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Some Various notes: Character appearances change alot, and that character page just shows the original look. As the story proceeds the looks tend to change at some point (Ie. Weiri's pink hair and Michael's purple streaks)

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I can do whatever I want like you.


I can do whatever I want like you!


And I can do whatever I want like you.


Like you...


She began to die

Indiana that's not right

Indiana that's not right


Then she began to fight

Indiana make it mine

Indiana make it mine

"Quiet! Bethany, Rosalind, separate now!" Mrs. Ashton, a twenty six year old Literature teacher of Rosetta High School, yelled. She never really liked the two since they always come to class on their own time, and distract the others with their for surprise jam sessions. Like just now. You would think she'd leave them alone since they at least do their work. "MOVE NOW!" She repeated her order louder than before. They moved away, three desks between each other, glaring at the older blonde woman.

"I don't like you." Beth mumbled to herself as she placed her instrument back in the leather green and blue case it came out of. "So what's so important you have to teach us today that you just had to move us? Do explain."

"Lookie here, smart mouth, you have a pretty little test you have to do at 10:30, so get to studying. This is not music theory!" Groans of boredom emitted from the class as they began to take out various papers to look over until time came for the test. Bethany rolled her eyes and took out a sheet of clean paper and scribbled a few sentences on it and told the kid next to her to pass it over to Rosa who was doodling on the desk. When the note got to her, Beth smiled.

I cannot figure out the piercing

that Jade got, I'm like so stoked to

figure it out, you think he got it on

his 'you know whatsit?'

Quickly, Rosalind wrote back, slightly entertained by the note, but still bored.

Really Beth, really. You are so stuck on that.

I'm sure you'd like to know...

But I don't think its on his dude-hood

Won't that hurt? Where'd it go anyway?

F***ing bored as hell...

She overlooked it for a second, and passed it back to her through the three messengers. Beth's cheeks puffed up with a near-escapee laugh, making Ashton look at her with a curious expression. Swallowing it down she wrote something back and sent it across. Those three knew this was gonna last and they better get used to the back and forth routine.

I am stuck on it because it's

a real stickler ya know

and I think it'll go on the little thingy (er you know)-

Shoot, I should ask Bridget, her cousin

Jaycee works at a tattoo parlor they do stuff like that

all the time. Weird s***.

She passes it back, one of the girls try to peek. Rosalind snatches it away, and reads it, and switches from a blue pen to a purple glitter one.

How did we get on this subject anyway?

I frankly don't care. I thought this was about

Jade. Ever notice he has a chick name?

And he grew his hair out, and all that.

He looks a lot better than when we first met him.

Oh, and so does Michael. Man he's changed.


I'm always thinking that! Hey, are you saying you like-

"Tsalagi, Mathias, principles office." The teacher smirked. The note was half finished, but now it was balled up and stuffed in Bethany's pocket.

"What?!" Rosalind shot up out of her chair nearly knocking it to the ground. I didn't even do anything this time. It was clearly-"

"You throw me under the bus and so help me I will eat your soul!"

"You morons are receiving paperwork including an immediate withdrawal form." Mrs. Ashton pretended to wipe away a fake tear of joy. "The most beautiful words in the world. You two are leaving, out of here, kaput!" She shouted with happiness as she opened the door up for them. Some students began to cry out "why" and "how come?"

"Get this Ashton, you're a b****." Rosalind groaned, leaving out with Beth who raised up her middle finger as they were exiting, bags and all. "Bye guys, I don't know where the hell we're ending up!"

But they did, and that was two hallways and one administration office confusion ago. Now all six of them were sitting in the principle's office waiting for the old man to say something. Well, Arabella decided to give it a shot.

"Did we do something wrong Principle Krilinger? I mean I didn't do anything."

"Bus thrower under." Beth whispered glaring at the Hispanic.

"No Ms. Montoya. You six have been offered a musical exchange scholarship to Japan."

"Awe man I was hoping for Britain..." Jade said. "So like are we attending school or what? How much money are we forking over?"

"No money, Collins. You are going to attend an academy." He handed Rosalind the form that everyone gathered around to read along with her.

To Rosetta High School Students,

Rosalind A. Mathias

Arabella H. Montoya

Bethany J. Tsalagi

Weiri P. Lautner

Michael L. Roux

Jade A. Collins

Congratulations! On behalf of the Committee on Admissions, it is our pleasure to offer this scholarship to prestigious Ouran Academy. You are to begin your studies in the third year programs.

Please note that you will be required to attend classes in the summer as well. It is in sequence with the fall semester requirements-

"Whoa, whoa, WHOA!" We are gonna be there for a whole year?" Beth notices , taking the paper from the others view.

"I feel like a junior...this burns, this burns deep." Michael smacks his hand to his forehead as Jade pats him sympathetically on the back.

"You all have to accept to go. Make a decision this evening since I know you all are always together, and tell me if your going tomorrow. Because you leave in three days and you have one for an accept or decline, one for packing and paperwork. The third day, you will say your goodbyes if you didn't already and maybe you'll have time for a going away performance. Any questions or concerns?"

"No, I don't think so." They all replied.

"Good. Now get out of my office, you guys are on my lunch break." He handed in the rest of the documents, and they left, standing in front of the door.

"So are we feeling about going to some rich kid's academy? How did we get in it to begin with? You guy's, yes you guy's, grades suck!" Beth remarked.

"Actually, I maintained a B all year." Jade said.

Michael followed after with, "Weiri's been helping me so I maintained an A minus."

"Me and Rosalind kept up with a B plus, and we all know Weiri and Arabella over here has an A-plus." Beth nudged Weiri's shoulder, making her sigh. She always seemed to hate receiving praise like that. "So that means we met honors, and got this cause of teacher recommendation! YES!"

"Wait, slow down. We still need our parents to sign the consent forms. We are under eighteen."

"Why you had to break the happy streak Rosa, why?"

With a shrug, Rosalind began walking toward the band room which was vacant at the moment. Jade and Michael along with Weiri and Arabella walked behind her. Knowing their singer, she was probably heading off to speak to the band instructor, one of the best teachers Rosetta has. A few seconds later, Beth ran after them in a hurry to catch up figuring that they were really going to leave her behind.

The band room was huge compared to the others, with three large rows each with there own stand and chair. There were three rooms, one for the teacher of course and a student room specifically for smaller instruments like the piccolo and the flute. The other was a storage room. Elinda, an elderly ex violinist who stopped playing after the sudden death of her husband from cancer, was sitting on the computer configuring grades. She too, was on her lunch break as well from the bag of Subway sitting nearby a strawberry lemonade. The six walked in, knocking first, and all smiled when the teacher looked at them with an I know why you're here look.

"Good morning, children. I assume you heard the big news about your scholarship." She turns the monitor of the computer off, and turned to face the teens.

"We did, and it's awesome! I knew you'd be behind it in a way Elinda." Rosalind said, hugging her. Soon, the old woman was in a huge group hug.

They all pulled away, and Jade cleared his throat, about to make his own short thank you add on. "Thanks for getting us into that private school. It's a real cool thing you did there teach, but why'd you choose Japan of all places."

"Well, Jade, I have an old friend who works at Ouran Academy, and I thought it'll be a great place for you guys to go to. When I found about that you all maintained such excellent marks, I didn't hesitate to give him a call and have you recommended for admission. Luckily, you all made it, and since that school is well-funded. It's an all expense paid admittance. Isn't that exciting?"

"Sí lo es. However, they are holding us back a year." Arabella scowled. "We are seniors, and now they push us back to juniors? It's kind of strange."

"Arabella, school in Japan is different from American schools. DO some research on it tonight. Now, Weiri, Michael, when you two go, I suggest speaking to the Chairman, and telling them you need graphic and computer design classes. I failed to inform him that both of you don't play music...and hopefully that doesn't place you in a predicament. Hmm, I'll give him a call later again."

"No big." They simultaneously replied, causing them to blush.

"Thanks again, Elinda." Rosalind grinned, as she was about to leave.

"Now Rosa, you have plenty of time on your hand, all of you do. How about a song that you and one of those boys can sing?"

"Jade can't sing."

"Yeah I can't-wait yes I can. What are you trying to get at Rosalind!"

"Prove it then. Sing an old song for an old woman." Elinda requested, before they began an argument.

"Beth you know that oldies song we heard on your dad's CD a week ago? Think you can play it? Rosalind asked.

"You insult me." Beth laughed, taking out her guitar and sitting at one of the band practice chairs. Jade and Rosalind took a seat near each other as Rosalind began explaining the song to Jade who surprisingly heard it before.


Though we gotta say goodbye for the summer
Baby, I promise you this
I'll send you all my love
Every day in a letter
Sealed with a kiss

Yes, it's gonna be a cold lonely summer
But I'll fill the emptiness
I'll send you all my dreams
Every day in a letter
Sealed with a kiss


I'll see you in the sunlight
I'll hear your voice everywhere
I'll run to tenderly hold you
But baby, you won't be there


I don't wanna say goodbye for the summer
Knowing the love we'll miss
So let us make a pledge
To meet in September
And seal it with a kiss



Yes, it's gonna be a cold lonely summer
But I'll fill the emptiness
I'll send you all my love
Every day in a letter
Sealed with a kiss


Sealed with a kiss
Sealed with a kiss

When they were done, the others began clapping for them. They smiled and took little bows from their seats. Jade looked at Rosalind with a good job smile and left to talk to Michael. Rosalind grinned, as she fived Beth. Inside she was happy that her and Jade sang that song perfectly together. The way his voice said those words made her blush as if he was singing it to her. Suddenly, she felt really good about the trip to Japan. It'll be her and her friends together. What could be better?

~Songs used: (Indiana-Meg and Dia);(Sealed with a Kiss-Jason )

~Any mistakes let me know, I'm taking this as a learning experience for dealing with six characters. BTW, Weiri and Michael our soft-spoken characters, so that explains the lack of speech (like Mori, he doesn't say much)

~Rosalind is practically the main character, much like Beth and Jade, so the story will involve them mostly (if you noticed you're witnessing them more than everyone else)