The Missing Saviour

After a few failed attempts at finding out why Henry is crying, Mr Gold is told that Emma and Snow White fell through a portal, and that nothing can bring them back. This is Mr Gold's reaction to the sudden disappearance of their saviour, and how he must deal with his very conflicting emotions. (Golden Swan implicated)

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The air was brittle; an unsympathetic chill against the warmth that escaped the lips of the only man who dared walk the streets of Storybrooke with his head held high. Everything was in disarray; cars had been overturned, broken glass scattered the pavement, and even the street lights had been smashed beyond repair. The destruction of the town had devastated many of the occupants, some even celebrated in the attempted annihilation of this hideous world. While most now concerned themselves with finding friends, and even family members, a certain imp decided to check on the progress of his Wraith.

If everything had gone according to plan Regina would be completely soulless, a shell of her former self. That was if everything had gone to plan. But something hadn't quite felt right as he approached the familiar street that would lead to the station. A slight smile flickered across his face as he inhaled the scent of magic. A substance so familiar that even the slightest smell caused his blood to run cold with delight. Magic was still such an important factor in the plan that Rumplestitskin had, so much more now that he had a Wraith on his hands.

Utter silence confronted the imp as he calmly approached the station, only to be broken by the distinct sound of his cane against the cracked path. The scent of magic was getting stronger the closer he got to his destination, which just about proved that his Wraith had done its job. Satisfied at this, Mr Gold ran a hand through his hair as he gazed around the empty street, taking in the destruction as a monster would see its prey. Regina might be the Evil Queen, but the true fear from the residents of storybrooke belonged to him.

His eyes suddenly caught movement not too far from where he was standing. Raising his cane, Mr Gold narrowed his eyes trying to see what or rather who was huddling in the darkness of the station doorway. Mr Gold slowly approached, careful to make as little noise as possible. If the figure had noticed Mr Gold it didn't move to acknowledge him. After a moment his eyes adjusted, and noticed the figure was small, surely not an adult.

This was no place for a child.


It was a wild guess, but something felt like it was the right answer.

"W-Who's T-There?!"

In the darkness, the boy had jumped at the sound of the older man's voice, a single tear escaping his eyes. Mr Gold ventured closer, lowering his cane back down to a walking position. In the night light he could just make out the child's face, which had a mixture of fear and sadness.

"D-Don't come any closer!"

Henry's voice took on a sudden edge; complete fear filled his young voice. In his fear, the child raised the heavy book in his hands ready to hurt anyone who drew too close.

"It's only me, Henry."

"Mr Gold?"

Mr Gold took another step closer to the boy, and then lowered himself so he was crouching beside him, using his cane to support his bad leg.

"Is everything alright, Henry?"

The boy suddenly looked up; his hazel eyes tear stained and red. Henry sniffled; wiping his nose on the sleeve of his shirt before shaking his head quickly, tears threatening to fall. Mr Gold felt something pull at his black heart, and he instinctively placed a hand on Henry's shoulder, for moral support. An idea suddenly came into the imp's mind.

"Why don't we go inside? It'll get you something to eat." Mr Gold suggested holding out a hand to the boy, with the closest thing to a smile that he could manage.

Henry sniffled again but nodded, taking the older man's hand with a weak strength. Using his cane, Mr Gold pushed himself and boy off the ground, being careful that Henry was still holding his hand, who suddenly gripped it like iron. A slight smile flickered across the older man's face, just like Emma. Both trusted him, and were yet afraid of him.

Mr Gold surprised Henry when he pulled out a set of very familiar keys and quickly flicked through until he found the one that would open the door to the station. Henry gazed up at the pawnbroker with a questioning look, wondering how on earth he had managed to get Regina's keys. Mr Gold chuckled and tapped his nose, which put the smallest smile on the younger boys face.

Once the door was open, the lights turned on, and Henry had entered the station, Mr Gold took the quickest gaze around the station, realising that Regina wasn't in her cell. But a part of him had already worked that out, since Henry had been sitting outside, and the door had been locked. The Charmings must have released her. Mr Gold purist his lips slightly in annoyance, with meant that his Wraith hadn't hurt Regina yet.

"Uh, Mr Gold?"

The voice of Henry pulled Mr Gold out of his thoughts, and he looked down at the boy with a faint smile on his face.

"Yes, Henry?"

"Do you prefer that or Rumplestiltskin?"

"I'll answer to either, so you pick whatever one you feel more comfortable with." He answered gently, as he made his way over to the little alcove which was the closest thing to a kitchen in the station.

Henry sat down at the table and placed the open book in front of him, flicking through the pages quickly, as if trying to find something. Mr Gold rested his cane against the wall as he opened the cupboard above the sink and took out two cups. An aha sound came from the young boy and he heard the distinct noise of a finger tapping on a page.

"I want to make a deal with you."

Mr Gold suddenly dropped the cup he had been holding, and it smashed against the sink, spilling into a million pieces. Henry didn't seem to notice and continued on.

"If you make a portal to Fairytale Land, I'll give you whatever you want."

It took a moment for the imp to regain his composure, and he finally glanced over at the boy whose eyes were bright. Why on earth did the boy want a portal to Fairytale Land?

"Henry, Magic is different here. I don't know how to make a portal from this end."

It wasn't exactly a lie; Rumplestiltskin of Fairytale Land knew how to make portals, but the Rumplestiltskin of Storybrooke didn't. Mr Gold watched the face of the young boy drop, and his bottom lip tremble.

"Why'd you want a portal there, anyway?" he asked, turning back to making a cup of tea for himself. "I thought you liked it here."

Henry didn't answer, his attention went back on the book, on the page of a certain event, a deal that Rumplestitskin would remember for a while. Regina looked quite young in the drawing, even beautiful, as she gazed into the reflection of a rather large mirror. In the foreground a certain imp stood beside it, as if showing off his prize. Henry sniffled again, tears threatening to fall.

"How about a hot chocolate?" he asked turning on the jug to boil, "I'll even add in some cinnamon."

That was the last straw. Henry slammed the book shut, and covered his face with his hands. The tears that had threatened to fall finally did and a cry of dismay escaped from his lips. Mr Gold spun around as he heard the sound, and was confronted with a sight he didn't expect; Henry sobbing uncontrollably; hands shaking and tears falling.

Mr Gold grabbed his cane and quickly approached the boy, trying to work out what he had said wrong. Henry sobbed again, burying his head in his hands. Standing there awkwardly, Mr Gold wanted to try and comfort the boy, but wasn't sure how to. It had been centuries since he had to look after a child, and he was still a bit rusty. After a moment's hesitation, he placed a hand on the boy's shoulder and squeezed gently. Henry sobbed louder, tears staining the front of the book.


The boy shook his head, refusing to speak.

"Can you tell me what's wrong?"

Again the boy shook his head.

"I might be able to help…"

Henry finally looked up, his eyes red and tear stained.

"You can't…" His voice was weak, frail from the tears, "You can't help."

"Is it because I can't make portal to Fairytale Land?"

The boy nodded, a few more tears escaping the corners of his eyes.

"Henry, why do you need a portal to Fairytale Land?"


It took a moment for the name to sink in. Emma?

"What about her?" this time he didn't hide his concern.

Henry sobbed again, tears running down his face.

"Did something happen to her?" again, the concern showed.

"She's-She's… disappeared…"

Mr Gold glanced down at the boy, confused. Disappeared? Emma was gone? Then why did Henry want a portal to Fairytale land…

"Henry, do you think she's in Fairytale Land? Is that why you wanted the portal?" he asked, finally understanding why his services were needed.

Henry nodded slowly, wiping his eyes with the back of his sleeves. Mr Gold took a long breath. Their saviour had disappeared. Henry believed her to be in Fairytale Land. Why and how on earth did she end up there? He purist his lips, deep in thought. He had a feeling it had something to do with Regina.

"Please bring her back." Henry whispered taking a hold of Mr Gold's hand, "I'll do anything you ask! Anything!"

Mr Gold looked down at the wounded boy, and wiped away the boy's tears without thinking. Such an instinctive motion, it even surprised Henry who looked up at the older man with new eyes. Nobody did that without having someone they cared about deeply, the smallest smile flicked across his face.

"I might be able to help if I know how it happened."

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