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Chapter 1


I sighed. It had been a week since i first arrived in New York and i still didn't have any friends.

I moved to New York two weeks ago. It was a huge change from where i used to live: a small town called Winterberry. There i fit in perfectly AND i actually had friends there. Here not so much. Who am i kidding i dont have any friends. At all!

I closed my locker and the bell rang. Class was about to start...

Ugh maths class how annoying!

Even though i said i had no friends i sat with a very nice and pretty girl during class. Her name was Alex. She had shoulder-length chocolate brown hair and light blue eyes. My very short and black hair now looked dull and ugly.

I also met Josh. An extremely hot guy that i sort of have a crush on. I mean who wouldn't: he has dreamy brown hair and mezmerising hazel eyes. If i wasn't surrounded by people i probably would have started to drool!

I realised i wasn't the only one who had a crush on him. Jessica, a very pretty girl with perfect blonde hair and twinkling blue eyes,she was exactly like a Barbie doll only more snobby and dirty minded. I hear she's known for wat she does on the matress. I shivered, i never knew someone could be so dirty minded! Had a massive crush on him.

She kept giving Josh flirty looks and Josh kept giving her one right back. I looked from Jessica to Josh. They're probably together i thought. My chances of him getting mezmerised by my charm, was now really low. I mean i had met plenty of hot boys but none as hot as him.

I was determined to make him notice me but i had absolutely no idea how.

"Hey Jenelle!"Alex said to a girl with silver blonde hair"Meet Victoria, a friend and newbie here".

Suddenly it felt like the whole world had gone quiet and was waiting for my response. Being a shy girl i had no idea what to say. Josh looked around from me to Alex to everyone else. "Uh hi Vennesa" Josh said breaking the silence.

"Its Victoria" i replied annoyed that he got my name wrong. How am i supposed to get him to like me if he can't even get my name right!