I'm in bed after the long fight I had with my boyfriend harry potter. He accused me of cheating on him again. Now my whole body hurts from the abuse. I have to wait for them to leave so I can cast the glamor and hide every thing he did to me last night.

Anna get up your going to be late to potions again if your not up with in the next few minuets.

It's fine kat just go with out me ill be there in a minuet.


My name is Anna I go to Hogwarts witchcraft and wizardry, I'm dating harry potter and I'm in griffindor. I love potions an charms and hanging out with my best friends kat and Jackie.

The hall ways are creep silent as I run down to the dungeons for class, each hurried foot step echos. As I near the class room I can feel the temperature drop with each step that leads me closer an closer. With each step I come closer to the monster that is my boyfriend and the friends that should have seen the signs by now.

I've arrived at the door and my heart breaks just a little as I think of what he will acusse me for this time, for being late. I pull open the door an meet the cold, dark, mysterious eyes that belong to professor snape.

20 points from griffindor for miss Andrews tardiness.

I walk to the spot next to harry and sit down careful not to hurt any of the injuries that he inflicted the night before. I turn and smile at him. But in side I'm terrified of the look in his eyes, the same look he get's before he hits me. No one see's it but me the anger the rage and the hate, the same way he looks when he hits me or fucks me. I know I need to get away from him but I just can't make my self let him go because I know that he is the only one who love's me. Because my family sure as hell doesn't they treat me the same but after that they compare me to my older brother and tell me to be more like him.

It's five minuets tell the bell ring's, every one starts packing up their crap. When I feel some one looking at me. I look up to meet Draco's silver blue eyes, I look a way first because I feel like he can see right through my glamor's and it unnerves me to no end. When I look away and start packing my stuff again I hear foot steps come up behind me.

Miss Andres pleas stay after class and you have detention to night after dinner.

Yes sir.

Me and harry walked to DADA holding hands. I was beyond happy just to have him by my side even if I have to suver, I countinue to tell my self that its all worth it. I know that he has a bad home life and the war is stressing him out so I don't hold it against him. After all how can I when except kat and Jackie I'm alone I don't have family to go to with my problems. I never hold it against my family either It's not their fault I cant live up to their exceptions