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Before Yamamoto came up with the idea of inviting Gokudera to Seapara Island with him, he had a one-man show in his room. He kept throwing questions at himself and answering to them negatively, worried sick about the invitation. His father was worried about him and thought he had banged his head on something thus causing him mental illness. His father was glad to find out that it was just a little problem, at least that's what Yamamoto told him. In the end, after several hours and his sleep time, he made up his mind. He tried to act cheerful as possible when inviting Gokudera. He doesn't want to make him worry. He was happy that Gokudera accepted it with just a roar of 'Baseball-idiot' but the moment he left, he regretted it. It was rare for him to think negatively and he even thought that maybe he shouldn't have invited him. However, what he was experiencing now proved him wrong.

That must be the best decision he had ever made.

Putting aside the fact that Gokudera had been holding his hand for a solid 30 minutes, and the blush he wore later he found out, the expressions made by the Italian when they visited many sea creatures were enough for Yamamoto to enjoy their whole journey.

After the seals and otters, they saw a whole lot more animals. First there were the polar bears. Many people crowded around to see the snowy white bear, only a layer of glass preventing them from barging in to touch those soft furs. Gokudera was annoyed to see the crowd and before Yamamoto knew it, he had this determined look on his face.

"Let's go," Gokudera said and Yamamoto thought he's going to give up on the polar bear but unexpectedly, the silverette, who earlier just shrugged off his hand, grabbed hold of it again and pulled him towards the crowd. They squeezed in, Gokudera not giving a fuck to their yells of displease while Yamamoto was the one giving the apologies. A contented smile etched onto Gokudera's lips when their hands finally touched the cold glass. Yamamoto sighed in exasperation.

The glass was cold in order to secure the icy temperature needed for the living of polar bears but the grin Gokudera had was warm enough to melt the freezing temperature on his finger tips. Despite the pushing they received at their backs, Gokudera enjoyed watching the bear walking about slowly and Yamamoto enjoyed looking Gokudera's gaze following them about. Seeing as the Italian was focused with the bears, Yamamoto took the opportunity to shift his hand and their hands fitted perfectly together. A smile graced Yamamoto's features.

Gokudera enjoyed watching the polar bears really much, until they got tired and started to rest. The half Japanese pouted in frustration and attempted to glare at the lazybums but were only ignored by the tired bears. They laid down on the cold rocks and shut their eyes, their back rising up and down rhythmically into sleep. Unable to bear with a sad Gokudera, Yamamoto tugged onto his sleeve and nodded his head to the next section. The prominent dismay showed on Gokudera's face clearly showed that he's unwilling to leave the polar bears but after throwing one last glance at them which proved that they were really fast asleep, he relented.

Yamamoto smiled and made their way out of the crowd. And their hands were stayed together since then.

They proceeded to where the saber tooth walruses were confined. They were huge, the two tooth sticking out sharply was long and yellowish from aging. The water level was almost filling the space up in order to provide enough space for the gigantic walruses to swim freely in the water. The water would easily break out if the glass was not thick and strong enough. The saber tooth walruses' skin were saggy and they seemed old. Nevertheless, they still swam like professional swimmers would in the cold water. Water splashed as they jumped from a higher ground to the water, their stance heavy yet swift.

Gokudera watched them swim with astonishment , his eyes darting from one place to another. A soft yelp of surprise would occasionally be heard when the swimming walrus got too near to the seemingly thin glass. Every time Gokudera yelped, Yamamoto would tighten his grip on his hand, afraid that he might loose him if the glass was to break and let the water be free. Doing that would also reassure him that Gokudera was still by his side.

Yamamoto wouldn't mind seeing Gokudera's enjoying the walruses all day long but he wanted to show him more and he knows that if he failed to show Gokudera all of the wonders of Aqua Museum, he would regret it. Gokudera, too, will not forgive him.

"Let's go to another one," Yamamoto shook Gokudera slightly to gain his attention. When Gokudera turned to look at him, he smiled. "We don't have all day."

"Oh, sure," That was what Gokudera said but the lingering gaze he sent to the walruses didn't give much credence to his words. But Yamamoto can assure that he wouldn't regret for leaving the walruses.

They visited the penguins next. Aside from Gokudera, they are the second most adorable thing in Yamamoto's heart. To be honest, Yamamoto enjoyed his time with the penguins more than the times with the polar bears and walruses. But since Gokudera likes them, he's okay with it too.

"Come one!" Now Yamamoto's the one pestering Gokudera to tag along. He pulled the other's petite hand and went in to the crowd of kids. The penguins are popular for their cuteness. Every time, they never failed to attract children, be it boy or girl, they have them both. They were adults too, mostly to accompany their kids. Yamamoto and Gokudera might be the only grown-ups who are not present just to accompany anyone.

Gokudera was never fond of penguins, he never hated them either, so-so, you can put it that way. Yes, they are cute but for Gokudera, nothing nor no one's cuteness can compare to skull heads'. Oh, how Gokudera loves skull heads and that is final. On the other hand, Yamamoto's face was almost gluing to the glass, he would if Gokudera didn't smack his head. The honey-brown eyes Yamamoto oh so perfectly well possessed, followed the feet of the penguins enthusiastically. They followed them wherever they go. What a kid. The Italian thought to himself.

Okay, maybe skull heads were not as adorable as Gokudera claimed them to be. Maybe Yamamoto's cuteness can be on par with them. Just maybe, Gokudera convinced himself, purposefully scratching out the part where Yamamoto's cuteness might suppress skull head's.

The penguins were good swimmers, might as well compete with the walruses. Though their swimming stance was as adorable as they could get, not as heavy and bulky as the walruses. They were cute and their little feet padding in the water added points to their cuteness. Just when Gokudera was so busy to justify his opinion on penguins, he heard a chuckle on his right.

"Just like Gokudera," Yamamoto mumbled unintentionally to himself, not expecting the silverette to hear but to no luck, he did.

"What is?" Gokudera's innocent look didn't match his furious tone at all.

"T-That's not it!" Yamamoto chuckled nervously and held both his hands up in an apologetic manner, trying not to anger Gokudera further as there were kids and the possibility of Gokudera spouting colorful words were high.

"You explain to me!" The innocent look faded and was replaced with an angry one. The silverette scowled and pointed at the penguins, "How are them," before back to himself. "The same as me?!" He fumed.

"Well, their feet and how they walk and their feet..." Yamamoto's words trailed off as he glanced at the adorable creatures before realizing he had once again, angered the Italian. "N-No, that's not what I meant!"

"Do you have a feet fetish?!"


"You pervert!" Gokudera spatted the insult and stomped off.

"Eh?! Wai- Gokudera, wait up!" Yamamoto sprinted from his spot and caught up to the fuming silver haired.

It was not long after Yamamoto caught up, he was a baseball-star for a reason. He tried every way, every tactic to make the slightest bit of Gokudera's anger to fume down. Gokudera has a soft spot for Yamamoto. He didn't know when or why but he just has. It didn't took long for Gokudera to relent and forgive Yamamoto, in his own way, which Yamamoto noticed. He let out a relieved sigh and grinned at the slightly pissed off Italian, resulting in a cute blush. Yamamoto pretended he never saw it because he knew if he made any notation of knowing, Gokudera might get angry again.

They went up the Aqua Tube later when they realized they had finished looking at the animals on the ground floor. Aqua Tube is just an ordinary elevator, though covered by a tube-like aquarium. Fishes swam above them, giving people a feeling like they are in the sea. The Aqua Tube led them up to the second floor which happened to be the deep-sea creatures section.

The walls changed. It was light blue at the ground floor but it was midnight blue now, giving off an under the sea feel.

They walked with the group of people as they don't know where they should start. They saw many types of jellyfishes. Some were really tiny and some were really huge, but the most they could get was as big as a knuckle. The small ones were really cute and only a few has lappets, some were just like moving hats. The huge ones are what terrified them most. Not only they don't look cute, they look horrifying. They were as thin as Bible papers and their hood was flattened, not as curvy as the small ones. They have long lappets too. There was this one jellyfish that attracted most attention, its lappets were tangled as they were really long, maybe 30 cm or so. It was amusing for Gokudera, seeing them tangle together and being as light as they were, floating in the water.

Next were crabs. Small ones. Gokudera had so interest in them and so they speed up. Moving on to see the hammer sharks.

Hammer sharks were normal too. Well, for mafiasos like them. It did catch Gokudera's interest, but only a tad bit. But to normal people, sharks are like legendary creatures. People crowded at the tank lived the sharks, exclaiming in awe. Gokudera can't help but roll his eyes at them. Yamamoto chuckled because Gokudera did behave like those normal people when he saw the polar bears and walruses. But Yamamoto can keep them to himself. Don't want another raging Storm coming. And so they proceeded to another tank.

Another tank was where they store exotic fishes. There were polka dotted fishes, furry fishes, spiky fishes and many types of sea creatures. They were separated into few tanks, creating a lane of exotic fishes. Adults were taking pictures while kids were staring at them with awe.

"Gross." Despite the breathtaking sea creatures admired by both adults and children, Gokudera had to ruin their awesomeness by one second flat. He demanded exit and Yamamoto can't help but comply. He wanted Gokudera to enjoy this as enjoyable as possible. He was disappointed at himself. Suddenly, Yamamoto remembered something.

"Wanna see something cool?" Yamamoto asked with a cheeky grin.

"Oh?" Gokudera smirked and arched an intrigued eyebrow. "Surprise me." He gave the raven haired his permission.

"Come on." Yamamoto waved his hand, indicating Gokudera to follow and sprinted to destination.

Gokudera let out a hearty chuckle and followed suit. They ran like kids in the place, a happy grin plastered on both of their faces.

They were near the exit when Yamamoto stopped suddenly, causing Gokudera to almost bump into him. The Italian hissed in annoyance and before he could scold the male in front of him, said male turned around and sent him a grin.

"We're here." He announced.

"I don't see anything." Gokudera scowled, eyes of betrayal glaring at Yamamoto. Yamamoto find it funny and chuckled before stepping aside, revealing a rectangular tank connecting to the ceiling and a solid concrete that rose from the floor. One over three of the tank was filled with white sands and on the white sands were colorful flowers. Aside from those, nothing else. Gokudera arched an incredulous eyebrow as he stared at the seemingly lifeless tank. What's so cool about this? There ain't anything moving. Wait, there's movement. Wriggling...

"Ewwwwww!" Gokudera exclaimed in disgust. Despite the grossed out voice he used, a grin was etched onto the bomber's face and he was, indeed, walking towards the tank. Yamamoto laughed and accompanied Gokudera in walking to the tank.

"What are these?" The Italian asked, his palms glued to the glass as he leaned his face towards the tank. Now that he had seen this up close, there were actually water in the tank as the body of the wriggling creature would bend occasionally. It was a lifeless tank, only white sands and the colorful flowers were the only thing that added life to the plain tank putting aside the wriggling creature. They were like earthworms but with a more solid body and definitely more brighter skin-tone. They even have eyes, huge ones.

"They're Garden Eels." Yamamoto answered while he, too, leaned in to have a better look at the wriggling things. Yes, they are wriggling but not on the ground but out of the ground. The fact that they are wriggling out of the ground was the only thing to prove that they were not only sticks to people from afar but living creatures. It was amusing to see them rise and fall, though it might be quite disgusting.

Gokudera never stopped grinning as he stared at the extraordinary creature, watching them as they make their appearance to the public and yet again another batch would hide themselves back in to the sand. Gokudera wonders how they do that. They rise and hide so swiftly as if there were already tubes in the sand and all they have to do was slide in it. Now this is really cool.

"You were right," Gokudera spoke while his eyes were still fixated to the eels. Yamamoto instinctively turned his head to face the silverette when he spoke, a smile always on his face. "This is cool." The Italian admitted when he turned his head to look at Yamamoto, a smirk of recognition graced his features. Yamamoto gave a grin as a reply.

Though Yamamoto said that they don't have all day, but they did spend a huge amount of time being there, watching the interesting creature while at the same time discussing on whether or not to purchase some on their way back.

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