Tales of Vesperia 1.5 Twist of Events

Being buried under loads of work, trying to salvage free time is quite difficult. (Flips desk over). I think I'm mixing game mechanisms between this and my other fanfic... They're just minor details but it kinda changes the atmosphere a bit. Oh well, I'm too used it so please bear with it.

Oh for future references, I was told there is no lightning classification in ToV but it's just too weird for it to be labeled as fire wind. So there is lightning here.


Tales of Brothers- Thanks for taking the time to write a review :) Yuri is quite harsh with his words, but he cares too, in his own unique way. Bad Yuri needs to be nicer to Flynn, tough love/friendship whatever. I feel like someone will try to put me into a mental hospital when I try to, I dare say, think like Zagi. That guy, has issues. Of course we'll stay true to the game in terms of his persistent stalking. Truth be told, since it takes a while to even find the right part I just guess and hope my faulty memory lasts. OR google is your friend. :)


Chapter 3 Rat Hunt and Guild

"Argh... Didn't see that coming... You two alright?" Yuri rubbed the back of his head while he asked his allies. They pushed themselves off the ground.

"Woof!" Repede shook some dust off his coat.

"Well I'm alright since I had a landing cushion," Judith answered.

"My back isn't suppose to be soft... Not sure how I could have gained some fat during all this mess too..." Glancing at their surroundings, they slowly took a couple steps forward in the dark with only a dim light to help guide. Hand tracing the wall and the around, the area was rather narrow and straight forward with various crates and barrels on the sides. Bump. "Great, dead end."

"Oh? Maybe there's a door. It feels quite strange for there just to be a room like this here with only an exit leading to an alley," Judith proposed. Yuri agreed, searching the wall for a handle or knob of some sort. Klack.

"Found it, but it seems locked or stuck. I wonder where we are." He slid his blade through the narrow gap between the door and the frame. Click.


"They're getting roused up..." The Don muttered. Outside began getting noisy, shouts and clatter from around.

"What's going on?" Estelle asked.

"It hasn't been so great for guilds lately. They're becoming restless. It can't be helped for now. Just let them be a little noisy and it'll just eventually die down."

"Sounds like a huge mess outside if you ask me..." Rita crossed her arms.

"There are some issues going on that has yet ta be resolved, but that's our business."

"Guilds fighting guilds... It's going to be very ugly... Also suspicious guilds... Then the knights are going to get involved..." Karol muttered to himself. "Come to think of it, Yuri and the others have been gone for a while? Where did they go?"

"Heh. That moron, his pooch, and Judith probably got themselves lost," Rita commented.

"Sir," Flynn spoke up. In the background, the door behind appeared to be... wiggling? "About the-" That same door opened and three figures walked in nonchalantly. "WHAT THE! YURI?! REPEDE?! Miss?" Everyone, startled, looked at Flynn then traced his stare.

"Well nice to see you too, Flynn" Yuri replied casually.

"Where did you come from? The entrance is that way," the Don himself was confused.

"This 'entrance'." Yuri pointed to the door in the back.

"That's the storage."

"Figured as much with that many crates and barrels, but why would there be an open hole in storage?"

"Ah yes, since it appears you discovered it, that is in fact the emergency exit."

"..." There was a moment of complete silence where only stares were passed to each other.

"What was it ya had?" Don redirected the awkward attention to Flynn.

"I request that the union cut off all ties with the Blood Alliance."

"Ah them. They've been testing my patience lately. It's about time ta remind them how a proper guild behaves."

"Here's a letter from his Master Ioder." Flynn presented a letter towards the Don. He picked it up and handed to Raven.

"Read it out loud."

"If Don Whitehorse is taken out of the picture, we are willing to overlook the Union's responsibility in the Barbos affair." Raven then muttered ever so quietly, "Ooh... Kid, this ain't looking good for ya..."


"Well! Seems likes you and the young master see things differently."

Raven handed the letter back to Flynn who read it in disbelief. "This has got to be some kind of mistake! No way His Highness Ioder would-"

"Men, show him ta his special suite." Two bulky men came close to Flynn and led him away. "Now if you lot would excuse me... I got some business to attend..." Don and his group, including Raven, took their leave.

"Didn't see this coming... Must be the work of the council." Yuri commented.

"I- I have to go back to the empire to find out what's happening..." Estelle stated in a whispery voice.

"Don't be reckless. Going back like this won't do any good."

"But! ... Fine..." The party headed outside and into another part of town until Yuri stopped.

"Huh... I've seem to have lost my wallet... Must have dropped it back the Don's place. You guys stay here, I'm going to go get it."



"No. Stay, Repede. I'll be back." Yuri and Raven left the party.

Yuri made his way back and into the prison, a place where his wallet should not be unless it's been a very bad wallet. "Well, someone probably switched up the letters, huh Flynn?"

"Yes... And another to the Knights... To put them into a fighting mood... Those Red Eyes..." Yuri slashed at the lock. "I was wondering how long it'd take for you to get rid of that lock."

"... You're welcome..."

"Yuri, I need you to stay here. If I don't get back in time... You're going to die in my place..."

"Yeah... Thanks..." Flynn took off, hurrying back to the capital. Soon the Don made his way down.

"Taking yer friend's place in a cell? Are ya crazy, son?"

"This coming from the guy who removed his guards on purpose."

"I had a favor to ask that rookie knight. The sap planning all this should be watching nearby."

"So you knew about the fake letters, then why'd you fire everyone up like that?"

"Had ta make a good show of things or they wouldn't bother to come. Besides, we got a lot of hotheads here who wouldn't let me hear the end of it if I didn't. Ya better hope yer friend shows up again. Or yer life is mine..." he turn to take his leave.

"Didn't you have something to ask of Flynn?"

"The sap behind all this has got to be somewhere in this city. I was gonna ask that armor-wearin' friend of yers to hunt him and his down, but seeing as you let him go... Ya got yerself a debt to pay."

"So you want me to find them?"

"Are ya gonna sit here and twiddle yer thumbs? While as we speak, your friend in pink is runnin' around treating the injured."

"Sounds like her alright." The Don finally left and Yuri stepped out of the cell.

Skit: Waiting for Yuri

Karol: Man, Yuri's taking his sweet time looking for his wallet. The Don's place isn't that far.

Rita: He's probably paying a visit to the knight and forgot the time.

Estelle: Oh, I have a bad feeling about this... I'm going to go helped the injured!

Karol: Estelle!

Judith: Let her do that, it'll get her mind off of things.

Karol: Oh it's not that, but who's injured?

"Yuri! You're back!" Karol welcomed.

"Sorry about the wait. Took longer than I thought but I got some info on our friends, the Blood Alliance," Yuri smirked.

"Really?! Are you sure?"

"Has to be. They've been causing a lot of trouble. Why don't we go teach them a lesson?"

"Hah! You're one to talk!" Rita scoffed. "But I'm in."

"Aww, look at who's all exited."

"S-shut up, you idiot!" She blushed red a bit.

"Let's go!" Estelle giggled. "We will set things right."

"Whoa! Estelle, when did you come back?" Karol asked, hopping to the side from the sudden exclamation.

"Just a while ago."

"Got any leads, Yuri?" Judith asked.

"Well, according to the Don-" Yuri began.

"Wait, the DON?!" Karol's jaw dropped.

"Yeah, he suspected the issues with the letters so he acted along. Our job is to find these rats somewhere in Dahngrest and give them a good beating or two. Meanwhile Flynn goes off to stop the war." Under his breath, he quietly added, "He better get back here in time..."

"Alright! Should we split up?"

"It might be faster that way, but it'll be a problem if one of us gets surrounded."

"W-why are you looking at me, Rita?!"

"Isn't it obvious? You're mostly likely to be in trouble if trapped, moron," Rita taunted.

"What!? But Yuri gets in more trouble than I do!"

"Hey, don't get me involved in this squabble. I attract enough problems..." said person muttered.

"That wasn't what I meant by trouble, idiot... Although you're right about that guy..." Rita sighed. As they were speaking, the guilds around began shouting.

"Outta the way! The Don's coming!" a miscellaneous guild member declared.

"We better hurry..." Yuri stated and the party followed his lead. Yuri reunited with everyone. They headed east and came across the inn. "Let's check here." They entered and went upstairs.

"Which door is it?" Estelle asked. The group slowly walked down the halls, looking for suspicious doors. Karol walked close to the doors. He heard some murmurs and leaned his ear on the door.

"Hey guys!" the boy whispered. The others closed in and listened.

"Why should I have to report to you about something like that?" a voice spoke.

"Wh-what?! Building that lousy tower fortress of yours without speaking a word of it to your own employer..." replied a husky and enraged man.

"Our rats are here. Let's go!" Yuri barged in with the others following.

"Oh ho, if it isn't the little runts I met on the ship," the pirate Barbos greeted as he remained on the chair. "Didn't I tell you that the next time we meet, you runts wouldn't get off so easy?" A few of his minions appeared near the party who readied their weapons. "Oh look, the fools are starting their march." Estelle snuck off to the window.

"Look! It's Flynn!" Estelle called.

"Argh... Ragou! You fool! You didn't keep up your end of the bargain!" Barbo roared at the cowering magistrate.

"Don't hurt me!" he pathetically cried.

"Tch. You runts are gonna pay for it..." Barbos readied his gun while his henchman aimed at Flynn. Karol picked up sometime like a rock and knocked the weapon out of the minion's arms.

"Nice shot, Karol!" Yuri praised. "Get ready...!" Barbos shot at them but missed and recharged. Judith then launched at Barbos when dust swarmed from the last shot. She stabbed Barbos in the right arm, rendering him unable to use his gun, at least with that hand.

"Argh! Die! I'll drag you all down to-" Yuri cut him off with a slash. He greatly underestimated them. He then made for an escape through the window using his chainsaw as a flying device. Once again, someone got in the way. Duke managed to slash the weapon out of Barbos's hand and Rita unleashed her fire on him. Repede power stomped on the pirate's good arm. Now both his arms are useless. "No way, I'll die here by the likes of you!" Estelle finished off the minions and walked closer to th pirate.

"You may not die here, but you and your guild's actions end here," the princess declared. They tied him and his underlings up.

"Caught the big rat and the mice, but do you really think you're going to get away, Ragou? We had just about enough of you." Yuri grabbed the old man by the shoulder. "I don't think your Council powers will help you here. Not. In. The. Least." Yuri made sure to tie him extra tight so a slippery vermin like him won't escape again. The party looked outside. The conflict and misunderstanding was resolved. "Come on guys, we got special delivery for Mr. Knight-In-Shining-Armor and the Don."

"They're kind of heavy..." Karol complained.

"Who says you have to lift them up? They deserve to be dragged," Rita scoffed.

"Even down the stairs?"

"No, there they should be pushed."

"Okay, Rita I think you're having too much fun," Yuri stopped her. "They might get loose if they tumble down."

"I see your point. Let's just drag them," Judith proceeded out the door.

Skit: Pelting Skill

Estelle: You've seem to have rubbed off Karol, Yuri.

Yuri: Huh? What do you mean?

Estelle: Well you knocked guards out with pebbles and Karol knocked a weapon out of someone's arms.

Karol: You knocked guards out with tiny rocks?! Cool!

Yuri: One-hit K.O.

Karol: I wished I've seen that.

Estelle: Ah, that's right! He never did see you do that huh?

Yuri: Maybe later.

Estelle: Then how did Karol learn to aim so well when he's a close ranged person?

Yuri: Indirect teaching. I'm proud of you Capt'n Karol.

Karol: Yes, Master!

Yuri received the Title: Pebble-Pelting Master Fast and critical. No need for unnecessary despite; there's an easy solution, Yuri style.

Karol received the Title: Pebble-Pelting Disciple Rock-knocking skill with the upmost accuracy. Only learn from the best.

Skit: Why so quiet?

Karol: Ah! Oh man, you were so quiet that I forgot that you were with us.

Duke: ...

Estelle: I must admit that I did forget... I'm sorry.

Yuri: Either you're really quiet or you babble on about something we don't understand. Open up and talk normally won't ya?

Duke: ...

Estelle: Yuri, you didn't have to put it that way... I think you should apologize.

Karol: Even if he does apologize, I don't think he'll mean it...

Yuri: Capt'n Karol understands me better than you. Why so quiet though?

Duke: ... -sigh, leave-

Karol: Still no answer.

Estelle: Give him some time?

The party arrived back at the Don's place where Flynn was also present, but this time not in bars. "Hey, here's a present for you two to share: two big rats," Yuri tossed them forward in front of them.

"I'm surprised you didn't hurt Ragou," Flynn gasped.

"I couldn't bring myself to hit this old man... without killing him..."

"I saw that coming..."

"I like you kids. Let Uncle Raven rejoin!"

"You just come and go when you want, don't you?" Yuri commented.

"Aww don't be like that. I admit, I missed you guys."

"Well, with these scumbags taken down, maybe things will go back to normal."

"Wait Yuri, there's still a lot of problems in the world," Estelle reminded.

"Yeah, like the blastia acting weird and that dragon freak roaming around," Rita added.

"Those are the only things you care about, huh Rita?" Karol asked. Pow! "Ow! What was that for?"

"Even so, are we supposed to go around and save the world?" Yuri brought up. There was a handful of them and it wasn't there responsibility to fix everything.

"You say that, but you won't anything alone if you see something astray," Flynn put his hand on his buddy's shoulder. "You have a good heart, if only you stayed in-"

"Save your breath. Nothing's going to make me rejoin the knights. Besides, I've already decided to join a guild."

"Really? Which one?" Karol questioned.

"Did you forget already? It's ours."

"Oh yeah! We still need more members, and there are some things that still have to finalize."

"You lot are interesting," the Don chuckled. "So what's this guild's name?"

"Uhh..." Karol looked to Yuri.

"What are you looking at me for? Did you also forget that I'm letting you have the honor naming it?"

"But I don't know what to call it!"

"How about Brave Vesperia?" Estelle suggested.

"Brave... Vesperia..." Karol tested. "I like it! What do you think, Yuri?"

"Sounds good to me."

"Then Brave Vesperia it is! Estelle, you want to join? Oh, sorry I forgot that you're the princess..."

"I can't join?" she pouted.

"I want you to but you see there's a lot of hostility between the empire and the guilds..."

"I see... I understand..."

"Why not? If anyone got a problem with it, they'll just have to deal with us. She's one of ours after all," Yuri changed the mood.

"If that's the case, then Estelle if you want, we'll welcome you as a full-fledged member!" Karol brightened up.

"Thank you very much! I'll gladly accept."

"Cool now we have three members!"

"Don't forget, Repede."

"Oh yeah, I'm really sorry Repede. You'll be the first one on the roster."

"That's not much ta be proud of, but it'll grow," the Don remarked and then retired to his room after telling them that they should return to the inn when they're done.

"What about you guys? You want to join?" Karol asked the rest of the party.

"No way! Why would I want to join your guild?" Rita rejected.

"Add her to the roster," Yuri whispered to Karol.

"Okay." Karol took out a notepad and a pen from his bag and scribbled stuff down. "Raven?"

"I'd love to but I'm already apart from another."

"Oh? Is there a rule saying that you can't join another?" Judith asked.

"Well, not necessarily. Each guild has their own constitution. So it really just depends."

"Flynn? Judith? Duke?"

"My apologizes, I'm a part of the knights. I don't think it'll good on both sides."

"Add him to the list." Yuri whispered but he heard.


"Aw, don't be so stiff! It's not like they have to know anyways."


"Quit being a fun sucker... Just think of it as pay back for using me as scapegoat."

"It was necessary and I came back!"

"Well, I'm still going to hold it against you."

"They're like a pair of squabbling brothers," Estelle giggled.

"No kidding. Anyways, what about you two?"

"Sounds fun, I'll join," Judith chirped.

"You hardly know anything about me and we met not very long ago. Yet, you're asking me to join a guild with you?" Duke asked.

"Oh hey, you talked."


"I mean, yeah. You aren't a bad person."

Before he could say anything else or make a sound, Yuri just whispered, "Just put him down."

"Hey wait a sec! Let me see that list." Rita grabbed the pad out of Karol hands.

"Hey, Rita! I was writing! Man, now there's a huge streak!" the captain complained.

"Why am I on the list? I didn't say that I wanted to join your stupid guild!"

"Really? I thought that you response was tsundere for yes," Yuri answered.


"Come on, Rita. It isn't bad. It'll be fun!" Estelle assured.

"Fine! It's not like you're going to take me off that paper anyways!"

"See, I told you she wanted to join," Yuri whispered to the others.

"DIE!" She launched a fireball at Yuri but he slashed through it to cancel the magic.

"Let's get some rest. We'll take care of the next set of problems tomorrow." They party retired to their room in the inn.

Skit: Brave Vesperia

Karol: I feel so light just thinking about this.

Yuri: Don't faint.

Karol: I can hardly sleep!

Yuri: You better try or we'll be dragging you around tomorrow.

Karol: Brave Vesperia... It sounds so-

Estelle: Majestic?

Karol: Ye- Now it sounds like a girl's fantasy... I'm going to sleep. Good night.

Estelle: It... does...?

As they were resting, the atmosphere became stiff and almost suffocating. The aer was really dense.

"Aurgh... Is there a blastia malfunction again?" Rita forced herself up. "Karol... Where is this city's blastia...?"

"The barrier blastia? I don't know!" He responded, rolling onto the floor then using the bed as support to push himself up. The others got up to. Duke used his special sword to null the aer's density, allowing them to move more freely.

"We better find that blastia before monsters slip in and become berserk..." Yuri warned, having a brief flashback.

"Yes , let's go," Flynn headed to the door. "Oh could you please keep um... calming the aer? Sorry and thank you." Duke is temporarily unavailable in combat. The party made their way down and noticed the city's already over run by monsters. The guilds attempted to drive the monsters away, but the dense aer slowed them down greatly as well as strain them. However if they remained doing nothing, they'll be attacked anyways.

"Azure Edge!" Yuri slashed away some monsters.


"Majinken!" Demon Fang.

Falling Leaf.

"Lightning Wave!"

Kaboom! Monsters were blasted from various spots. "Serpent." Rave gave a thumbs up to the others who just shook their heads and continued.

"New Moon Blade!"

Estelle in the mean time went to heal the injured guild members with her special powers. As she healed, the aer become more abnormal. Around her it was calm, elsewhere it intensified.

"... Young lady, do not use your power..." Duke warned.


"It feels like it's getting heavier!" Karol noted.

"O-okay. But I don't understand-"

"Estelle, if you have questions, can ya wait 'til after this is over?" Yuri asked.


"Old man, where's the blastia?"

"Just follow me," Raven answered and lead them its location. It was beaming bright red orange and emitting very hot and dense aer. Duke used the sword and it began calming fast but a second later it shattered explosively.

"What?! This doesn't make any sense! The blastia was recovering! How could it have exploded!" Rita gasped. Repede walked around it, sniffing.

"Hey Repede, what's up? You shouldn't be sniffing. It might have bad toxins," Yuri called.

"Arf!" He found something that looked like pieces of metal not belonging to the blastia's stand.

"Those looks like remnants of a bomb..." Raven commented.

"Someone blew up the blastia...? But why?" Estelle asked.

"Seems like someone's tryin' to destroy Dahngrest..."

"Hate to say it... But it doesn't look like the work of the dragon freak..." Rita muttered.

"We should report this to the Don..." Karol said. The party went to the Don's place to inform him of the mishap. "Well, the Hunting Blades will have plenty to do here now that monsters can freely attack."

"I guess the next thing on our agenda is to find out who's behind this and why did the blastia overreact," Yuri concluded. "Well, let's try to get some sleep again. We're going to be doing a lot of investigation."


I think I'll end it here. Events are probably out of order because I don't remember what happens first... And when I try to find the scene that I'm looking for to clarify some things it takes forever. Sorry, I'ma abandon the original storyline soon so I don't have to reference it as much and you don't have to have deja vu all the time. Oh I don't know the direction of locations and sometimes they don't even reveal it so.. I'ma make it up.

Until about half way I didn't mention one character mainly because I kind of forgot and that there wasn't much of a role he could of had at the time. Besides... Duke's speech pattern is rather weird...

Tsundere is a term to describe people who are initially cold to someone before gradually warming up.

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