Hi Red Dawn Fans!

I just wanted to thank all the followers for the support of my stories. As a super-nerd-girl, I love C. Thomas Howell as much as I love Josh Hutcherson. He'll be a bigger character in this story I promise ;) . The results are in and I'm doing the 2012 Red Dawn! Seriously, there was almost no fight for 1984 in a near-landslide. Anyway, I'm open to comments and suggestions, and I'm hoping this will be a reader driven story.

SO! Be this as it may, I can take this in a few different directions. VOte via PM or Reveiw.

A. Ramona and younger 1/2 sister are at odds b/c R's mom got remarried and had little sister post- R's Dad's military death in Iraq.


- Should Ramona be a cheerleader/gymnast and initially be at odds with Robert?

- What should the younger sister's name be and how old should she be?

- What car should Mona drive?

- Should Ramona know the Korean language, being 1/2 Koran and all

Anyway, tell me what you think sometime Friday, and expect a chapter Sunday!

XOXO- Nicki, thank you for the support.