stop looking at him with such sorrow.

Eventually, after what felt like days, the pain ebbed away and he slowly began to relax. He felt his consciousness drift away as he fell into a deep sleep.


[Bleeding Effect Activated…]

Time Period: Late 1500s

Hayato Aono grew up weak. He was granted a bit of inborn ability thanks to his father, but his weak physical constitution would not allow him to become a real Assassin.

Even so, Hayato wanted to follow in his father's footsteps. It wasn't because of some sense of duty, but because he wanted to bring peace to humans and Youkai, which he was taught about from his 'mother' Lady Akasha Bloodriver.

He knew that Akasha wasn't his real mother, he wasn't stupid. He also knew that she was a vampire, though that was partly because she made no attempts at hiding it. She told him about what she knew of his father which, she sadly admitted, was very little. Though his father hunted Youkai and, to an extent, seemed to enjoy it as a sport, he was an honorable man.

So when Hayato found out that he could not be an Assassin because he was physically too weak, he felt like a failure to everything his father did and stood for. He felt like his father's sacrifice for him – though it wasn't just for him – was in vain.

Akasha knew all of this, and she felt bad for the young man of 18 years. He was supposed to be a great Assassin, though only in name. She taught him about the Youkai world in an attempt to show him that peace and coexistence between the two was possible, and surprisingly enough he took to the idea.

It was during the third day of his moping and depression that Akasha gave him an opportunity to become strong.

"Hayato-kun." Akasha called in her sweet voice.

"Yes Aka-chan?" Hayato replied in a depressed tone.

"Hayato-kun." Akasha said as she strode over to his bed and sat down next to him. "I… I know of a way to make you stronger, if you would be willing to accept it." Akasha said slowly.

Hayato perked up, feeling better already. "What is it?" He asked curiously with a hint of eagerness.

"Vampires can make humans their familiars." Akasha said simply. "By turning you into my familiar, you will gain a measure of my power and your body would be enhanced to produce youki and let you heal at an advanced rate… so in simpler terms it will allow you to become stronger. The catch is that you would be bound to me, and while I have no intention of giving you orders you'll…" Akasha looked down before she finished her statement. "You'll stop aging, and you will only die if slain or if I die… so you would potentially live for a very long time…" She waited for him to process the information.

"Is that all?" Hayato asked chuckling. "I honestly don't mind the idea of being with you for a long time, Aka-chan. And I have no one but you, so I wouldn't mind outliving everyone else either. Besides, we won't get lonely if we had each other." He said, still chuckling.

"Hayato-kun…" Akasha said softly, looking down. She leaned over to him and bit him on the neck, softly. She did not take his blood, but instead injected him with the first of three injections needed to turn him. "Tomorrow I will inject you again, and again the day after that. After three injections, you will turn… though it will be painful." She explained. Akasha felt giddy at the idea of being with Hayato for the rest of her life, if not as lovers but as family. Sure, other humans would wonder why she'd be romantically involved with someone who was the equivalent of her child, but then again… humans and vampires have different moral codes.

That and Akasha had been lonely for a few thousand years, and she wanted someone to take away that void. Kiseki did it for the very short amount of time she spent with him… it was only a day, but she didn't feel lonely or sad with him around. Hayato did the same, except that he'd been doing it since the vampiress picked him up from Akio.

That was an odd conversation, but Akio didn't seem to think the idea was completely insane… just a little insane.

She bade Hayato good night and went to rest herself, dreaming of a good future with a mate who would truly love her… as she had desired forever.

[Fast forwarding to more recent memory…]

It was day two, and Hayato waited patiently for Akasha to give him the second injection. She came and did so, albeit hesitantly. The pain of the second bite wasn't that bad this time, so that was nice.

Akasha and Hayato chatted together for a while before Akasha gave him a kiss on the cheek good night. Hayato covered his face with his pillow, waiting for the blush to go down before going to sleep.

[Fast forwarding to more recent memory…]

The third night came and Akasha walked in to Hayato's room.

"Are you sure about this, Hayato? There is no turning back after I give you the third bite." Akasha warned. Hayato nodded bravely and smiled. Akasha tried not to let her delight show as she leaned in and gave him injection number three.

Hayato fell unconscious as the change began…

[System rebooting…]

[Bleeding effect ended…]

Tsukune awoke with a start. He was panting, like he had held his breath for too long. He looked around frantically, trying to remember what had happened.

He was in what appeared to be a girl's room… because the male rooms are too messy to be like this. The bed he was in was king-sized, which he felt jealous about already. The bed sheets were the color of blood, and so were the curtains that hung around the bed.

'Wait a minute… the color of blood…'

He paused as he let the truth sink in. 'I can see! Halle-fucking-lujah!' Tsukune cheered in his thoughts. He didn't want to make any noise, even though he felt like jumping around right now. He crawled out of the large bed and saw that the rest of the room was colored quite strangely. The area around the bed was covered in red paint, or maybe it was wallpaper. The bathroom was colored pink, from what he could see, and the kitchen area also had pink walls. The room had a similar layout to his own, except that it was twice as large… still jealous by the way.

"Wait… this color combination…" Tsukune muttered. "Must be Moka-chan." He decided. His eyes widened as he remembered what had just happened to him before he woke up. "Oh crap, I'm her familiar now…" He muttered. "Well, I suppose it could be worse…" He had a vivid idea of what his 'master' might do to punish him one of these days, and he blushed. He shook the head out of his thoughts. 'No, no, no, I can't think like that right now…'

Still talking to himself, he wondered, "Hey wait, where is Moka-chan anyway?"

His Eagle Vision showed that there was no one around, and that he was one of the few people left in the building, let alone the floor or room.

He looked at the alarm clock and it said that it was the middle of the school day. 'Whoops.' Tsukune thought. 'I hope I was only out for one day…'

He walked into the pink bathroom and gasped at his reflection in the mirror. He had changed a bit… though it was really noticeable.

His black messy hair was tipped with pink… odd considering that Inner Moka was the one who familiarized him. His irises were now multicolored. While they were mostly brown, the outer edges of his irises were green like the pinkette Moka, whereas the inner edges, directly surrounding the pupil, were red like the vampire Moka.

He paused for a moment and took in the information. 'Must stay calm, must stay calm…' He drilled into his mind. "I suppose this is how everyone knows I belong to her and her alone… in a way. I just hope I don't get any extra colors after this." He said to himself. "And I'm talking to myself again… thanks Bleeding Effect for making me lose my sanity…"

There were no other visible changes, though he noticed that if he thought about where Moka might be, he'd receive a set of mental directions to her… 'Huh, so that's how it works.'

He looked at his wrists, which were devoid of hidden blades. He looked around the room and after ten minutes of looking, he noticed a bag on his bed. After a quick facepalm for not looking in such an obvious place, he inspected the contents. It was a long and large bag, and it managed to fit his katana and both hidden blades inside. He left the katana in there, and put the hidden blades on under his uniform sleeves.

He walked over to the window and saw a large bush down below. After a quick inspection from this third story window, he decided to take a leap of faith… literally. He closed the window behind him and let gravity pull him down. He landed just right, and thanks to that he managed to not break any bones. He felt himself be bruised, but he noticed that the bruises were already slowly disappearing. 'Well, that's useful.' He thought as he walked in the direction Moka was in.

[Moving through the area, please wait…]

By the time he reached the door to his classroom, he saw that his bruises from the three story fall were already gone. He smiled as this healing factor could be very useful in battle. He went up to the door and listened into it. The teacher was announcing that the grades of the school's students were being posted tomorrow. He checked the nearest clock and saw that it was the beginning of the last period, so he may as well walk in. He briefly wondered whether or not he should get a hood or something to hide these new features… 'Nah, what's the worst that could happen?'

He knocked on the door, hearing Ms. Nekonome call "Come in!" He opened the door, sliding it open to be precise and walked in. The class gasped at his change of features, and he saw Moka looking at him with a big smile and blush on her face. Kurumu had the same expression as she looked him over appreciatively.

"Hello Tsukune-kun, so did you recover?" Nekonome-sensei asked cheerfully. Tsukune nodded and walked over to his seat in front of Moka. He sat down in front of her, aware of all the stares and whispers around him.

'I can only hope that class ends ASAP.' Tsukune thought to himself as he noticed Moka leaning in close to him. "No not yet Moka-chan, wait until after class." He said quickly. Moka continued going for him anyway and bit his neck. He was about to suppress the usual grunt of pain, but it… didn't hurt. Hell, it felt kind of nice really.

The other classmates stared at him with jealousy, and Nekonome-sensei said, "Akashiya-san, please refrain from biting Tsukune-kun in class."

"Oh, sorry sensei!" Moka said with another blush.

Tsukune felt the usual glares on him, and he wanted to groan in exasperation, but instead chose to silently wait out the class…

[Fast forwarding to more recent memory…]

Tsukune stood up as the bell rang and he felt himself getting dragged out once again by an excited vampire. Kurumu was not far behind as she had the Assassin's stuff with her. He was dragged all the way to the roof. Once he was there, Moka put him on the ground and tackled him in a Moka-hug, as he was beginning to call them.

"Whoa, calm down Moka-chan, the Moka-hug is too powerful." He whined jokingly. He felt a large pair of 'pillows' behind him and said, "And hello to you too Kurumu-chan." Both girls wrapped him in a big hug.

"Okay, I'm confused." Tsukune admitted. "You'd think that you two would be trying to fight for exclusive rights, but no… no… wait a minute…" He thought as the truth slowly began to unfurl. "You two are sharing me, aren't you?"

"For a price on my end, yes." Kurumu admitted. "But it's worth it." She added as she continued to hug the Assassin.

Moka rubbed her head into Tsukune's chest, which he liked very much though he was trying to figure out what had cause this sudden act of… boldness.

'He is finally ours.' A voice in his mind said.

"Who was that?" Tsukune asked out loud. Neither girls answered him, but that voice did.

'Don't you recognize me, Tsukune?' The seductive and now familiar voice asked.

"Vampire Moka-chan." Tsukune said out loud again. "Why can I hear you?"

'How am I supposed to give you commands if you cannot hear my voice?' Moka asked rhetorically. 'And I am not 'Vampire Moka-chan'. I am the real Moka, the Inner Moka if you will. The one who is with you now is merely an illusion.'

Tsukune decided not to respond to that and instead let the girls 'manhandle' him some more. "So what brings on this sudden bout of boldness? Does it have something to do with that conversation you and Kurumu-chan had that one time?" He asked the rosary.

'Kurumu and I made a deal. I would not allow her to be near you, as I wanted you for myself… However, I knew that Kurumu would be a useful ally. So in return for her swearing herself to me as my vassal, I allowed her to have a relationship with you on the condition that she shared you with Omote and I.' Inner Moka explained.

"Great, I got sold off into slavery and I didn't even know it." Tsukune joked. The girls whispered apologies, but he cut them off again. "No more apologies." He repeated for what must be the umpteenth time.

"So wait, I take it that this Moka-chan, the one with me right now is Omote?" Tsukune asked. Moka nodded into his chest and he smiled. "It's a cute name for cute Moka-chan." He smiled as she blushed. "So what now?" He asked to the group at large.

"Nothing really. There are a few changes, but things will just continue on like normal for now… is that okay Tsukune?" Moka explained.

Tsukune stroked her hair and smiled. "Of course." He then looked to Kurumu. "Why did you swear yourself into her service? Am I really that important to you?"

"You're my destined one silly. Of course you're important to me!" She smiled and kissed him on the cheek. "This is no problem at all for me… and besides this means that Moka and I don't have to be in a constant battle over you."

"How the hell did I get three beautiful girls into roping me into a relationship with them?" Tsukune asked aloud to no one in particular. All three girls in question, Inner Moka included, (though nobody saw it of course) turned a deep red at his compliment.

[Fast forwarding to more recent memory…]

Tsukune was pushed down onto Moka's bed at the end of the day. It was about time to go to sleep, so he went to go back to his room, but unfortunately…

"Moka-chan, Kurumu-chan, I have to go to sleep now." Tsukune reminded.

They both smiled seductively, though it was more natural on Kurumu's face. "Now, now, Tsukune…" Kurumu began.

"Now that you're my familiar, you stay in my room." Moka finished and crawled into the bed. Kurumu followed suit quickly and both took up residence under one of his arms. Moka even went and used his chest as a pillow for her as she smiled contentedly. "Good night Tsukune."

"Good night Tsukune." Kurumu repeated as she cuddled up next to him on the king-sized bed.

Tsukune sighed in defeat. "Good night girls…" and he closed his eyes, fully expecting another Bleeding Effect attack.

[Fast forwarding to more recent memory…]

Tsukune was inside of a dark chamber. He looked around and thought to himself, 'Well this isn't the Bleeding Effect, that's for damn sure…'

"Ah good, you're here Tsukune." A voice next to him called. Tsukune turned around to see Inner Moka standing there with a smile on her face.

"Hey Moka-chan… where am I?"

"Inside the rosary, of course. While you sleep with the other me, I decided to get to know you a little better from in here." She said as she walked up to him. "So how has the change treated you?" She asked as she looked him over.

"Well, I'm curious about why the tips of my hair are pink and not silver like yours are… but other than that I find it extremely useful." He admitted.

"The tips of your hair will change depending on whether or not I am sealed. While I am out, it will probably be silver." Moka explained as she grabbed his hand and led him away.

"Huh, well I suppose that makes sense… where are we going, by the way?" Tsukune asked. No sooner than he asked that, he was in a bed in the darkness with Inner Moka cuddling up to him. "Okay… I'm not going to question any of this… well I'm going to try at least."

"Good boy." Moka teased. She pressed her head into his chest and closed her eyes. "I'm going to save the questions for another time… for now just please keep me company in here." She asked. It sounded more like a plea to Tsukune, and he wanted to make sure she wasn't lonely for some reason.

"This urge… this is what makes me follow your commands isn't it?" He asked. She nodded into his chest, and he noticed that he could resist it if he wanted to try hard enough…

But he decided to humor her for now and let her snuggle up next to him, asleep in the dream, but not completely.

[Fast forwarding to more recent memory…]

Tsukune woke up in the morning with Moka and Kurumu still cuddling him. He wanted to roll his eyes, as any other man would be willing to kill for this… then again, he certainly wouldn't mind waking up like this every day.

He was lying on the bed, unmoving as he did not want to wake the girls up just yet, and he thought about what to do now… Strange, he didn't normally have this anticipation, and yet he felt like there was something he was supposed to be doing, and he forgot what it was.

Moka stirred and yawned. She looked up and smiled, blushing at Tsukune. "Good morning Tsukune." She said as she gave him a kiss on the cheek, eliciting a blush from the Assassin.

"You're getting bold Moka-chan." He commented. She giggled and repositioned herself so that her head was in the crook of his neck.

"Can I suck?" She asked sweetly. His mind went to other directions when she asked that question but he nodded nonetheless. She went and bit his neck, humming in joy as she drank his blood.

Kurumu on the other hand woke up. "Uh, whosawaza? Oh, good morning Tsukune." She said sleepily. "And you too Moka." She added in her sleepy state.

"Morning Kurumu-chan." Tsukune added as he pat her on the head. Moka murmured something from her spot, which was her sucking on his neck, and he added, "Moka-chan says good morning too."

"I'm sure she did." Kurumu murmured as she tried to snuggle back into Tsukune again.

Tsukune looked over at the clock and said, "Come on girls, it's time for school so stop lying there and being cute…" He frowned. "I mean stop lying there… don't stop being cute." He smirked at the blushes on both girls' faces.

After much talking and teasing from Tsukune, the girls grudgingly got up to go get ready for the day. Kurumu kissed Tsukune on the cheek saying, "I'll see you in a little bit." Tsukune nodded, with a light blush on his face, and she walked out the front door.

'This is going to take some getting used to.' Tsukune thought. 'But I'm not complaining.'

"Don't look Tsukune." Moka commanded and Tsukune felt his head turn against his will while Moka changed.

"Curses, foiled by the command sequence." Tsukune muttered, and Moka giggled before smiling sadly.

'I wanted him to look, but I forgot that he's forced to do what I say…' She lamented.

'Then tell him to look if that's what you want.' Inner Moka said, rolling her currently non-existent eyes.

'No way, that would be embarrassing!'

Tsukune didn't get to hear any of this, but then he suddenly felt a jolt and a command. 'Look at me Tsukune.' The seductive voice of Inner Moka called.

Tsukune's head slowly turned to look at a half-naked Outer Moka who was blissfully unaware of his attention. His jaw dropped, because she was so damn gorgeous! She was wearing a pink bra that matched her hair and a pair of pink panties as well… 'She likes pink' Tsukune dumbly thought. He barely had enough time to register any more information in his current state when Moka seemed to notice his stares.

"Eek, Tsukune!" She yelled and she did the only thing she could to stop him from ogling her body… she gave him one of her soon-to-be-patented flying Moka-hugs. "Don't look!"

Tsukune's eyes closed and he said, "I blame the Inner Moka." He noticed that she hadn't gotten up yet. "And you're half-naked body is still lying on top of me… not that I mind." He honestly admitted. He felt a nosebleed coming, and was barely able to hold it back. Moka got up and quickly finished getting dressed before Inner Moka decided to do that again.

"Okay, you can look now Tsukune…" Moka weakly called. When he opened his eyes, her face looked like it would be stained in a permanent blush. Tsukune offered her his arm, which she took after a moment of hesitation.

The pair walked out of the room and met up with Kurumu on the way down.

[Fast forwarding memory to more recent event…]

"Hey Tsukune, check it out!" Moka called. The group was standing at the school's bulletin board, if you could call it that, and all the grades were posted. There were many shouts, cheers, and groans of grade status from the large crowd of first year students.

Tsukune was at the exact middle, which made him proud because he managed to not draw attention by being too low or too high on the chart.

Moka however… "I got number 13 on the board, what about you?" She asked excitedly as she took Tsukune's arm.

"Oh I got… 128." He made a funny little celebratory gesture, like cocking his arm back in triumph. "Perfection!"

Moka sweatdropped. "Tsukune…" She began.

"No, no, no, Moka-chan. This is good! I won't draw any attention to myself by being too high or too low on the board." Tsukune said smiling.

Leave it to the crowd to spoil his fun.

"Hey look! Blade-kun is smack dab in the middle!" One student yelled.

"He must be holding himself back to get a number like that!" A girl shouted.

"He must be like, SO smart to get his place on the board fixed like that!" A second girl announced.

"It sucks that Moka and Kurumu got him first!" A third girl exclaimed to the shouted agreements of several female students.

A few of them were fine with him being with Moka and Kurumu; they just wanted him to be with their pick. "Kurumu and Blade-kun look like a great couple though!" … Another girl.

"No way, you see his hair and eyes!? He's obviously given himself to Moka!" The mind-set of the female populace seems to be set to 'Blade-kun' today.

Kurumu was about to complain about her place on the board, which was dangerously close to the worst grade, but right now she and Moka were too busy blushing and looking at Tsukune to say anything. Tsukune on the other hand was getting fed up with his popularity… funnily enough. 'I'm not going to get anything done without everyone else knowing about it at this rate!' He shouted mentally. 'I really need to become incognito again soon!'

While on the inside he was frantic and trying to come up with ideas to become 'invisible' in the crowd once more, he looked rather calm and reserved on the outside. Moka and Kurumu took note of this, and began to wonder just what goes on in that head of his.

'If you want to know what he's thinking then just ask him to tell you, Omote.' Inner Moka quipped.

'But that seems like such an abuse of our ability over him…' Outer Moka thought.

'Do you want to know what's bothering him, or do you want him to just bottle it up? Knowing him, he'll just keep it on the inside and never tell anyone if you don't order him otherwise.'

'Well… but… I don't want to make him think that I… take him for granted…' Outer Moka thought nervously.

'I'll take care of this.' Inner Moka thought with a mental sigh.

Tsukune was coming up with plan number five, but then he heard the familiar voice of Inner Moka in his head. 'Tell Omote what's bothering you, Tsukune… please.' She added after some thought. Tsukune rolled his eyes. 'She worries about me too much… I can take care of myself.' He thought as he turned to Moka.

He walked up to her and pulled her into a hug, eliciting a pout from Kurumu, a blush from Moka, hate glares from many males, and the cheers of 'pro-MokaXTsukune' girls. "I'm just trying to figure out a way to blend in again Moka-chan, stop worrying about me all the time." He whispered to her. He then added, "Besides, I can take care of myself well enough… it's you I worry about." Moka, still blushing, nodded into his chest and he pulled apart from her. "And as for you Inner Moka-chan, you really shouldn't be abusing such a power… because I'm going to learn how to resist it eventually, and I'll resist your orders when it matters to me." He added, scolding the rosary slightly. He grinned. "It's a good thing I like being so familiar with Moka-chan so much, or else I would have tested that theory earlier when you had me look at her like that."

Looking at Moka, he briefly wondered if the people in space could see a dot of red in Japan right now.

He looked around and noticed a curious sight in the distance. There was a little girl, surrounded by several male students. The trio of males seemed to be taunting her or insulting her or something, and while he stared it seemed Moka followed the trail of his gaze and gasped.

Before he could even think about stopping her, Moka ran towards the little girl to intervene.

"Hey, you shouldn't be picking on girls!" Moka yelled as she bravely stepped between the three men and the little girl.

Tsukune ran to catch up, and managed to hear something that pissed him off a little. "Mm… She looks tasty." One of the three commented. Tsukune's eye twitched as he thought of at least two meanings behind that… neither was to his liking.

Tsukune walked up to the biggest man and tapped him on the shoulder. The biggest guy – probably the leader since that's how Youkai do things around here – turned around only to jump back in fear when he saw Tsukune. "Ah! What the hell!?"

The other two noticed Tsukune standing there and they took defensive stances. "What do you want, Blade-kun? This doesn't concern you!"

"It concerns Moka-chan, so it now concerns me." Tsukune said simply, glaring at the three. The crowd murmured collectively about his and Moka's involvement and the three men finally came to a decision.

The biggest guy scoffed. "Whatever, we don't have time for this anyway." With that said the biggest guy fast-walked for his life with his friends in tow. Tsukune chuckled a little bit at how effective the reputation he had could be, but that didn't make it less annoying as he might have just become more popular. Then again he might be lucky enough to have defended the wrong person and people would look down on him and…

"Blade-kun is so brave!" One girl said.

"Moka-san is too!" A fan girl said.

"Yeah, they're just perfect for each other, especially with his hair colored a little bit like hers!" Yet another girl might I add.

Tsukune was… annoyed to say the least. 'Hmm, maybe if I killed someone in my next fight they'd forget about me? No wait, that's why I'm so popular right now… That's it! I should fake my death!

"Are you okay?" Moka asked the little girl. Tsukune got a chance to look at her now, and she was wearing the usual school uniform except for the cape and witch hat, and it was obviously a witch hat. She had black hair that nearly reached her shoulders. She looked like she was a little girl, not a high school kid.

"I am now, thank you so much!" The witch-girl said smiling brightly.

"What's your name?" Moka asked, bending over slightly to be at her level. Many guys tried to get a look at her panties when she did that, but Tsukune poked her in the back and she straightened out. After giving him a questioning look, she turned back to the witch-girl.

"My name's Yukari Sendou!" Yukari said ecstatically.

"It's nice to meet you Yukari-chan, my name's…"

"Oh I know who you are; you're the great Moka Akashiya of course!" Yukari said with stars twinkling in her eyes. "In fact… I just wanted you to know that I…"

"I LOVE YOU!" Yukari announced, using the still-unpatented Moka-hug on her.

"Ehhh?" Moka was, needless to say, extremely shocked by the outburst. Yukari was gripping Moka tight in a hug while going on and on about how lonely she was but how she had always looked up to Moka, etcetera, etcetera.

Meanwhile Tsukune was a bit conflicted emotion-wise. On one hand, he found this all very amusing and thought Moka looked very cute all flustered like she was while trying to get the witch to let go. On the other hand, he was feeling a little… jealous. 'Which is weird since I don't exactly own Moka-chan… in fact it's the other way around.' Tsukune thought. He chuckled nervously and it seemed that at that Moka remembered he was with her.

"Tsukune, please help me!" She asked while being manhandled – or woman-handled if you want to be precise – by the little witch.

Thanks to the familiar bond, Tsukune did just that by accidentally tapping into his newfound strength and he pried the witch from Moka. Yukari was fuming from being separated, whereas Moka was obviously relieved.

"Hey, watch it you…" Yukari's eyes widened in fear. "You're that monster who killed all those innocent girls!" She accused while pointing at the Assassin.

"Eh?" Tsukune asked. He was honestly confused as he didn't kill anyone here, well except for… "Oh you mean the mermaids that were eating those guys right? I didn't mean to kill them, it just kind of happened." Tsukune admitted while rubbing the back of his head.

"You mean you don't even regret it?" Yukari asked loudly, which of course attracted the attention of everyone around him. Apparently, they wanted to know the answer to that too if the mutterings among them were anything to go by.

"Regret what? They attacked me and I fought back. If they died in the process then they died… you kind of take that risk when you attack people." Tsukune explained as though it was obvious. "There's a reason they call it 'lethal force.'"

"You didn't have to use a silver weapon on them!" Yukari shouted. The crowd gasped at the imagery… even though they were all there for it.

"How did you know I was using…" Tsukune's eyes widened. He recalled that the only reason he began to fight them in the water, leading to their deaths in the first place, was because he was pushed in by a girl…

Tsukune's voice was dangerously low and quiet, only Yukari and Moka would have been able to hear what he said next. "A girl had pushed me into the water before I started to fight the mermaids… was that you?"

Yukari blanched. "Well, uh…" She shrunk down before his gaze. His eyes turned blue as he started to use Eagle Vision. "No." She said in a small voice.


Tsukune gave her a look that made the witch turn around and run off, crying her eyes out.

"Tsukune! That was uncalled for!" Moka scolded.

Tsukune didn't even want to give an answer to that. He was so pissed right now that he needed to cool off. Without a word he walked away from the scene, and away from Moka.

"Tsu-Tsukune…" Moka called. "Tsukune!" She ran after him once he turned a corner around a school building. When she herself turned the corner to stop him, he was gone.

"Tsukune…" Moka murmured sadly.

[Moving through the area, please wait…]

Tsukune was on the roof of the school's main building. After he heard Moka call and felt her get closer, he somehow managed to climb up to the top of the building he was next to before she reached him.

He climbed about four stories in ten seconds.

Now, Tsukune doesn't have a math degree – far from it, he's pretty bad at normal math as it is – but that should be impossible, right? And yet…

'I really need to learn how to control this power of mine… though I'm going to have to make up with Moka before I can do any of that. I'm surprised she hasn't ordered me back yet.' Tsukune thought as he watched the courtyard below, bustling with activity.

'Tsukune, come home now.' Inner Moka's voice commanded. Tsukune felt that powerful urge to go back, as expected.

But he didn't want to go back, not right now.

In his rage-induced state, he found it easy to shrug off that urge and resist it. The best way to describe it would be the urge a smoker gets when he or she needs to smoke again… it was like obeying an addiction. At the moment, he was able to hold it off.

'Tsukune, Come Home.' Moka's voice commanded again, with anger in it.

'Oh I'm going to be paying in spades for this later, but she needs a reality check… I'm not her slave.' Tsukune thought. And with that in mind, he again resisted the urge to obey.

'Tsukune… please come home… please…' Moka's voice pleaded this time. The urge was much easier to resist now, but he felt guilty as he could almost hear the pleading tone. It made him wince to know that she could sound like that.

'Sorry Moka-chan… I'll be back tonight. Until then I have to figure out what action I need to take now. I mean, who knows why she pushed me in to make me fight… perhaps she was simply scared of me shooting them like I implied I would? Maybe they threatened her?' Tsukune tried to come up with a reasonable explanation, but a darker and angrier part of his mind thought…

'What if she did it to get to Moka? Would she throw me in a life threatening situation just to get a chance at Moka?'

The hopeful answer was 'no,' but given what he had just witnessed and heard… it could have also been 'yes.'

'Maybe I'm overthinking things. She is a little girl after all, and she might not have been thinking straight at the time…' Tsukune shrugged. He was watching the sunset and he smiled contentedly. 'I've never actually seen a sunset before… it's like they portray it to be; magical.'

The sky was a multicolor mess, with reds, yellows, and oranges filling the air instead of the usual blue. On the other side, where the moon would be, was a blood-red moon rising like it did every night. It was a crescent moon this time, kind of reminding him of a scythe blade in the sky.

He felt a twinge of terror and danger.

'Tsukune! Help me!' Moka begged.

Tsukune hopped over the fence and did a leap of faith into the bushes below. He didn't even register the pain as he got up and moved with startling speed in the direction of Moka. She was in the forest, Kami knows why.

'I just hope I get there in time.'

[Moving through the area, please wait…]

When he arrived on the scene, Yukari was against the tree, beaten and bruised. She was staring at a sight in front of her, and when he turned his head to look at it Tsukune's heart stopped.

Moka was being held against a tree by three lizard-men. They were like giant, two-legged lizards with green scales glistening in the faint light breaking through the trees. She was bruised as well, though the bruises were slowly disappearing by the second. The biggest lizard-man was licking his lips, if he had lips at least.


Searching database for keywords; Lizard-man…

1 entry found…

Opening entry; 'Lizard-men: Dinosaurs of the modern age?'

When I say 'Lizard-man' I quite literally mean; 'man who is a lizard,' although you could probably tell me that without having me tell you otherwise. Anyway, the point is that they're big lizards that walk on two feet and eat people… and the occasional Youkai if possible.

Other than the obvious giant lizard thing, they don't have any physical alterations in their human forms that would give them away… But there are a few things to look out for. Lizard-men are territorial and very 'pack-oriented' in their society. They rarely make friends, but when they do they are fiercely loyal to said friend. Now I know what you're thinking… 'That sounds like any gang member you'd meet on the street!' Well funnily enough, most Lizard-men tend to be gang members. (Fun fact!)

Now while I DO encourage the hunting of real gang members when possible – damn scum-bags they are – I cannot encourage you to just start killing people that you think are Lizard-men just because of those two things… after all, you might just be killing some random 'half-decent' gang member instead of a Lizard-man or a gang member who deserves to kick the bucket.

Other things to look for? Well, any obvious conversations about dinner that might be… questionable at best. Just do the usual things; eavesdrop, research, gather rumors I don't care what!

Now that we have that out of the way, time for combat. Lizard-men fight with claws and teeth, much like a wild animal. They are very ferocious, inside of combat or outside, and fight with instinct instead of skill. Their scales are pretty tough, making it a viable backup to Mer Scale armor, but the scales aren't very durable all things considered.

Silver weapons can penetrate the scales with ease, although I have no idea why. Holy Water works on them, as they do most non-water element Youkai. A gun is always a feasible choice, but there is one thing to remember here… They fight in packs. Guns are fine as long as you're good enough to kill each and every one of them before you run out of ammo.

Lizard-men are rated as 'C' class Youkai by the way, which is why they are only dangerous in groups.

So, Lizard-men…

Do they have a good chance of making it in 'high human society?' Are they fairly reasonable and charitable individuals? Will I ever decide to drop the hyphen and just call them 'Lizard men?'

The answers… come right now.


Closing entry…

Shutting down…


"Let's see what you have behind those clothes." The head lizard said with a feral grin. He tore off Moka's shirt, revealing her pink bra. Tsukune growled, and the lizard-men whirled around to see him.

Tsukune activated his Eagle Vision and the sight for the lizards was quite disturbing.

To them, they saw a figure shrouded in darkness with glowing blue eyes… staring right at the leader with the upmost hatred.

"Who the hell are you?" The leader growled. Tsukune stepped out of the shadows and Moka looked up with hope clear in her eyes.

"Oh, you know just who I am…" Tsukune said in a low voice.

"Blade! What the hell are you doing here!?" The leader asked, slightly afraid. "Why do you care about this bitch?" He asked, back-handing Moka across the face. "What would you possibly do for her anyway?" He asked in a contemptuous tone.

"Take back what you said… Take back what you did… Beg for her forgiveness…" Tsukune said. Then he seemed to change his mind. "As for what I would do for Moka-chan…"

Tsukune lunged at the leader and the other lizard-men jumped out of the way in shock. Tsukune punched the lizard-man in the gut with familiar-enhanced strength. "I would hurt for her."

The leader growled and aimed a punch at Tsukune, who stepped out of the way while extending his left hidden blade. "I would bleed for her." Tsukune slashed upwards, causing a large cut to form on the lizard-man's face and blood spurted out.

The lizard-man slashed at Tsukune who was cut by the attack, though the wound was already slowly closing. "I would risk life for her." He said and he pierced the lizard-man's leg with his hidden blade. The leader went down to one knee and attempted to stab Tsukune with his claws, only to get caught in Tsukune's grasp.

The look on Tsukune's face was impossible to describe. Hatred was close, but even that seemed too weak for it.

"I will kill for her." Tsukune growled, and he stabbed the lizard-man in the heart with his right hidden blade. The leader's eyes widened and he coughed out blood. Seconds after, he fell to the ground, dead from the stab.

The air was silent as Tsukune tore off a piece of the leader's already damaged uniform and used it to clean his hidden blades. "Who's next?" Tsukune asked in a dangerous voice.

The two lizard-men ran for their Kami-given lives from him like he was the Shinigami himself.

Moka looked at her love-interest with worry and – she was ashamed to admit it – fear. Yukari was shaking in absolute terror. Tsukune didn't want to look at them and see their emotions. He didn't want to know if Moka was afraid of him, worried for him, or even proud of him. He said with his head turned in the other direction, and Eagle Vision off, "Take care of Yukari-chan, Moka-chan… I'll be at home." He said with a shaky voice. And he left them there, only looking at them to know if Moka was in any condition to take care of the young girl. She was, so he left.

[Fast forwarding to more recent memory…]

Tsukune climbed into Moka's room via the window. Once he did, he took a quick bath, and he lied down onto the bed without saying a word to himself or anyone that might have been there… which there wasn't, but he was still unusually quiet.

He closed his eyes, waiting for sleep to take him, but it refused to accept him. He eventually heard the lock on the door move and heard the door open. He didn't need to look to see if it was Moka, because his mental directions to her said it really was her. She didn't say anything to him either; she instead just climbed into the bed, not even taking a bath or anything to clean herself off.

It was then that she said something.

"I'm so sorry…" She whispered in his ear. And Tsukune felt tears slide down onto his face from hers. He turned to look at her and her eyes were red, like she'd been crying a lot, and there was a faint streak of moisture from a tear. He felt very guilty, because he knew that it was his fault for this. He pulled her into his embrace and her sobs renewed while he pressed her into his chest. She repeated it over and over again, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry…" But he didn't even know why she apologized. She didn't do anything wrong.

After what felt like an hour of her sobbing, she calmed down and fell asleep in his arms. He smiled and tried to do the same, and sleep finally accepted him into its dark embrace.

[End Sequence]

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