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"Here." Yamamoto's wide grin was the only thing Gokudera could remember on that full of jubilee face whilst giving him a flyer.

"What's this?" As usual, Gokudera used his doesn't care less tone but still accept what was given.

Every time, Yamamoto would ignore Gokudera'a question to prevent further trouble and it's the same for this time. "Jaa, see you this Saturday!" In a wave of an arm, the baseball player swiftly excused himself from Gokudera's vision.

"Wai- Baseball-idiot!"

A shiver when down Gokudera's spine as he thought of what happened yesterday. "Fuck," He cursed before looking up at the blue sky.

The sun ray pierced mercilessly into Gokudera's emerald orbs, causing him to squint his eyes slightly as a curse escapes his lips once more. Turf-head. The name of his trustworthy comrade made its way into Gokudera's mind. Even though he considered Ryohei as someone he wouldn't ever be on par with, but he can't help but let a small smirk form on his lips.

Trying not to worsen his eyes, he averted his gaze from the piercing sun to the floating clouds that spreads across the sky freely, without any restriction. This movement that cannot be controlled by logic itself made someone who's similar to it appear in the silverette's head. Hibari. He hates him, very much. 'Nuff said, period.

But whatever elements pair with the sky, everything looks beautiful. If the clouds were seem absent in the sky, it would look plain. And if the piercing sun is not seen within the clouds, everything would be dark and cold. Even Gokudera have to admit to this. No matter how much he dislikes everyone except for the Big Sky.


But as time passes, a certain element of the sky slowly made its debut into the Storm's shallow, unloved and only-Jyuudaime life.

Gokudera, the raging Storm, would expect nothing into his world except for Tsuna, the Big Sky. That's what the Storm always think until the other elements of the sky went into his small world when he's unaware.

However, the Rain Guardian was a very different case. He hates the other but still, he holds quite an amount of space in the Storm's hear and Gokudera is very aware of it but still, he did not want to admit it. Since Yamamoto Takeshi is the one.

Little did Gokudera know, Yamamoto too reserved Gokudera a quite large place inside his heart.

One day, when Gokudera was having detention for fighting in school grounds, Yamamoto confessed to him after his baseball practice. Of course, Gokudera was surprised and rejected him after spatting some logical explanation to Yamamoto.

So, they did what's best for them - act like nothing happened.

It was a month ago. Unfortunately, Gokudera cannot seem to forgot about what Yamamoto told him. Every single twitch and flinch Yamamoto made was still clearly implanted in his head. Every word, his tone when confessing, how his eyes would look extremely dejected when he rejected him. Everything was as clear as crystal.

And Gokudera despise it.

On the other hand, Yamamoto seem very good at acting or did he really forgot about it? After that day, Yamamoto acted normally towards him. As usual, they would fight and bicker every once in a while. But still, deep down in Gokudera's heart, he would wish that Yamamoto could be slightly nervous or flustered whenever he's alone with him. After all, Yamamoto had feelings for him.

Had... Maybe he no longer hold feelings for me, was what kept repeating itself in Gokudera's head.

Still, he did not let that side of him show on the surface. He had hidden it deep down inside. Even though Gokudera knew how Yamamoto felt for him but he never felt a slightest bit awkward. But somehow, he was expecting something. Something that was also a mystery to Gokudera himself. Moreover, Gokudera should scorn Yamamoto since he's proving himself gay of all the things he said to him.

But he couldn't bring himself to hate him.

Now Gokudera was waiting for Yamamoto in front of the entrance to the amusement park proved it. Speaking of the situation, Gokudera took out the flyer Yamamoto gave him yesterday and started examine it.

The flyer was something related to an amusement park or a museum or both. He still don't get it after one day of examination. He let out a soft sigh before checking his watch for the time. 7:55AM. Yamamoto said that they'll meet up at the entrance at 8AM and Gokudera did. Well, not really. He didn't know if he should blame himself for arriving 30 minutes earlier or blame Yamamoto for not arriving earlier. Judging by Gokudera's personality, he would probably choose the latter.

Gokudera spatted out a word that was an earsore to the kids nearby. Blame him and his impatient self. Stupid Yamamoto.

Speaking of the devil, Gokudera's legs were suddenly lifted from the ground with a cheeky "Yo, Gokudera!". Later did he know, he was lifted up bridal styled by a pair of trustworthy arms and the pedestrians were starting to give them strange looks but some girls over the bushes, who was previously stalking Gokudera, were giving off their most annoying high pitched squeals.

"Put me down you fucktard!" Those hands that were wrapping around Yamamoto's neck out of reflex immediately withdrew themselves as Gokudera struggles in embarrassment.

"Oh," Yamamoto gave off a light chuckle with slight bitterness in it before he carefully put the silverette down, nuzzling his hair along the way. "You waiting there for me appeared in my dream once; we were dating." Before he continued, he chuckled whilst Gokudera send him a calculating look. "For a second there I thought my dream came true and instinctively did what I did in my dreams~" He grinned with a slightly tainted cheeks, scratching his chin out of behavior.

If Yamamoto did not tell Gokudera he had feelings for him, he would just state it simply and wouldn't bother to tell Gokudera the details. But the situation was different now. Gokudera knew and what's more in hiding it? After all, Yamamoto did say he wouldn't give up. He would treasure every second to seduce Gokudera and make him his. One day, he would.

"Screw you and your dream!" Gokudera ruffled his head furiously and turned to where the entrance was located. "Just so you know, we are NOT dating." He spoke the obvious and glared at Yamamoto with a face flustered with anger and shame.

"Hai hai~" Yamamoto sighed and smiled before his usual grin appeared on his figure. "Let's go then!" He flung an arm around Gokudera's neck in a friendly manner before dragging the smaller male into the park. Gokudera wouldn't struggle since he's going to get it sooner or later, it's just the matter of time, so he just followed.

There is a merry-go-round located at the front of the amusement park and a huge lake with some boats on it. This place is a sea paradise - Seapara Island. It was a hassle arriving there since the place where Gokudera lives was far away from it and the transportation fees was eating half of his money. Gokudera didn't want to go at first but he always wanted to go to an amusement park. He would definitely go and enjoy himself to the fullest, only he has money. However, since now Yamamoto said that he'll buy the tickets for him, so why not accept what was given? Yamamoto said that he had also invited Tsuna and the Famiglia but all of them already have a tight schedule on the arranged date so it's just going to be the two of them, alone. Now that Gokudera thought about it, this really looked like a date.

His face flushed slightly at the thought of it until his eyes landed on a stall beside the merry-go-round.

An ice cream stall.

The silverette's eyes sparkled and he literally stared at it. Even idiots would notice what the bomber was thinking and Yamamoto is so not an idiot so he probably noticed and notice, he did.

The tan male grinned and grabbed the drooling male by the wrist before leading him to the stall. As Gokudera was being grabbed he blinked and looked up at the taller male in bewilderment. However, all Yamamoto did was continue pulling him to the stall. After they arrived at their destination, Yamamoto immediately went to the seller and requested a chocolate and vanilla flavored icy delicacy. As their ice creams arrives, Yamamoto handed Gokudera the white colored one, his favorite.

"What's this?" The previous male who desired to caress his tongue on such a delicacy was now staring at the said delicacy with doubt as if it was poisonous.

Yamamoto laughed and shoved it into Gokudera's hand, patting his head afterwards. "You should have asked if you wanted one." He winked and licked his ice cream in an oh so disturbing way, walking back on the path to where they sells the tickets. As he proceeds, the females that were too at the amusement park were staring at Yamamoto with flirty gazes and were swooning over him. Speaking of which, that cute yet handsome face of Yamamoto's plus an ice cream was seriously the most gorgeous scene you could ever imagine.

Annoyed and offended was what Gokudera felt. They were just normal friends and comrades but that feeling, Gokudera was aware of it. He didn't know that reason behind it but he was sure that he was displeased by that very situation. He followed suit Yamamoto to the counter while chomping his vanilla ice cream angrily. Yamamoto was being sent flirty gazes everyday in school but Gokudera would normally ignore them and continue with whatever he was doing. However this time, after Yamamoto confessed to him, his awareness towards Yamamoto's presence increased majorly.

Fuck. Now I can't enjoy my icy delicacy anymore and it's all that Baseball-Idiot's fault.

Gokudera hated this. When Yamamoto confessed, he was positive that he had no feelings for that male at all. He was very sure but how can he explain this jealousy right now? He doesn't like the fact that whenever Yamamoto is around, girls would fawn over him. What's so good about him? It's not like his outfit was like a pop star's. He had his usual getup; a white shirt paired up with a blue checkered button up shit on the outside with a pair of jeans. That's the most normal outfit anyone could think of.

But why?

It must be his face, Gokudera thought.

Yamamoto's face was ordinary too. There's nothing special about it. His large and lively honey-brown orbs matched with his raven hair; it's common. And there is the always-there-smile. That smile that is always visible on Yamamoto's face made him looks special. It's like he can get along with everyone. But overall, Yamamoto's face made him look cute and adorable. Even Gokudera has to admit it but still, he won't admit it to anyone. Every time he grin, Gokudera's heart would skip a few beats and he could feel the heat on his cheeks. Even imagining it would still cause the same effect.

"Gokudera?" The cheerful yet concerned voice resounded in his ears. "Is it too hot?" Shoot! Gokudera got so focused with his train of thoughts that he forgot about the existence of the one who invaded his mind. The silverette cursed inwardly after the question that Yamamoto asked sank into him. Too hot? What is he talking about? The said silverette's brows furrowed slightly at the thought. He did not quite register what the taller male was saying. When Gokudera was deep in thoughts, again, a foreign temperature suddenly landed on his cheeks.

"Woah Gokudera, your cheeks are hot!" The owner of the hands exclaimed loudly.

Finally realizing the situation, Gokudera jolted away from the warmth and he swore that he saw the slightest but of hurt appear on Yamamoto's face. But it was just for an instant. "I-I'm fine, 'kay?" Gokudera cursed under his breath for stuttering. He didn't know why he created a distance between them but he can be sure that it was his natural reflex. he doesn't want to be so close with Yamamoto with his unsure feelings. He was nervous.

But of course Yamamoto didn't take it too seriously. I mean, everyone would back off if they were being touched on such a place by someone who they hold no special feelings to. Unless they were lovers. Yamamoto's fists clenched at the mere thought of it. He felt useless and stupid. For the whole time, he was too engrossed with his own fantasies and totally forgot about how Gokudera would feel about this. Maybe he'll get disgusted. Yamamoto's heart sank. He doesn't want to think about it but that thought just came it.

As both of the teens were drowned in their own thoughts, silence soon spread upon them and the tension also grew heavier. So, in order to bring back the atmosphere, Yamamoto did what he was best in; grin his usual grin. "Well, let's go then!" Although that grin was flawless, but if you look closely, it was strained. However, Gokudera was still trying to recover from what just happened and failed to notice the forceful grin.

"Just get going already!" Gokudera punched the grinning male's arm to release his pent up frustration. Well, part of it. Another part of it was to get back to his usual self.

"Haha, hai hai." Yamamoto nodded and went ahead.

"Ceh." Gokudera rolled his eyes with a small smirk on his face.

It was Saturday. Most of the families should still have work to attend to so the people there should have decreased but they lined up for almost an hour just to get two entrance tickets. Both of them were exhausted from lining up for 60 minutes with whilst standing. Gokudera doubted that he would still have the energy to play.

"So," Gokudera looked around the half amusement park half museum place.Well Well, not exactly. The museum just took a small portion of the Seapara Island, most of the land are for the amusement sake only. "Where do we start?" the bomber then looked back down to the map he was holding inside the flyer.

"We'll go to the museum first!" Yamamoto grinned.

Gokudera then stared at the overly too happy male. "You serious?"

"Maa, c'mon! It's going to be fun!"

"Ugh, fine."

And so, with a slightly unpalatable Gokudera and an almost skipping with joy Yamamoto, they proceeded to the biggest building on the island.

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