Through Another's Eyes

Disclaimer: I don't own Ardeth Bay, Frank Donovan, or anyone from The Mummy or UC: Undercover. Safti is mine, as well as Shatira and Chicago PD Chief Morgan.

Thanks to Karri for the title, (she's so good at those!)  and for begging me to write about a certain character who happened to fit into this story perfectly. (You'll see who I mean!)  And thanks to Dreamscape who helped me think up character names for the people in the UC case.


Rick looked up at the familiar voice, to see Ardeth Bay dismount from his horse, and walk towards him.

"Hey, Ardeth! How are ya," he said, shaking his friend's hand.

"I am well," Ardeth answered. "I was told that two men and a woman were studying these ruins." He looked past Rick at the ancient pillars. "And I had a feeling it was you."

Rick laughed. "You came two days ride on a 'feeling' that it was us?"

Ardeth smiled. "You were recognized, by the Med-jai who saw you."

"Yep," said Rick. "You know how Evy is when it comes to ancient Egyptian things."

Ardeth nodded, with a smile. "I do indeed."

Suddenly Evy came walking around one of the pillars, and stopped when she saw them watching her.

"Ardeth!" she said, coming over. "We've attracted your notice, I see!"

Ardeth nodded. "Nothing escapes the eyes of the Med-jai," he told her, with a smile.

She smiled back, before looking at the pillar in front of her. It contained beautiful symbols that she was trying to read.

"Do you understand these, Ardeth?" she asked, pointing to a cluster that contained a sun, moon, stars, and trees that were swaying, as in blowing in the wind.

Ardeth came closer to look, and sighed. "No one has been able to decipher them for sure. We can only guess why elements of the earth and universe were drawn on them."

"I bet that's Med-jai for, 'I dunno'," said another voice.

Everyone laughed as Jonathan came walking over. "'Afternoon, Ardeth old boy!" he said.

"Hello, Jonathan," Ardeth said. "I hope that you have the good sense not to read aloud anything you can understand."

Jonathan scowled. "Evy was the one who did that, not me!"

"Yes," Ardeth agreed. "But I am sure she has learned her lesson…"

Evy laughed at their conversation. "Yes, Ardeth, I have." She looked at the pillar again, and sighed. "But I do wish I could figure out what these are here for."

"If we find anything that makes sense," said Rick. "We'll let you know, Evy."

She nodded, and continued to stare at the pillar.

Rick and Ardeth walked a short distance away. "So, how's Med-jai life?" Rick asked. "It's been, what…a whole two weeks since we saw you last?"

Ardeth smiled. "Life is always eventful when the O'Connell's are around," he said. "Whether it be for good or bad."

"Oh, ha ha," said Rick, as they stopped at another pillar.

Ardeth saw the same symbols on this one that Evy had pointed out to him earlier, and studied them closely, running his hand over them.

Suddenly a flash of light engulfed the small group of explorers, making them all gasp in surprise. Rick heard a startled cry and a thump, and when his vision cleared from the strange light, he saw his Med-jai friend lying on the sand, not moving.

He quickly knelt beside him. "Evy!" he yelled. "Jonathan!"

His wife and brother-in-law stumbled over, still blinking the light from their eyes, not understanding what in the world had just occurred.

"What in blue blazes was that?!" Jonathan shouted.

"I dunno, but it looks like it hit Ardeth," Rick said, checking his friend's pulse.

"Oh dear," Evy said, kneeling on his other side. "Was it lightning?!" she asked, nervously, checking the pulse on Ardeth's other wrist, not content to wait for Rick's assessment.

"Where else do blinding flashes of light come from?" Rick retorted.

"But he's still alive!" Jonathan said in relief, seeing the rise and fall of the Med-jai's chest.

"His pulse seems to be all right," said Evy, nervously. "A little fast, but not dangerously. Maybe it only grazed him?"

"Or maybe it just came so close that it knocked him down?" Jonathan said, hopeful.

Rick sighed. "We'll probably never know for sure. Get me some water, Jonathan, maybe it'll revive him."

Jonathan scurried to their car and brought back a canteen.

Rick slid an arm under Ardeth's head and lifted him up, tipping the canteen so that the water touched his lips. It had no effect at all; the Med-jai was completely limp, deeply unconscious.

"Rick…" Evy said, her voice tinged with fear.

Rick gently lowered his friend down again, with a sigh. "I don't see anything wrong with him, Evy. None of his clothes are burned, so the lightning—if that's what it really was—couldn't have hit him directly. Jonathan's probably right, it must've just knocked him down from coming so close. Maybe he hit his head when he fell."

Evy nodded, agreeing that it made sense.

"Shouldn't we bring him back to his camp?" Jonathan asked.

"We shouldn't move him until we find out exactly what his injuries are," Evy told him, shaking her head. "We could do more harm then good."

Rick nodded. "She's right. We'll set up camp here, he'll probably wake up soon."


He felt like he was floating, in a sea of blackness. He felt nothing, thought nothing, was nothing.


A voice, calling someone. It wasn't his name, so he didn't respond.


Suddenly someone was touching his arm. Ardeth slowly opened his eyes, to see a woman with short hair and ice blue eyes looking down at him.

"Frank!" she said, nervously. "Are you all right?"

Ardeth frowned, as he looked up at her, blinking groggily. He heard footsteps, and saw a man come running towards them, throwing himself to his knees beside the woman.

"What happened?" the man asked her.

"I dunno, I just found him lying here. Frank?"

Ardeth realized that these people thought him to be someone else. His mind was so hazy that he felt that he had no choice but to play along. "I am all right, Alex." Alex? How did I know her name?

Suddenly gunshots were heard, and the man grabbed his arm. "We gotta get him outta here!"

Alex grabbed Ardeth/Frank's other arm, and they pulled him up, keeping death grips on his arms as they led him at a run out of the strange structure they were under.

Suddenly bullets were whizzing by their heads, and they quickly dropped behind some large crates, pulling out guns and shooting back.

Ardeth realized that he had a gun too; in a holster not unlike the one Rick liked to wear. He took it out and fired in the direction of the shots, almost stopping in surprise at how different the gun looked then what he was used to.

Suddenly the shooting stopped.

"Got him," said Alex. "Cody, Monica, it's clear."

"On our way."

Ardeth jumped when he heard the disembodied voice in his right ear. He yanked the earpiece out and stared at it, before realizing something else. The others looked at him strangely when he raised a hand to feel that he had short hair, rather then his usual slightly longer then shoulder length.

"Hey boss, you sure you're okay?"

"Yes, Jake." How do I know the names of these people? he wondered. This is impossible; I am the leader of the Med-jai, not this 'Frank' that they think me to be!

Suddenly a van pulled up, and a black woman came out. Strange wailing sounds could be heard in the distance, and Ardeth wondered what they were.

The woman, Monica, Ardeth thought, with growing confusion. She ran over to where he stood.

"What happened to you?" she asked. "We were calling you and you didn't answer, and then Alex finds you unconscious! Did the guy have an accomplice?"

Ardeth just looked at her, trying to make sense of her words, and the entire situation. He had a gun, as did everyone else. They were running from shooters, and seemed to have the right to shoot back. He realized with shock that he wasn't in Cairo, from the looks of the surroundings. Where am I?


He looked back at Monica, realizing that she had asked him a question. "I…am not sure what happened," he admitted.

She looked at him, concerned. Before she had a chance to say anything else, a voice came from behind him.

"Ah, Donovan, looks like you got our man."

Ardeth spun around, to see what was obviously a police officer.

"Good job," said the cop, shaking Ardeth's hand. "He's alive, and will be put away for a long time, thanks to you and your team. We can never repay you."

Ardeth had no idea what to say. He realized that he was obviously in some kind of law enforcement, and seemingly higher up then the policeman. "Thank you," he said.

The officer nodded and turned, going back to where Ardeth could see people kneeling beside the man they'd shot.

Alex came walking back over, Jake behind her. She looked back at the scene, and muttered, "Cop killer."

Ardeth understood now why the policeman was so grateful.

Someone suddenly came barreling out of the van, slightly startling Ardeth.

"It's over!" Cody said. "Can we go get lunch now?"

Jake laughed, and they all started for the van.

Ardeth stood there for a minute, trying to figure out what exactly he was expected to do. It appeared that he was the head of this team. I am in big trouble, as Rick would say. He noticed that they left the front passenger seat empty, so he assumed it was his regular seat. Getting in, he looked around in shock at how different the inside of this vehicle was then Rick's car. Suddenly it occurred to him that the steering wheel was on the left side, and the people all had American accents! How did I come to be in America?! All he could do was sit there, in utter shock, as Jake pulled the van out of the parking lot.