A/N: This is a fic requested of me and dedicated to some new and reaaaaaaaaaally good friends of mine, R and K :) I really hope you guys like this and I love you3

Danny POV

I lay against Vlad's toned chest that rose and fell with every breath, my back to his chest. He had his arms wrapped around my chest. Our heads rested on the same satin-covered pillow. His body was pressed against mine, fitting together like a puzzle piece. Our legs were intertwined under the sheets, creating a pleasant heat. I was calm with Vlad sleeping softly behind me, his warm breath hitting the back of my neck. He mumbled slightly in his sleep before nuzzling his face into my neck.

I was uncomfortable being in this specific position, though. It reminded me of love and genuine feelings. I didn't have those for Vlad Masters. He was sort of a… enemy with benefits. I had lost my first kiss and virginity to him only a few months before. I had quickly discovered how good of a partner he was, even though I was only 14 with no prior experience to compare to. Still, he was still my fruitloop-y evil enemy. It was still my duty to protect the town. Vlad and I weren't in a relationship based on feelings; we were together for the sex.

I was tired out from being pounded into the bed and closed my eyes. I would have breakfast with Vlad in the morning then we would go back to being who we were in public: purely enemies with no benefits of any kind. My post-fuck haze clouded my mind, and I drifted off to sleep.

Vlad POV

I woke up before Daniel did that morning. He looked so peaceful when he slept. His dark hair covered his eyes, longer strands fluttering around his open mouth as he drew in deep breaths. He had curled in on himself sometime during the night, going into a fetal position that increased his charm. The younger halfa always seemed to have a sort of small half-smile while he slept.

I admit our ages were quite far apart. I, however, believed in love being love. I liked Daniel. Hell, I loved the boy. He had become everything to me since he had placed his trust in my hands, since he let me take his innocence. I felt a profound sense of possessiveness towards him, along with strong desire to keep him safe from harm. I knew it was unfounded, but I worried about him ghost-fighting. I knew he could still get hurt, and he was my Little Badger. I never asked him to stop fighting, though- not with his hero complex.

I stroked his hair softly. It was feather light and soft as a kitten even tangled and matted from last night's activities. I ran my fingers through it, attempting to work out some of the knots. I gave up and pecked him softly on the cheek before sliding out of bed. I slid on a pair of gray pajama bottoms and walked lightly from the room before shutting the door soundlessly behind me.

I walked downstairs to the kitchen, pulling out ingredients to make breakfast. I had become quite the cook in my years of solitude. The happy thought of Danny remedying my solitude permanently made me smile to myself. I was just putting the food on the plate when the object of my affections came shuffling into the room.

My heart jumped a bit at the sight of him; his hair stuck up, he was shirtless with only a pair of my boxers on, and he had a sleepy look about him. I smirked at him. "Good morning, Daniel. Are you hungry?" I asked.

He nodded mutely and sat at one of the barstools at the island counter. I slid a plate covered with pancakes toward him along with a fork. He gave me a small smile of gratitude and dug into his food as only teenagers could.

I watched Danny eat silently, while I picked at the muffin I held. He eventually felt my gazing and raised an eyebrow. "Can I help you? Doing anything evil today, fruitloop?" he shot at me, waving his fork at me.

I chuckled. "If you insist, my boy, you can get your small ass back upstairs. And do not fret about what I'm doing today," I replied calmly. I was used to and even enjoyed the boy's snarky comments at most times. What he didn't seem to notice was that I was trying to scale back on villainous actions for him.

"Whatever," he muttered. "Hey, I need to get going. It's Sunday; I have a lot of homework to do." He hopped off the stool and transformed into Phantom. The air became slightly colder in the room due to his icy core.

"If you insist," I sighed, already missing his company. I stepped forward and leaned down to wrap my arms around his waist. He stiffened for a moment before hesitantly wrapping his arms around my neck. I inhaled his scent for a moment before kissing his lips lightly.

He pulled away, looking at me curiously before waving. He went intangible and shot through my ceiling to sail off into the morning. I ran a hand through my hair absently. Even though I was cutting back on being a villain, that didn't mean I was stopping.

Danny POV

Fucking fruitloop, I cursed in my head as I flew as Danny Phantom with a specific destination in mind. Tucker had texted me to let me know that something ghost-related was happening downtown and that it seemed that Vlad Plasmius was incredibly involved in it. I was angry with him; I wasn't lying when I said I had homework, and now he was preventing me from working on it. I couldn't fail freshman year.

I was very aware of the chaos when I finally came to the scene. There were numerous police cars parked haphazardly in the streets, and policemen ran around frantically while shooting at the cackling form of Plasmius in the air above them. I grit my teeth and flew towards the red-eyed figure of my archenemy.

"What are you doing, Plasmius? Did you steal some more money from your own town?" I growled at him. I floated in front of him, my arms crossed and my fists glowing green with ghost energy.

"Daniel Phantom! It's always so much fun to see you here! If I recall correctly, and I'm positive I am, I thought you had some homework to attend to?" he taunted. He smiled widely, fangs glistening. I ground my teeth together; I hated when he brought our private life into fighting.

He suddenly twisted in the air to miss a bullet fired by one of the police officers. "Butter biscuits! The nerve of these people!" he shouted. He shot a pink ecto-ray at a random car, blasting it apart.

"Don't mess with people's stuff, Plasmius!" I snarled. He was the goddamn mayor and shouldn't be blowing up the possessions of the citizens he was supposed to be helping. I was getting sick of Plasmius.

"Oh, is the ghost boy going to stop me? I'm terrified, Little Badger!" he mocked me. I furrowed my brow, abruptly shooting a blast of green ecto-energy at him. He dodged it, cackling.

"You cannot beat me boy, not in any setting!" he crowed, hinting at our private life again. My anger was spiking quickly. I stood aggressively, hating his attitude.

"Shut up, fruitloop!" I cried angrily, sending a fist to his face. He caught it easily in his palm, grinning. He split himself into three, a power I had still yet to master. They surrounded me in a circle, preventing me from backing out.

I was about to go intangible and escape the ring when all three copies of Plasmius stuck out a hand, smiled evilly, and shot me with hot, pink, ectoplasmic rays. I gave a cry of extreme pain as the rays burned me from the inside and plummeted to the concrete. I hit the ground with a loud gasp, the wind getting knocked out of my lungs. I was aware of Plasmius coming down to rest on his knees beside me. I glared up at him, my vision slightly blurred.

Something in his face broke as he spoke to me. "I don't want to fight you, Daniel."