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Two of the boys arrived at the entrance of the Aqua Museum without any difficulties as it is the biggest building among the every building on the island. They were astonished by the beauty of it; the hemisphere-ceiling was painted with glittering deep blue as wave-like spotlights were shone on it, causing the ceiling to look alike as the monstrous yet graceful ocean. The walls were also colored with ocean blue minus the spotlights.

"Wow.." Gokudera can't help but gasp at how grand it looked, receiving a cheeky chuckle from Yamamoto.

"Ain't it beautiful?" He said with a peaceful, loving face etched with a gentle smile.

"C-Ceh, this is nothing compared to the ones in Italy." Realizing his abrupt change of character, he went into denial before walking to the Welcome Aquarium where tiny and cute fishes were stored. Yamamoto laughed and ran to the silverette. Many people, mostly kids, were gathered around the large Welcome Aquarium. The kids were thrilled to see so many adorable fishes whilst Gokudera introduced the species of the sea creatures in the tank with Yamamoto listening tentatively. It was not long until the people around them started to listen to Gokudera-sensei's explanations. The Italian noticed it and got embarrassed so the teens proceeded along the hallway, the friendly baseball player gave the crowds a grin as they clapped in gratitude and thanks, some whistling in satisfaction. Gokudera shook his head with Yamamoto giving a defeated smile.

They arrived at the biggest and hardest and widest aquarium in Aqua Museum. It is a tank where sardines, sharks, giant devil rays and some small fishes are placed. The sharks were already full, to allow the upcoming program to carry out successfully, and would not devour the small fishes in it, everything was safe, no blood is going to be spilled.

"The Amazing School of Fishes?" Gokudera read out the title on the board aloud with an arched eyebrow, suspecting before scoffing. "How amazing can they be?"

"Who knows?" Yamamoto shrugged as if he had no idea but in truth, he knew and he was positive that Gokudera is going to enjoy them as much as he did. "C'mon, let's get to the front." He said gleefully and took Gokudera by the hand without any further notice before he pulled the other with him to get the perfect 'seat' to enjoy the upcoming performance. Gokudera did not revolt nor complain, all he did was follow. To be honest, he was quite expecting to a good show.

The staff did not announce the start of the show but when a soft yet catchy piece was played, everyone knew, the fishes too. They started swimming along the rhythm while the school of silver, gorgeous fishes swam in patterns playfully. There were plenty of sea creatures doing their best to entertain the viewers but it was confirmed that the school of fishes got the whole spotlight. They swam and swam gracefully, dodging whatever obstruct in their way as they dance normally but beautifully in the water; as if they were born dancers or swimmers whom can make every tourist gawk in amazement.

Even they got Gokudera's full attention. His emerald orbs shone in excitement as they followed wherever the fishes swam and his expression was like it was experiencing an exciting roller coaster, sometimes it goes up with nervousness and anxiety but when it was at the peak, the climax, a swarm of giddiness and happiness will rush into you. Just like how Gokudera was, now. Yamamoto could not help but grin slightly at the silverette's pure and innocent expression. He had seen this once, when his Dad brought him here when he was 10, but it was still breathtaking. It was beautiful back then, too, but enjoying such an amazing histrionics with someone you like, it's a totally different feel and made it perfect. Gokudera was thrilled with it and Yamamoto took this chance to make a move. He spread his arms slowly and snaked them around the bomber's slim waist as he pressed himself onto said bomber lovingly. Gokudera flinched and blushed until his ears were also red, he was about to turn around and give Yamamoto's stomach a taste of his knuckle but halted when Yamamoto whispered to him.

"Let's just enjoy this, shall we?" The said silverette can sense the smile that came after and sighed, the Italian smiled. Nevertheless, he still managed to enjoy the awesomely organized performance although he would feel uneasy when the other would shift or his breathe would contact with his neck.

The astonishing performance ended 35 minutes ago while both of the Mafiasos went along the hallway to enjoy other sea creatures. They saw pitch black and shiny seals who looked extremely sexy and were some real beauty; at least that was what Gokudera said. Yamamoto pouted with envy and dragged him away from the 'sexy ladies' and brought him to the otters. They were some real cuties. Yamamoto's expression was like a pedophile man as he kept staring at them with sparkling eyes, leaning himself onto the glass as he grinned idiotically with jubilee. Gokudera rolled his eyes and grabbed the other by the hand in order to unstuck Yamamoto's face from the do-not-lean-on-glass. Yamamoto was happy to see the slightly jealous Gokudera, pulling him away, guess he's closer to his goal now. He smiled genuinely and intertwined their fingers together before they proceeded with other aquariums.

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