I've had a few requests for the scene wherein Stiles' loses the dare and I was in the mood to write porn tonight so voila. This is basically just straight up porn, with only meager attempts at a plot. And I'm pretty sure you can guess which one shot will be written for this series next based on a comment Stiles' makes.

Stiles figured he was well within his rights to ignore the sounds of the pack rushing out of the house—he was fairly certain Scott had knocked over a chair in his hurry to leave—so he focused instead on trying to suck a bruise into Derek's neck while the Alpha yelled at Isaac to lock the door behind him.

It wasn't working all that well due to Derek's werewolf healing, but Stiles felt he was making a valiant effort.

Derek tugged on the back of Stiles' neck and pulled him back to face him. "Stiles," started Derek, as though he was actually going to say more, but the words turned into a moan when Stiles put his hands on the werewolf's shoulders and rolled his hips against Derek.

"Yeah," said Stiles, a little breathless.

Derek kissed him instead of answering, this time licking into Stiles' mouth while his hands dug into the teen's hips.

Stiles' hands scrabbled for the edge of Derek's t-shirt, tugging it up and over the werewolf's head.

Figuring fair was fair, Derek reciprocated by pushing Stiles' flannel off his shoulders before ripping away the undershirt. It wasn't his fault Stiles didn't get his hands out of the way fast enough.

Derek moved to kiss Stiles' throat. The sounds coming from Stiles' mouth had Derek hard as a rock. He twisted the two of them so Stiles was underneath him on the couch and started making his way down the teen's body.

He stopped to nip and lick at each nipple, letting one hand slip lower and undo Stiles' jeans.

Stiles rolled his hips up again, moving against Derek's entire body and letting out a soft whimper of need.

Derek wasn't in the mood to tease anymore. If anything, it felt like the entire night was nothing but teasing and foreplay leading up to this. He moved back up to kiss Stiles again, while his hands shoved the boy's jeans and briefs out of the way. Derek kissed away Stiles' moan of "please, Derek," and slid smoothly back down Stiles' torso.

He licked at Stiles' cock, hands pushing thighs apart to give him better access, before he wrapped his mouth around it completely.

Stiles' hands gripped the couch cushions. "Oh fuck."

Derek hummed approvingly—which caused a vibration that made Stiles buck up into his mouth before stammering out an apology—and moved one hand so he could tease a finger at the edge of Stiles' hole.

Stiles jerked a little and one hand scrambled in his pocket before pulling out a small packet and waving it at Derek's face.

He looked up, mouth still sucking at Stiles' dick, to see that it was lube. Derek pulled off and stared at Stiles. "You carry lube around?"

"Be prepared is the Boy Scout motto," replied Stiles' indignantly.

"You weren't a Boy Scout," returned Derek. "And they're homophobic so I don't think they'd want to be involved in this event."

"I wasn't planning on inviting a troop over to earn an Eagle badge in dick," snarked Stiles.

Derek rolled his eyes at him.

Stiles rolled his right back. "Whatever, the point is that you can either keep arguing with me about this or you can use it to slick up your fingers and open me up, because I would really like you to fuck me at some point this evening."

"Do you carry around condoms too?" asked Derek, still with a hint of sarcasm, though he did open the lube as he spoke.

"No," answered Stiles.

"Isn't that part of being prepared?" Derek licked up Stiles' cock as he slid one finger inside, moving it just enough to elicit a moan out of Stiles.

Stiles shook his head. "Werewolves don't get diseases and you're kind of the only one I've been preparing for. Plus Boyd likes to make Scott blush and he kept making references about marking and I just kinda figured that if this ever happened, you'd want to come inside me."

Derek focused on the earlier part of that statement while he added a second finger and scissored them back and forth, opening Stiles up more. "You were waiting on me?"

"Well yeah," admitted Stiles, flushing a little. "I might practice my kissing skills on other people, and I'm not above admitting that I kind of want to see if I could get Jackson to blow me somewhere down the line, but you're the only one I ever want inside me."

Derek decided the only appropriate answer to that was to wrap his mouth back around Stiles' dick, taking it all the way down.

Stiles gasped out an attempt at expressing pleasure, causing Derek to smile to himself. He liked the taste of Stiles, liked it more than just about anything if he was being honest, and the fact that he was able to taste while simultaneously fucking Stiles with three fingers, was making Derek growl with contentment.

"Fuck, Derek, I want…" Stiles stammered as he pushed at Derek's head.

Derek took his mouth away. "Is there a problem?"

Stiles glared exasperatedly at him. "Take your pants off."

He obliged quickly and without argument. Somehow in the transition, Stiles kicked his own pants off the rest of the way and managed to flip them over so Derek was on his back and Stiles was straddling him.

"Wanna ride you," said Stiles, leaning over Derek to kiss him.

"Yeah," agreed Derek, returning the kiss and shifting upwards so his head and shoulders were supported by the edge of the couch. He wanted to be able to watch Stiles. Derek retrieved the small packet of lube, stroking the rest over his cock as Stiles hovered above him.

Stiles lowered himself slowly, enough to make Derek groan with impatience. It was clear that Stiles wasn't so concerned as to overly draw out the experience, as within a few more seconds, Derek was fully sheathed inside him.

"God you feel good," muttered Stiles, rocking back and forth a little.

Derek's hands held onto Stiles' thighs as he thrust upward, meeting Stiles' own downward motion. "The feeling's mutual."

Stiles grinned as he let himself adjust to the feeling of Derek and moved faster against him.

Derek pulled himself up, close enough so he could kiss Stiles again. He reached one hand between them to stroke at Stiles' cock. "C'mon, Stiles, so close."

"Mmm," moaned Stiles.

Derek could feel himself reaching the edge and he surged up to bury his face in Stiles' neck as he came with a muffled shout.

"Derek!" Stiles hit his own release seconds later and slumped against Derek's chest, pushing the pair back down against the pillows.

After a long moment with both of them panting for breath, Derek huffed out a laugh. "You lost the dare."

Stiles snorted and looked down at Derek, face flushed and eyes still blown wide. "Double or nothing?"