The second story in the series Rewritten in Time is now posted, History Keeps Pulling:


Draco traveled back in time to change the past. Easy-peasy. Nope. It was dumb to think Harry Potter's life would be simple and being on his side meant Draco's life wouldn't be constantly in danger. No, there's mysteriously vanishing diaries, people turning to stone and an airhead Defense professor. Altering the past is hard.


Draco shifted nervously, pretending to read a book about the hazards of household charms(there were at least fifty ways for Scourgify to go wrong) he had randomly picked up while waiting in Flourish and Blotts for the Weasley family to appear. His father would sneer if he caught Draco reading such a domestic book, but Draco had bigger things on his mind than his father's reaction.

Today was the day the diary was released from the Malfoy Manor. Draco had never found it in his numerous searches of the manor. Even with Harry's help, they'd never discovered where his father had hidden it.

Draco knew it wasn't a normal diary in any respect, so it made sense it was hidden well. It opened the Chamber of Secrets…somehow. This diary meant something to Voldemort as well. The Dark Lord was madder a rampaging hippogriff when he had found out Potter had destroyed it at the rip age of twelve. Draco had felt the man's rage through the floor as he tortured his father once he'd found out what Lucius had done.

Draco sighed. His life was complicated and insane. For one reason: he was a time traveler. Unlike many time travelers throughout history, Draco Malfoy had time traveled on purpose. He had gone when and where he'd wanted and retained his past knowledge while taking on his eleven year old body. The past year had been interesting to put it mildly. While things had not gone as calmly and smoothly as Draco had hoped, he'd obtained his goal of befriending Harry Potter.

Harry Potter was Draco's best friend. While this made Draco pleased and insanely happy, it did bring with it certain downfalls. For instance, while Harry had good luck to get out of sticky situations, he also had a habit of getting into said sticky situations in the first place. Draco had learned this the hard way the night he came face to face with a three headed dog.