Britain glared at the American who had yet again fallen asleep during the meeting. What was this the third time? Even Greece was awake! Although he was on the floor playing with a grey tabby kitten. Japan and Italy were sitting by him with other kittens. Even Turkey thought they were cute but he pretended not to be looking at them. America let out a loud snore that even woke him up. He looked around confused. Blinking a few times he started to become less groggy. He looked at Switzerland, the host this time, who was leaning forward on the podium as Germany was standing up front talking about water pipes or something America assumed. Switzerland's glare was actually on the Frenchman who had moved into his seat next to Liechtenstein. He caught Britain glaring at him across the room and America mouthed an apology. Britain just rolled his eyes and moved his attention back to Germany. He still wasn't interested in what the German had to say, though.

Switzerland adjourned the meeting and most people started packing up. South Korea had run out of the room, his long sleeves billowing out behind him. He was shouting something about video games. North Korea was already at the door and arm-barred South Korea. North let out a small laugh at South on the ground and then walked out of the room with a straight face. Vietnam rolled her eyes at them and walked out. Monaco had gotten into a conversation with Estonia on Neurology. Latvia and Lithuania were hiding in a table from Russia. Poland had found them and had pulled them out quickly. Almost everyone else left normally. Italy clinging to Germany, Taiwan with Japan and China running after them, Romano trying to keep a little distance between Spain who had left with France.

After almost everyone had left Britain stormed over to America who had was dozing in his chair. "You should really learn to be more productive and respectful, you git!" America was awake again. He gave a small, tired smile up at Britain who was glaring at him. "Sorry, dude, I've been really tired lately, ya know, hero work." America let out a long yawn and snuggled into his chair. "Just give me an hour or so." He trailed off and his lolled forward. Britain brought his foot into the American's knee, not hard enough to cause damage but to wake him up. "I'm not waiting for you!" America looked up at him with tired eyes. "Fine." He started walking towards the door, slowly. Britain glared at the back of his head and started following him out to the parking lot.

Walking a little helped him wake up more. He stretched and got to his car. Once he sat down he got tired almost immediately. He looked in his backseat. There was about thirty coffee cans, some energy bars, burger wrappers, and a few Red Bulls. He dug through them all and found a full Red Bull and downed it. Energy jumped through his nerves in about a minute. His heart started beating faster and it woke him up all the way. Britain was standing outside his window. He saw America's back seat and how fast he downed the energy drink. He knocked on the window glass. America rolled down the window and saw Britain glare turn into a worried look. "C'mon, bro, don't give me that." America felt bad that the Brit worried about him. "America what's going on?" America gave a shake of his head. "Nothing you should worry about. Now I gotta go." Britain backed away from the car a little and the American put it in reverse. America gave a small wave as he left the parking lot. Britain got into his car and continued the other way to his house his mind still on America's odd behavior.