Totally Unfair and Utterly Painful


This was why he didn't want to come on this journey! This was the exact reason that he hadn't wanted to come along with them...!

He stumbled on the rocks, slipping slightly on the uneven ground. He wouldn't stand around to watch his best friend-

He looked towards the water, sighing heavily.

The other two might be okay with it. Might have... accepted it or something. Miles didn't know. But, he knew that he had gone through this, this cancer thing, before. He wasn't exactly excited to have to experience it all over again. First, his dad. Now, his best friend. How the hell could he just accept it? Accept that all the people that he loved were dying? He just couldn't-

He kicked a rock, watching it roll into the water.

Life was unfair.

He had no right to complain, he knew. He just had to look at James and he knew that he had no right to complain, except that he really did. It was just, if he complained, he was the bad guy.

He just wanted to yell and scream and cause a fuss, but then, what good would that do? That would just cause more trouble, more annoyance, more fussing over things that he would rather ignore. He'd rather just laugh it all off, even if that wasn't exactly that thing that they should be doing, either.

It was just all a bunch of messed up confusion.

Just a bunch of crap that they all had to deal with.

The same bunch of crap that he was supposed to be dealing with, but he knew that he wasn't.

Bill wandered up next to him, thumping him on the back. He glanced at him, his eyes searching Bill's. He didn't know how they did this, Bill and Davy. He didn't know how they could just handle it, just watch James wither away before their eyes...

He let out a breath, accompanying Bill to look at the ocean once again.

They had to do this. He had to do this. For James, just for James...

Even if, in dying, James was killing him, too.

I admit, I didn't like Miles at first, but once it became clear that he was hurting so much more than he let on, I had a newfound appreciation for him. Especially after the end of the movie.

So, a snippet into Miles's mind; set in the part where James was complaining about Bill, when his medication was getting to him and he was feeling ill, and Miles got up and walked away.

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