Hey guys, I was just watching SWACOD last night and I was thinking about Chad's blog and I had this idea. So ladies and gentleman, I present to you, Chad's blog!

Day 1

Hello world. Today I have decided to start my very own blog. Who am I, you ask? Ha, just kidding. We all know who I am, giving no one a reason to ask such an absurd question. But, just in case there are people who for some really good reason do not know who I am (and hopefully very few people); I am the one and only Chad Dylan Cooper. I currently star in the hit drama show Mackenzie Falls, which in fact has won a numerous amount of awards, including 5 straight wins of the best Tween show at the Tween Choice awards. Take that Randoms!

Oh, excuse me. The "Randoms" are the cast of the extremely lame comedy show called So Random that has no awards whatsoever because of their lack of humorous sketches and viewers. They have been our competition since the first day. Well actually, I couldn't even call them competition. I mean, they're just our enemies because their comedy is stupid and meaningless compared to our intense and passionate drama.

But I have to admit, I've been worried for the past couple of days. Just recently, they hired a new cast member. She's different than them though, in ways I just cannot explain. She seems like she's almost too cool and pretty to be one of them. She has soft brown hair and big brown eyes. I mean, I'm guessing… I'm guessing she has soft brown hair and big brown eyes. But I wouldn't know because I obviously don't pay attention to that stuff. Anyways, her name is Sonny Munroe. Apparently she moved here from Wisconsin and now she's living in an apartment with her mom. But it worries me because since she's moved and joined So Random, their show has been getting more views, which is bad. It's terrible. With her, they might actually have a chance at winning an award. And more importantly, we might lose an award.

But let get's back to me. Today I'd like to share with you guys something surprising that happened today. I got a part in a movie! I know I know… why would Chad getting a part in a movie be surprising? I mean, it happens all the time! It's a small but crucial role. But that's not the surprising thing. So, I asked our mail delivery guy Jeff, or was it Josh… well I asked our mail delivery guy if I could follow him around and you know, learn his techniques. Obviously he wouldn't dare say no to CDC so he agreed. I was learning how to stamp mail and everything and let me tell you, it was difficult. Now, I know what you're gonna say, how being a mail delivery guy be difficult? Well, it was tough. There were certain ways you had to do things and specific ways to hand mail out and just… ugh. It wasn't as easy as it looks. He didn't even let me push the cart. Thankfully, I got some things down. It's enough for my role.

Anyways, so I was in the middle of learning how to stamp and this dude just bumps into me. Who does that right? Well this guy was really odd because I'd never seen him around the studios before. He was wearing two casts on his arms and had a really weird beard. After I got a better look at him, he seemed strangely familiar, but he left saying some weird things about no one ever knowing him and blah blah blah. So I moved on.

I thought about it for a while because then it really started bugging me, and I knew who it was. So get this, Sonny was weird beard! Yeah, I went over to her dressing room to see if she was there but she wasn't. Then I remembered they were doing one of their stupid sketches so I walked to their set. Surprisingly, there were actually people in the audience! But that's not the surprising thing. Actually it is surprising but that's not the thing I want to talk about right now. So I found her backstage where she was unpacking things out of a box and that's when I really knew she was weird beard. I asked her why she was doing it and I think I actually cared! Now that was surprising. You know what was even more surprising? I went out there and pretended to be her little fan just to save her from eternal embarrassment. Of course, I would never admit to Sonny I actually cared. I just hope she doesn't read my blog.

Well that's it for today! Peace out suckas!

A/N: And what do you guys think? Obiviously, if you haven't noticed, this starts with You've Got Fan Mail. I hope to do every episode of the series; well the one's where Chad is in it. So if you guys could review and tell me what you think I would be very thankful!