Tales of Vesperia 1.5 Twist of Events

Hello! I finally decided to work on this. There are several things that bother me in the game and I wonder if a few elements changed would toss the whole story upside down. Of course a lot of things here will be changed, though starting out the same/similar. It will basically start in the middle of the game around when the changes will occur. I don't wanna give out too much right now but for a few characters I'll have to... interfere with their skills... Oh, I don't know Patty's character well enough to use her but she might be in it as a minor role?

I'll try to leave my commentary and explanations at the end of each chapter rather than in the middle. Please bare with the beginning. It will be very similar to the game for that part but it will change quite a lot. If anything, just skip halfway through this one.

Summary: In the midst of their adventure, our heroes have encounter other problems to be remedied while traveling for their own reasons. Had they obtain another ally during their quest, would the outcome been entirely different? Had there been more obstacles and even worse enemies, would the travelers been able to put a clean end to the chaos brought upon Terca Lumireis?



Chapter 1 Travel Buddies

The spiral blastia stood in the middle of the town, Heliord. Yuri and company were taking in a room where a knight with his two subordinates stood, questioning out loud a list of seemingly endless charges on Yuri. He and his allies sat, just listening rather inattentively.

"Wow, Yuri. That's a lot of charges," a small boy, Karol, commented, looking at the long dark hair troublemaker who sat there slightly amused at the minor and silly charges. Still, overall, long and soporific.

"Yeah, nothing really serious though," he replied nonchalantly.

"Nothing serious?!" cried the knights. "Ahem... Continuing on..." Leblanc, the knight in charged there, said. "Is it true that you threw a knight sent to collect the taxes into the river?" When was there a river in Zaphias that wasn't caused by the temporary flood of the fountain...?

"Wow, I'd forgot about that. Was that you, Tweedle A?" he addressed one of the other two knights.

"That's right! I was stuck in bed with a cold for three whole days thanks to you!" Adecor, aka Tweedle A, responded. He was the taller and skinnier of the two subordinates.

"He actually responded to that..." Rita muttered. "What an idiot..."

"You can say that again... Ugh, just how many more are there? This is getting pretty boring," Yuri complained.

"I wonder what's gonna happen to me...? I've never been in a position like this!" Karol worried about his crime-free status. He looked down towards the floor, pondering about it further.

"So, I'll write you have 'no sign of remorse' in the report then," Boccos, the other knight stated.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever Tweedle B... Where's that do-nothing captain of yours, anyways? What was his name? Schwann?"

"Playing hooky since he's the big shot!" Rita answered, worked up from the boredom of being dragged along.

"You dare mock our captain? Sir Schwann is a legendary hero and a veteran of the Great War ten years ago," Leblanc declared defensively.

"That's still no excuse for never showing up..." Yuri muttered.

"So basically, his eminence would never stoop so low as to deal with nobodies like us," the mage scoffed and looked the other way. Repede yawned, getting up from a nap he took as the inquiry continued. Yuri swung his right arm over and patted Repede on the head.

"Had a good nap? These guys can put you to sleep by just talking."


"Quiet, I say, Quiet! Getting on to your next offense..." decided a frustrated Tweedle. He obviously couldn't come up with a good retort or defense. Then another knight and his accomplice entered the door, directing all the attention onto them.

"Y-your Excellency Commandant Alexei! To what do we owe the pleasure?!" Leblanc immediately addressed. The knights saluted. They looked nervous as the older knight was about to speak.

"All your crimes are hereby pardoned by the good graces of their Highnesses Estellise and Ioder," Alexei clearly ignored his underlings and faced Yuri and pals.

"What? But-"

"The Imperial Knights thank you for rescuing Price Ioder and protecting Princess Estellise." Yuri stood up. The female accomplice held out a reward to show their gratitude.

"We've got no need for this. It's not like we did those things for the sake of the Knights," Yuri bluntly stated. The two were about to take their leave until he spoke again. "What about Estelle?"

"She had just given her consent to be returned to the imperial capital."

"What?" Karol got up at the news but calmed down. "Well I guess she is the princess..."

"The Princess is waiting at the inn. We would be pleased if you made an appearance." Finally the Commandant took his leave. Something about his tone says that he doesn't really care. Perhaps it was just his emotionally distanced speech since as a Knight, one couldn't let his or her emotions run array. Or he's just dreadfully monotone.

"Well, I guess we're free then. It was nice talking to you three. Sorta..." Yuri mocked-saluted Leblanc and co as he walked out with his friends.

"Let's go see Estelle!" Rita ordered, finally able to get out of that prison like room. The other two agreed and headed for the inn. Along the way, they took a good look at their surroundings. It was a rather dull atmosphere, as if a storm was approaching.

"Where are we anyways?" The leader glanced at the buildings and structures.

"This is a new city, Heliord. Geographically speaking, it's located between Torim Habor and Dahngrest. If you followed this road east you'll hit Caer Bocram," informed their mini captain. Along the way, they encountered Yuri's good buddy, Flynn, who was also with the prince. Yuri left the party.

"Oh, so both of you were here this whole time!" Yuri playfully exclaimed.

Almost letting out a sigh, Flynn lectured tiredly, "Yuri, please watch your speech in from of His Royal Highness. It's the least you could do for the gracious pardoner of your crimes..." Ioder bowed as Flynn spoke, keeping his happy attitude and smile on his face.

"It's okay, Flynn. Miss Estellise and I acted of our own volition," the noble shrugged. "As for Miss Estellise, the royal family can't be allowed to romp all over the countryside without restraint."

"That's not very convincing, coming from you," Yuri replied. "It's not like we were getting to that big of a mess... Do all members of the royal family have an ignorant, happy-go-lucky attitude? Not that it's a really bad thing but..."

"Haha, I apologize. But now especially, it's undesirable for the royal family's concerns to be brought into the public eye."

"Yeah, I understand. Well, I'm gonna go drop by Estelle's place, and then I'm gonna take a load off at the inn. Thanks for the chat." Yuri turned around from the two and waved a hand. He joined the others who were waiting, somewhat impatiently for one of them. Yuri reunited with the others.

At the inn, Estelle sat thinking about whether or not she should have kept her identity from them for so long. The room looked just like the interrogation room! The hour horror started to come back. Somehow... Flynn beat them back... How...? "What the hell?! Flynn? Weren't you back with Ioder not so long ago?"

"You've gotten slower Yuri, also a little blind if you didn't see me walk past you," his old friend teased.

"The barrier blastia's been making some odd noises. Do you think it's okay?" he changed the subject but thought back to the earlier walk.

"You came all the way over here because you were worried about that? Same old Yuri, you can't leave anything alone if you see something amiss."

"Hey, it's not me!" he defended himself. "She was the one that-"

"It's obvious that something's not right with that blastia. Let me have a look at it!"" Rita interrupted. Her blastia fascination skyrocketed their concerns.

"It's currently under the state of repair. I cannot let-" Then there was a sudden vibration that seemed to be coming from the blastia. "Your Highness, you must stay here!" Flynn ordered as they all made their way down. Outside the blastia glowed. The aer thicken immensely. The density was enough to kill. Rita made her way to the spiral regardless. She refused to listen to the advices of others. Alexei had ordered everyone to retreat. Estelle rushed to Rita's side and used her healing powers. The heavy glow of the blastia disappeared about Rita and Estelle were worn out. They were taken to the inn for rest. The party sat in another room and waited for the mage's recovery. Estelle constantly used her powers to try to heal her friend.

"Don't over exert yourself," Yuri sternly ordered. Estelle just shrugged him off. She rather left herself bear the burdens and pains while healing others. He failed to talk her into taking some rest and just walked out. In the hall sat Karol. "What's the matter?"

"Yuri... Do you want to start a guild with me?" He asked hesitantly.

"A guild... Yeah, that's an idea. I'll think about it."

"Really?" the boy happily cried.

"Yeah, go get some rest." He reentered the room and found Rita awake while Estelle... dead like. "So she collapsed anyways... If though I told her over and over again to call me before that happens..."

"You really think she'll listen to you?" Then an armored person riding on what appears to be a flying whale... or what they call a dragon...

"What the?!" It attacked, causing the building to shake. After a moment it left, leaving them confused. What... Was that about? When a moment passed they decided to sleep it off but it bothered them. The next day, they agreed to see Estelle off, or at least to where Flynn was. She was a bit hesitant about leaving the party who decided to go to Dahngrest. Flynn waited for them at the blastia.

"Ready to go, princess?" the knight asked.


"... Miss Mordio, we would like you to go to the forest of Keiv Moc to investigate the blastia malfunction."

"Keiv Moc? Oh yeah, the plants affected by the disaster yesterday looked just like the ones in that forest," Karol commented.

"Bleh, plants are out of my league," Rita shooed the request aside.

"Please consider it connecting to the aer," Flynn tried a different approach.

"... If Estelle's going to the capital then I wanna go with her," she crossed her arms and faced the other way.


"Then it should be fine if I go with her to the forest," Estelle suggested, half hiding her happiness that she could stay with the party a bit longer.

"But..." He sighed. "Fine... Yuri-"

"Yeah, I know. I'll protect her."

"Yes, please do, but I'm coming too!" There was a moment of silence and stares.


"You heard me!"

"What about your knightly duties?"

"One of them is protecting the Princess! Another one is making sure you don't get into more trouble..."

"... In other words, you're monitoring me... Creepy... But I can't guarantee that there won't be more trouble. I'm cursed after all." Yuri gave in. Estelle and Flynn officially join the party.

They were heading out of town when they encountered a familiar face. He had messy gray hair tied back into a puffy ponytail, a purple cloth draped over shoulders, and he had a rather lazy expression on his face. "You're..."

"YOU! I'm SO gonna roast you for what you did back at Capua Nor!" Rita chased after the old man, already chanting a spell.

"Well, we're gonna have to wait for her to calm down."

"Who was that?" Flynn asked.

"Some old man."

"That hurts. Remember the fun times we had back in prison?" the old man pouted, having returned from the run. He apparently ditched the angry mage.

"Hardly know this guy. Let's go find Ri-"

"HAH!" the girl returned with a punch to Raven's back. "Serves you right!"

"Hey, that hurt! Don't you know how to treat an old man properly, little miss?" he complained.

"Whatever! Let's just go!"

"Waaaait!" They looked at Raven for a moment, waiting for him to speak. "I wanna come!"

"This isn't fun and games, old man," Yuri said.

"Hey, don't worry, I won't hold ya back. I can fight too. You all seem like an interesting bunch."

"What are we, entertainment to you?"

"Nah, considerate redemption for what happened earlier."

"Then you took a hit for nothing." He was silent for a moment. It did hurt. A lot.

"You bring up a very good point, but this old man can take a beating as if it's child's play."

"Oh is that so?" Rita grinned evilly, readying her fists.

"Let's just go before Flynn decides to arrest Rita for brutally murdering an old man," Yuri suggested as he led the group outside the town with Estelle lecturing Rita about using people as punching bags even if they were asking for it. In the forest, there was thick vines and heavy foliage. There was no distinct pathway. All they could do was wonder around aimlessly, hoping that they'll end up in the right place. "So... Where do we head first?" Yuri asked the party. Left, right, forward, diagonal. All they saw were trees, bushes, vines, plants, plants, plants... Occasionally some monsters.

"Umm, it won't hurt to go forward right? I mean, we won't be going in circles that way," Karol suggested. His geography knowledge was of no use at the moment but they went ahead with his idea.

Skit: All I See Is Green

Estelle: Wow, look at all these various types! Some of these are very rare.

Rita: They're just plants. Nothing special about them.

Estelle: A forest is like a garden. The beauty of the flowers, the elegance of nature-

Rita: All I see is green.

Estelle: I read about some of these contain healing properties, even the poisonous ones.

Karol: That means we could just use those if we ever run out of gels!

Rita: No way, I rather stay wounded than to risk being poisoned.

Karol: Just because you can't tell the differ-

Rita: HAH! -punch-

Karol: OW!

"Hey Flynn, you sure we're going the right way? We've been walking straight for an hour now," Yuri asked. He stopped walking, causing everyone else to cease too.

"Why are you asking me?" The knight tilted his head to the side a bit.

"Well, you were the one who told Rita to come here. Surely you didn't expect her just wonder about, maybe get lost, and somehow figure how to get through by herself, did you Mr. Knight,"

"Drop the tone, Yuri. Unfortunately that was the case. My apologies. I was only ordered to deliver the request."

"What?! Bah I should have just denied this stupid request," the furious mage stomped her foot, arms crossed, steam fuming out of her head.

"Once again, I apologize. However as a researcher of Aspio, you cannot simply deny or ignore our orders."

"Well, it's too late for that anyways. What do we do now? Go back or keep going?" Yuri brought them back to the point of the stop. The party passed glances at each other.

"Let's keep going. We've come this far already!" Karol enthusiastically answered.

"Alright Captain Karol. Any ideas which direction? ...Old man?" Raven looked up at the sound of his 'name'.

"Hmm... If I have to pick, I'd say... Left," Raven responded with a smug look.

"Left...? Fine." With they head to their left. As the came closer to the heart of the forest, they encountered more and more monsters. "Azure Edge! Looks like the old man has a good sense of direction." He sent a couple more slashes at an eggbear.

"Glad that I came along?"

"I guess." Clearing through that set of fiends. The forest gradually felt heavier. The aer was dense just like the blastia in Heliord the day before.

"We're getting close... What could be the cause of such dense aer...?" Rita muttered. She analyzed the red aer that was normally green.

"It'll be a problem if the source of this is too dense. Be careful. If it's too dangerous, we will fall back!" Flynn demanded. If that was the case, the real problem would be keeping the mage away from the aer. Soon enough, a pool of aer laid before their eyes. The density was high but tolerable, so as long as they are not there too long. Before they could get close, a giant scorpion (see author's note at end of chapter) hopped down in their path.

"Looks like we get some action! Fang Strike!"

"Is this really the time for battle, Yuri?! Sword Rain Alpha!"

"Heh, it's not like we can avoid it!" Gigalarva dodged their attacks and sent a shockwave. "Fast, aren't ya?! Azure Wolf Strike!"

The scorpion screeched, swinging its tail over the team, knocking them aside.

"Urgh... Outta my way! Fire ball!"

"First Aid!"

Then it stung Flynn.

"... Recover!"

"Woof!" Crescent Fang.

"Watch out! Dragon Upper!"

"Let ol' Raven help you kids. Rain!" It stabbed them with its tail then walked to the center to heal. Raven skipped to it and left it a little present preventing it from healing. Angry, it sent a flood shockwaves and went all out on slash and stabs.

"Ah! Nice job, you idiot!" Rita spat while recovering from the spam. "Eruption!"


"Hey, it can't heal now! I did us all a favor," Raven defended.

The party dealt their damages onto the monster with Estelle backing them up. It let out another screech before collapsing.

"What a pest! Now the aer..." Rita was about to make her way to the pool again until more scorpions leaped out of the trees, surrounding them. They heard the cry for help from the dying monster. "OH COME ON!"

"You've got to be kidding me... We can't stay here much longer..." Yuri grumbled, readying his sword once more. Must be his curse bringing bad luck again. Then another tree jumper, a human this time, landed before them. He had long white hair, a glowing sword, and donned black and red garments. He raised the sword up and a flash occurred. When the light was gone, the scorpions were no longer there. Even the aer calmed down, returning to its normal green appearance. "Wha- Who's he?"

"Duke..." Raven answered. He appears to be acquainted with the weird man.

Duke simply made his way out of the area until Rita called out, "Wait! What is that sword? Let me see!" She ran up and quickly examined it as he waited a bit. "How did you do that?"

"What good would that knowledge do you?" Duke questioned rather coldly.

"Well if I could figure out the formula then maybe we could stop the blastia from going berserk."

"This was only a distortion. It is a natural occurrence." Estelle then made her way over to give him her thanks for saving them.

"We seem to cross paths a lot. What brings you to these remote areas? This isn't a normal place to go for a walk." Yuri asked.

"... Do not go near the aer krenes..."

"Are you speaking of the pool of aer?" Flynn pondered. "Aer krenes. Is that what they're called? Not only that but there's multiple of them."

"They are springs of which all aer come from." He appears to rather unsocialable yet he does respond to the party's calls.

"You still didn't answer my question," Yuri spoke again. "Hmm.. Let's try it this way... We're here to check out why blastias are reacting oddly since there seems to be a connection between here and Heliord's fiasco yesterday. Now, what are you doing here?"

"..." Duke remained silent for a while. It's really not a hard question to answer.

"If you want to get going, why don't you just answer the kid's question?" Raven joined in on the conversation, or rather interrogation.

"Kid..?" Yuri muttered, baffled at Raven's choice of words.

"... Was my action not clear?" the mysterious man asked back.

"You're jumping off trees?" Karol blurted out, attracting the attention onto him. Rita gave him a whack on the head for that stupid outburst. "Ow!"


"Are you calming down all these aer krenes?" Estelle asked something more reasonable than what Karol guessed.

"... I am."

"Was that really so hard to say? A grown man having such a hard time expressing himself. Such a shame," Raven mocked light heartedly.

"..." Someone didn't take the comment too well. He glared at the old man, but said nothing and did nothing.

"You can punch him if you want. He said so himself that he could take a beating," Rita offered much to Raven's surprised, jaw dropped and all. Duke didn't do anything though and the mage went off to examine the aer at a distance.

"Sir, that was a bit rude even if you didn't mean it," Flynn lectured. "You're almost as bad as Yuri."

"Hey!" the mentioned man exclaimed. "Come on, Flynn, you know he can't reach my level."

"Is that really something to be proud of...?"

He shrugged, "I am what I am. But what about Rita? She's pretty mean herself."

"It's easier for me to pick on you."

"Whatever. Well," Yuri turned to face his allies and the strange guy. "If there isn't anything else, we can take our leave. Hey, Duke, since we encounter each other anyways and we're basically involved in similar stuff, why don't you come with us?"

"..." The usual response. Give it a few minutes or so and you might get an answer. The entire party stared, awaiting an answer or at least some sort of notion of yes or no. Duke closed his eyes, thinking about it more. "... For now, I shall." Duke has joined the party.

"Took your time didn't ya. Let's go to Dahngrest. Lead the way, Captain Karol."

"Huh?! Me?"He gave him the reassuring look. "Umm okay. Dahngrest is just to the west of Heliord. So we should make our way back first. W-what?" They all still had their eyes on him and not taking a step.

"We're following your lead."

"R-right!" Karol felt nervous. He's been kicked out of every guild for his lack of courage but these guys are patient with and willing to listen to him. Ever since he met them, he grew bit by bit. He doesn't want to let them down. The boy recalled the paths they took up to the aer krene. Soon enough the party went to the right since they had went left upon Raven's suggestion. They could have just cut through but... The safer the better.

Skit: Flynn or Yuri?

Karol: Hey Repede seems get along well with Flynn like when he's with you, Yuri.

Yuri: Well, we both took care of Repede when he was just a pup. So I'm not surprised that he treats us the same.

Karol: Repede, who do you like more: Flynn or Yuri?

Repede: -whimpers-

Flynn: That's not something you could really ask him to do. It's like asking him to pick who he prefers from his parents.

Yuri: Hey! I'm not liking that comparison...

Raven: Oh, but it makes sense.

Rita: The pup could also be thinking, "Should I tell them?"

Estelle: You mean Repede does have a favorite but doesn't want to say because he doesn't want to hurt the other person's feelings?

Rita: Something like that.

Repede: ARF! -runs away-

Yuri: Repede! Man, did he escape 'cause your assumption was true or was it 'cause of the pressure...?

"Yes! We're finally out of there!" Karol cheered. The forest was like a maze.

"Save your energy, Dahngrest is still far away," Flynn advised.

"I know. I'm just happy to be out of there."

"Good job, Capt'n Karol. Now you can take us to the guilds head quarters," Yuri patted the boy on the head and brought back pressure.


"Go easy on him," Estelle lectured.

"Do you want to take a break or something then?"

"Actually, I'm getting a bit hungry." Soon enough their stomachs started grumbling, hints of pink appeared on some faces.

"Who's cooking...?" Picking up a handful of twigs, they selected one. Whoever had the shortest was the chef for the day. Depending on who cooks, one of the following skits occur.

Skit: Common Cooking

Yuri: Looks like I'm cooking today.

Karol: That's great. Your food is so good!

Yuri: It's just a simple recipe...

Estelle: It may be simple but it is delicious.

Raven: A felon? With good cooking? This I gotta see for myself.

Yuri: Hey, I was cleared of my charges. Besides, felon is a bit stretched isn't it? I'm just your everyday trouble maker.

Flynn: That's not something to be proud of, Yuri! Although I have to agree, Yuri has excellent cooking.

Yuri: I'll make sure to put extra bones in your food, old man. You know, for calcium.

Raven: !

Yuri cooked Beef Bowl. Quite filling.

Skit: Give It A Try

Repede: ARF!

Rita: What! The pooch counts too?!

Yuri: Why not? He's a part of the team too.

Rita: I am not eating dog food!

Yuri: It's not that bad. Give it a try. Or you can starve.

Repede: ARF! Grr... ARF ARF!

Karol: Sounds... New... I'll try but...

Repede: ARF! ARF!

Karol: Wah! Okay okay! I give in!

Repede cooked Dog Food. Delicious food that dogs just love. Humans... Not so much.

Skit: Practice Time

Estelle: Oh! I get to practice my cooking skills!

Flynn: M-miss Estellise, you never cooked before!

Yuri: Actually, she has. After she left the castle.

Estelle: I'll make sure it tastes extraordinary.

Flynn: E-extraordinary?

Rita: Stop worrying! She's not that bad. In fact, she might be better than you.

Yuri: You're not far off from the truth.

Estelle cooked Sandwich. You can't go wrong with a sandwich unless you cook what you shouldn't.

Skit: Cooking Pressure

Karol: I'm cooking? Okay, I'll do my best!

Estelle: I look forward to tasting it.

Karol: Heh heh.

Flynn: I wonder what kind of food you'll make.

Karol: I-I... Don't know how to make a lot of types...

Flynn: Oh, I apologize. I mean I'm curious to try the result. I never seen you cook before so-

Karol: Uh... Just wait over there! I can't concentrate when you're all watching and hovering over me!

All: Sorry.

Karol cooked Miso Soup. A tasty drink but what will fill their stomachs?

Skit: Whose Fault Is it

Rita: Ugh... Cooking takes too much time.

Estelle: I'm sorry but you got the shortest stick.

Rita: I know I'll just roast some food together!

Karol: You want us to eat fire?!

Raven: That's not cooking. That's wasting our resources!

Rita: Well don't make me cook!

Karol: You're the one who picked the shortest stick!

Rita: That's not my fault!

Raven: Actually, it kind of is...

Rita cooked Veggie Stir Fry. A nice meal but a "tad" burnt.

Skit: Extreme Difference

Flynn: Oh, so it's me.

Yuri: I can take your place. I mean now that I think about it, I want to cook.

Flynn: No, I got the shortest stick so I'll cook. Besides you always cooked for me in the past. I'll cook for you this time.

Yuri: ... I failed...

Estelle: Is he terrible?

Yuri: If he follows the recipe closely, he can put any chef to shame. But what I'm worried about is if he tries to follow his dead taste buds.

Rita: What? It's enough to kill someone?

Yuri: It can be a potential weapon.

Estelle: ... I'm scared...

Flynn cooked Clam Chowder. Looks and smells great yet the slightest bite will knock you out.

Skit: Be Awed

Raven: You're going to make an old man like me cook?

Rita: What? Can't cook?

Raven: As a matter of fact, Little Miss Fire Ball, I can.

Rita: Oh really?

Raven: Cooking is a must. Women love a man who can cook.

Yuri: Then get to it, old man. Prove just how great you are.

Raven: Fine, fine. Be awed by my astonishing cooking skills!

Raven cooked Omlette Rice. Omlette or rice? Why not both?

Skit: Experience

Duke: ...

Flynn: You've barely joined and we're already asking you to cook. My apologies.

Duke: ... I have never cooked before.

Karol: W-what? Well you can learn now. Maybe you have a knack for it.

Yuri: Let's hope it isn't as bad as Flynn's attempt...

Flynn: What?

Yuri: Nothing. You could be a decent cook like when Estelle first started. It was edible.

Estelle: It wasn't okay?

Yuri: I said it was edible. So it's okay.

Estelle: Oh... I'm sure you'll be able to cook something good!

Duke cooked Mabo Curry. Potato, onion, rice, tofu, and tomato all cooked properly, yet it's tasteless!

Now that they have fully regained energy, disregarding whether the food was good or not. The group arrived at Heliord. Nothing seem amiss there as they passed though. Dahngrest was just a couple miles away. Nearby bushes shuffled.

"What was that?" Estelle gasped.

"The wind?" Yuri suggested.

"No... The wind is still..." A giant shadow glazed over the lot. It stretched forth and swallowed them into seemingly endless darkness.


Long chapter. But I needed to get details out of the way for more freedom. A lot of it is pretty similar ain't it? Some are exactly the same. I'll try to make it a lot different. I'm bad when coming up with titles. You've probably noticed all the lame skit names and sucky/lack of detail. Sorry if they're out of character too, I'm not good with things like that. Oh my spelling and grammar aren't the best. Sorry.

Explanation time. Obviously I'll have to debuff or whatever Flynn and Duke's skills, level, strength, etc. It's not fun if they're overpowered. Flynn in the PS3 version I believe doesn't join until much later. Patty too but I haven't even introduced her here. I doubt Duke trains since he wasn't a part of the party so his level when you fight him as the final boss was probably the same at the beginning of the game. Duke is a shady- I mean enigma. Even with the side quest info, we don't know too much about him. So... I kind of have to play the guessing game with his character and history that wasn't revealed in the game. Just so you know, I tend to interpret things differently so if you're like "what" just bare with it. I'll try to explain my decisions. For example, I think he might be a vegetarian. I mean he's like all nature-y and such with the animals and whatnot (end of game). Kind of reasonable. Personally, it made more sense for him to join the party rather than be the final boss.

Gigalarva... I swear it looks like a scorpion but then I read on a guide that it's a crab cause it drops a crab shell. That baffled me! I had to look it up and check a bunch of stuff. Apparently it's an insect. I'm at a lost for words. The point is, it's something and it doesn't matter now.

I'll try to make it more interesting, keep them in character, and give them all a chance to speak. I have to juggle like ten party members. See how I screw myself over? Ahem, I shall stop blabbing on now.

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