*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ *~*~ *~Prologue~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

Diary of Luke Fon Fabre, Age 7

Remday, Rem-Decan 14, ND2008

I had been studying for hours before Guy came in with a funny look on his face. He looked at me like I didn't have a life. I couldn't help but to scold him. Who did he think he was looking down on? I was the one that planned our secret adventures. Also there is nothing wrong with bettering yourself, one day I plan to change the world. To become a strong leader for the people.


Remday, Rem-Decan 16, ND2008

I had training with Master Van today. It was exciting. I always learn so much from him. I respect my teacher.

When our session ended he asked me to meet him at the port tomorrow night for secret training. He told me not to tell mother and father.

This sounds like fun; I wonder what this secret training is?


Remday, Rem-Decan 17, ND2008

Everything was wrong. When I got to the port a pair of solders dressed in Malkuth armor came and tied my hands behind my back and shoved a dirty cloth into my mouth. I was dragged into a ship and then tossed into a cell. It was so dark.

Master Van…. where were you?


Remday, Rem-Decan 19, ND2008

A man kept coming into my cell. He called himself Dist the Rose, and he made sure I called him that too (not that I ever did). He would do odd things like taking locks of my hair. He often injected me with things or stuck a needle in my arm, taking my blood.

I would ask him why he did all these things, if it didn't end in his irritating, condescending laugher. I hate this disgusting man.


Remday, Rem-Decan 24, ND2008

The ship finally stopped today. When the door to my cell opened I saw Largo and Legretta. Why were they here? Am I being rescued? Is Master Van here too!

I was disappointed to find that he wasn't. They walked me out of the ship to land; we were docked at a beach. I don't know where. When I asked they wouldn't tell me. When I saw them talking to Dist the Dreck, I knew they were not here to rescue me. Not that I needed rescuing….

I don't understand what's happening. Did they plan to keep me for ransom? That's just…. shameless. I yelled at them, Largo and Legretta ignored me. Dist laughed at me.


Remday, Rem-Decan 28, ND2008

I finally know where I am at, it's the Malkuth continent. I know this because we are currently at my family vacation home, Choral Castle. Why did they bring me here?


Remday, Rem-Decan 29, ND2008

Master Van is here! He said that everything was ok; I just needed to listen to him. So I did. He brought me to a part of the Castle I never saw before. It was underground; you could hear the ocean slam across the rocks. There was a huge machine. He told me to lay on the platform in the machine. When I did I could hear Dist laughing at the bottom, when I turned my head to look I saw him pressing several buttons.

The machine began to hum softly. I had a bad feeling then. Fear began to coarse through my body as an eerie green glow wrapped around me. I became very tired, my whole being growing weak. The world soon went black. Did I die?


Remday, Rem-Decan 30, ND2008

I woke up today to find… myself passed out next to me. Who is this kid? I sat examining him for what seemed like hours, he… is exactly the same in every physical way. It was very… unsettling. I am scared. What's going on?

Master Van soon came into the room and took me away. I was handed over to Legretta just outside the Castle. I yelled to Master Van, He smiled and said we would meet again in Daarth.


Remday, Rem-Sorde 06, ND2008

I have been training with Master Van for months now in Daarth. I have learned so much about his ideals, and about the accursed score. It's strange but lately… I have been very angry at everything. When did the world start to look so dark?


Diary of Luke Fon Fabre, Age 15

Remday, Rem-Osdes 11, ND2016

I have been watching that stupid replica take everything I have from me. I hate him. I hate everything. And these headaches, they just don't stop. Does he suffer like I do? Does he understand how much pain I am in? Natalia, Guy, Mother, Father. You, replica, have everything while I have nothing!

You… haha.. have completely taken my place. I hate you. I hate you.

I am not Luke any more. I am not me, you have taken everything. I cannot go back to who I was because of you. They… all love you.

All that's left of me is the ashes of what I once was…. Yes that will be who I am now. My name will be Asch.


Diary of Asch the Bloody, Age 17

Remday, Rem-Ponsec 03, ND2018

I cannot follow Van anymore. Though I agree that score should be demolished, I cannot accept him replacing everything with replicas. I know him; he cannot be swayed to stop. I have no choice but to kill him.

He isn't very wary of my replica. I will use him to kill Van.

Hahaha, if that derk can be of any use at all.


Remday, Rem-Gnome 22, ND2018

That useless replica! He fell right into Van's hands. He destroyed Akzeriuth! All those peopled, dead! Why didn't he listen to me! Why!

Idiotic dreck! Useless!


Remday, Rem-Gnome 30, ND2018

I found him crying on the ground in Yulia. I could feel his denial. Coward. I shoved the reality of what he had done into his face.

It's funny how easily the fool snaps. He got up and fought me; I questioned if I should kill him then… I didn't. I can't explain why. Maybe he was just too pathetic.

He passed out after I won.

I watched him sleep, reaching out into his mind, I dared him to try to control me. I get a… sick pleasure from tormenting him.


Remday, Rem-Decan 02, ND2018

Guy left. Figures he would choose the replica over me. I know Natalia feels the same. It doesn't matter anymore though. I can hear that replica thanking him. When this whole thing is over I am closing this stupid channel. I can't handle him here all the time.

Worthless replica…. why do you insist on making me suffer?


Remday, Rem-Hoced 11, ND2018

Lately, I haven't hated him so much. I don't know. I just don't feel as angry as I used to when I think about him. It's strange. Ever since we stopped the miasma together at the Tower of Rem… or maybe even before that, he stopped looking so irritating. If only he had pride.

He is me… after all.

Maybe my not hating him means I have stopped hating myself?


Remday, Rem-Cerdiff 07, ND2018

I will put this fool in his place! How dare he call himself a person! He is just a replica, a tool to be used! That's all he is! A defective stupid replica! He is not better than me! He is not better than me! I will make him understand! I will make him…. understand…

We will fight at Elderant.


Asch had lost the battle with his replica. For him it was a bitter defeat. He stayed behind, without a weapon, and fought off several waves of solders on his own as not as Asch but as Luke Fan Fabre, only to die after victory, unable to keep his promise to come back alive.

His last thoughts and hopes were left to his replica as he fell back, blood dripping from his mouth.


AUTHORS NOTE: I don't own anything.

Ahh well…. I don't know. After beating the game I am all depressed. Asch had a really shitty life. I can't really do it justice with my writing. But, I will try. At the end of the game they became one? I don't know, that just depressed me more. I want to continue the Tales of the Abyss story with them BOTH ALIVE and as their own person.

Even though I think it's disrespectful, because I have grown so attached to the game (which kinda sucks) I will make this a Yaoi, if people want it that way.

Don't get me wrong though. I like Yaoi. It's the beast.

Does anyone want me to continue? Is it even worth continuing?