Day 3

Hello my loyal fans! First I'd like to say no, you cannot marry me Guest9823, sorry. Second, I don't need to hear your negativity and jealousy Tawni. And third, I didn't read a thing you said Sonny because I know you're probably just going to criticize me and talk about how much of a jerk I am and this is my blog so I'll write what I want to write and pretend you don't read it.

Anyways, today is Monday. And you know how Sonny says "Monday's are great"? (Yes I overheard that part of her interview before I interrupted, but we'll talk about that later.) Well, today wasn't great. As you all probably know, I did shove a puppy once. It was slobbering and…ugh. So yes, now I'm America's most hated puppy shover. But today, I noticed Sonny was doing an interview with Tween Weekly TV in the cafeteria, and it just gave me a chance to make me look like less of a jerk. So of course I took it.

I started by playing nice, you know? Like just "accidently" and "coincidently" joining Sonny whilst in the midst of an interview. I was being sweet and saying she was my favorite Random and all. Which is honestly true because if I had to choose a Random, it would definitely not be blondie, cloudy, rainy or creepy. I admit it would be Sonny.

Unfortunately, Santiago didn't seem to buy my little "nice" act. But after charming Sonny, she seemed to believe it. Which was good… for me. It made it look like I was close with the "good girl" of Hollywood which means I must have some good in me.

Now I had to clear up my puppy shoving name. This is where I overhear Sonny talk about her days of the week before I interrupt yet another interview. This time, I bring in a puppy with me that would be considered adorable to most people. But I know it's evil and probably just wants to slobber all over me. Sonny obviously loved the puppy and the "new me". And I have to be honest, it kind of hurt because I knew it was just an act and I wasn't sure how Sonny would react when she found out. But it turned out great though because she totally exploded and acted like a diva in front of the cameras!

I called Santiago after that and told him I was building dog houses to clear up my name once and for all. Sure I knew Sonny would try to (and most likely unsuccessfully) get her revenge and clear her "diva" name but I didn't think it would happen like this.

As I spoke to Santiago about my building dog houses for homeless dogs, Sonny just happened to show up and just happened to know I was building houses and just happened to help out. It was all great at first until she let the little "contest" thing slip. And according to Santiago, everything was just a contest to Sonny Munroe. That was where I was laughing so hard because her plan to get some sort of revenge backfired. Or so I thought.

After Santiago left, she started talking to me about it and somehow I let my whole scheme slip out and Sonny turned out to have a camera inside her hat that was recording everything I said. First, I have a few questions. How in the world did she get that camera to stay in her hat at a certain spot and not move or fall out of place? And how did she get me on camera when she was standing and I was sitting and clearly her head was not awkwardly tilting down to point at my face so I have no idea how that worked. And how did that camera not fall out of her hat when she took it off?

Anyways, I gave her props because I didn't think Sonny would be able to figure something out like that so quickly. She beat me in my own game. And I realized that maybe we should hang out sometime. And that maybe Monday's are kind of great.

-Yours truly,

Chad Dylan Cooper


Granico: No one cares Pooper.

JoshRocks: I love your blog sir.

Guest76: LOL Chad u r sooooo funnyyyzz!

Guest221: Chad Dylan Cooper has a blog? ashdlkjl; that's crazy. Omg guyz hes just like one of us!

MySonshine820: Chad Chad Chad. Silly silly Chad. So you won't read my comments? What if I told you this one isn't so bad because you were actually kind of nice at the end. Just at the end because everything before that was you being a jerk and using me for your own publicity. P.S. Your fans are annoying. No offense.