Toadette's Pong Addiction

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Who knew having so many stories could lead to this gem, huh? Well, read and enjoy, everybody.

Toadette was addicted to Pong. It was no secret, it's the only thing she could play all day, every day. So much that any instance of doing anything else,even remotely, would lead her back to pong.

Dry Bowser entered the room of the red colored apartment the two were apparently hanging out in, in the western most part of the western corridor, with the apartment itself being on the westernmost point of the westernmost point of town, which was on the westernmost point of the entire planet. But enough of that, Dry Bowser approached Toadette.

"I don't mean to interrupt," Dry Bowser interrupted as he sat down on the blue couch with Toadette, "But, shouldn't you be doing something else? You have been playing pong for thirty three days."

Toadette stuck her tongue out as she was constantly pressing buttons on her NES style controller. "No way! This is my ultimate test for living forever, Dry Bows! I can't stop now!"

Dry Bowser rolled his eyes as he shook his head. "Not even for some vanilla cake?"

Toadette gasped as she glanced at Dry Bowser, then pondered why she stopped, and then slapped Dry Bowser across the face, resuming her play. Of course, Dry Bowser could not feel any actual pain, but he was annoyed by it.

"You really don't care about anything else, do you?" Dry Bowser mused, folding his skeletal arms.

Toadette farted loudly, but not giving a passing care to it as she continued playing, literally sticking her face to the flat green television screen, her eyes getting slightly bigger.

Dry Bowser rolled his eyes as he went onto the balcony, looking out at the sky, which wasn't the limit. And for Toadette, pong wasn't the limit either.