The Mirror

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Summary: Severus sees the mirror of erised and becomes transfixed. Follow severus as he sees reflections of the red-haired wonder throughout his life.

One young Severus Snape was staggering down an unfamiliar corridor. He was supposed to be patrolling the halls as part of his prefect's duties,and that's what he had been doing-until he saw the love of his life kissing his worst enemy in the astronomy tower.
It was the worst pain he had ever felt,blinding in it's intensity. "Gone"...he thought to him self..."she's gone and I've lost her forever..." finally unable to see through his tears,Severus collapsed in to the nearest classroom. He quickly cast the silencing charm he had invented. Now no one on the outside would hear a thing as the young dark-haired boy's heart was ripped apart. But Severus had learned long ago that crying did nothing and wiped his eyes. When his black eyes opened, he saw a peculiar object. A mirror. A very large mirror sitting in the middle if the cold stone floor. The lanky boy slowly walked towards it,figuring he'd make himself presentable before heading back to the common room. But when Severus looked inside, what he saw made him gasp. He saw not the self-conscious greasy-haired misfit everyone else saw. He didn't see the heart broken boy with red eyes he knew he must look like. He saw...well Severus wasn't quite sure what he saw,except that it was what he wanted most. "t-that can't be me..." Severus muttered to himself,"there's no way..." the Slytherin prefect saw a strong,confident young man with his same features except...there was a light in his eyes,a light Severus thought he could not was happiness.
Severus's mirror self flashed a smile to the side of the frame,reaching out a hand. A pale,slender hand grasped his and the mirror Severus pulled a girl into an embrace. A girl with flaming red hair. The real Severus choked back a noise of pain at what happened next. The mirror Lily looked up with adoring green eyes, and kissed him. Kissed him the way she kissed Potter. Kissed him like she meant it. Like she loved him. Severus didn't know how long he stood in front of the mirror, and he couldn't recall how he found it in the first place. All he knew was the image in front of him. His only thought, how to see it again. Severus quickly became a man obssesed, but couldn't see it. He only saw his desire reflected in the Mirror of Erised.

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